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Communicating Love

Communicating Love

By Rod Limb
Marriage and Mental Health
3 main focus areas:
1. Mental health such as managing stress in its many forms, anxiety, depression and other struggles
2. Freedom from pornography and other sexual frustrations
3. Marriage helps and communication in relationships
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Sleep Better - Good Habits for a Healthy You
Good sleep every night can reduce stress and improve your marriage.  In this episode licensed clinician Rodney Limb talks about the importance of getting enough sleep. He goes over common sleep problems and give suggestions how how to get better rest every night.  He even tackles talking about naps--and for some they can be productive if done correctly.  Listen as Rod gives suggestions for a better night's rest. For more information about Rodney or to schedule an appointment, visit
January 25, 2021
Stonewalling in a Relationship, And How to Break Through
Stonewalling: when someone completely withdraws from a conflict discussion and they no longer respond to their partner. They're really shut down. They're not listening to you anymore and they're just shutting you out. In this episode, licensed clinician Rodney Limb talks a bit more in depth about stonewalling and why it can happen. Rod explains that stonewalling usually happens when one (or both) people are feeling overwhelmed. Now you might ask yourself, well, how can they be so overwhelmed when we haven't even started talking or sharing what I want to share? Listen as Rod gives you some practical advice of breaking through and stopping things before they get worse. To schedule an appointment with Rod either in person in Idaho or online, visit the website   To read more about the Four Horseman of Marriage Destruction, read Rodney's blog article on "Why do Marriages Get Into Trouble?"
January 18, 2021
Marriage Tips: Using Quotes and Jokes
In this podcast with licensed clinician Rodney Limb, Rod shares some of his favorite marriage quotes and jokes.  We can learn a lot from others and often find truth in simple sayings and quotes. Many successful marriage tips can be found in the quotes Rod shares, the stories and the practical examples. One of the quotes he shares is, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." Join Rod as he gives practical advice for marriages of all ages. For more information about Rod or if you are in need of marriage counseling (either in Idaho or online) and would like to schedule an appointment, visit the website
January 11, 2021
Affirmations, Self-Hypnosis and Stress Relief
Are you constantly having negative thoughts and emotions running through your head? Listen as licensed therapist Rodney Limb talks about how positive affirmations and repetition can help clear those negative emotions out of your mind and heart. Learn how to transition your thought process from negative to positive and release subconscious emotions and negative thoughts about yourself. As you learn to do this, you will relieve stress and be healthier and happier in general. Improve your life today by following these simple steps! For more information about Rod, visit his website at
December 14, 2020
Dealing with Crisis Incidents and Trauma
Even sometimes seemingly small incidents can incur trauma in our lives and affect us physically. In this episode, clinician Rodney Limb gives some practical suggestions on ways to recover from trauma. He introduces the ACT method: Acknowledge and name the trauma, Communicate with competence and compassion, and Transition to a future focus.  Listen as Rod also talks about ways you can help yourself or another person feel safe again. If you are suffering from severe trauma and need professional help, visit to schedule an appointment with Rodney.
December 07, 2020
7 Principles for Making Your Relationship Stronger
In this episode, clinician Rodney Limb reviews and expounds on the "7 Principles to Make Your Relationship Stronger" that were first introduced by the Gottmans.  These principles include enhancing your love map, nurturing fondness and admiration, turning toward each other, letting your partner influence you, solving your solvable problems, overcoming gridlock and creating shared meaning.  Listen as Rodney talks about each one and how it applies to couples and happy marriages. For more information about Rodney Limb, M.Ed, CPC, CCHT,  and all the therapeutic services offered as well as couples counseling, visit 
November 30, 2020
Mini-Podcast: How do you want to be remembered?
In this mini-podcast, licensed clinician Rodney Limb reflects on life and how you want to be remembered. He asks you to think about your relationships with others and how you spend your time. Rod reminds listeners that your relationship builds in three areas when you grow together, work together, and share feelings together.  Listen as Rod helps you reflect on the things that are most important. To schedule an appointment with Rodney, visit his website at
November 23, 2020
Flexibility: To be Rigid or Flexible?
There's a saying that says, "Flexibility is a sign of good mental health."  There's another saying that says, "He or she who is not flexible will be bent out of shape." In this short podcast episode, licensed clinician Rodney Limb explores times when being flexible can be a good thing, and other times when being rigid (especially when it comes to your integrity and values) is good. He introduces a tool you can use to help change and be more flexible when the situation calls for it. Good mental health sometimes calls for flexibility: being ready and able to change and adapt. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Rodney, visit his website at
November 16, 2020
When is it time to divorce?
