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Roll For Enterprise

Roll For Enterprise

By Dominic Wellington, Lilac Schoenbeck, Mike Ianiro, Zack Zilakakis
Four tech thinkers and doers who came up through the trenches of enterprise IT talk about the news that's relevant in this world.

Catch us on Twitter: @dwellington, @lilacshoenbeck, @MikeIaniro, and @ZZilakakis

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Building A Legacy

Roll For Enterprise

Building A Legacy

Roll For Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 19: Misusing Excel with Priya Doty
Our guest on the podcast this week is Priya Doty. Priya is the Global VP Product Marketing for IBM’s iconic IBM Z brand and it’s all-Linux sister brand, LinuxONE. Unlike a lot of marketers, Priya has also been a developer, which means she enjoys deconstructing marketing messages by reading technical manuals. Based in Brooklyn, she is a mom, wife, and author of an upcoming fiction novel.  Aside from majoring on the topic of Confidential Computing (and Cloud Security in general), Priya is all about the IBM Z platform, Product Marketing (Top 100 Influencer in PMM 2-Years Running!), and outside of work, writing. Confidential computing is a cloud computing technology that isolates sensitive data in a protected CPU enclave during processing. The contents of the enclave - the data being processed, and the techniques used to process it - are accessible only to authorized programming code, and invisible and unknowable to anything or anyone else, including the cloud provider. Gartner has called confidential computing a top trend for 2021, naming it and Fully Homomorphic Encryption as part of a trend for “Privacy Enhanced Computation”. Why IBM believes confidential computing is the future of cloud security Fully Homomorphic Encryption The Instagram ads Facebook won't show you The Changing Value Of Mistakes  Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Our theme music is by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
May 9, 2021
S2E18: Basecamp: Politics and Culture at work
With the recent controversy surrounding Basecamp and David Hansson ( Dominic, Lilac and Mike spent some time discussion their thoughts on the topic. Not an easy topic with a lot of different opinion and many consequences to be considered. Background:  Yes, a bunch of people took that severance package Reference to Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Theme music by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
May 2, 2021
Season 2 Episode 17: The Importance Of Core Skills (they’re not soft skills!)
The guest on this episode is Rachel Chalmers of Alchemist Accelerator. Rachel joined Alchemist from Autodesk, where she was Director, Transformation Growth Boards and Product Excellence. Prior to Autodesk, Rachel was a VC with Ignition Partners and Merian Ventures, leading investments in Docker, (acquired by Facebook), Unikernel (acquired by Docker) and She began her career as employee number 10 with 451 Research (acquired by Standard & Poor), where she was the first analyst to cover VMware, Cloudera and Splunk. Find Rachel on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Alchemist Accelerator is at Among many other things, our conversation touched on: “Survival strategies that have outlived their usefulness” “The humanities teach us what to do when STEM fails” The importance of core skills (they’re not soft skills!) And some truly excellent SF reading recommendations for those who listen all the way to the end Links mentioned by Dominic: Heart of Blandness: A Walking Tour of Silicon Valley  manwhohasitall on Twitter Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Theme music by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
April 25, 2021
S2E16: Microsoft targets healthcare (again), Rocket Software expands reach, and Dell spins out VMware, plus the new must attend conferences, and Nvidia sets aggressive strategy in motion
The entire team was back together this week and there was a lot to discuss. There have been a slew of acquisitions in technology lately including Rocket Software acquisition of ASG, Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance and then Dell decided to finally spinoff VMWare. IBM also renamed its services spinout Kyndryl. Nvidia’s ARM announcement, among what felt as 100 others from Nvidia, was also discussed as Nvidia seems to be getting better and better with every announcement and product they release. Finally the team is dreaming of conferences, but gone are the days of Cisco Live and VMWorld being the go to conference as Re:Invent and Ignite have taken the reigns as the go to conferences moving forward. Rocket Software acquires ASG Technologies 70-90% of acquisitions fail Kyndryl Dell spinning off VMware Nvidia ARM server CPU Microsoft buys Nuance, creators of Siri Note: Microsoft is aiming to take over the desktop for the doctors with long-term target set on the front-end workflows in healthcare. Microsoft HealthVault is officially shutting down in November (2019) Recommendations Dominic: Lego Space Shuttle Mike: Sunglasses Boulevard lenses Zack: KLEAR UVC Sterilizing Cap + 32oz Water Bottle (  Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Theme music by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
