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Rodes Live

Rodes Live

By Rodes Hunt
This podcast is about Urban culture, Hip-Hop, Independent Music and Entrepreneurs.
#hiphop #rap #indie #entrepenure
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S:1:E10 When It's Over

Rodes Live

S:1:E10 When It's Over

Rodes Live

S3:E3 Jewels, Gems and Treasures
     This Episode of Rodes Live Podcast I sit down with James Lampkin aka Conversations with Lamp from the Conversations with Lamp Podcast. We talk about James Lamkin the skilled Podcast interviewer and the origins of "The Conversations with Lamp Podcast" as well. We discuss Jewels*Gems and Treasures of the Podcast game as well as everyday life. We also talk about James Lampkin the man. We touch on everyday life chop it up and kick it as well. We discuss Football, Basketball and relationships just a bit. He opens up about living and being in Baltimore. James Lampkin is also the first guest of Season 3 to play Smash, Pass or Dash. Pape G is the What's Poppin artist of the day. You don't want to miss this episode. #blackpodcasts #podcast #blackpodcasters #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #blackpodcast #spotify #blackpodcastnetwork #podcasting #podcasters #podcaster #podsincolor #blacklivesmatter #applepodcasts #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #hiphop #podcastshow #newpodcast #podcastingwhileblack #podernfamily #blackpodcastsmatter #applepodcast #blackmen #spotifypodcast #podcastmovement #soundcloud #bhfyp Get merchandise here at Subscribe to the website at Listen to Podcast wherever you listen Don't forget to support the Podcast.
January 21, 2022
S3:E2 Fuck You Pay Me
     Here's a little something different were doing on Rodes Live Podcast. I decided to go on a rant about the way I feel about some things. Some things are opinionated from my perspective, but I have a low tolerance for BS. Especially, in situations when people try to get over and push their ideologies on you in most cases. Time is valuable so this episode is called "Fuck You Pay Me" that's it, that's all people. Make sure you support the podcast by making a donation or buying some merch at We would also like to thank our sponsor for this episode Walla Tax services #blackpodcasts #podcast #blackpodcasters #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #blackpodcast #spotify #blackpodcastnetwork #podcasting #podcasters #podcaster #podsincolor #blacklivesmatter #applepodcasts #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #hiphop #podcastshow #newpodcast #podcastingwhileblack #podernfamily #blackpodcastsmatter #applepodcast #blackmen #spotifypodcast #podcastmovement #soundcloud #bhfyp
January 15, 2022
S3:E1 A Bullet
     Season 3 of Rodes Live Podcast is called "A Bullet". The title reference is a mild stone to Rodes 1 year Anniversary as a Podcaster. There won't be a detailed year in review for 2021. I'm going to touch on my year as a Podcaster as well as my success with it as well as my music. There are new segments implemented on the Season 3 kick off of the show. We have music from Iconic rapper Nas from his new album Magic. Are show wouldn't be where it is without our sponsors. Salute to the new sponsors of Rodes Live. Log on and subscribe to the website an keep supporting the show. #podcastlife #blackpodcastnetwork #wocpodcast #podcastsofinstagram #anchorpodcast #blackpodcaster #blackgirlpodcast #podsincolor #dopeblackpods #blackpodcasters and Merch).
January 14, 2022
Battle Cast (Bonus).
