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The Child-Friendly Podcast

The Child-Friendly Podcast

By Rolain Peterson
A place to encourage parents, and help people who work with kids, that is children's church volunteers, teachers and anyone else who works with kids in any capacity.
We love kids and want to make a contribution that will make an impact in their lives!
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Why Are You Serving In Children's Ministry?
In my 15+ years of serving in Children's ministry I can count only a handful of kids that have come up and  thanked me for teaching them. What about you?  Serving in Children's ministry has to be more than trying to get recognition.  Our kids need love and people who believe in them.  They need people who know that God has put them there and who wants to use them to impact their lives. As you serve in Children's ministry know that God has put you there and He is using you.  Children are being touched by you even if no one has come up and told you.  In this season, it's time to step it up and give even more than we have given before the pandemic.  Will you be that person?  If you enjoyed this episode consider giving it a 5-star rating and make sure to share it with people you know  who work with children.  What did you get from the episode?  I would love to hear what you thought and the things you took away from it.  And you can connect with me on my Facebook Page.  Thank you for listening to this episode.  See you soon.  Rolain  
September 14, 2021
Hello World!
Welcome to the Child-Friendly Podcast.  A place to encourage parents, inspire and provide tips to people who work  with kids, that is children's ministry volunteers, teachers and people who work with kids in any other capacity.  There is much to look forward to and as I end the show I answer a few questions from  children.  I asked them to ask me anything and the questions I received were great and I had fun answering them.  I hope you do too.  So welcome!  Like and subscribe to the podcast and share the episode with your friends or people you know who have children.  If you like to connect with me, my email is, or connect with me on my blog or Facebook.  Blog Facebook Thank you for listening. Rolain
April 10, 2021