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Exploring Health Equity

Exploring Health Equity

By Diana Hla and David Hla
At the Rodham Institute, we work to alleviate health disparities in Washington, DC through a multipronged approach utilizing our position as a part of an academic medical center—George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This podcast series examines issues of health disparities from several perspectives, bringing in the voices of doctors, academic researchers, and patients themselves. Produced and voiced by Diana Hla, a senior at Johns Hopkins University, and David Hla, a senior at St. Albans School with resources from Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center.
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Episode 6: Housing & Gentrification
Gentrification has been a driving force behind economic development in DC, but it is also driving underrepresented population out of areas they have lived in for generations.  In this episode, we explore this highly contested issue in DC and the health effects this phenomenon can have on health in the DMV area.
September 17, 2019
Episode 5: Arts in Medicine
 Art and medicine initially do not seem to intersect significantly, but integrating the arts into medical education and treatments can improve health outcomes. By increasing the effectiveness of preventative wellness education and improving mental health, both major issues in health disparities, art can be incredibly helpful as we work towards health equity. 
May 21, 2019
Episode 4: Economic Instability
In this episode, we talk about the harm of economic instability on healthcare. DC’s income inequality—which tops any state—leads to health inequities between the rich and the poor. Lower levels of income stability can lead to stress-related illnesses as well as environmental health issues. Also, it creates barriers on the path to effective healthcare. 
December 22, 2018
Episode 3: Food Deserts and Obesity
In this episode, we discuss the issue of food deserts and obesity in Washington DC. Food deserts are areas with few grocery stores. They pose a danger to the health of the residents in the areas, as lack of access to healthy food can lead to obesity and other health problems. 
December 22, 2018
Episode 2: Youth Education
This episode examines the importance of health equity education in healthcare as well as diversity in the medical education pipeline.
December 22, 2018
Episode 1: About DC's Health Disparities and the Rodham Institute
In this episode, we detail some of the health disparities in DC, as well as how the Rodham Institute works to fulfill our commitment to health equity in DC.
December 21, 2018