     This Episode is the last episode of Rodes Live Podcast for the year. it's a bonus called Battle Cast. The Battle Cast episode will include a debate between MoreoJ from anchor/atthesoundofmyvoice Podcast and myself Rodes from the Rodes Live Podcast moderated by "Big Smash" from BETTHEHOUSE Podcast. The rules are 3 rounds listeners pick the topic and the listeners' vote. The Battle cast is designed to have a meeting of the minds among Podcasters as well as advocate for Podcast unity as well. I hope you enjoy this Bonus Episode of Rodes Live Podcast. Announcements for future Battle Cast match ups will be announced in the episode after the actual debate on this episode. There's a lot of Love and unity in the Podcast community. The debates are fun but intense. I would like everyone to go listen to  MoreoJ's show also Big Smash on all streaming platforms. I would like everyone to continue to listen to Rodes Live Podcast as well or or I hope you enjoy the debate. Tap in with feedback. Thank You!!!! #blackpodcast #podcast #blackpodcasters #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #spotify #blackpodcasts #podcasts #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podsincolor #podcaster #blackpodcastnetwork #applepodcast #podcastingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic #applepodcasts #podcasters #soundcloud #blackpodcaster #youtube #blackexcellence #newpodcast #podcastshow #spotifypodcast #blacklove #itunes #podcastmovement #love #bhfyp
December 31, 2021
Bad Santa (Bonus)
     This week Episode of the Rodes Live Podcast is a Christmas Bonus. Bad Santa is talking to the listeners and playing Christmas music a really fun time. Some of your Christmas favorite music will be played and Santa's assistant will be chopping it up a little bit. We have music from Le Monte, Donny Hathaway, Johnny Gill, The Temptations and James Brown. The people at the North Pole are busy this time of Year so tap in and enjoy. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!! #blackpodcast #podcast #blackpodcasters #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #spotify #blackpodcasts #podcasts #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podsincolor #podcaster #blackpodcastnetwork #applepodcast #podcastingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic #applepodcasts #podcasters #soundcloud #blackpodcaster #youtube #blackexcellence #newpodcast #podcastshow #spotifypodcast #blacklove #itunes #podcastmovement #love #bhfyp Make sure you support our merchandise at Like share and subscribe to Get the new album Rodes by Rodes on all formats at Make sure you listen on all streaming platforms here  
December 24, 2021
S2:E25 The Manager
This week on Rodes Live Podcast we talk to the who's who in Chicago when it comes to management Lady T. We chop it up about her journey in the music industry. Also we discuss the ups and downs of management as well as the intricate tools needed to quarterback the career of a successful artist. Lady T plays smash, pass and dash on Rodes Live as well. You don't wanna miss this episode and don't forget to subscribe to and support the Podcast.
December 10, 2021
S2:E24 Reddspot Chicago
     I sit down and chop it up with the cast of Reddspot Chicago. Reddspot Chicago is an unscripted reality show out of Chicago. Brandy is the CEO and Executive of the show. Reddspot Chicago is a reality show showing and bringing unity to Chicago. Get in tune with all of the cast members of Reddspot Chicago on this episode of Rodes Live Podcast. The show includes cast members Mr. Devour, Nelly Nails, Renee Ready, Tia Songbird, Larry Gordy, Black Heaven, King Young in, BD Outkast, Black Heaven, Pink Erica, Larry Gordy, Robine Lei, Walla, Big Redd. Each season will consist of 10 episodes and 2 reunion episodes. Reddspot Chicago will be available on Roku, Amazon and other media outlets. Get to see Chicago in a whole different light. The cast of Reddspot Chicago definitely has a lot to offer the world and its potential audience. #podcastlife #blackpodcastnetwork #wocpodcast #podcastsofinstagram #anchorpodcast #blackpodcaster #blackgirlpodcast #podsincolor #dopeblackpods #blackpodcasters #ReddspottChicago and Subscribe).
December 03, 2021
Rod Pods (Bonus).
     This is a Bonus episode of Rodes Live Podcast. A listener of the show wanted to know what Podcast I listen to. This episode is a synopsis of the Podcast that I listen to during the week. However, there are too many to name. Follow all the podcast on all streaming platforms. #Kenfluence #ladieslairpodcast #thebarbieway #grownmanlogic #goingtobadwithgarcelle #wvuncommonplace #yankeeinthesouth #pointgod #frocast #thecooloutcorner #toomuchgamepodcast #betthehouse #wolfpussymonologues #relationshiprehab #unitedgunsofamerica (merch). Make sure you subscribe to
November 26, 2021
S2:23 Humble Pie
