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By Rockne Cole
RockneCAST is a podcast by Rockne Cole focusing primarily on all aspects of fasting, especially for those dudes seeking to lose the dad bod!!

Fasting has completely changed my life. I have lost nearly 60 pounds and closely follow all things fasting. I'll also shared what I've learned in the field, my experiences, and my journey losing 60 pounds with fasting. I'll occasionally detour in outside issues like stoicism, what I am reading, movies, and other issues, but this podcast primarily focuses on fasting!

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Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ethel Will Help You Get to a 16 Hour Fast (Episode #18, 10 Dec. 2020)


Vince Lombardi and The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Episode #101, 1 Aug 2022)
In this episode, I cover the founder of the Jesuit Order, St. Ignatius of Loyola and influence on Vince Lombardi's coaching philosophy.  Lombardi went to Fordham University, a Jesuit university in New York City.  He was an average student receiving mostly B's and C's with the exception of one A, Christian ethics, which was taught by Ignatius Wiley, a Jesuit priest and follower of St. Ignatius.   Loyola believed that anyone could be exceptional through daily spiritual exercises reflecting upon their virtue and sin.  By engaging in these daily activities and submission to the greater good, a person could achieve a state of perfection with enough zeal.   Loyola preached attention to detail, selfless surrender to the greater good, and simplicity all in pursuit of God's will. As a card carrying Lutheran, I never expected to be so awed by the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the leader of the Counter Reformation against the teachings of Martin Luther.  The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. I just purchased the Spiritual Exercises and will be going to a monastery to reflect on their meaning.   Mega gratitude to David Maraniss for his incredible book on St. Vincent, a truly life changing book.    
August 01, 2022
My Amazing Moment of Synchronicity with Vince Lombardi (Episode #100, 29 July 2022)
Whoa.  I just experienced an incredible moment based upon Vince Lombardi's favorite Bible verse.  I was going to do an episode Lombardi and the Jesuits, but I had to audible based upon what happened this morning. In this episode, I share his favorite verse, define synchronicity, and share its impact on me.  I have zero idea whether this will resonate with you in the way that it did with me, but I just had to get this one out, the authentic expression of who I am and my intention of whom I am destined to become.  After today, I am all in, letting that inner voice out 100%.  I certainly never expected to experience such a spiritual moment involving Coach Lombardi, but that is what happened today. Let go.  Find your purpose.  Listen to your inner voice.  Work as a team.  Serve the common good. And Run to Win.   Mega gratitude to Vince Lombardi, and to David Maraniss for his life changing book on the legendary football coach. 
July 29, 2022
Vince Lombardi - Late Bloomer (Episode #99, 28 July 2022)
Vince Lombardi was 45 years old when he became head coach of the Green Bay Packers.  In this RockneCast, I discuss a victory banquet at the Green Bay Elks Club on April 30, 1962, four months after the Packers won their first NFL Championship, smashing the New York Football Giants 37-0. Tim  Cohane, sports editor at Look Magazine, and noted chronicler of Lombardi, gave an epic toast to Coach Lombardi, describing how each obstacle on his way made him the perfect fit for Green Bay.  Each disappointment provided the stepping stone on his likely path from New York to becoming a legend in Green Bay. This one one is short, the second in a seven part series on Vince Lombardi as part of my review of the excellent biography, "When Pride Still Mattered" by David Maraniss.   For the next episode, I am going to cover the Jesuit Tradition and Vince Lombardi.  
July 28, 2022
Vince Lombardi's Life Changing Favorite Quote (Episode #98, 27 July 2022)
In this episode, I begin the first of a seven part series on Vince Lombardi.  I just finished David Maraniss' 1999 biography of Vince Lombardi, "When Pride Still Mattered".  I just loved this book!  Buy it!!  Too much to cover in one episode, so I will do seven short episodes, and this is my first one.  It's on Vince Lombardi's favorite quote from Douglas MacArthur via Lombardi's key mentor, Red Blaik, the head coach at West Point Military Academy when Army was a national football power. This quote is life changing.  Listen to see why.  
July 27, 2022
A Review of Circadian Code by Dr. Satchin Panda - Optimizing Sleep, Weight Loss, and Energy (Episode #97, 19 July 2022)
In this episode, I review the book The Circadian Code, a 2018 book by Dr. Satchin Panda, Director of Center for Circadian Biology at the University of California San Diego.  I'll discuss his super simple recommendations to turbocharge your energy, lose weight, and to get jacked!  Best yet, it's all free!  You just need the knowledge. Together you and I will explore his three key take recommendations relating to when we sleep, eat and move.  To optimize all three, you'll need to understand the relationship to light and its relationship to sleep.   This is covered in depth in this book and in this episode: how to align your circadian biology with the sun, a process resulting from over one billion years of evolution.   Align with the sun and get, healthy, happy, and fit.  Fight it and you'll likely get sick, tired and depressed. Even though its a billion years in the making, the key findings of this field have only emerged within the last 30 to 40 years, and some of those were only made in 2002 by scientists like Dr. Panda.  I learned about Dr. Panda through my man-crush, Dr. Andrew Huberman, a fellow professor who actually believes, like Dr. Panda, that his research should be accessible to a larger audience (in contrast to many academics).  Dr. Huberman discussed Dr. Panda's work in his episode on time restricted eating, a key interest of mine, and I really wanted to learn more in depth about optimizing food intake based upon a daily circadian sleep/wake cycle.  I also share my own story when I was 300 pounds.  Though  I largely ate a healthy diet, my circadian biology was all out of whack, leading to being fat, stressed, and unfocused.  That all changed when I started aligning my circadian biology with the timing of when I ate, or time restricted eating as Dr. Panda calls it. This book lived up to its promise of losing weight, supercharging energy, and transforming health.  Whoa... this one was super fun to do and I can't wait to start doing regular weekly podcasts again!!
July 19, 2022
16:8 Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work to Lose Weight? (Part 2) (Episode #96, 23 May 2022)
In this second episode on a landmark 16:8 fasting study, we cover another significant deficiency of the New England Journal of Medicine 16:8 fasting article, "Calorie Restriction with or without Time Restricted Eating in Weight Loss" (April 22, 2022). It omits any discussion of the controversy surrounding "statistical significance", a topic that is hotly debated within the professional statistics community.     The study clearly showed a weight loss difference between the fasting group and the control group, but the difference was reported as "no difference" because the difference was not "statistically significant".   So, in this episode, we cover the seemingly boring, but actually very interesting topic of "statistical significance", a topic which has generated significant controversy in the professional statistics community.  From drugs to mask policy, this concept affects nearly public policy and consumer  science policy decision.     How do we determine whether variable x actually causes Y or is at least associated with Y to such a degree that we can actually make policy on that basis?     For a long time, the statistics community has identified "statistical significance" as a way to make such decisions, but more and more professionals are questioning not the underlying methodology, but the language statistical significant to determine what is important and not important.   We cover this issue more broadly and as it relates to this "study".     Fasting works!  This study sucks!!  Toss it!!  Reach out with comments and feedback at either or
May 23, 2022
16:8 Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work to Lose Weight? (Episode #95, 11 May 2022)
In this episode, I respond to a recent journal article in the New England Journal of Medicine called "Calorie Restriction with or without Time Restricted Eating in Weight Loss".  It was published on April 21, 2022.      This study addressed two groups eating the same amount of calories and macros of carbs, protein and fats.  The first did a 16:8 protocol and the second group did the standard three meals a day along with snacks.     Calories and macros were the same, and the only difference was the one group had an eight hour eating window from 8am to 4pm, and the other at standard times for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks.  Food portions were closely monitored, a diet journal was kept and both groups received diet coaching.    I discuss results of the study, questions that I have about the study, the meaning of "statistical significance", and the viability of time restricted eating after this landmark study.    Is fasting just a mental hack to cut calories to lose weight?    I  don't think it is... In this episode, I explain why.    Fasting is a powerful weight loss tool remains viable even after this study.
May 11, 2022
My Weight Loss Results on a 44 Hour Fast (Episode #94, 4 May 2022)
In this episode, I discuss my recent 44 hour fast: how much weight I lost, my hunger, my mental state, whether I should be proud of my results, and how I ate after the 44 hour fast.
May 04, 2022
The Surprising Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea (Episode #93, 21 Apr. 2022)
Whoa, I just discovered the awesomeness of matcha green tea, a tasty caffeinated beverage that is even better than ordinary green tea in a bag, which is ok, but kind of tastes like like grass.  Matcha is way better, and much more pleasant to consume.   I'm talking about the matcha powder and not the green tea you find in a tea bag.    In this episode, I describe two key health benefits relating to weight loss and the cognitive enhancement.  Matcha is so awesome that you may well want to consider starting your own matcha smoothie shop.  it is seriously that good.  There is a reason that monks take it before mediation and Samurai warriors consumed it before battle.  It brings relaxed, focused alertness and definitely a life changer.   Seriously love me some matcha tea!
