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Anarchy in the H.E.

Anarchy in the H.E.

By Roger Kerry
This is a series of monthly podcasts all about Higher Education and learning.

I talk with the most forward-thinking and disruptive educational leaders on the planet.

Each episode is 40-minutes long, raw and unplugged.

We are punks shaping the future of higher education. Oh yeah.

Music: (C) Three Bad Eyes / Bill Kerry III
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EPISODE 10 THE ANATOMIST with Dr Mike Pascoe

Anarchy in the H.E.

Dr Nick Mount is Academic Director at the University of Nottingham Online. This is a strategic role which heads the University’s multi-million pound investment in online learning for all. By trade, Nick is a physical geographer and Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics. He has worked far and wide striving for sustainable peace through socio-physical-political systems. Nick is also an established folk musician, having played guitar for Northampton’s now dis-banded folk band The Cordwainers. Join us as Nick gives us his views and perspectives on curriculum design, digital learning, and a future of micro-credential learning. Nick Mount: University of Nottingham Linkedin ResearchGate Nick’s Punk (metal actually) Song of Choice – Iron Maiden, Aces High
June 06, 2022
EPISODE 10 THE ANATOMIST with Dr Mike Pascoe
Mike Pascoe PhD teaches anatomy at the University of Colorado, USA. This is his passion. Mike talks about his neurophysiology education and transition into Physical Therapy programs, and tells us about his innovative research and teaching practice with innovative ways of helping students learn.  The Website of Mike Pascoe - everything you need to know about Mike Barenaked Ladies - Baby Seat - Mike's punk song
April 20, 2022
Elena Rocca is a researcher specialising in issues at the interface between scientific evidence, practice, policy and philosophy. Elena has a multi-disciplinary background that includes Pharmacy (MSc), Molecular Medicine (PhD) and Philosophy/Ethics of Science (post-doctoral experience and collaborative research). She is particularly interested in responsible science-based decision-making and in the conceptual premises of sustainability in biotechnology, medicine and innovation. She has a specific focus on risk and safety of new biotechnologies, both from a practical, methodological and philosophical perspective. Elena is also interested in educating young practitioners and researchers to interdisciplinarity, starting from a critical understanding of their own and others’ basic assumptions. Join us now as Elena discusses her experiences developing interdisciplinary courses and the importance of critical thinking in higher education. Elena Rocca - WordPress Elena on Twitter Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)
March 02, 2022
There is more to education than teaching and learning! Says Tim Ingold, a British Anthropologist, and now Emeritus Professor and the University of Aberdeen.  In his book "Anthropology and/as Education",  Tim Ingold argues that both anthropology and education are ways of studying, and of leading life, with others.   Education, he contends, is not the transmission of authorised knowledge from one generation to the next but a way of attending to things, opening up paths of growth and discovery. What does this mean for the ways we think about study and the school, teaching and learning, and the freedoms they exemplify? And how does it bear on the practices of participation and observation, on ways of study in the field and in the school, on art and science, research and teaching, and the university? Enjoy this episode! Links: For the anthropologically-minded, have a listen to Tim's engaging YouTube lectures:  And here is 'Punk' Tim playing Beethoven on his gestural cello:
February 01, 2022
Episode 7 THE TIRED LECTURER with Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly is an English Lecturer currently researching the way we frame Higher Education as a consumer experience.  In Lisa's own words: "The idea of ensuring a level of quality in our provision comes from an aspirational and well-meaning place. However some of these aspects are not compatible with a fully engaged learning process and lead to problematic scenarios where intent and expectation do not meet." Lisa teaches in H.E. in a Further Education College setting and will also discuss the ups and downs of this. Enjoy:) LINKS: Web: Building Houses on Sand (page 98): SoMe: @thetiredlecturer @lisakellytweets  Sophie Green - artist: Lisa’s poetry:
November 01, 2021
Dr F Scott Feil is concerned about the rising costs of healthcare education. Listen to our conversation about his journey in higher education and his thoughts on a future of healthcare education. Dr. F Scott Feil is a physical therapist and educator focused on improving the lives of individuals in the geriatric space. He began his career in 2007 as a traveling physical therapist taking contracts in Texas, Hawaii and North Carolina. In 2008, Dr. Feil began the outpatient therapist portion of his career as a worker’s compensation physical therapist for seven years. He then spent three years in Waco, Texas working in home health and skilled nursing facilities. He subsequently completed his Doctor of Education (EdD) at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) in 2018. He began teaching at USAHS in September 2020. Dr. Feil’s teaching experience also includes one year as an adjunct professor for geriatrics and advanced movement analysis courses for Baylor University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Scott's punk song choice - Ramones: Teenage Lobotomy Insta - pteducator Twitter - @FScottFeil_DPT LinkedIn - F Scott Feil Scott's book - PT Educator's Student Debt Eliminator: Multiple Streams of Revenue for Healthcare Clinicians and Academicians PT Educator blogsite The Healthcare Education Transformation Project podcast
September 15, 2021
Episode 5 THE PUNK REGISTRAR with Dr Paul Greatrix