    This week on Rodes Live we attempt to get it right with serving up a little bit of "Humble Pie". We have music from Jonnie Taylor and Bobby Womack. There are many Men and young fathers that are in situations out of there control. Sometimes in relationships things look and appear to be one sided whether it's from a family member, sibling or an outsider. Perception of an actual situation must be looked at from every angle if you truly don't know or have the facts in front of you. The courts, judicial system and society automatically looks at a man that walks from a bad situation with shame or as the guilty party. I've recruited audio from "OG New New" and "Fuck Child Support" to be the actual voices for men going through a thing because they're actually policing the situation from inside out. The commentary is things that a lot of women need to hear because its coming from other women. The guest audio is all about accountability, mutualism, right and wrong from the female insight and truths. I've been a victim of some of the situations when it's not beneficial to allow your children to experience things in a negative light between parents. I would like you to share this episode and subscribe to #blackpodcast #podcast #blackpodcasters #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #spotify #blackpodcasts #podcasts #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podsincolor #podcaster #blackpodcastnetwork #applepodcast #podcastingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic #applepodcasts #podcasters #soundcloud #blackpodcaster #youtube #blackexcellence #newpodcast #podcastshow #spotifypodcast #blacklove #itunes #podcastmovement #love #bhfyp   (Everything)  (Subscribe to the website).  (Merch and Music)
November 24, 2021
S2:E22 KKK
     Another episode of Rodes Live Podcast. Today we address the KKK. If you're a listener of this Podcast things are never what they appear to be so you have to tap in. I have music from Ice Cube to set the mood and take some accountability. This episode isn't about race so you definitely have to tap in or you're going to miss the message. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list on Also make sure you support the Podcast as well.  Merch: or wherever podcast are available. Also make sure you get the Rodes album at also available on all streaming platforms. #blackpodcast #podcast #blackpodcasters #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #spotify #blackpodcasts #podcasts #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podsincolor #podcaster #blackpodcastnetwork #applepodcast #podcastingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic #applepodcasts #podcasters #soundcloud #blackpodcaster #youtube #blackexcellence #newpodcast #podcastshow #spotifypodcast #blacklove #itunes #podcastmovement #love #bhfyp
November 19, 2021
S2:E21 Pussy
     This week on Rodes Live Podcast we talk about Pussy. Rodes discusses all types of Pussy to be frank. I don't wanna let the "Cat" out the bag but we will have a deep in-depth analysis of Rodes Love for pussy to the point that he's pussy whipped!!! We have music from Res, Jason Weaver and Latoya London. You don't wanna miss this episode!!! #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #hiphop #podcasters #applepodcasts #itunes #podcastshow #interview #entrepreneur #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #covid #applepodcast #motivation #s #soundcloud #art #radioshow #entertainment #bhfyp Merch available at Get the new album by Rodes at Make sure you subscribe to the website at
November 12, 2021
What's Poppin (Bonus)
     This weeks episode of Rodes Live Podcast is a bonus. Rodes talks about what he has for the rest of Season2. Also, Rodes give explains the changes he'll be making to the podcast and what's planned for the future of the show. Listeners make sure you subscribe to the mailing list on as well. Rodes details when season 3 will be resuming Solo Heights, Just Mic Da Poet and Pape G are the what's popping artist of the day. I hope that everyone enjoys this bonus episode. #blackpodcast #podcast #blackpodcasters #dopeblackpods #podcastlife #spotify #blackpodcasts #podcasts #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podsincolor #podcaster #blackpodcastnetwork #applepodcast #podcastingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic #applepodcasts #podcasters #soundcloud #blackpodcaster #youtube #blackexcellence #newpodcast #podcastshow #spotifypodcast #blacklove #itunes #podcastmovement #love #bhfyp Don't forget to support the merch store
November 06, 2021
S2:E20 Snapchat
     I sit down and have a conversation with the youth today on Rodes Live. I talk to Mooka a teen from Georgia by way of Chicago. We discuss her preference between Georgia and Illinois. As a High School student we discuss some of the obstacles that teens are faced with in society. I speak with her about social communication from back in the day as opposed to now. Regular things that plague you in society such as sex, depression, peer pressure, cyberbullying and social media. We discuss her future plans dreams and asperations. We have music from "Ben Malick" and "Pape G" you don't wanna miss it!!!!! (Merch) #podcasters #podcast #podcasting #podcastlife #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcastshow #spotify #podcastinglife #podcastlove #applepodcasts #podcastaddict #newpodcast #podcastmovement #applepodcast #podcasthost #itunes #youtube #podcastnetwork #spotifypodcast #radio #comedy #podernfamily #hiphop #podcastsofinstagram #entrepreneur #music #love #bhfyp
October 29, 2021
S2:E19 Power