April 22, 2022
Dr. Michelle Dynes - Action by Action from Waukon to Thailand (Episode #92, 8 Apr. 2022)
In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Michelle Dynes about her incredible journey from Waukon, Iowa to being a high credentialed public health researcher in Thailand.  She graduated from my hometown high school, Decorah, Iowa, and my alma mater, Luther College.  We are high school and college classmates! This was a very fun to do as we explored her journey from Decorah to Yale to Atlanta to Thailand, just north of Bangkok.  She also shares the insight she gained along the way for anyone interested in building such an incredible career as she has done.  We discuss women's maternal health, history of nursing, her career as a midwife (and its true meaning), her career path that led her to get a PhD from Emory University before joining the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, two book recommendations, and one self care recommendation from Dr. Dynes.   Her story reminded me of the Marcus Aurelius quote about assembling your life "action by action." Just in the middle career, she has already achieved great things, step by step, action by action.   We also learned that Waukon just may be a hotbed for public health talent as we learned about another top infectious disease researcher, who also hails from Waukon!  You'll have to listen to find out who also hails from Waukon... Send me episode feedback at 
April 08, 2022
Tongkat Ali and Testosterone - My 30 Day Experiment (Episode #91, 6 Apr. 2022)
Nearing 50, I am firmly rooted in middle age.   As we age, our testosterone levels tend to decline causing numerous issues, including muscle loss, obesity, insulin resistance, stress, and premature death.  Restoring levels can reverse those trends. I was listening to Joe Rogan's interview of Andrew Huberman, a badass neuroscientist and PhD at Stanford University.  Huberman and Rogan were discussing ways to naturally increase endogenous testosterone.  Huberman mentioned Tongkat Ali, a Malaysian root otherwise known as Longjack, as a way to increase naturally increase testosterone levels in men and women.  In other words, it is not a testosterone supplement as such, but helps our body's ability to naturally produce it.   So, after listening, I thought I would try a 30 day experiment on myself using this supplement.  In this episode, I share my results using one only metric and also discuss some other peer reviewed studies on Tongkat Ali.   Whoa, this one was a fun one to do!! 
April 06, 2022
Clemens Erdahl - Lawyer, Dad, Traveler, City Councilor, and My Mentor (Episode #90, 15 Mar. 2022)
This episode is by far the most most meaningful RockneCast episode to me.  I interviewed Dr. Lillian Erdahl about her dad, Clemens Erdahl.   Clemens passed away suddenly at the age of 71 on October 2, 2019.  He wore many hats: a lawyer, a traveler, a dad, a mentor, a husband, an Iowa City councilor and a colorful story teller.  In life, I knew only Clemens.  He focused primarily on state and federal criminal defense at all levels: trial, appeals and post-convictions.  We worked on several cases together, and he taught me a lot about the practice of law.  When he died, I met his family members, and have been piecing together parts of his incredible life ever since. His daughter, Dr. Lillian Erdahl, a successful oncology surgeon at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, graciously accepted my invitation to be interviewed about her dad, Clemens.  We discussed his incredible life, his love of poetry, his philosophy, and what it was like growing up with Clemens as her dad.  Clemens was in many respects like a real life Atticus Finch, and it was such an honor to practice law with him.  He left us far too early. Clemens' early and sudden death impacted me greatly and was one of the major reasons I decided to start the RockneCast.   Life is short.  We must seize every moment that we have because we all have only so much time.  We never know when our number will be called.   Clemens left such a wonderful and inspiring legacy to every single life that he impacted.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to know Clemens and that Dr. Erdahl took the time to be interviewed.  I would love to do another one with just her.  She is just as amazing and inspiring as her father!  This was a very rewarding interview.  You'll love this one!!
March 16, 2022
Greg Johnson - Doing Less, Better (Episode #89, 24 Feb. 2022)
In this episode, I am joined by home and office tech guru, Greg Johnson, my very first guest on the RockneCast.  Greg also helped me set up the RockneCast.   Greg is a master at time management and leveraging his time.  He is also probably one of the best home and office tech consultants in Eastern Iowa. We discussed in depth a quote from great Stoic emperor, Marcus Aurelius, which he focuses on the "double satisfaction" of doing less things, better.  We focus on decluttering our time and our tasks to allow us fuller and richer personal and professional lives. What is essential?  What can we remove? This is the essence of Life Crafting. Greg also offers some tech tips at the end of the episode.  This was fun!  Greg is a whole bowl of awesomeness!! Here is his website:
February 25, 2022
Of Masks and Blindfolds - Why "Following the Science" as Mantra is Dumb (Episode #88, 24 Feb. 2022)
In this episode, we will explore why "following the science" as a kind of mantra actually inhibits science.  While I mention the mask debate relating to COVID, I do not attempt to resolve that debate here (or even discuss it very much), but rather, we'll explore how the inane "follow the science" mantra actually inhibits science, and why "experts" should not be the final arbiter on public policy questions or even on all "scientific" questions. This was a fun one to prepare.  We'll discuss Thomas Kuhn's work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Karl Popper, Nassim Taleb, Socrates, Plato, Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, and Iowa State researcher, Danny Shechtman, who won the Nobel Laureate in 2011.  Rather than "following the science", we should always embrace questioning the science, welcoming dissent, challenging the science, and listening to the rebels.  The "following the science" mantra has led to some extremely poor public policy decisions and clouded, uncritical thinking.   In the case of mask COVID policy, "following the science" to justify masks has in fact, become a blindfold.
February 24, 2022
Thoughts on Fasting and Holidays (Episode #87, 21 Feb. 2022)
Happy Presidents Day!  In this episode, I discuss fasting and the holidays.  I also discuss two upcoming monk fasts that I will be doing. This episode is a short one!
February 21, 2022
Abe and Ed at Gettysburg (Episode #86, 19 Feb. 2022)
Happy President's Day! This my second episode relating to the awesomeness of Abe Lincoln. We'll cover two addresses at Gettysburg, the famous one by Abe, and the long winded version Edward Everett, the featured speaker, who is typically glossed over as the long winded two hour speech prior to Lincoln's speech. Here I give Everett his due.  Yes, he was a little bit of a windbag, but there's some good stuff in the speech too.  It's kind of a little history lesson on Greece, England, Germany, Rome, a description of Gettysburg itself, the reasons for the war and the South's bs arguments for waging the Civil War. So, yes, in compared to Lincoln, yes, the speech kind of sucked, but it had some good kernels of wisdom too that I cover. I'll also give Abe's Gettysburg his due at the end of this podcast as well. This was a fun one to do.  My last episode on Abe kind of bombed, but such is the nature of this podcast.  I'll do stuff that interests the few and the many.  You guys seems to like the fasting episodes the most, but I am going to continue to do history episodes too because that's my true love. Would love to hear your feedback on this podcast and on future topics that you would like to explore: or
February 19, 2022
Sisu via Sandstorm - Get Tough Like the Finns (Episode #85, 16 Feb. 2022)
Here, we explore Sisu, which is a Finnish concept roughly meaning toughness or courage. We rely heavily on the work of Joanna Nyland's book, Sisu - The Finnish Art of Courage.  I discuss five key concepts from Pata Degerman the Finnish Antarctic explorer relating to Sisu. Finally, I share the most awesome music of Finnish techno stud, Darude, and his techno instrumental Sandstorm, which I believe perfectly captures Sisu.  Try some power pushups with Sandstorm, and you will be on your way to developing your own inner Sisu.
February 16, 2022
Read Obesity Code - Lose Weight: My Review of the Key Takeaways (Episode #84, 15 Feb. 2022)
In this 4th and (for now), final episode on the work of Dr. Fung, I discuss the key takeaways of Dr. Jason Fung's life changing book, the Obesity Code, a book that changed my life and helped me to effortlessly lose 70 pounds.   We'll discuss: 1.  Ketogenic Diets, 2.  Why he's more Keto "ish"  He's more "keto" ish,  3.  Why he doesn't talk about low carb as such,  4.  why sugar fricking sucks when you're trying to lose weight, and  5.  the importance of when versus what we eat. I also discuss a few things that he should have put in the book.  
February 15, 2022
Cracking the Obesity Code - Excess Insulin and Insulin Resistance Make You Fat (Episode #83, 10 Feb. 2022)
This is our 3rd and most important episode relating to my review of the book that changed my life: The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.   After reading it, I effortlessly lost weight along with the most awesome Fastic App: 70 pounds to be exact.  Before ... Dad Bod, bloated, and 300 pounds.  After ... 230, skinny jeans, and fit.   Do Keto ("ish"), Try Fasting.  Get Ripped.  That's it.    Is it really that simple? Yep, it is, and you'll need to read Obesity Code to understand why.    There is a raging controversy about two models of weight loss.  Some MD's and dieticians support calories in/calories out model.  Eat less. Move more.  You're fat because you're lazy and lack will power. Others, and this is still the minority view, believe that view is garbage.  It doesn't explain why so many people fail using that model.   It's not that they're lazy or lack willpower.  They're focusing on the wrong model. Dr. Fung, and countless others, now embrace the insulin theory of obesity.  Insulin makes you fat.  Understanding insulin optimization gets you thin.   In this episode, I explore why believe the Insulin Rebels, including Dr. Fung, are right, and more importantly, why this is such an important issue to resolve.   Getting it right is not only an academic issue.  Being fat makes you sick and dramatically increases your risk of death.  Your life may well depend on who is right and who is wrong.   Whoa, this was a fun one to do!! If you loved this episode, send me an email at, or
February 15, 2022
Abe Lincoln - Nice Guy, Tough Guy (Episode #82, 12 Feb. 2022)
This podcast was recorded on February 12, 2022, Abe Lincoln's birthday.   Why do we all love Lincoln so much?  What made him our number 1 president? Through the lens of his Second Inaugural speech, we explore what made Lincoln so... fricking... awesome.   We see two characteristics that are rarely possessed in one person: absolute, stone cold toughness in battle, coupled with total forgiveness after the battle was over.  He was a nice guy, tough guy.   In this speech given just weeks before he died, he essentially gave an ultimatum to the South: Option 1 - Keep fighting, and you will be crushed.  All chips in.  All in.  No compromise on the question of slavery.  You're going down.  In his beautiful words: "Yet, if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword."  Get chills reading that with Lincoln pressaging Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, going all Old Testament on the South.   Option 2 - Lay down your arms.  Recognize federal sovereignty.  Accept that slavery will be abolished.  And you will be forgiven, allowed to return home, and welcomed back.   "With malice toward none, with charity for all..."   This was a hella fun episode to do.  I am going to do a second one on the Gettysburg Address for Part 2.   Like US Grant, I have Mega Man Crush on Abe Lincoln.  I actually like US Grant better, but along with MLK, and US Grant, they are easily top 3 for me in terms of my favorite American Heroes.  TR is not far behind, but that will bee subject of another episode...
