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Rock 'n' Block

Rock 'n' Block

By Mikel Martinez
Artist, Developers, and Musicians come together to talk about their experiences and unique adventures as entrepreneurs. What it really took to go from passion and idea to business and success.
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The Beginning

Rock 'n' Block

How to build Branding & Legacy as Entrepreneurs
Matt Lebris, entrepreneur, public speaker and branding expert, joins Rock 'n' Block to talk about his story on creating his brand, persona, and legacy.  How his entrepreneurial spirit kicked off as a teenager up to working with Daymond John. You can find reach him at
February 26, 2019
Purpose & Motivation
We discuss one of the heaviest and most important topic for everyone in today's world: How to keep motivated when you are the motivator? Provide certain personal takes and notes and share anecdotes from previous experiences. This episode is dedicated to Rafael "Ralph" Martinez a.k.a. Tio Wilo.
February 19, 2019
Duncan Gilman Social Media Pt 2
Duncan Gilman is a Digital Marketer and Social Media Expert with experience in coaching and working with different clients. In this second part series we resume the conversation about the changes in the social media landscape and the influence it has had in marketing. Our conversation goes into territories as deep as the blockchain! Enjoy this second part.
January 29, 2019
Duncan Gilman - Social Media Evolution Pt 1
Duncan Gilman is a Digital Marketer and Social Media Expert with experience in coaching and working with different clients. We talk about the changes and uses of social media and how it has evolve to the point where we are looking for better more ethical content all the way to how blockchain is impacting society and mainly social media by growing communities. This is part one of a two series episode. 
January 22, 2019
Paul Jarvis - Company of One
Author of Company of One, course and software creator who's worked with Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and Shaquille O'neal, joins Rock 'n' Block to talk about his upcoming book and why staying small is the next big thing for businesses. We also have a giveaway for Company of One Click here for more details!
January 15, 2019
Jennifer Glass -
Jennifer Glass from Business Growth Strategies International (BGSI) talks about her journey and experience in going from working $8/hr to commission based to establishing her own business and creating her brand.  "Working in a small business requires its highly experienced and qualified personnel to hold many different hats ranging from sales and business development to marketing and promotional work to assist in getting new clients." You can obtain more information from Jennifer Glass by visiting her website
January 08, 2019
Alec Strickland - Creative Artist & Entrepreneur
Alec Strickland is the guy you want to be by your side if you are going to be in the music industry in any way. Are you going to make a record? You want him in the studio making sure the recording process is going well. Not only has he been able to be succesful in that side of the glass but on as a musician as well with the great band The New Pacific. Four great talented musicians, Brett, Dustin, Brian, and Alec have been working non-stop writing great music and they released a new single called "Yesterday" the day we recorded this episode. Alec also has many talents in web design, digital marketing, and has working with artists such as The Killers, Sum 41, and The Foo Fighters. An all around awesome guy, great artist, entrepreneur and disrupter, he truly is a great addition to Rock 'n' Block. Heavy Towards The Light New EP here - Follow Them on Spotify - For Full Digital Agency Services in Nashville
December 04, 2018
National Electric Guitar Day
November 27th is National Electric Guitar Day. The Electric Guitar is the instrument that inspired me to be a musician, listen to rock and roll, play guitar hero and study audio engineer. I also learned that thanks to the electric guitar the recording industry was technically born, due to the multitrack being born and that created a whole movement. One thought from the Legendary guitar player Les Paul, led to many things such as stereo, and great albums such as Pet Sounds, Sgt. Peppers for the Lonely Hearts and many many others. Also, November 27th marks a special day for many other events which you can check on this blog post. :
November 27, 2018
Symphonic Metal Day
Today is Symphonic Metal day and Rock 'n' Block celebrates by recognizing the best bands there are in the genre
November 13, 2018
Artist's Entrepreneurial Mind
Elias "Gambit" Melendez, musician, tattoo artist, independet comic book artist, musician, moderator and panelist in comic cons, cosplayer and all-around awesome dude, talks to us about the work one needs to put to be able to get your product in the hands of customer and those who don't know about you.
November 06, 2018
The Beginning
The Very First Episode for Rock 'n' Block Podcast is Here. Mikel Martinez introduces himself and welcomes you in the discussion of music, technology and geek out about everything that we are passionate. See you all in the blockchain!
October 28, 2018