     This week on Rodes Live Podcast we sit down with my esteemed colleague Magz from the West Coast. Magz is the host of the "Wolf Pussy Monologues" Podcast which one of the fastest rising podcast on any streaming platform. Follow Magz at subscribe to her You Tube channel and follow her on all social media and streaming platforms. This episode of Rodes Live Podcast is titled "Power" !!!! I sit down with Magz and we chop it up about how she got into the podcast game. We discuss how she came up with the name. We discuss power, the powers that be and why "African Americans" never challenge power. You don't wanna miss this episode. #podcasters #podcast #podcasting #podcastlife #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcastshow #spotify #applepodcasts #podcastinglife #podcastlove #newpodcast #applepodcast #podcastaddict #podcasthost #podcastmovement #spotifypodcast #itunes #youtube #podcastnetwork #radio #comedy #podcastsofinstagram #hiphop #music #podernfamily #entrepreneur #love #bhfyp
October 22, 2021
S2:E18 Sheep Society
     We address the following and piggy backing that's going in society. Eric B and Rakim are the "What's Poppin" artist of the day!!! I have Brian Redmond from "The Relationship Rehab" Naperia from SOS Podcast and Chane. We discuss people not asking questions and the influence of social media in society, common sense and taking the jab. We discuss taking the Vaccine, fashion and the morals and values of old. Please like and share this Podcast. You don't wanna miss this Episode. (Merch) #podcasters #podcast #podcasting #podcastlife #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcastshow #spotify #podcastinglife #podcastlove #applepodcasts #podcastaddict #newpodcast #podcastmovement #applepodcast #podcasthost #itunes #youtube #podcastnetwork #spotifypodcast #radio #comedy #podernfamily #hiphop #podcastsofinstagram #entrepreneur #music #love #bhfyp  
October 15, 2021
S2:E17 Hey Ra Ra(Bonus)
          Lately I've been bringing you a lot of guest but I'm solo on this one. The name of this weeks Episode is called "Hey Ra Ra" just to bring the listeners some insight on the relationship with me and my Dad. I talk about how I got my nickname "Ra Ra" I tell the listeners how I got interested in Basketball, Football and Girls. I talk about chores, my dog, childhood experiences as well as "Puppy Love". Really this Episode is about the importance of having a Dad. I'm the "What's Poppin" artist of the day since the Episode is about me. I will be doing three more Episodes to round out the 4 part series of "Hey Ra Ra" tap in!!! #podcasters #podcast #podcasting #podcastlife #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcastshow #spotify #applepodcasts #podcastinglife #podcastlove #newpodcast #applepodcast #podcastaddict #podcasthost #podcastmovement #spotifypodcast #itunes #youtube #podcastnetwork #radio #comedy #podcastsofinstagram #hiphop #music #podernfamily #entrepreneur #love #bhfyp Don't forget to get a subscription to listener support right on  Wherever you listen to Podcast Get merchandise here to support my self-titled album Rodes!!!!! Please give feedback on this Episode it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!!
October 08, 2021
S2:E16 Gentrification
     On this Episode of Rodes Live Podcast we talk about Gentrification in the city of Chicago. We talk about "Black Lives Matter" and possible fixes and solutions plaguing the Chicago area. We sit down and discuss Gentrification with "Solo From Da Heights" Also being signed to a label. We weight the pros & cons of being Independent versus being on a Major. We discuss show performances, marketing, and budgets. "Solo From The Heights" is our "What's Poppin" artist of the day. You don't wanna miss the show. You don't wanna miss this Episode.
October 01, 2021
S2:E15 Easy Does It
     Today's Episode is entitled Easy Does It!!! We sit down with B Easy O'Hare and discuss Baggage Claim!!! Baggage Claim is the latest release by  B Easy O'Hare. We discuss the making of the album, musical influences, also his list of top 5 emcees. B  Easy O'Hare is the "What's Poppin" Artist of the day as well.  You don't wanna miss this episode. Go get Baggage Claim available on all streaming platforms!!!!
September 24, 2021
S2:E14 Who You Wit?
     This episode of Rodes Live Podcast is titled Who You Wit? This episode I declare my loyalty as a Die Hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. There's a lot or flip flopping and band wagon jumping. I just want people to pick a side and stick with it. I'm rocking with the Steelers. This episode has music from Bank Flow Family and Easy Ohare and Sinatris. All music is available on all streaming platforms.
September 17, 2021
S2:E13 Unrealistic Expectations
     This week on "Rodes Live Podcast" I sit down with Francine Williams from my Fran Ann and Multi-talented recording artist Krane. We discuss the 'Unrealistic Expectations" of women looking for the man of their dreams. For Example 6 figure income, 6ft 2 tall dark and handsome as well as a great provider. We talk about finding this man and the challenges that may come with keeping him. Also we discuss the man of your dreams being closer than you think but overlooking him or passing him up for superficial reasons. We gone get into it!!!! Support the merchandise store at  If you would like to make a donation to the show donate or Cash App RodesT20 wherever you listen to podcast.