February 12, 2022
My Update from Hour 47 of a 48 Hour Fast (Episode #81, 8 Feb. 2022)
Whoa.  Just finished my first 48 hour fast of 2022!  For 48 hours, I drank only black coffee, and water with a little carbonation, mixed with a little iodized salt.  During that time, I ate no food or did not any liquids with calories.   At hour 47 of a 48 hour fast, I share what I am experiencing relating to hunger, mood, energy levels, focus, and whether I am concerned about losing muscle with no food for 48 hours.  The fasting world is full of counterintuitive results arising from not eating for a specific period of time.  There are so many other benefits in addition to just losing weight, which I outline here.   I also share how much weight I lost and whether I felt like eating too much at the end of the fast. This was a fun one!!  
February 09, 2022
Why Calorie Counting Sucks as a Way to Lose Weight (Episode #80, 5 Feb. 2022)
Betty the nutritionist has given you bad advice.  Calorie counting is not a great way to lose weight.  Sure, in the short term, with great pain, sacrifice, and peer support, you can lose weight adopting the standard model - high carb/low fat coupled with calorie counting, but in the long term you will likely rebound.  Betty is right in the abstract, but she's wrong about why you are eating too much.  It's not your will power.  It's not your weakness.  It's your model.  Your don't understand hunger and satiety hormones. In this episode, we explore the awesomeness of Dr. Jason Fung and his ground breaking book, The Obesity Code.  After reading his book, I have easily lost 70 pounds, painlessly, effortlessly, and without any concerns about a food bender rebound.  It's easy because, with the help of Dr. Fung, and the app, Fastic, I know what makes me hungry, what makes me full, and more importantly, how to eat consistently with our shared ancestral wiring of 3.5 million years of human evolution.  After you understand that, weight loss is easy. In this episode, we explore why Betty is soooo wrong through an exploration of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and satiety hormone leptin.  I share some studies from the Obesity Code and my own personal experience relating to the power of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets.  Keto and fasting will help you master what makes you hungry and what makes you full, resulting in you stuffing your pie hole less, losing weight, and getting ripped.  A six pack is not far away!! This episode was fun to do!! 
February 05, 2022
Doctor Fast - Why Jason Fung is So Awesome as a Source on Fasting (Episode #79, 3 Feb. 2022)
This is the second episode in a four part series on the Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung, a book that changed my life.  What makes Dr. Fung so awesome as a source on fasting? In the diet and nutrition space, it is so hard to figure out what to believe and who you should trust.  There are a cacophony of voices out there each hawking their own method, their own theories, their own approach.  Some of that advice runs counter to conventional medical wisdom and trends seem be constantly reversing and changing.  Salt good or bad?  High fat good or bad?  Pills or no pills?  Fasting just a fad or something deeper and more powerful?  When do you accept conventional wisdom?  When should you challenge it? The work of Dr. Jason Fung has completely transformed my life, helping me to easily lose 70 pounds.   This is a longer podcast on what makes him so effective as a source on fasting.  He is a conventionally trained doctor, but willing to challenge conventional training, especially when the theories did not match what he was seeing in his own practice.  We also explore some limitations on doctors, i.e. why smart people can get it wrong.  Some doctors suck, even when they follow their training without questioning whether it is actually right or the best approach.   While other doctors out there are just as smart and talented, what makes Dr. Fung so effective is his seamless integration of theory, practice, peer reviewed studies, and the ability communicate to a broader audience.   Whoa, I have mega gratitude to Dr. Fung.   Prior to Dr. Fung, Dad Bod, fat, and sick.  After Dr. Fung, fit, six pack, and healthy.   This podcast is a discussion on why he is so effective and hopefully, you will find your own Dr. Fung.
February 03, 2022
A Review of The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung (Episode #78, 28 Jan. 2022)
This book CHANGED MY LIFE!!  After reading it, I have lost 70 pounds, gotten off blood pressure medication, and reversed type 2 diabetes.  I have zero concerns about putting the weight back on because Dr. Fung provided the key to understanding: why we get fat, how to lose weight, and how to keep it off.   in this episode, I outline how I came across the work of Dr. Jason Fung, and his book "The Obesity Code".   This sets the stage for the next several episodes where we dive deeper into the work of Dr. Jason Fung.  In particular, we will cover: 1.  Dr. Jason Fung as a source on dieting and weight loss;  2.  why calorie counting sucks as a weight loss strategy; 3.  why insulin theory of obesity is the correct view; and 4.  food and fasting recommendations from Dr. Fung to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off, read the work of Dr. Fung!!  He is mega-awesome.
January 28, 2022
Jhe Russell - A Life in Ballet (Episode #77, 15 Dec. 2021)
For this episode, I interviewed Jhe Russell, a world class ballet dancer who has performed all over the world at top ballet companies in Boston, New York, Toronto, and throughout Europe.  I loved this episode. We touched on a variety of topics, including being a person of color, how he got interested in ballet, growing up in Boston, and life in Iowa City.   Jhe is good vibe guy, interesting, funny, personable, and brims with positive life force.   I really enjoyed this interview with Jhe, and I know you will too!
December 16, 2021
Weston Noble - Finding Dharma in Mind, Body, and Spirit (Episode #76, 23 Nov. 2021)
This is a season for giving thanks.   I give thanks that I had the opportunity to study with and sing under the direction of Weston Noble.  Weston lived in total alignment in mind, soul, and spirit.  When I sang in Nordic Choir in the mid-90's, I experienced moments of pure bliss, or what Joseph Campbell would call, my "ananda."  I experienced that without fully realizing how Weston created those moments.  In his book, Creating the Special World, Weston outlines how how he used the spirit to channel mind and body, creating moments of pure transcendence (check out link at  This episode is a mediation on Weston's first chapter in that book Bring the Special World into Reality.  May you listen to your inner voice and align your mind, soul, and spirit.  This was a fun one to do and I also outline my new theme for this podcast, a liberal arts podcast focused on strengthening mind, body, and spirit.  Grateful that I studied under Weston and that we can also continue to experience life through the wisdom of Weston Noble.   Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!!
November 23, 2021
A Review of Warrior Diet - by Ori Hofmekler (It's much more awesome that just one meal a day) (Episode #75, 20 Nov. 2021)
in this episode, I review Ori Hofmekler's life changing book, The Warrior Diet, which introduced the world to the wisdom of eating one big meal a day. This book rival's Jane Jacob's book "Death and Life of American Cities" for the way in which it completely revolutionized dieting, health, and wellness.  Like Jane Jacobs, Hofmekler does not have all of the "credentials" in the field that he changed.  When he wrote this book, our the dieting world was plagued by conventional wisdom: Fat bad, Carbs good; eat six meals a day... The list goes on.  This approach led to obesity, type 2 diabetes, premature, and way too many man boobs.  I like Ori because he doesn't get totally caught up in the modern keto versus non keto polemics.  Instead, he recognizes the wisdom of fats, carbs, and in proteins, seamlessly harmonizing the wisdom of each camp.   He uses timing of eating as a way to harmonize when and how  you eat food.  His version of fasting, at least as I understand it, does not mean totally avoiding food during the fasting stage.  Instead, he falls it "undereating."  During the "undereating" fast, he allows certain berries, nuts, and light proteins while avoiding highly refined carbs. He calls this phase "undereating" allowing the body detoxify, rejuvenate, and heal.  During this phase, the body is ready to work, be alert, and do the activities that give us life.  Our sympathetic nervous system is active during the day and he therefore, discourages excessive eating, because it activates the rest and recuperation stage, our parasympathetic nervous system.   During the evening, he encourages one big meal, allowing you to eat what you want, whether it's carbs, fats, or protein.  Eat away and calories be damned!  He explains why this works so well.  Our body is sensitive to nutrients, allowing us to eat and use the nutrition from the food that we eat.  it also corresponds to our parasympathetic nervous system being activated as our bodies slow down after our day's work.  During this phase, we eat, socialize and get ready to rest for our next day of getting things done, living our life's purpose. So it's not just just "one meal a day."  It is so much more, evolutionary biology, ancient history, nutrition, exercise, mental clarity, and spirituality. This book promised a lot and totally delivered.  It's magnum opus, of fasting and human health. Like US Grant, I have major mancrush on Ori Hofmekler.   Read it, and you'll be on your way a leaner, clear, and stronger you!!
November 20, 2021
Lincoln's Eulogy of "Old Rough and Ready" (Episode #74, 12 Nov. 2021)
This is the follow up to my recent podcast on Lincoln's favorite poem, "Oh why should the mortals by proud" by William Knox.  Zachary Taylor, our Nation's 11th president, died on July 9, 1850, only one year and four months into his presidency.  I came across this eulogy while reading Lincoln's Speeches and Writings.  I learned that Lincoln absolutely adored Zachary Taylor and strongly supported him, campaigning vigorously for him in Taylor's run for president.  My mancrush, US Grant, also loved Taylor too.  This got me interested in Taylor and the following paradox: why did two men most responsible for the destruction of slavery, Abe and US, embrace a slaving holding Southern president?   Whoa, I don't know whether I answered that question in this podcast, but I tried to exploring what made Taylor so compelling to both Grant and Lincoln.  In his encomium to Taylor, Lincoln's admiration of Taylor's leadership qualities demonstrates what he liked, what drove him, and what made him great.  So if nothing else, regardless of whether I rescued Taylor from the ignominy of slavery, I hope you share my view that we must not ignore, but explore the dark side to our human character, and our infinite capacity to be renewed through the eternal waters of forgiveness. Taylor, the slaver holder, inspired the two men who crushed slavery,  perhaps, equivalent to Saul becoming Paul.  Creation and history work in mysterious ways.  This was a fun one.  Keep living inspired and productive lives.  Be you.  Do you.  Live your life's purpose.