April 18, 2021
Season 2 Episode 15: Apple rumours, why creepy adtech doesn't work, and some Gmail tips
Zack, Mike, and Dominic discuss Tim Cook's interview in which he talks about AR, some news about the long-expected AirTags, and Dominic's delayed plans to spend more money on Apple's products. We also talked about the massive Facebook contact data leak — check if your details were included here. Dominic may have gone off on a bit of a rant about the ills of adtech and surveillance capitalism, but then again, he does have form here. Recommendations Dominic: when you register for some site, append the name to your Gmail address, like so: That way, when one site inevitably leaks your info, at least you'll know where it came from. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Theme music by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
April 10, 2021
S2E14: Fortinet making a home office play, AWS has a new leader, Intel proclaims it is back with a vengeance!?
Fortinet invest in Linksys to focus on securing home office network in a clear play to take advantage of the long term changes due to COVID. Meanwhile at AWS they announced that Tableau CEO, Adam Selipsky, an ex-AWS employee is replacing Andy Jassy. Could this be a sign that AWS is getting ready to spinout or is everyone too busy wondering why someone from the AWS ranks didn’t get the job? In silicon wars Intel announced a 20 billion dollar investment into new foundries in the US and proclaimed it is back with a vengeance. Surprising to us but definitely entertaining as usual! Fortinet invests $75 million in router maker Linksys with focus on securing home office networks IBM TV AD - Universal Business Adapter Amazon building a networking chip AWS New Leader AWS Picks Tableau’s Adam Selipsky As New CEO, Replacing Jassy AWS customers and partners confident in CEO transition — for now Amazon News tweets Intel Intel CEO Gelsinger commits to being a 'world-class foundry business', two new factories in Arizona Justin Long commercial Aftershow Recommendations Dominic: NewsBlur, a web-based RSS reader (with mobile apps for both iOS and Android) which can also read your newsletters — including mine! Mike: The Tim Ferris Show Episode 506: Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, How to Become Noncancelable, the Path to Personal Freedom and Wealth in a New World, the Changing Landscape of Warfare, and More Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Theme music by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
April 2, 2021
S2E13: Talking About Struggle With Grace Marshall
This week's guest is Grace Marshall. Author of the award-winning How to be Really Productive, Grace  is known for her ‘refreshingly human’ approach to productivity. Featured in The Guardian, Forbes and Huffpost, her work as a Productivity Ninja with global productivity training company Think Productive has helped thousands of people to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.  We mainly discussed her new book Struggle: the surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s sh*ttier moments: In a world that’s obsessed with fast hacks, quick wins, and Instagram-perfection, struggle has become a taboo. A sign that something’s gone horribly wrong. But what if we’ve got it all wrong about getting it wrong? What if struggle isn’t a battle to fight, a trap to avoid, or a sign of weakness? What if struggle is precisely where the magic happens – where we do our best, most important work? With everyday observations and practical encouragement, Grace’s new book Struggle, shines a surprising new light on the truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s shittier moments. You can find out more at Grace lives in Stafford in the middle of the UK with her husband and two kids, continually working on being a good-enough mum most of the time, with intermittent lapses into hopelessness and brilliance.  She can be found at, on Twitter @GraceMarshall, IG @gracemarshallninja and LinkedIn. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Our theme music is by Renato Podestà. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
March 28, 2021
S2E12: MS Ignite Zeroes In On Industrial IoT & Manufacturing, No Code/Low Code Is the Gateway to Coding, Apple Escapes the Chip Shortage, And Are Analysts Being Surpassed by Business Consultants