September 10, 2021
S2:E12 Chocolate Dove
     This is a special Labor Day drop on the Rodes Live Podcast. We sit down with songstress Chanel Ellis and discuss the making of her single Chocolate Dove. We also discuss what else she has on the horizon as well. Her Manager Danny Jones sits down as well and discusses the specifics about being a Manager and guiding the careers of artist. We also discuss the artist on his roster as well. We address gun violence in the black community cause and effects compared to the suburbs of white America. I also announce Tour dates in the Midwest in Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Chicago and Indiana. Also the Rodes Live Mixtape will be an exclusive release on SoundCloud for promotional purpose to help support Independent artist. You don't wanna miss this episode!!!!
September 04, 2021
S2:E11 Point Gods
     This week on Rodes Live Podcast I will discuss my favorite top 10 Point Gods. I Love players at the guard position and I will discuss my favorites. Shout  out to Baron Davis and the "Point God" Podcast make sure you go check it out. This episode is for anyone that's a fan of Basketball. T Law is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day with Victorious featuring Unique Soul. The song is available on all streaming platforms. I hope you enjoy this episode.
September 03, 2021
     This week on Rodes Live Podcast we chop it up with "Crystal Lajeune" we talk about how she got started on her music journey. We discuss her musical influences and break down the term "Green Member". Also we talk to her about being a entrepreneur and how she started her business. Crystal Lajeune is also the Rodes Live Podcast "What's Poppin" artist of the day. This episode is jam packed you don't wanna miss it. Follow Crystal Lajeune on all social media platforms. Thank You!!!!
August 27, 2021
S2:E9 Nursing 101
     I would like to say that I'm sorry that I been away with Covid. God is good all the time and I'm back. This week on Rodes Live Podcast we sit down with Nursing professional Ms. Johnson. We talk about nursing and the career path to one of the most slept on trades. We have music from Chane C as well as Rodes, Nature and Skinnie Littles. This episode is jam packed with gems and good music you don't wanna miss it.
August 20, 2021
This weeks Episode is about the Pros & Cons of traveling. I will be interviewing random people of all ages. I hope everyone enjoys its laid back.
July 31, 2021
S2:E8 Listen
      This week on Rodes Live we talk about becoming a better listener. Listening in regards to business, personal and everyday life were encouraging everyone to listen more. This weeks sponsor is Truth or Lie TV. You can catch the Podcast on or wherever you listen to Podcast at The new self-titled album Rodes is available on all streaming platforms. Also make sure you go check out the new video for Rodes - Nevamind on youtube and like comment and subscribe. We will be playing Rodes - Nevamind produced by Bootleg Da Producer.
July 23, 2021
S2:E7 Polo
     Very interesting episode this week. The episode is entitled Polo( Players Only Live Once). We have music from my crew Focus or Fold(Knowshun, Karizmatik, Chane, Junebug Abeyta and Flow $). Rodes will go into detail about being a playa and actually being played during his lifetime. Rodes will also go in detail and lay down "Rules of a Gentleman" an give examples. Rodes will give his final thoughts that will be beneficial to women and men on the dating scene. This episode will end with the song "Beige Fluid" by Rodes which is a cinematic first date through audio in the form of a song.
July 16, 2021
S2:E6 Lemons
     This weeks episode is entitled Lemons. I discuss 4 real life situations regarding bitter women. Three of the situations result in the untimely death as a result of their greed. To what's extent? Who kill the person that gave them life? What for? Why? Rodes is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Relationships are a 100/100 percent effort. Stay tuned to find out how drugs, sex, and a since of entitlement can head you down a bitter path. If you get lemons make lemonade. All social media links are on my website as well as merch Listen here wherever you listen to podcast. 
July 09, 2021
S2:E5 To What Extent?