As couples come in for marriage counseling, clinician Rodney Limb is often asked the question, "When is it time to divorce?" In this discussion with fellow clinician Lisa Kerr, Rod talks about things to consider before divorcing. He asks couples about their commitment level, their "marriage IQ",  and their definition of marriage. He talks about a marriages that include God and how to make those tough decisions. If your marriage is struggling or you are thinking about divorce, schedule an appointment with Rodney Limb at Communicating Love to talk out your concerns, fears, struggles, and ways to improve or move forward.
November 09, 2020
W.I.S.E. Advice - How to Give Advice to Your Kids They Will Listen To
Has your child or someone you know ever asked you for advice, and then when you give it, they don't want to hear it or they just ignore you? In this episode, clinician Rodney Limb talks about the art of giving advice, especially to our children. You may be surprised to hear that the best way to give advice to a teenager is to just listen and let them do the talking! Rod talks about W.I.S.E. advice: Willing, Informed, Success, and Empathy. Listen as he is joined with fellow clinician Lisa Kerr as they teach valuable skills in listening, and then advice giving. For more information or to schedule a counseling appointment with Rod, visit his website at
November 02, 2020
Why Learning Parenting Skills Will Help Your Marriage - Even If You Don't Have Kids!
In this episode, clinician Rodney Limb is joined by therapist intern Natalie Millett and clinician Lisa Kerr. To begin, Rod asks couples to think about this question, "Why did you get married?"  Often marriage is not exactly what we expect as couples bring different backgrounds into a marriage. One question that was asked was, "What do you do when you and your spouse are not at the same maturity level?" This begins a discussion about Rod's advice--learn parenting skills together, even if you don't have kids! Rod also talks about the acronym S.A.F.E.T.Y. P.R.I.C.E. including things stating your expectations, forgiveness, solutions, teaching, planning, rehearing, and more. Listen as the three of them give great advice and examples for all couples.   For more information or to schedule a counseling appointment with Rod, visit his website at
October 26, 2020
6 Questions to Help You Overcome an Addiction and Reach Your Goals
Why are you fighting? And why don't you just give up? This is one of 6 main questions you can ask yourself each day to help in reaching a goal or overcoming an addition. In this episode, therapist Rodney Limb talks about some of the main questions you can ask yourself to help retrain the brain when working to overcome an addiction. He talks about recognizing your successes and what helped you make progress, breaking down your goals into small measurable actions, learning drills and practicing, recognizing the times you did not succeed and what things kept you from taking action, and finally, planning ahead to succeed. What are some possible future triggers or situations you may be in that you can plan for?  If you need counseling to help overcome an addiction, schedule an appointment with Rodney. Contact him at
October 19, 2020
The Truth Shall Make You Free...Its the Lies that Bind Us
In this insightful podcast, clinician Rodney Limb talks about truth and lies. He teaches that as the New Testament scripture teaches, truth will set you free, but its the lies that will bind us. Often, those are lies that we tell ourselves or lies that we believed as a child. Once we discover the lies that we believe about ourselves and learn the truth, we can begin to heal.  Rod also teaches a few acronyms--BLAST and TRUTH and how understanding those concepts can help us.  Finally, Rod teaches about anger--prevention and management.  Lots of great information in this podcast to help in your everyday life and relationships!  For more information or to schedule a counseling appointment with Rod, visit his website at
October 12, 2020
Did I Marry the Right Person?
Sometimes after the "honeymoon phase" of marriage is over and things get a little tough, we wonder, "Did I marry the right person? Was it really the right choice to get married?" Join clinician Rodney Limb as he talks about how real happiness is possible if we make some adjustments and deal with reality. He gives us a formula for success and the four main ingredients to a happy marriage.
October 06, 2020
Marriage Inventory
Have you done a "Marriage Inventory" lately? Listen to licensed therapist Rodney Limb as he talks about 16 different questions you can ask yourself about your marriage and help you inventory where you are.  Questions like "Am I genuinely fond of my partner?" "Can I easily speak of the good times in our marriage?" and "Do I genuinely feel a sense of WE instead of I?"   To schedule a marriage inventory visit with Rodney, go to the website at or email me at
August 20, 2020
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
In this episode, licensed Rodney Limb talks about the importance of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. These goals can help a person overcome an addiction by having him spend his time and energy on the goal instead of other things.  However, just setting random goals will not work--they need to be SMART goals. Listen as Rod explains how to fill your life with good habits to overcome bad habits and help you be more efficient and effective in obtaining whatever goals you set for yourself!
