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Rogue Operative Podcast

Rogue Operative Podcast

By Dr. Tyler Adams
Ready to get ‘juiced’ on the freshest voice in America today?!!
Listen to Doc Rogue tell it like it is! With his trusty partner Eon Cooper (a self-professed anarchist), the duo will keep you engaged in their ‘no holds barred’ analyses in the ROGUE "no-bullshit zone."
The ROGUE PODCAST is dedicated to making an impact on global narratives and general social contract. 99% UNITE!!!
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Rogue 2
Rogue 2 is an episode dedicated to understanding expat lives through the lens of an interview with lifetime international explorer JOHN COUPER of Latvia.  John Couper is a PHD holder from the University of Missourri and has spent his life in some of the most interesting places in the world.  As well, he discusses polyamory and open living arrangements.
September 20, 2021
Rogue 1
This is the debut podcast (only 20 minutes) which introduces the audience to the host and his academic background.   Emerging from the academy, Doc Rogue (Ty Adams) talks about his press, his books, and his experience in the higher education system in Louisiana.   There is a small focus on his Trump-supporting politics, a critique of CNN, and a discussion of the national debt in the USA being 30 Trillion dollars and climbing.  Possible solutions include a flat tax of 10% and the full dissolution of the IRS.   Introduction to website, as well.
September 13, 2021
Rogue 0
This audio entry is an introduction to ROGUE UNIVERSITY of Medellin, Colombia by the President of ROGUE UNIVERSITY, Dr. Tyler Adams, know by his students as "Doc Rogue."   He explains that at ROGUE UNIVERSITY we value life experiences as classroom credits as a proud institution of higher learning.   Our studies include interpersonal relations, narco- science, and rogue studies in conflict management -- but to get a Bachelors, students must come for a week in Medellin to our lovely bachelor's campus.   Come visit us!  Come learn with us!  Everything you've ever dreamed of can be made real here in Latin America with the supervision and security of Doc Rogue's insider connections and network.
September 13, 2021