November 12, 2021
An Interview with Richard Simon Hanson (Episode #73, 11 Nov. 2021)
Some of my best memories growing up in Decorah and at Luther College involve Professor Richard Simon Hanson.   He needs no introduction to Luther and Decorah people.   He is a Professor Emeritus of Religion at Luther College in Iowa, specializing in ancient languages, the Bible, and Judaism.   We cover growing up Wisconsin, how he got to Luther, why he left Luther, who invited him back, his connection to Weston Noble in the early 1950's, his role with the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Lord's Prayer in Greek, Elie Wiesel, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Victor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning".   I learned a ton about this legendary Luther College professor.   Whoa, this one was fun to do.  It was a total honor to interview one of my life long heroes.     
November 11, 2021
Lincoln's Song - On Death, A Poem, and his First Love (Episode #72, 11 Nov. 2021)
In this episode, we cover Abe Lincoln's favorite poem, "Oh, why should the spirit of mortal be proud" by William Knox.  I learned about this poem while reading Lincoln's eulogy of our nation's 11th president, Zachary Taylor, which he gave at the Chicago City Hall on July 9, 1850.   I am going to do a separate podcast on the eulogy, in part, because he so eloquently covers Taylor's leadership qualities.  Taylor is interesting to me because both Lincoln and my man-crush, US Grant, greatly admired Taylor, "Old Rough and Ready."  That cast will have to wait because of awesomeness of this poem, which Lincoln recited from memory at the end of the eulogy.  He referred to it throughout his life in private, but only referred used it once in a public address at Taylor's eulogy.  Lincoln loved it so much that he also shared it with his first love Ann Rutledge.  He apparently quoted it so much that Rutledge's sister called it "Lincoln's Song".    We cover death, love, life, and of course, exuberant stoicism.  Carpe diem.   Whoa, I loved doing this podcast.  If you're interested in Lincoln's speeches, check out my show notes.
November 11, 2021
Epictetus Life Audit - The Power Within (Episode #71, 29 Oct. 2021)
In this episode, we discuss the 11 words that completely changed my life, courtesy of the original exuberant stoic, Epictetus and his life changing book, The Enchiridion.  We'll discuss the concept of the Epictetus Life Audit and how it can positively impact your life.  You can also check it out at Whoa, I love exuberant Stoicism!!
October 29, 2021
Wim Hof Breathing - Activating Mind, Body, and Spirit (Episode #70, 26 Oct. 2021)
in this episode, I share one of the most awesome self care practices that I've learned this past year, Wim Hof Breathing.  In particular, I share with you what I've learned from the book, "The Way of the Iceman - How The Wim Hof Method Creates, Radiant Longterm Health".   We'll explore what it is, why it works, and how can it change your life.   Wim's breathings techniques activate the mind, body and spirit.  Also, you can purchase by checking out
October 26, 2021
Hercules the Hawk - An Interview with Dave Conrads (Episode #69, 20 Oct. 2021)
For this episode, I interview Dave Conrads, UI Wild Director, who works with the University of Iowa Raptor Project.  Dave shares his love of all things relating to hawks and falcons, including his involvement with Hercules the Hawk, the red tailed hawk who has been inspiring Iowa Hawkeye Football fans at Kinnick Stadium. We discussed hawks, the last time hawks have been at Iowa football games, the origin of the term "Hawkeye", and backstory of Hercules' journey to  being the inspiring symbol and ambassador for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team and the great stated of Iowa! This one was a fun one to do!!
October 20, 2021
Applying Atomic Habits - Temptation Bundling (Episode #68, 19 Oct. 2021)
In this episode, we continue to cover the work of James Clear's awesome book, Atomic Habits and focus on the the concept of temptation bundling to build positive habits like exercise.  Check out the link too:
October 19, 2021
Simple Gifts - Stoic Forgiveness (Episode #67, 14 Oct. 2021)
Through a stoic lens, we'll cover the power of forgiving someone who has wronged or damaged you.  Together you and I will explore the stoic philosopher, Epictetus, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jay Shetty, and Richard Simon Hanson.  You can buy these books from these authors through my website!  I will get a portion of proceeds for all sales made through the link.  Just click and Amazon knows the rest! Whoa, this was a timely and important topic for me.  Very cathartic.  Forgiveness truly is a simple gift: free, abundant, perpetual, and if applied to your life, transformational.   This my last one for this week.  Heading North this weekend!!
October 14, 2021
Simple Gifts - Goldilocks Stress (Episode #66, 13 Oct. 2021)
To be a "simple gift", it must be free, abundant, available to everyone, and transformational to all. For this episode, we cover Goldilocks Stress.  What makes stress good?  What makes it bad?  This probably my greatest revelation in the last couple of years.  Stress is absolutely essential to health, productivity and tapping into your own power, but without proper focus and application, it can ruin you too. So for this episode, we'll explore Goldilocks Stress and how Goldilocks will help us use stress to our advantage. I also include a book recommendation by a total bad ass guy that I have a major man crush on.   Check out the recommendation at:
October 13, 2021
Simple Gifts - Early Morning (Episode #65, 12 Oct. 2021)
Early mornings.  Simple. Free. Abundant.  Perpetual.  And if tapped into as part of routine, transformative.  I'm obviously not the first nor the last that will discuss the virtues of tapping into power of early mornings.  But, for me, it's a truth that I ignored for far too long, but never late than never.  Waking to the dawn and possibilities each new day is one of life's greatest gifts.   In this episode, we tap into the wisdom and prose of Henry David Thoreau and Marcus Aurelius.   if you're stressed, time starved, or feeling out of balance, find your footing in the early morning hours, the time of renewal and coming alive to the possibilities of each day.  
October 12, 2021
Simple Gifts - Power of Gratitude (Episode #64, 8 Oct. 2021)
This is my first episode on Simple Gifts, simple free things that will transform your life.  The first is on expressing gratitude: why it works, why we don't do it, and a song that completely embodies it.  I also recommend a book on gratitude. Our next several episodes will be on Simple Gifts, things that I have learned that have really helped me.  I hope you'll find them as transformative to you as they have been for me.
October 08, 2021
An Interview with Joe Blair - Author of "By the Iowa Sea" (Episode #63, 7 Oct. 2021)
Friends, what an honor to interview, Joe Blair, HVAC repairman, UI Non-Fiction Writer's Workshop grad, husband, dad, and author of the one of the best books that I have read, "By the Iowa Sea".  The term "memoir" doesn't do this book justice.  It a meditation on hopes, dreams, marriage, being a dad, suffering, and renewal.  This is a book that you will want to read four or five times.  The whole book is a pure, intense, powerful and poetic.  It'll light your soul. Originally from Westford, Massachusetts, Joe and his new wife, Deb, went on a cross country adventure throughout the United States on a motorcycle in the early 90's.  They ran out of money, got stranded in Iowa, and decided to make a life here.  This begins that incredible true life story that Joe tells in "By the Iowa Sea".   They had kids, got jobs, a mortgage, and then life happened. Taking place during the Great Flood of 2008, Blair describes in poignant detail the dreams of a young couple, their hopes, their dashed dreams, Joe's affair, and a marriage on the rocks.  To find out what happens, you need to buy the book.   Joe also shares what next in his writing career, and his awesome son, Michael, made a short cameo appearance.   Whoa, this was a fun one to do.  Hope you have as much listening to this one and I had interviewing Joe.  Joe is part of the large constellation of literary stars graduating from the Writer's Workshop.  It was a true honor to interview him.
October 08, 2021
Jay Shetty and James Clear - Find And Apply Your Passion Skill (Episode #62, 7 Oct. 2021)
In this episode, we'll explore the work of my two of heroes: James Clear author of Atomic Habits and Jay Shetty, Author of Think Like a Monk. I would love to see these two guys on same podcast!!  Maybe, someday they will be guests on my podcast, but for now, we'll just explore their work as it applies to habits. To make Atomic Habits actually work, Clear explains that you must find your purpose, the things that you're naturally good at and light your soul.  That made me think of the concept of Dharma.   As Shetty explains in his book, dharma roughly means "passion skill".  What lights your soul and do you lose track of time when doing it?  More importantly, does your passion skill meet a need in the world outside of you?   Without knowing where you going, even daily application of habits is a waste of time.  Labor towards no end goal is like sailing without a North Star to guide, making you a rudderless ship in an turbulent sea.   These two men channel ancient wisdom in a way that will powerfully transform your life.  Infinite gratitude to each of them for these incredible gifts that they have brought out into the world. We'll discuss their work, discuss a little Marcus Aurelius and send you off a mission to find what makes you "come alive".   