     This Episode of the Rodes Live Podcast is entitled "To What Extent". I sit down to with the host of S.O.S Podcast Naperia. We discuss siblings and exes respecting boundaries after relationships are over. We also celebrate the release of Bill Cosby. Also, we discuss Bill Cosby's many accomplishments and what he's done for American culture. We address Phylicia Rashad sticking buy her friend and the backlash as well. We dive in deeper and discuss "Whiteman's Justice Blackman's Grief". You don't wanna miss it. Make sure you cop the self-titled project Rodes on
July 02, 2021
S2:E4 Goat Talk
     This episode I sit down with Mic Da Poet. We chop it up about one of the most debated topics of all time. Who's the Goat Lebron James or Michael Jordan. This week we discuss our takes and views respectfully. We discuss Who? Where? When? Why? and How. We discuss musical influences of Mic Da Poet he's the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Enjoy this episode and the visual is available on as well.
June 25, 2021
S2:E3 21 Questions
     This week on Rodes Live Podcast we play 21 Questions with Bank Flow Family. We chop it up about everyday life pre and post marriage. We jump into the making of "Music Reborn" their recording process, the Genesis of the collective and what they have on the horizon as well. Francine Williams is our sponsor for this Episode and make sure you acquire and patronize all the services that she has to offer. You don't wanna miss this episode. I hope that you're ready to play 21 Questions everybody.
June 18, 2021
S2:E2 The Executive
     Today I have the chance to chop it up with Jaded Ice aka Charity Grover representing Trap House. Charity wears many hats so that's why this episode is called "The Executive". We also have music from one of Charities artist Rill. New music and a dope interview makes for a action packed episode. We will jump into  what it is that Ms. Grover actually does. This episode we have someone that's deep into hip-hop, urban culture and also is a "entrepenure" as well. 
June 11, 2021
S2:E1(22) Pressure
          Rodes Live Podcast is back!!!! We kick off Season 2 Episode 1 with new music from Sinatris & B Easy. We also have a live interview from Crux & Magnificent. Crux & Magnificent discuss the origin of their group. Crux talks about the making and what's happening with his classic album Pressure 2.0. Magnificent updates the listeners with what he has going on, as well as what's planned for the group in the near future. I appreciate everyone for rocking with the show. Season 2 will be filled with gems. My self-titled album Rodes is available on all streaming platforms Thank You!!!!!
June 04, 2021
S1:E21 Done
     Episode 21 is the Finale of Season 1 of the Rodes Live Podcast. Rodes has the most downloaded songs and some of his favorites as the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Bank Flow Family, GTK Records, Crux, Young K Money as well as songstress Meechi Meechi. Rodes also acknowledges everyone that came through the show that he interviewed. Rodes talks about the Black Podcast Conglomerate and gives a preview of what you can expect from the show for season two. I would like to thank all of the guest from Season 1( Desmond, B. Cole, Deebo Mack, Erika Gilchrist, D Ice, T Law, Skagnetti, Lenora and Chef Ashley). I would like to thank every artist that contributed music as well. The podcast is available on as well. My album is available on all streaming platforms. You can get hard copies as well as merchandise at Please continue to support the Podcast and lets make season to great!!!!
May 14, 2021
S1:E20 Family Matters
     Episode 20 of Rodes Live Podcast me and my guest Chane discuss what it's like being the oldest sibling. We reflect and talk about things from our childhood as well as speak about our siblings. Also, we discuss the black family as well break ups, parenting, being a single parent, problems and solutions. Chane and I also discuss our top bad guys from movies, series and cartoons. "It's Jazz" is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. We will also be playing "Bar" featuring Knowshun* Karizmatik and Chane.
May 07, 2021
S1:E19 Thank You
This Episode of Rodes Live I thank the listeners of "Rodes Live" and all the fans that have been following my music. I update the listeners on the first week streams of my self titled album "Rodes". I also thank the people who downloaded and purchased the album. Go cop physical copies(VYNIL, CDS, FLASHDRIVES and Clothing) that's available in the merch store on so Thank You!!!! We also pay respect to the late great legends who passed away Shock G and Black Rob. You don't wanna miss this episode. Once again everyone Thank You!!!
April 30, 2021
S1:E18 One Stop Shop
The episode is titled "One Stop Shop" because it's about ownership. My self titled album Rodes  drops today and it's available on all streaming platforms via the links(Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify an YouTube) on Today on "Rodes Live" we will play Rodes in its entirety. Also, I have Physical Merchandise(VYNIL, CDS, and  Flash Drives) in the store section as well as clothing(Champion Windbreakers, T-Shirts, Huntside Bucket Hats and T-Shirts). The album can be downloaded directly from as wells: Everything is also available here Please make sure you tell a friend you don't wanna miss this episode. "THE NEW ALBUM RODES IN STORES NOW"!!!!!