MS Ignite Industrial IoT was a trend at re:invent and continued at MS Ignite with the cloud reaching into the network edge and deep into manufacturing. Manufacturing is going through an evolution, and that's why the cloud is focused there. Companies are taking more of a nationalistic approach toward manufacturing. There's a real push for the first time in a long time for all countries, not only the US, to build more factories at home. This push will result in a revolution, so it's a market that will accelerate, so Amazon and MSFT see the opening and push for new technologies. Microsoft Power Fx The low-code programming language for everyone Based on Excel syntax! Convergence with "real" programming And wtf was going on with Cirque du Soleil? MSFT for the win again!! microsoft-ai-powerpoint-presenter-coach-available-desktop-mobile No Code/Low Code  One major analyst firm doesn't buy-in and only views "lower code." Insights from Mike: The way to get people into programming is to start with No Code/Low Code, and then people will want more and more and begin to code eventually. The avenue to come in is different, and I think that no code/low code is here to stay. Insights from Lilac: It (no code/low code) lowers the barrier to entry in what was seen as specialized and usually for a very specific club of people, often a boys club of people who had had CS degrees. Virtual events — Gartner charging $1000 plus for virtual events Insights from Dominic: MS Ignite was free as most virtual events were this past year. These events are valuable, but it typically isn't the part on the official agenda, it's the hallways track, coffee break, and networking and meeting people, and I have yet to see a visual format where all of that works. What does the future hold for analysts? Are analysts being surpassed by business consultants? Are analysts seeing a risk for the first time that wasn't there before? Will the analyst and their research maintain staying power? The business analysts with newsletters and opinions are taking the story telling may be taking away from traditional analysts. You go to the analyst for thought leadership, but you can get that from talking to CIOs, industry leaders, and platforms, including podcasts and Clubhouse. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
March 21, 2021
Season 2 Episode 11: From Product Management to Product Marketing and Back, with Jason Garbis
With special guest Jason Garbis from Appgate. Jason has worked in the software industry for over 30 years, in roles that include software engineer, technical consultant, marketing, product marketing, and product management. This makes him extremely old! Despite his advanced age, he manages to remain productive in his role as SVP of Products at Appgate, a security vendor. He is also co-chair of the SDP Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, and just published a book - “Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide”. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn Try different things: skill stacking  Music by Renato Podestà. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
March 12, 2021
S2E10: SLOs and SREs a conversation with Brian Singer from Nobl9
In this episode of Roll For Enterprise the team sits down with Brian Singer of Nobl9 to discuss SLOs and SREs. Brian Singer is a product-focused entrepreneur with a passion for enterprise software, cloud computing, and reliability engineering. He is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Nobl9, a Battery-backed company building a platform to optimize software reliability. His previous company, Orbitera, was acquired by Google where he adapted the SaaS product to follow Google’s best practices for production and reliability. Prior to Orbitera, Brian worked for BMC and Novell. Brian holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from MIT. He resides in the Boston area where he is perfecting his golf swing. Nobl9 is the first Service Level Objective (SLO) platform that transforms your existing reliability metrics (i.e. Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic etc.) into actionable indicators of application performance and user experience via a modern engineering workflow (think GitOps / Infra-as-Code) resulting in greater ROI from your reliability initiatives. Nobl9 news: Brian’s book recommendation: Implementing Service Level Objectives Site Reliability Engineering: Brian’s Community Reference: Beyond Seattle SRE SLO Conference mentioned by Brian: SLOconf Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
March 7, 2021
S2E9: IT Career Advice, How to Pace Yourself & Avoid Burnout