October 07, 2021
Applying Atomic Habits - Exercise, Make it Easy and Stack (Episode #61, 6 Oct. 2021)
In this episode, I share one of the key applications of James Clear's book Atomic Habits and how it helped me lose 70 pounds.  In my past episode, I described what I cut: my morning  breakfast. In this episode, I describe what I added - a daily exercise habit.  Duh, we all know we need to exercise more, but why don't we?  Clear explains why and I share why I didn't exercise more at 300 and why I exercise every day now. To order Clear's book, check out:
October 06, 2021
Bob Hunt: A Torpedoman in the Pacific War (Episode #60, 5 Oct. 2021)
This episode is about submariner and World War II war hero, Robert Hunt, otherwise known as "Bob" Hunt by those of us who grew up in Decorah, Iowa.  Bob served as a torpedoman in on the USS Tambor, one of the leading attack submarines of the Pacific War.  Bob served as a torpedoman on a nearly unheard of 12 submarine missions during the Pacific War.  My guest is Dr. Robert Schultz, PhD, former English professor at Luther College and co-author of Bob's biography, "We Were Pirates", about Bob's experiences as a submariner in the Pacific War.  He currently serves as professor emeritus of English at Roanoke College in Virginia.  We'll take you on Bob's incredible odyssey from Decorah, Iowa to the attack on Pearl Harbor, to Battle of Midway to the farthest reaches of the Pacific.   I only knew Bob as the guy that I played tennis with in my teens.  I had no idea he lived through one the most dangerous aspects of naval service, a submariner on an attack sub during the Pacific.  Bob faced incredible danger, and survived to tell his story.    Bob is a real American hero.  Very grateful to have known him and that Dr. Schultz took the time to write this incredible biography of Bob Hunt. If you're interested in buying the book, check it out
October 06, 2021
Exuberant Stoicism - Carpe Diem (Episode #59, 1 Oct. 2021)
This is a short episode on Marcus Aurelius' comments on death and its relationship to living in the present moment.  The Stoics teach that acknowledgement and recognition of death is part of our nature, our fate, our destiny.  Nothing to fear, but recombining elements and returning the dust. Whoa, acknowledgment of our own demise brings joy in the present moment if we are not dead yet. We don't know when or how we will die, only that we will someday enter the next realm.  "Memento Mori" - remember that you must die.  Death is the yin to the yang of life.  It's nothing to fear, but one aspect of the gift of life.   If we don't know how much time we have or control when that moment comes, let's seize the day.  Don't let external things over which you no control disturb your enjoyment of the gift of today.  Focus on what you can control and live our your life's purpose.  Fulfill your dharma, your passion skill.  And match it to service with the time that we have on the beautiful earth. Live out your destiny now.   We only have so much time.   Carpe Diem!!
October 01, 2021
Applying Atomic Habits - Skip Breakfast, Lose Dadbod (Episode #58, 30 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, I share one atomic habit that I applied to lose 70 pounds, skipping breakfast.  Yep, mom, and Judy, that dietician gives you sugary juice, cornflakes, and a muffin at the hospital are wrong.  You don't need breakfast, at least just 6 hours after you gorged yourself while watching your latest Netflix binge series.  Move it back 16 hours after your 6:00 dinner the night before.   In this episode, I discuss my experience with the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol and explain why it works using the work of Dr. Jason Fung and his book the Obesity Code.  I am going to be doing a separate cast on his work, but you really need to read that book along with Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Combine the two, and you will change your life.   In Clear's book, he discusses identify and tiny steps reinforcing that identity.  I am an intermittent faster and I'll share with you the tiny wins that reinforced that identity.  70 pounds later.  I now have a lot of proof to reinforce that identity. And I'm no longer dadbod guy.   Bye-bye Dadbod!!
September 30, 2021
James Clear - Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results (Episode #57, 29 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, we explore the work of James Clear's excellent book, Atomic Habits - Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results.  This book has had a huge impact on me in multiple domains. We explore Clear's view on identity and habit change that reinforce that identity.  I think you'll find this episode very useful.  Clear is a whole bowl of mega-awesomeness!!  He is wise, smart, and Clear.
September 29, 2021
The Tree of Life Proverb via Dr. Henry Cloud (Episode #56, 28 Sept. 2021)
My sister, Susie, introduced me to the work of Dr. Henry Cloud, the most awesome and wise Christian psychologist.  He consults, writes, teaches, and has his own podcast.  In his book "Necessary Endings", he quoted the following proverb, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Proverbs 13:12.  This podcast is a meditation on that proverb.  Whoa, love that verse!!
September 28, 2021
My review of the movie "Free Guy" (Episode #55, 24 Sept. 2021)
Just went to Free Guy, the the sci-fi comedy starring Ryan Reynolds.   Loved it!  This is my review of the movie and why should go!
September 24, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Exuberant Stoicism) (Episode #54, 23 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, we explore Shetty's take on separating our emotions from ourselves, or what monks call detachment.  The simple shift from being an emotion to describing how you experience can have a powerful impact on your day to day life. Using this chapter as a springboard, I also discuss the Stoics and how practice of focus of focusing on what you control and practicing detachment on things you cannot control can transform your life.  This is my final episode on Shetty (for now).  Infinite gratitude to Shetty, the Ashram where he studied, and to all of the wise teachers that taught Shetty as that location.  This is truly one of the best books that I have read in a long, long time.  Love it!!
September 23, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Seeds and Weeds) (Episode #53, 22 Sept. 2021)
In this second to last episode on Jay Shetty's book "Think Like a Monk", we consider the tiny seeds and weeds that we create in our life through our day to day acts and choices.  Seeds create happiness, abundance, and fulfillment.  Weeds create anger, resentment, and sadness.   We'll explore Shetty's concept of seeds and weeds and what makes something a weed.  I'll also share my own views on what makes an act a "seed" versus a "weed".    We also cover the work of Aristotle, James Clear, and Jesus.  I even disagree with Jesus a little on one of his verses in the Bible.   We'll be doing final episode tomorrow!!
September 22, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Mud and Lotus) (Episode #52, 21 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, through the lens of Jay Shetty's book, "Think Like a Monk", we'll explore the beautiful things that can emerge from muddy waters of life's challenges.  
September 21, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Morning T.I.M.E.) (Episode #51, 20 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, we cover Jay Shetty's approach to mornings as a monk: T.I.M.E.  Thankfulness.  Insight.  Meditation.  Exercise.  I also cover my morning routine and discuss the relationship of regular time or more importantly, the lack of it as it relates to our day to day well being and stress. Mornings are absolutely key to finding more time so that you can engage in T.I.M.E. practice.
September 20, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Stress - Key to Happiness and Growth) (Episode #50, 17 Sept. 2021)
Whoa, this one was a fun one to do.  Jay Shetty's book, Think Like a Monk, is so full of insight.  This episode covers his chapter on Fear and its unhealthy companions, stress and anxiety.   We'll cover the zen of Kelly Clarkson, and her views on hormesis, why Iowa wine sucks and why trees kept on falling over in greenhouses. Yep, it all has to do with stress.   I also share my own struggles with stress and what I've learned about how to use stress for health, personal growth and my own personal well being.  I offer my own suggestions about how to use stress to your advantage and how to make it your happy friend. I hope you find this one interesting and useful to you!!
September 17, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (The Impure Mirror of the Mind) (Episode #49, 16 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, we cover ceto darpana marjanam, the impure mirror of the mind.   Do you really know you are, or are you living out someone else's version of you?   This a topic that seems so obvious on its face.  Of course, we know who we are, but so many live in a haze of emotional, financial and time clutter.  Here we channel, Marcus Aurelius and Marie Kondo to help us assess what is truly essential in our lives and what does not matter.    I discuss some of my experiences at the peak of my own emotional clutter, and my own story about seeing myself more clearly.  I also offer some suggestions about auditing your own time and finding the stillness to see yourself more clearly, the true you.   Shetty's book is just so awesome.  Buy and read it.  More importantly, apply it.  If you don't have time to read it, I will be covering some essential concepts in the coming days from Shetty's book, "Think Like a Monk".  Whoa, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!
September 16, 2021
Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty (Discover Your Dharma) (Episode #48, 15 Sept. 2021)
For the next several podcasts, I am going to do a series of short casts on the book "Think Like a Monk" by Jay Shetty.  This an awesome book by a former Hindu monk, Jay Shetty, who spent three years as a monk at an ashram in India.  Shetty covers the ancient wisdom that he learned as a monk and offers a series of easy to use methods to apply to your own life.   This cast focuses on your calling, that is your dharma, which combines finding your varna (passion/skill) and seva (meeting world's needs). Whoa, I love this book.  It is chock full of life changing stuff.  If you don't have time to read it, I'll be covering concepts from this excellent book in the next several RockneCasts.  
September 16, 2021
Intermittent Fasting - The Fountain of Youth (Episode #47, 10 Sept. 2021)
In this episode, I discuss the work of Dr. Mark Mattson and Rafael De Cobo, who published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in December 26, 2019.  Dr. Mattson works at John Hopkins University and The New England Journal of Medicine is one the most prestigious journals in the world.  They cover the benefits in terms of intermittent fasting including cognitive performance, muscle growth, reversing Type 2 diabetes, reducing blood pressure, and most surprisingly, reversing the aging process.  Amazing benefits that can be achieved simply by changing when you eat and giving your body an opportunity to rest from food. It sounds too good to be true, but 18 months into fasting, I have directly experienced most, if not all, of the benefits of fasting. I also then provide my own medical information relating to improvements that I have experienced, including my "metabolic age" before fasting and now.   This one was a fun one to do.  I haven't been able to do many RockneCasts lately, but will be doing many more soon.  Thanks for tuning in!!
September 10, 2021
Professor Richard G. Cole - Reflections on a Career at Luther College from 1964-2005 (Episode #46, 5 Sept. 2021)
I was recently in Rochester, Minnesota hanging out with my dad, Richard G. Cole.  My mom was getting her eyes checked at the Mayo Clinic, and while we were waiting at the Soldier's Field Hotel (which is mega-awesome by the way), I thought it would be a good opportunity to interview my dad about his experiences as a professor at Luther College from 1964-2005.  This will be of interest to people interested in Luther College and its history.   We discuss how he arrived at Luther,  former Luther professors, a major controversy in the early 1960's, former Luther presidents, Elwin Farwell, and H. George Anderson, and other topics such as the founding of the Center for Faith and Life.  And, of course, we also had to discuss my hero, Weston Noble, too. I suppose a few of my family members might find this interesting too. For those of you who don't know Luther, what the heck do you have to lose?  Just listen.  Its just 40 minutes of your life.   Wartburg College people may not like this one.  So you might want to skip if this one if you went to Wartburg.  So Wartburg people ... that's my trigger warning for you. This was a fun one to do.   Stay tuned for future episodes!!