Dr Paul Greatrix is the Registrar at University of Nottingham and a bit of a punk. Well, he likes The Stranglers and The Fall, and has 14 years of blogging about hot H.E. matters at least.  Listen to our conversation about a wide range of H.E. matters including Paul's story of his time in the higher echelons of H.E. and his thoughts on regulation, league tables and essay mills. Paul's chosen punk song for you to listen to is Something Better Change from The Stranglers' 1977 (and best, in my opinion) album 'No More Heroes' Although I think this album was the best, for Paul's interest, here are some league tables of Stranglers albums which place it at various positions:  #10 Rate Your Music #3 Classic Rock History #2 Best Ever Albums Paul's blogging site Paul's Twitter As always, enjoy, and many thanks for listening:) Roger
July 30, 2021
Episode 4 UNGRADING: WHY RATING STUDENTS UNDERMINES LEARNING with Susan D Blum & Marcus Schultz-Bergin
Susan and Marcus talk through the ideas and arguments from their recently published book "Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)". This episode explores the idea that if we grade our students, which negatively affect their learning. 'Going gradeless' is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding task.  The book is an excellent and very accessible resource - a must read  for all anarchic educators!:  Marcus' choice of punk song in this episode is 'School Days' by female rockers The Runaways - listen to it here: Susan's punk choice is Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall', which shows the sausage machine metaphor of our conventional education system:  Susan D Blum is Professor of anthropology at Notre Dame University, Indiana. Her other books on higher education include 'My World! Plagiarism and College Culture' and 'I Love Learning; I Hate School' Marcus Schultz-Bergin teaches political philosophy at Cleveland State University and wrote the chapter 'Grade Anarchy in the Philosophy Classroom' in 'Ungrading' Please listen, enjoy, be motivated, be chaotic, and share!! 
July 02, 2021
Episode 3 MIND THE GAP with Dr Shubhra Hajela.
The "theory-practice" gap, or whatever you want to call it, has always been a central concern regarding the relationship between the activity of higher education and the real-world. Despite best efforts of 'knowledge transfer' initiatives etc, there are few signs that this gap is narrowing, in fact it is most likely widening. Dr Shubhra Hajela is a Psychologist with a PhD from the University of Allahabad, India with an interest in occupational health and wellbeing. She left higher education, however, in favour of a career in the corporate world. In Episode 3 of Anarchy in the H.E., Shubhra talks about her journey in and out of H.E., and what academia can learn form the cut-throat, fast-moving corporate world of industry. 
May 28, 2021
Episode 2 THE FUTURE OF KNOWLEDGE with Alex Broadbent
This month we talk with Alex Broadbent about the future of knowledge! Alex Broadbent PhD is founding Director of the Institute for the Future of Knowledge, Professor of Philosophy, and Associate Member of the African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science at the University of Johannesburg. His research is in the philosophy of epidemiology, medicine, and causation, and he is Editor in Chief of the journal Philosophy of Medicine. Outside university life, he engages in consultancy, advocacy and policy work related to public health and uses of science in legal contexts, and writes opinion pieces on topics such as the fourth industrial revolution and public health issues. He is an Associate Member of the Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society at Durham University and of Millennium Chambers, The Barrister Network, London. Alex is also director of The Institute for the Future of Knowledge (IFK) which is a cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Johannesburg, devoted to understanding the relationship between what we know and what will happen, for the purpose of improving both. The future is an ancient concern. Recent advances in computational abilities promise improved predictive performance, yet global events have proven to be resiliently unpredictable. The University of Johannesburg established the IFK to further its championing of a future-oriented focus for South Africa and the wider region. Join us as Alex discusses his thoughts on the future of knowledge, health, medicine, and higher education. American Idiot / Green Day: ​Institute for the Future of Knowledge: Alex on Twitter: Covid Philosophy Week, 10-13 May 2021 – Registration:
April 26, 2021
Episode 1 REBELLIOUS EDUCATION with Joost van Wijchen
Welcome to the very first episode of Anarchy in the H.E.! To get us well and truly started we have Joost van Wijchen from HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen the Netherlands. Joost is senior lecturer, educational designer, physiotherapist and health professional. Joost is famous for developing the rebellious Delta-Stream physiotherapy programme at HAN and here he talks all about his journey in Higher Education, and how he came about to develop this ground-breaking programme. And more! Here are Joost’s chosen PUNK SONGS: PROBLEMS by Ziggy Marley TAKE THE POWER BACK by Rage Against The Machine and some scenes from Joost’s hero CAPTAIN CHAOS from The Cannonball Run! Connect with Joost here: TWITTER LINKEDIN RESEARCH GATE
March 25, 2021
Introduction to ANARCHY IN THE H.E.
Hello and welcome to this brand new podcast series ANARCHY IN THE H.E. with me Roger Kerry. Have a quick listen to this short introduction telling you all about the podcast. ANARCHY IN THE H.E. is about disruptive and chaotic teaching and learning in Higher Education, in any subject, in any country. Each month I shall be talking with an educational leader about the future of H.E. on a journey which will help shape our understanding and development of a brave new world of education. Learners are at the centre of this story so listen out for some amazing interviews with H.E studies from across the globe.  Look out for news about our first podcast with amazing education designer, Joost van Wijchen from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands - COMING SOON!  We are punks shaping the future of higher education. Oh yeah. 
March 08, 2021