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By Roger
Welcome to eCom tips podcast I am Roger keyserling an e-Commerce and marketing specialist. I am also the small business owner of Keywebco eCom Tips is full of Blog Narrations IGTV shows recipes news Tips apps and more Keywebco has Dragon deals on items like toys shoes lawn and garden home decorations and much more come chat with Roger Keyserling on our Facebook Live show every morning at 8:30 a.m. Central Time search for online be sure to look for our visit win sidebar get discounts and freebies enjoyed today's podcast topic check for any available links included.
DIY Projects For Cats With Videos And tips All cat owners will agree that cats are low maintenance and easy to please. They learn to use the litter box quickly, there’s no need for long walks, trips to the park, and you never have to worry about how they’ll get along if you leave them for alone for a day. Your cat needs stimulation, so it’s off to the pet store for you to buy them yet another toy. Cue the same repeated cycle: your cat is excited about the new toy for a few days, then they grow incredibly bored. Are you ready to change things up a bit? Instead of constantly dropping money to keep your cat entertained, why not go the DIY cat toys route? It’s really not that tough, and your cat will love you for it. Whether you want to make homemade cat toys, beds, or more, you’ll need inspiration. Check out these tips and video DIY Tips Make a window perch. All you need is an old tray, pillow, shelf brackets, and some screws. Even though the kitty will never tell you, he/she will love you for it. You’ll know because this is where you’ll always find your kitty basking in the warm sunshine and spying on the birds. Bring the outdoors to your indoor cats with plants. Plant some oat, rye, barley, catnip, and wheatgrass in a window planter. Follow directions on the plant seeds as some require complete darkness to sprout. When it’s ready, set the planter next to a window. Your feline will love nibbling on the greens. Plus, it’s good for them. Mount a wicker basket to the wall. Find the perfect spot by considering a place and height where your cat likes to sleep. Get a short wicker basket and fasten securely to the wall using at least 4 heavy duty wall mounting screw/nails and wall supports. For larger baskets and larger cats, you’ll need additional screws. Add a comfy cushion for the comfiest chill-out lounge your cat has ever seen. This is such a brilliant idea plus, cheap, easy, and cats love it. Convert a storage box into a cat litter box. Do you think those covered cat litter boxes are expensive? Here’s a money-saving alternative. Get a 25-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck storage box. Using a marker, draw an opening on one end. Carefully cut out the opening with a utility knife. Fill the box with cat litter. Place a piece of carpet near the opening to catch the excess litter. I recommend a cat tree You know what a cat tree looks like: it’s a sprawling, often wooden structure covered in rope and carpeting. Your cat may even already have one. If not, why not take the “tree” in cat tree literally with this DIY project? It’s recommended you choose juniper tree branches for their looks and durability. You can either buy the tree branches at a craft store or cut them down yourself (but make sure you have permission to do so first!). After some staining and finessing, voila! Your cat will love it. Self-Petting Station What is a self-petting station, you ask? It’s a contraption with a giant pipe-cleaner-like toilet brush affixed to a wooden block that’s carpeted. Instead of rubbing against your legs or feet while you try to get important stuff done around the house, your cat can entertain themselves with this petting station. The toilet brush is meant to mimic the sensation of a thorough petting. Your cat feels loved, you get your to-do list done; it’s a win-win! This station can also double as a toy in a pinch. Treat Dispenser Puzzle Your cat is a good girl or boy, so of course, they deserve treats from time to time. Still, unsealing the bag and dropping the treats on the floor (or hand-feeding your cat if that’s more your thing) is lacking a little something. Make treat time game time with a DIY treat dispenser puzzle. You can use an old plastic food storage container for this project. By cutting variously-sized holes out of the top of the lid and filling the container with a bunch of little toys, your cat will use their creative thinking to get their treats freed from the puzzle. Cat Wand
May 25, 2019
Roger Keyserling daily live show on Facebook has several shows on YouTube and Facebook check us out
May 25, 2019
Strikingly Websites Narration Introduced in 2012, Strikingly is a website builder that gives users the power to create a professional-looking website with little-to-no experience in web development. For this reason, and many more that you’ll discover in the rest of our review — Strikingly is a go-to for independent practitioners, freelancers, and small business owners. Strikingly specializes in one-page websites, but you can add additional pages to your site, up to twenty in fact. There are however many advantages to having a one-page website, namely being easily digestible. You also have all of your most important information on a single page, which will likely work to your advantage, as the homepage is weighed heaviest by SEO giants like Google. Templates Strikingly’s templates are designed for one-page websites — and with only 25 templates to choose from, Strikingly’s a library of designs is certainly on the smaller side compared to competitors Wix and Weebly. For what it lacks in variety and range of design, Strikingly’s templates more than make-up for in modern design, functionality, and ease-of-use. The template library is split into six categories, making it easier to find a design for your website: Business Startup Personal Portfolio Store Blog You will find the largest selection of templates in the business category, although the list of options does feel limited and owners of niche businesses may struggle to find the right template for their vertical. Having said this, all templates – the layout, design, and colors – are fully customizable and can even be switched during the editing process without losing valuable content already on your site. And while there is no blank canvas template, pro account holders may access and edit their website’s header and footer code to make further customizations. Strikingly Pro, Header & Footer Display. Here, you can make customizations to your Header & Footer. Strikingly also allows you to connect your LinkedIn account to Strikingly’s platform and the editor will use your LinkedIn details to create a personalized and professional-looking site. The platform then lets you design and customize the site and connect your own domain name (if you should choose to upgrade to a Pro account). Get Strikingly Although the majority of Strikingly’s templates are designed for one-page websites, it is possible to add a blog, eCommerce functionalities (free of charge) and additional pages to your site (available with a Pro account). The Editor Once you’ve selected a template, you are taken to Strikingly’s editor. From there, you can access and edit the layout, background, add titles, buttons and more. Within the editor, you can also add links to valuable resources, products, ads as well as additional pages. Once you choose a template you can “take a tour.” This is not only helpful but offers an in-depth explanation of the toolbar and insightful hacks on editing your site. Its sidebar editor has three main sections – “Styles” “Settings” and “Sections.” Styles In the Styles section, you can change the color scheme of your navigation menu and site background and are given several options for colors, title fonts, heading fonts and text fonts depending on the template you use. You can upload your business’s logo and Strikingly will automatically select your site’s color scheme based on that of your logo. From within the Styles section, you can add personalized animations that will change the way your page scrolls, the way your background looks and add effects when users hover over images. If you want to change your website’s template, you can go to the template library and select your new design from the Styles section. Settings The majority of your sites valuable features and elements can be edited from the Settings section, including: Basic Info: Access to editing “Basic Info” like your site’s name, categ
May 25, 2019
Carrot Cake Narration
May 25, 2019
Mac and Cheese 🧀
May 25, 2019
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Roger Keyserling of in the car doing Facebook live videos which we have done for many years. transmitted now to podcast and YouTube look for Keywebco’s channel on YouTube
May 22, 2019