September 06, 2021
The Habits of Weston Noble (Episode #45, 19 June 2021)
In this episode, I talk about the habits that made Weston Noble such an awesome choir director and inspiration to so many people.   Weston served as Nordic Choir director for over 50 years at Luther College.  In the mid-90's, I was in Nordic Choir for two years and got to observe first hand the incredible habits that made him create such abundance, beauty, and joy that resonates to this day.  So grateful that I knew Weston.  In this episode, I share some of what I learned from him!  
June 19, 2021
Fasting and the D-Day Invasion: Did a Big Breakfast Nearly Cost the Allies Victory? (Episode #44, 8 June 2021)
We recently celebrated the 77th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, paving the way for the defeat of Facism and liberating Germany for subsequent Euro Hipsters.   I recently watched a documentary called "Normandy: Surviving D-Day".   It is free on YouTube.  Great documentary!  Very polished and substantive, but that's not the reason I liked it so much.  While not the focus of the documentary, it did discuss the impact of the huge breakfast that the troops had before the invasion consisting of bacon, eggs, toast and other heavy breakfast foods.  Allied planners thought a hearty breakfast would boost morale and help the young men be ready to defeat Nazi's.   In this episode, I discuss why that was such a bad idea and how that big breakfast nearly cost the Allies dearly on D-Day.  I also cover a majorly cool Jewish guy named Hal Baumgarten, a tough guy who sought revenge against Nazi's and we discuss what he ate before D-Day.  We also discuss another Jewish tough guy, Ori Hofmekler, author of the Warrior Diet, one of the first books advocating one meal a day.   Let's just say Hal chose a different path.  Whoa this was a fun one to do.   Check this episode out and send me feedback at
June 09, 2021
My Experience with Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting (Episode #43, 3 June 2021)
As many of you know, I have been fasting for about a year.  I've lost 60 pounds, feel great, off high blood pressure pills, and the Type II diabetes track, but there are some side effects and critiques.  I'll go over ones that I've experienced and ones that I think are completely bs critiques by people that I have never done fasting.   Yeah, yeah, I get it.  Everyone's different.  I agree with that, but as a general principle, I think humans have more in common that the genetic variability arising from the slow gradual process of human evolution.  And most of what I have experienced is confirmation of what the true experts on fasting have indicated would happen.  Lot of the critics clearly have not tried it.  So I agree that you could experience something different, but I am betting you will experience what I have experienced, especially if you're an overweight dude like I was.   Tune in and let me know what you think at  With gratitude for each and everyone of you who tune in regularly.  We're building something together!!
June 04, 2021
The 300 Club: My Mistakes to Get There and How I Left It (Episode #42, 19 May 2021)
Coming up on my one year anniversary of making the decision to leave the 300 pound club, a club that took nearly 20 years to get into and one year to get out of.  I'm now down to 245 and feel great! Proud of it and love to celebrate that with you the listeners. In this episode, I outline obvious mistakes that I made to arrive at 300 pounds and simple steps that I took to get out of the 300 club. And, yes, it does involve fasting, but not only that.   I hope you'll learn from my mistakes and reflect on the simple steps I took to leave it.  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.   These reflections are all simple and obvious, but easy to forget in the moment.  They are all very "duh" solutions, but solutions that I didn't apply for nearly 20 years.  
May 20, 2021
US Grant's Last Gift (Episode #41, 18 May 2021)
in this episode, I cover the last year of US Grant's life.  To me, his last year was one of the heroic chapters in his inspiring life.   Faced with terminal throat cancer, and financially destitute, Grant spent his his hours writing his memoir so that he could leave a financial legacy to his wife and family.  That last year truly demonstrated his character and qualities that made him such a central figure in our Nation's history.   His last year is one of many reasons why I have such a man crush on US Grant.  Listen more to see why. Also, check out the most excellent biography of US Grant: Grant by Jean Edward Smith.   It's by far one of the best biographies on Grant.  
May 19, 2021
Bruce Lee Finale - Enter the Dragon (Episode #40, 10 May 2021)
We conclude our multi-part series on one of the greatest actors, philosophers, fighters, and doers of the 20th Century, Bruce Lee.  He was all of those things, but above all he considered himself an artist of life.  We explore some of the last thoughts he left on paper that his daughter shared with us via her book on her father: Be Water, My Friend - The Teachings of Bruce Lee.  Incredibly grateful that Shannon has shared and interpreted the gifts that her father left this world before he entered into the next dimension.  Bruce Lee has definitely entered my pantheon of great thinkers: Thoreau, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Nassim Taleb, Jared Diamond, and Malcom Gladwell.  I'll be reading his work for a long time to come.   I'll tell you one thing, I am also going to be watching the Enter the Dragon and will soon do a review of Enter the Dragon through the lens of Be Water, My Friend.   I am doing 15 pushups tonight in honor of Bruce Lee. Enter the Motherf...king Dragon my friends.  Enter the Motherf...cking Dragon.  
May 11, 2021
Bruce Lee and My Grandpa Martin Cole - A Consuming Fire (Episode #39, 9 May 2021)
In this episode, I discuss the inaugural speech, The Difference, that my Grandpa Cole gave in 1963 as President of Texan Lutheran College (now Texas Lutheran University).  When I visited Texas Lutheran a couple of years ago, I obtained what I believed to be the first draft of that speech, which was originally called A Consuming Fire.  I don't know for sure, but I think he might have thought that title too intense a title given the subject matter of the speech, the role of a Christian Liberal Arts in higher education in the 1960s.  The essence of that speech is about our divine power within all of us to experience and absorb the powers of creation in math, science and philosophy.  He changed it, but I am keeping it because it connects well with the dragon energy of Bruce Lee.   I make some what I found to be surprising connections between my Grandfather's ideas and the ideas of Bruce Lee.  They both sought to connect with the consuming fire of creation within us as we connect to the divine power of the Universe, the infinite dragon energy within all of us.   I also connect a verse in the Consuming Fire to Weston Noble.   Blown away that I discovered this speech one day after doing a podcast on Bruce and Weston lighting your inner fire.   Just. Blown. Away.   (Note, I have 0 knowledge about what Bruce Lee's ideas on traditional religion were.  Shannon discussed some of that in her book, but that was not the focus of the book.  I am not making any implication as to what they were or not.  All I know for sure is that he would have kept an "empty cup" as to the mysterious power of existence and to take daily actions to connect with that power.) Total gratitude to Bruce and Shannon for connecting me to my grandfather in this way.  
May 09, 2021
Bruce Lee and Weston Noble - Lighting Your Inner Fire (Episode #38, 8 May 2021)
We're continuing our series of podcasts on the philosophy of Bruce Lee through the book Be Water, My Friend - The Teachings of Bruce Lee by his daughter Shannon Lee.  Whoa I love this book!  This is podcast is a meditation on what Bruce and Weston did to discover their inner power, that is how that lit the inner fires of their souls to advance their purposes in life.   Bruce's inner fire reminded me of another incandescent soul, my choir director Weston Noble, who completely transformed and inspired so many people throughout his career at Luther College. I discuss Weston's book, Creating the Special World, a series of curated lectures by Steven Demorest, a former student of his.  Weston had such a magnetic spirit who had such a clear sense of purpose in everything he did, sharing the beauty of music.  He aligned his mind, body, and spirit in everything that he did to advance his life's mission.  Like Bruce, he accomplished so much and left us so many gifts that continue to bear fruit even today.  Grateful that both souls have touched my life in different ways.   Check out links to these books at
May 08, 2021
Soul Brothers Bruce Lee and Musonius Rufus - Growth through Voluntary Discomfort (Episode #37, 7 May 2021)
We continue our mutual journey on the life and teachings of Bruce and Shannon Lee.  I am incredibly inspired by the gift that Shannon has provided through her mediations on the life and teachings of Bruce Lee.  Shannon has experienced an incredible amount of pain in her life, the loss of  her father at four as well as the untimely death of her brother Brandon.  She wouldn't wish it on anyone and would give anything to have been able to experience the vibrant lives of her brother and father.  But that pain has given her an incredible wisdom that has made her such an incredible guide to the teachings of her father Bruce. In this episode, I explore that the growth that occurs through purpose driven pain or as Shannon calls it, "skillful frustrations" that we subject ourselves to reach our goals.  Bruce called this "means," which is daily purpose driven discomfort to grow our minds, our bodies and spirits. We also detour to the Ringo Starr of the Stoics, Musonius Rufus, a guide on the virtues of hardship in life as it reach is and conclude with Kelly Clarkson. I hope you get the opportunity to read Be Water, My Friend - The Teachings of Bruce Lee. The book can be purchased also by clicking on the link in the Bruce Lee Show Notes at Love this book!!
May 07, 2021
Bruce and Shannon Lee on the Parable of the Empty Cup (Episode #36, 6 May 2021)
In this first in our series on the Teachings of Bruce Lee, we explore the seemingly obvious concept of the virtue of keeping an open mind through the Parable of the Empty Cup.  Whoa, Shannon and Bruce have such an intriguing way of teaching simple, yet profound concepts that we think we know, but so often ignore in our own lives.  Bruce's power arose from his ability to self examine and opening his mind up to the powers the Universe while also drilling down and mastering what he really did know.  This yin yang of knowledge and unknowledge is one of the many things that made him such a powerful, charismatic, and transformational figure. For those who want to learn more, buy Be Water, My Friend - The Teachings of Bruce Lee by his daughter Shannon Lee.  A portion of your purchase will help fund the show through the Amazon Associates program.  
May 06, 2021
Be Awesome, My Friend - The Teachings of Bruce and Shannon Lee (Episode #35, 5 May 2021)
I just read an awesome book, Be Water, My Friend, The Teachings of Bruce Lee by his daughter Shannon Lee.   This book is now on my essential reading list along with Walden by Henry David Thoreau and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.  I absolutely loved it!    I am going to do a series of daily episodes about various teachings in the book.  I am no expert on Bruce Lee.  I just read this book about three weeks ago, but whoa, this was just an awesome, good vibe, life changing book.  Would love to have you join me this week for my daily exploration of the teachings of Bruce Lee and how it applies to our daily lives. Love, love, love this book! I have included a link to the book in the show notes at  If you buy through the link, a portion of the proceeds will help fund the RockneCast.