April 23, 2021
S1:E17 Darkman
This weeks Episode of Rodes Live we pay homage and respect remembering DMX. DMX is the ICON artist of the day. Rodes talks about the first time he heard DMX and salutes his accomplishments and addresses the struggles of the late Earl Simmons. DMX left his mark in HIP-HOP RIP Earl Simmons.
April 16, 2021
S1:E16 Sponsor Appreciation
     Today on Rodes Live we salute all the sponsors that support the show weekly and make it possible to bring you great episodes. Rodes will we talking about his upcoming self titled project Rodes. He will be giving a detailed analysis of the producers and who he worked with on the album. Support the album by going to the merch store The album will be available on all streaming platforms. The album will include production from Ben Malik, Skagnetti, Dacypha Beats, Chips and Genius Boy. The album features Blacc Suhn, Kadiz, Knowshun, BC, Cormega and Fashawn. You don't wanna miss this one.  
April 09, 2021
S1:E15 The Chef
     This installment of Rodes Live Podcast is titled "The Chef." Rodes sits down with Chef Ashely and discusses her path to becoming  a Chef. Also Chef Ashley walks through the process and what to expect for aspiring Chef's as well. We discuss being a Chef as a alternate career path for young adults that might not want to attend a four year University. We dig into the hardships and sacrifice that comes with being a Chef. We have music from Deebo Mac. Ms. Melody Monroe is the Rodes Live Podcast "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Uncle Gooz closes out this episode with the "Best Answer." Get your aprons on grab a beverage and lets get into it.
April 02, 2021
S1:E14 Bars and Harmony Takeover
         This weeks episode of Rodes Live is entitled Bars and Harmony takeover. Lenora from Law Speaks Podcast is the special guest host of Rodes Live. We have a T Law interview and he talks about his debut album "Bars and Harmony" and what we can expect from the project. T Law breaks down everything from the name, producers and features on the project. T Law is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day as well. Lenora's holding down the fort. Get ready for a dynamite show!!!
March 26, 2021
S1:E13 Dating An Alpha Male
     This weeks Episode is dating an Alpha male. The is the follow up to Episode 12 she doesn't respect you. Rodes give the ladies proper insight on what the fellas are and aren't looking for in women. Changa one half of C&R comes through with a positive blazing joint "Prosperity" produced by the 7th Son its available on all streaming platforms. Dottie Staxx is the Rodes live "What's Poppin" artist of the day with her blazing single "Bird Box". Connect with Dottie Staxx the Queen of Rhythm & Trap on her new website  I play a leak from the C&R Ep "We Don't Care" be on the look out for that it's coming soon. 
March 19, 2021
S1:E12 She Doesn't Respect You
     This episode digs into the traits and characteristics of a disrespectful woman. Rodes breaks down all the signs in detail. We have music from Mizz Ya-Yo. TKG comes through with a hot record featuring AK from Do-or-Die. The Suspects are the "What's Poppin" artist of the day!!!! If you're looking for beauty needs look no further If you're a Small Business in need of administrative services, individuals needing a resume, Veterans needing assistance with disability claim forms; and anyone needing a mobile notary- give My Admin Fran a call at 773-349-2779 or Check out the website for more information.
March 12, 2021
S1:E11 Music Reborn
     This episode of "Rodes Live" we have the collective known as Bank Flow Family(T Law, Karizmatik and Unique Soul) they are the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. The Collective of Bank Flow Family come through with three new releases "Until It's Over" "What Have We Done" and "Black Excellence"  to get things started. Also, we sit down with the man behind the boards "Skagnetti" the peoples champ. We chop it up about his technique and process about getting the best out of the artist. Also we have a detailed conversation about Hip-Hop on a Global scale. We discuss what its like to be in a session with certain types of artist(Nas, Kodak Black and King Von). You don't wanna miss this episode yawl. It's truly music reborn.
March 05, 2021
Christmas Edition
Rodes Talks about his Top 5 Non Traditional Christmas movies with a added twist.