July 28, 2020
Building Relationships: Basic Elements of Change
When working to build any relationship, especially in a marriage, people can find it difficult to change. However, there are some basic elements of change that everyone can understand and implement. We can get rid of old habits and rekindle our marriage with just a little help and insight. Listen as Rodney Limb, licensed therapist, goes over some basic things to help your marriage and help you (or someone else) make changes.  To schedule an appointment to visit with Rodney or his staff at Communicating Love, please visit the website at
July 21, 2020
Simple Stress Relief Techniques
In today's world, there are lots of things we can be feeling stress about. Listen as Rodney Limb, licensed therapist, outlines some very simple stress relief techniques anyone can do.  And you may even be surprised at some of his suggestions as they will bring you back to your childhood. Finding relief from stress doesn't have to be hard or complicated, we learned many of these techniques as children--its just a matter of being reminded what they are.  For more information about Rodney or to schedule a counseling session, visit  
July 14, 2020
The Divorce Bug - And how NOT to get it!
In this episode licensed clinician Rodney Limb talks about ways to get the bugs out of your marriage and how to avoid "the divorce bug". He gives solid examples of little ways that couples can strengthen their marriage every day. Things like scheduling uninterrupted discussions weekly, avoiding accusations, allowing expression of thoughts and feelings, having code words to cue the other person in various situations, and creating safety in your relationship. Listen to some simple yet great ways to strengthen your marriage--for newlyweds and longtime married couples.  If you are in need to more intense couples counseling, visit our website at to learn more and schedule an appointment.
July 09, 2020
Understanding Pornography Addiction: "...And the Truth Shall Set You Free."
In this episode licensed clinician Rodney Limb discusses internet challenges including pornography and overcoming addictions. What do you do when you find out your spouse has a problem? What are ways you can bring healing? Rodney also emphasizes that healing and treatment is needed for both spouses--the person struggling with an addiction as well as the spouse.  He answer questions from the group about pornography in a marriage and how it effects it, questions about accountability partners, and questions about intimacy. Listen to gain more understanding. If you or your marriage are struggling with pornography challenges, please visit our website to schedule an appointment. We can help.
July 01, 2020
Recognizing Cognitive Distortions as Part of Depression
In this podcast, Rodney talks about cognitive distortions, such as personalization, and how they contribute to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. He also goes through ways to combat cognitive distortions for stronger mental health.
May 28, 2020
Cognitive Distortions and Rationalizing Self-Destructive Behaviors
In this podcast Rodney Limb discusses how those suffering from addictions use Cognitive Distortions to rationalize their decision-making process. Rodney draws on his experiences working with prisoners and as a therapist to help those struggling with addiction to explain a little more about how the brain works. He also wants to teach individuals to see patterns of behavior that enable addicts to continue down a path of destruction and how to overcome those behaviors.
May 22, 2020
Special Episode--Marriage Advice from a Special Couple - Married 54 Years!
In this special episode, I interview a very special couple and talk about their advice for others and how to have a successful marriage. This wonderful couple has been married for 54 years (and counting). They know what it takes to have a successful marriage, how to communicate, what works (and what doesn't work!). They have been through lots of ups and downs, faced the loss of a child together, faced hardships and successes, and still work at it every day. Listen as they share wisdom from years of experience! Lots of great advice we can all learn from!
May 11, 2020
Tools to help with Anxiety - for you or a loved one
Do you struggle with anxiety? Or know someone close to you that does? You are not alone in those struggles. i want to help! This podcast outlines some tools you can use the help ground yourself and relieve stress and anxiety in your life. Anxiety is pretty common today, but there are some things you can do to help minimize it. I once worked with a client who struggled for over 20 years, she had horrible nightmares and didn't get a good night's sleep in that time. Once she was able to apply some of the tools, her anxiety decreased, the nightmares went away, and her sleep vastly improved--helping her in every aspect of her life.  Listen and I go over many options you can try.  For more information visit my website at
May 08, 2020
Communication in Relationships: 10 Listening Skills
Listening--one of the best things you can do to better a relationship. But sometimes, it can also be one of the hardest things to master. In this episode, clinician Rodney Limb talks about 10 specific listening skills we can all put into practice today.  Some of these include acknowledging, restating, reflecting, interpreting, summarizing, asking probing questions, giving feedback, supporting, checking perceptions, and giving the other person time to think. Listen in for some great skills to help in your marriage relationship, parenting, job coaching or anytime you need to be actively listening.  For more information, to join a live webinar or for additional downloads, check out our website at 
April 29, 2020