May 05, 2021
Mary Elizabeth Williams: A Life in Opera from Philadelphia to Milan (Episode #34, 30 Apr. 2021)
Whoa... This was probably one of my best podcasts so far.  I interviewed one of the most delightful, balanced, and wise people that I personally know, Mary Elizabeth Williams.  We discuss in depth, her career as an opera star, the obstacles, the triumphs, and the wisdom that she has acquired along the way. Mary and I attended Luther College together in the mid-90s.  I got to know her because we were both in Nordic Choir together for two years.  At the time, she seemed destined to become an opera star, but as we discussed during this episode, that destiny wasn't always so sure.  There were moments when it didn't appear so inevitable. Gulp, at one point, she even considered becoming a lawyer! I love being a lawyer, but the world would have lost an incredible treasure if she didn't align with her life's purpose, to impart beauty and passion to the world through charismatic personality and voice.  This would have been roughly akin to Einstein considering becoming an insurance salesman prior to discovering relativity.  Thank goodness she chose opera! In addition to opera, we discussed a self care strategy, book recommendation, and we even discuss an intriguing aspect of her father's life in France during WWII, a life so interesting that I think Mary should write an inspired by real life novel about that part of her father's life. This cast was a delightful journey for me, learning from such an intriguing and passionate soul.  This was a fun one!!
April 30, 2021
John Thomas - Urban Planning in Iowa City and Beyond (Episode #33, 24 Apr. 2021)
In this episode, I interview Iowa City Councilor John Thomas.  We discuss a recent proposal to convert Market and Jefferson Streets from one way to two ways, and also, discuss some larger urban planning trends in the late 20th and 21 centuries through the lens of Iowa City, including historic neighborhoods, walkability, neighborhood commercial, and suburban development. We also discussed several book recommendations, all of which can be found in John Thomas Show Notes at John is an incredibly engaging personality with a clear, elegant mind.   Iowa City is fortunate to have him on our Council.  We had a really fun conversation!  Plug this one for your weekend walk!
April 24, 2021
Brad Lund - Luther College and the Future of the Liberal Arts (Episode #32, 12 Apr. 2021)
My friend Brad Lund and I have a conversation about the past, present, and future of liberal arts.  Brad and I graduated in the 90's from Luther College, a small liberal arts college in NE Iowa.  Brad and I met about a month ago in Decorah as his son was visiting Luther College.  I thought it would be fun to have him on the RockneCast.  Brad is a good vibe dude!  We discuss our experience at Luther, his son's current search for post-secondary college, and whether the liberal arts remains relevant amidst the increasing specialization in the modern world.   This is a great episode for all, but especially for those with high school kids trying to figure out whether a small liberal arts college makes sense for them.
April 13, 2021
Robert Waller at 50 - Living and Daily Practice of the Liberal Arts (Episode #31, 3 Apr. 2021)
In this episode, I discuss the awesomeness of Iowan Robert Waller through his essay, "The Turning of 50", an essay in this non-fiction book, "One Good Road is Enough."  He released One Road in 1989, just three years before his phenomenal best seller, "The Bridges of Madison County."  Waller seamlessly wove so many threads into his dynamic life: business, math, music, emotion, logic, and of course, writing, something he did on the side of his career as an academic in the business college at the University of Northern Iowa.   Waller sold over 60 million books with Bridges and made a Madison County a literary destination, much in the same way that Twain made a Hannibal a permanent stop in the American literary trail.  He did that by following his passion and by living and breathing the liberal arts in everything he did.     I share a personal connection to Waller through a high school English teacher, a moment that significantly changed my life.  I also discuss exuberant stoicism, the joy that comes with the acknowledgement of our mortality, the driving force to live to the fullest while we are here.  I thought of Waller as the embodiment of what liberal arts means and the power it can give in helping us to weave threads into the fabric of our own lives.     Waller represents not schmaltz or sentimentality as some critics have suggested.  He lived in unity with the inner voice, damn what the critics thought of him.    Next week, we will be featuring Brad Lund, a master polymath, actor, lawyer, programmer, comedian, musician, philosopher, and incredibly talented life force.   We will discuss the power of liberal arts and give our views on the past, present and future of liberal arts education for small colleges.
April 03, 2021
Dr. Josh White - Co-Founder of Community Health Initiative in Haiti (Episode #30, 27 Mar. 2021)
In this episode, I interview Dr. Josh White, co-founder of the Community Health Initiative along with Dr. Chris Buresh.  They met at the University of Iowa College of Medicine and later co-foundered this incredible medical non-profit whose mission is to provide high quality medicine to Haitian residents.  We discuss the challenges of non-profits and the learn more about the incredible Haitian people and culture.  Dr. White is also from my hometown of Decorah and is a fellow Luther College graduate. Check out Dr. White's book recommendations at and the donation link for this awesome non-profit. This was a fun one to do!!
March 27, 2021
Lynn Begay and Ozzie Winger - The Incredible Story of Coach, an Athlete, and Opportunity in Decorah (Episode #29, 12 Mar. 2021)
Incredibly grateful that Lynn Begay took time to join me for an interview about his inspiring life story.   In the late 1980s, Lynn and his family met a dynamic teacher named Ozzie Winger while Ozzie was coaching on a Navajo reservation in northwest New Mexico. Ozzie was an inspiring coach, cheerleader, learner and mentor to so many Navajo Youth.  As he reached retirement age, Ozzie invited Lynn and his siblings to spend some summers in his and my hometown of Decorah, IA.  Lynn accepted that invitation and so began the incredible story of growing up Navajo in Decorah, Iowa.  Lynn was a star athlete, friend, and inspired so many with his positive example.  Ozzie died in 2007.  We celebrate Ozzie's life and the impact that he made upon Lynn and his family.  Ozzie was a fierce defender of not only Lynn, but also Navajo culture and peoples.   We discussed Navajo language, culture, code talkers, and what it was like to grow up as a proud member of the Navajo Nation in Decorah, Iowa. We also discussed book and movie recommendations for people interested in Native culture. You can find the links at If you're ever in Crete, Nebraska, check out Lynn's sport bar, Elle's on Main, one of the top sport's bars in Eastern Nebraska.   Lynn is a good vibe person.   You will love this interview!
March 12, 2021
Cory Grimm - A Year of Transformation and Renewal in Haiti (Episode #28, 9 Mar. 2021)
In this episode, I interview my brother in law Cory Grimm about his year of transformation in Haiti.  We discuss the sun, the sounds, water, Haitian recipes, books, and music from this inspiring culture.   Finally, we feature a new release from Cory Grimm! Check out books and music at
March 09, 2021
The Billingsleas in Singapore (Episode #27, 2 Mar. 2021)
In this episode, I interview my friends Stacy and Kevin Billingslea about their transition from Missoula, Montana to international education in Guadalajara, Mexico, Bangladesh, and most recently Singapore.  They explore their decision making process in deciding to make the leap from Missoula, their challenges once they made the leap and their reflections on living abroad for almost 8 years.  They also describe a trip that made with Bedouins on the Arabian Peninsula.  We even discussed the great stoics Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus.  Finally, we discussed the power of the liberal arts in shaping their professional lives.   This one was a lot of fun to do!!
March 03, 2021
Levy Lee Simon on Haitian Revolutionary Toussaint Louverture (Episode #26, 16 Feb. 2021)
I had a ton of fun on this episode.  I interviewed award winning playwright Levy Lee Simon.  Currently, an actor and playwright in Los Angeles, California, Simon received his MFA from the University of Iowa Theater Program in the late 90's.  During that time, he finished a play on the great Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture, who led the only successful slave revolt in the Western Hemisphere.  We also discuss how he became interested in Toussaint Louverture and the other Big Three of the Haitian Revolution, Jean Dessalines and Henry Christophe. I also was intrigued by Defile (Marie Sainte Dédé Bazile), one of the key women warriors of the Haitian Revolution.  Her story will make you wanting to learn more.   I am absolutely fascinated Haiti and this interview made me even more interested in traveling to Haiti someday.  I learned so much about Haiti, Louverture, and why this revolution resonates so strongly even 230 years later.  
February 16, 2021
Heading to the Boundary Waters with Jason Z (Episode #25, 9 Feb. 2021)
In this episode, I interview Jason Zabokrtsky, a friend of mine as well as a fellow Luther College and University of Iowa College of Law graduate.    In 2004, Jason was living a fairly conventional life as a lawyer in a small boutique law firm in Cedar Rapids, IA, but his heart wasn't in it.   The Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota beckoned.  Jason listened to his heart and headed North, giving up the practice and finding his true calling in the North Woods.  He now owns and operates, Ely Outfitting Company, a very successful outfitting business in Ely, MN.   We cover life, liberals arts, books, dog sledding, finding a calling, and most importantly, his transition from Cedar Rapids lawyer to North Woods entrepreneur.  Jason, you are an inspiration!!
February 10, 2021
Grant and Sherman: A Moment of Friendship that Saved the Union (Episode #24, 31 Jan. 2021)
In this cast, I discuss a touching moment of support between William T. Sherman and Ulysses Grant that ultimately saved the Union.  It occurred in May of 1862 after the First Battle of Corinth in Northern Mississippi.   I am fascinated by both men, not because of their success or greatness, but because of their intense flaws that they both overcame to save the Union.  I'll take you behind the scenes to a moment of vulnerability for Grant that nearly cost the United States the War.   Sherman's friendship restored Grant's confidence and ultimately, helped win the Civil War.   For an awesome biography on Grant, read Grant by Jean Edward Smith.  