March 03, 2021
S:1:E10 When It's Over
     This weeks episode of "Rodes Live" we flip the script. We discuss women being in the awkward position of paying child and/or spousal support. Usually this is common for Men. I will be going specifically into Mary J. Blige, Halle Berry and Marie the 188 million dollar Lottery winners situations regarding this matter. I will be playing music from Chicago "Wild Hunned" natives Mr. Creep featuring Mikkey Halsted. Two of Chicago's top lyricist Sinatris featuring B Easy O'Hare come through with a new joint. YSN Hazel" from Atlanta and Cutty Kev from Baltimore represent GTK Records they are the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. I met GTK Records in Philly they opened for me at The Nail. These guy have excellent stage presents and are managed by Doug Young(The Best). 
February 26, 2021
S1:E9 Hollywood
     This week on "Rodes Live" Rodes goes Hollywood. He talks about everything that you have to go through become a U.S Marine. Rodes is a Marine and he breaks down all three phases of the process from his actual experience. How many of you new that he was a Marine. Mike Da Poet is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Also check out the new business advertised. it's a online Black owned beauty supply store. Support!!!! Support!!!! Support!!!! I hope you enjoy this episode.
February 19, 2021
S1:E8 Love & Hate
     This week on "Rodes Live" were focusing on the positives to sustaining a healthy relationship.  Also, I will be focusing on the no dice deal breakers in relationships as well. I did extensive research and asked people their yay and nays for this one. Rodes is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. I play songs from Rodes "Focus or Fold" album, as well as, The Henny Hunt EP both albums are available on all streaming platforms.  I'm trying to make sure that Love Is..... this Valentines Day. All couples lets rekindle the flames!!!!! #Love #Lovers #Marriage #Couples #Podcast #Heartbreak #Compromise #usa #france #canada #germany #uk #russia #china #japan #egypt #africa #egypt
February 12, 2021
S1:E7 Hands Around the Hunneds
     This Episode of Rodes Live features music from Holla G Dotta and The Supects. Rodes sits down with community activist Antione D-ICE Dobbines. We discuss problems and solutions regarding the community and saving the youth. Ron Da Spitta is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Ron Da Spitta comes through with collaborations with Uncle Murder, THF Billa and G-Unit recording artist Kidd Kidd. 
February 05, 2021
S1:E6 The Unstoppable Woman
     The Unstoppable Woman Episode  of Rodes Live will feature music from TKG, Its Jazz and Mizz-Yayo. This weeks "What's Poppin" artist of the day is MeechixMeechi. Rodes will sit down with Award -Winning Speaker & Author Erika Gilchrist. Rodes and Erika talk about being success "Entrepenures". You can find out more information on about Erika Gilchrist.  
January 29, 2021
S1:E5 Who's the Mack?
    The fifth episode of Rodes Live Is entitled “Who‘s The Mack”. Rodes chops it up with Lansing, MI Finest DeeboMac as they talk industry evolution and politics. Rodes plays music from rap artist Hardbody(Alabama Birmingham) who's  hot new single and video are getting traction an views alike across all music mediums. Also, Cobra Immortal has a banger too C.I is from St. Louis with a strong international fanbase. DeeboMac is also the “what’s poppin“ artist of the day.
January 22, 2021
S1:E4 Welcome Back Comedy.
     This weeks Episode of "Rodes Live" is titled "What's Funny".  Rodes chops it up live with comedian B. Cole. Rodes and B. Cole discuss the neighborhood and his journey as a comedian and where it all started.  Veteran Emcee Hollis Roc is the "What's Poppin" Artist of the day. Tune in you don't wanna miss it.
January 15, 2021
S1:E3 Behind The Scenes
      Episode 3 is about the hard work that takes place behind the scenes. I chop it up with the man behind Hustle Chronicles clothing line Desmond Stephens. Desmond is a Entrepreneur who's fashion designs are geared towards urban culture.  Young KMoney is the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. This Episode also features music from Dog Mob recording artist Beadz and Greezo. Dog Mob is managed by Danny Jones. 
January 08, 2021
S1:E2 Introspective
Episode 2 breaks down a detailed synopsis of what you can expect from the Rodes Live Podcast. Also Rodes features music from C.A Brown's Kings Testimony and Crux Pressure 2.0 produced by Jesse Parks and mastered by Sound Master T. Rodes also conveys the message of how to stay in tune with the show for booking. Contact via the booking form or for email inquires.
January 02, 2021
This show is about urban culture Hip-Hop 🎵 and entrepreneurs.
December 14, 2020