Time to Talk - The Art of Communication with Roland Millward

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By Roland Millward
Let's talk about the art of communication. Public speaking, writing and all methods to communicate with each other. Sharing with you my experience and that of others to help all of us to speak, write and present better. I will also cover advice and tips on using video and live broadcasts, all wonderful methods of communicating and conversing.

I look forward to hearing from my listeners and hearing your experiences.
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30 Episodes
What's coming up?
May 21, 201801:52
It's Not What you Know ......
May 1, 201801:47
It's easy to mix these up!
Apr 25, 201802:17
Why are people using the word 'like'?
Apr 23, 201802:24
It's Have not Of
Apr 18, 201801:38
Titanic the Musical
Apr 17, 201807:34
Share Your Passion
Mar 29, 201801:16
It's springtime!
Mar 26, 201800:30
The midweek results
Mar 21, 201803:37
Will you leave Facebook?
Mar 20, 201800:46
The Wiltshire Business Club
Mar 19, 201801:27
It's a real 6 pointer!
Mar 19, 201801:16
I won't tell you what to do
Mar 18, 201801:11
Do you take the time to talk?
Mar 17, 201802:29
Anchor Transcript
Mar 16, 201800:43
Warminster Town v Corsham Town
Mar 15, 201802:18
Buying at Auction
Mar 14, 201800:59
Anchor Applause
Mar 14, 201801:18
The Sun is Always Shining
Mar 13, 201801:53
The Dark Art of SEO
Jul 12, 201700:55
Local Football - Increasing Support
Mar 12, 201804:41
My latest news!
Mar 11, 201801:57
Warminster Town 1 Bishops Lydeard 2
Mar 10, 201801:53
Make Twitter Manageable
Oct 8, 201702:21
A lesson learned
Aug 2, 201701:40
Guest Blogging
Jul 17, 201702:13
Blogging is not Just About You!
Jul 10, 201701:08
Write down your ideas!
Jul 3, 201701:45
What can I write about?
Jul 1, 201702:28
Let's talk about blogging!
Jun 30, 201701:32
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