February 01, 2021
One Way to Two Way Street Conversions: A Boring, but Important Topic (Episode #23, 31 Jan. 2021)
Here, I talk about a seemingly boring topic, converting a one way street to a two way street.  The Iowa City staff recently pulled a capital improvement project converting Jefferson and Market Streets without consulting Council, a very troubling decision that I am hopeful that Council will reverse.  Ultimately, decision must be made by Council and not staff.   One way streets are a relic of 1960's carbon soaked, automobile centric planning. I will talk about the importance of two ways to produce safe streets, promote low carbon modes of transportations, and also, most importantly to reduce unnecessary law enforcement contacts, a key commitment that the City made last summer to the Iowa City Freedom Riders.   This podcast is focused on Iowa City, but people outside of Iowa City may find it useful to see how a city can reduce the need for law enforcement for traffic enforcement through modern street design and principles.  I am very hopeful that Council will align itself with 21st century design principles rather than 60's era carbon soaked design standards.
January 31, 2021
American Betrayal and the Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877 (Episode #22, 17 Jan. 2021)
One of saddest moments of American History is the Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877.  In that Compromise, Southern Democrats agreed to accept Rutherford Hayes as President in exchange for Republicans agreeing to withdraw troops from the South.  US Grant historian, Jean Edward Smith described the Compromise this way: "The rights of African Americans were sacrificed at the altar of national reconciliation."  We are still reaping the bitter fruit from that backroom deal.  In this Episode, I explore the events leading up to that Compromise, why it happened, and why we still feel its effects even today.  I also discuss some possible solutions to finally address the failures of Reconstruction: reparations and reconciliation.   
January 17, 2021
A Stoic Response to Recent Events in Washington, D.C. (Episode #21, 7 Jan. 2021)
My thoughts on using Stoicism to get through these turbulent times.  
January 08, 2021
Instead of Resolutions, Consider Adopting Micro-Keystone Habits in 2021 (Episode #20, 5 Jan. 2021)
In this episode, I am discussing two great habit books Atomic Habits by James Clear, and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.     Resolutions are hard to  keep.  Clear is probably the best habit author that I have read in terms of actually implementing powerful life changing behaviors.  He actually shows you how.  Duhigg shows us why habits are so important and introduced the world to keystone habits, those habits that affect so many different domains.  I am combining the two and calling them Micro-Keystone Habits.   We will also discuss Chris Rock's habits for prepping for comedy tours as well as discussing one Anti-Keystone habit in my life. These are powerful life changing books that you all should be reading.  I provide links to both at:
January 06, 2021
My Experience Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Through Intermittent Fasting (Episode #19, 4 Jan. 2021)
With this episode, I am getting personal.  In  his book ""The Diabetes Code," Dr. Jason Fung made some significant claims regarding reversing Type 2 diabetes through intermittent fasting.  Did his prediction come through for me? On May 11, 2020, my doctor told me that my fasting blood sugar was at a Type 2 diabetes level and that my blood pressure readings were also very elevated.  I am sharing my numbers between May 11, 2020, before fasting, and five months later with numbers from my insurance physical.  We will be covering my fasting blood sugars, my A1C, my weight, and blood pressure.   I use the 16:8 method, meaning I have a eight hour window and drink only fluids for the other 16 hours.   
January 04, 2021
Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ethel Will Help You Get to a 16 Hour Fast (Episode #18, 10 Dec. 2020)
Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ethel all used to do 12 and 13 hour daily fasts, which is better than snacking throughout the day and night, but to get some of the true benefits of intermittent fasting, you need to get to 16 hours.   Some very important metabolic transformations happen in the 14, 15, and 16 hours of fasting.  In this episode, I cover how Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ethel will help you easily get to a 16 hour fast, even though they don't have the slightest clue what fasting is or how it works. It sounds hard, but you just need to visit Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ethel to show you how to do your first 16 hours fast.     
December 10, 2020
My First Thanksgiving Holiday Post-Intermittent Fasting: Did it Suck? (Episode #17, 1 Dec. 2020)
In this episode, I cover my first Thanksgiving since I started intermittent fasting. How did I do? Did I gain or lose weight? Did Thanksgiving suck from a food perspective? Holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions can be big concerns as people consider intermittent fasting. How will fasting affect special holidays and other special events? Will the joy be extinguished by rice cakes, kale shakes, and water? In this episode, I share my experience and cover some of the counter-intuitive aspects of fasting and feasts. It is brass tacks truth telling from my point of view.
December 02, 2020
Musonius Rufus - On the Virtues and Rewards of Voluntary Discomfort (Episode #16, 30 Nov. 2020)
Musonius Rufus is one of the Big Four rock star Stoic philosophers along with Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca.  Yet, he is probably the least known of these four Stoics.   Musonius definitely deserves a place among the Big Four and his wisdom is just as profound as the other three more well known Stoics.  Musonius deserves his day in the sun!! In this episode, I explore Rufus' views on the benefits of voluntary discomfort and why this practical wisdom remains so important today.  
December 01, 2020
Away - One of the Best Netflix Series I Have Seen (Episode #15, 24 Nov. 2020) Nov 23 • 10:30
Away is far and away one of the best series I have seen on Netflix.  Staring Hilary Swank, it's a science fiction series about the first crewed expedition to Mars in the near future.  In this episode, I describe why it is so awesome and how it inspired our entire family.  We were completely blown away by the acting, the science, the drama, the visuals, the music, the plot, the ending, and so much more.  You simply must watch this series.  Don't be swayed by cancellation!  If enough people watch, who knows what will happen.  Maybe, it will be picked up or renewed!
November 25, 2020
On Using Stoicism to Cheerfully Clean the Bathroom (Episode #14, 23 Nov. 2020)
In this second episode on Stoicism, Rockne explores the art of Stoic joy via the philosophers Epictetus, Musonius Rufus, and Marcus Aurelius.    He will cover voluntary discomfort, the trichotomy of control, and living a life of service to others.   
November 24, 2020
Exuberant Stoicism: Applying the Trichotomy of Control to Time (Episode #13, 10 Nov. 2020)
In this Episode, Rockne discusses the insights of the Roman philosopher Epictetus and his lessons on the trichotomy of control over our most valuable asset: time.  This is the key to finding exuberance and improving your life.   The philosophy of Epictetus will make you say, "Whoa, that's really awesome!"
November 10, 2020
Intermittent Fasting: It is Free!! (Episode #12, Nov. 5, 2020)
In this Episode, Rockne discusses how amazing it is that intermittent fasting is completely free, especially considering the huge health benefits.  It does not require classes and actually saves time.  If you really want to spend money, he discusses the paid app that he uses.  
November 05, 2020
Intermittent Fasting and Hunger: It Is Not as Hard as You Think (Episode #11, 27 Oct. 2020)
In Episode 11, Rockne describes his experience with hunger and intermittent fasting.  It's not nearly as hard as you think.   It's not will power or how much you eat.  It's all in the timing.   Lose the weight and get healthy!  Talk to your doc and get started!!
October 27, 2020
U.S. Grant - An Exploration of my Man Crush (Episode #10, 21 Oct 2020)
In Episode #10, Rockne explores in depth his man crush on Ulysses S. Grant through the lens of his leadership qualities.  
October 21, 2020
Intermittent Fasting: My Experience and Results (Episode #9, 2 Oct 2020)
Episode #9 is about the power of intermittent fasting. This is a special installment in a series of Life Hack insights from Rockne Cole. (2 Oct 2020)
October 03, 2020
The Power of Habits (Episode #8, 8 Aug 2020)
Rockne explores the surprisingly powerful role that habits play on our daily lives through the lens of two best sellers Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Atomic Habits by James Clear. He will also discuss the habits that Luther College choir director Weston to build a nationally known choral program.  Finally he will feature song by singer songwriter Cory Grimm. (Episode #8, 8 Aug 2020)
August 08, 2020
Adventures in Duluth and Gooseberry Falls (Episode #7, 14 Jul 2020)
Join Rockne and Nora on their trip to Duluth and to Gooseberry Falls along the North Shore of Lake Superior. This Cast will inspire you to take a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the Midwest! (Episode #7, 14 Jul 2020)
July 14, 2020
Nelson Mandela: Peacemaker (Episode #6, 25 Jun 2020)
This podcast will explore Nelson Mandela's use of truth, reconciliation and forgiveness to transform one of the most tragic nations into one of the most dynamic multi-cultural nations in the world.   This cast includes clips from Mandela and one from Robert F Kennedy Jr.
June 25, 2020
"To Tame The Savageness of Man" - Robert F. Kennedy (Episode #5, 19 May 2020)
In this episode, Rockne discusses the moving speech delivered by Robert F Kennedy Jr. to a crowd moments after learning of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
May 19, 2020
The Struggle and Promise of Iowa’s Small and Mid-Sized Cities (Episode #4, 21 Apr 2020)
In this episode, Rockne is joined by Greg Johnson for a discussion about how small towns in Iowa can survive, and thrive. (Episode #4, 21 Apr 2020)
April 21, 2020
Moby Dick (Episode #3, 18 Apr 2020)
In this episode, Rockne discusses Moby Dick by Herman Melville, sharing how it has been one of the great texts that have impacted his life. (Episode #3, 18 Apr 2020)
April 18, 2020
How can Democrats win over rural voters? (Episode #2, 14 Apr 2020)
In this episode, Rockne discusses some of what’s missing from the  Democrat message and what needs to be done to regain rural voters. (Episode #2, 14 Apr 2020)
April 14, 2020
What’s Next for Progressives After Bernie? (Episode #1, 10 Apr 2020)
In Episode #1, Rockne is joined by Greg Johnson in a discussion about the future of progressive politics. (Episode #1, 10 Apr 2020)
April 10, 2020