Spoon theory ‘Nano transitions’ are the secret to staying productive and avoiding burnout How to avoid being controlled by your digital tools Microsoft giving employees extra paid days off to ease pandemic stress Airbnb predicts 'significant' travel rebound  Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Calls For Workers To Return To The Office — yes, Dominic misspoke and said BlackRock, but it was actually Goldman Sachs Jason Fried Notes Face-to-face real-time should be the last resort, not the first resort. Many people can't work full time right now, and leadership must recognize that from a leadership perspective. Leadership needs to set the stage and realize that everyone can't put in a full day. We need to find balance right now. The communication style is different in the office. It's real-time, pulling into a meeting, or walking over to a. Cube, or shouting down the hall. We don't need to turn everything into a real-time conversation. Sitting on a zoom call sucks, it's draining. Zoom meetings, it sucks to sit on one. We have to stop doing that and write things up instead and give more people time to themselves. People need longer stretches of uninterrupted time. If 2-3 people need to get together, they'll start a zoom right up. There is value in a face-to-face social hour. 5x12, where 5 people once a month randomly get together every month to talk about something non-work-related for an hour. Recommendations/Rants Zack Home gym equipment Aftershow Stanley Tucci on Negroni  NYT Negroni recipe Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
February 28, 2021
S2E8: Rule 34 of Enterprise IT: There’s An Acronym Of It, No Exceptions
What would it mean for IT Ops to be an actually mature discipline, rather than one that is still maturing?  One indication would be that there would be no need to follow the developing trends as new ideas (slowly) percolate through to the mainstream. Top 8 DevOps Trends for 2021 Rise of serverless: Is serverless hitting the mainstream? 2021 DevOps Predictions  The blog post by Mike Gualtieri at Forrester that started the NoOps conversation: I Don’t Want DevOps. I Want NoOps. Dominic's reaction: Not NoOps, but SmartOps  Recommendations/Rants Mike: Zapier — automate all the things (but we're not sure how to pronounce it) Zack: Lemonade — new style insurance Dominic: a rant about CarPlay and Apple Car rumours that turned into a whole aftershow — skip it if you're not interested! Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
February 20, 2021
S2E7: IT Career Advice, Thoughts on Education and the Career Pivot
Recently there has been a lot of talk of getting into technology with a degree and the value of degrees compared to online training and certifications, etc.. Dominic, Zack, Mike and Lilac discuss the IT Career Roller Coster. They go through everything from career progression, generalist versus specialist and then dive into education. The differences in education in different countries, specifically US versus other countries. They also touch on the value of a degree and specifically an MBA. Is the value of an MBA the degree or the connections and social connection it creates? Listen to find out their thoughts. Recommendations/Rants Dominic Daylight Mike Best Espresso Beans in the US! Lilac Kitty letter. Zack - All things Apple ( Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
February 14, 2021
S2E6: Cloud Wars and The future Amazon
Now that the big three have reported earnings, let’s compare Cloud growth. AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP - The quarterly review Note: In the late 2000s, the top 5 public cloud companies' market capitalization was approximately 14Bil. Today those top 5 public companies have a market cap of over 600Bil, a 40x increase in the value in the past decade. What’s bigger news Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy getting the job, or a new leader for AWS to be announced with Andy Jassy moving on? AWS is the logical evolution of Amazon, assembling undifferentiated units (books, VMs) to build higher-value service offerings; happy to iterate fast and fail in public if necessary as long as they learn something from it Amazon promotes Jassy after Microsoft promoted Nadella; cloud becoming more strategic Recommendations/Rants Dominic iOS 14.5 Apple Watch unlocks iPhone Mike Anker Bluetooth Speaker: Lilac Online ticket to ride Zack Turn your Apple watch into a full biometric reading device Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
February 7, 2021
S2E5: Integration to the rescue! No-code / Low-code vs Kubernetes vs SaaS
Oracle launches APEX low-code offering: “SaaS has created an environment where departmental purchasing encourages people to try subscription-based point solutions when they need an edge or face a sudden shift in needs. This has led to an explosion of applications that SaaS purchasing will only accelerate. While this has sometimes encouraged the growth of silos, there is a real movement to connect products into platforms and ecosystems.” (451 clients only) Remote work Recommendations/Rants Dominic Hush Mike DropBox because it works Zack Home Office Inspiration Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
January 31, 2021
S2E4: Intel’s comedy of errors and cloud platforms compared
Intel Intel's new CEO says troubled chip project is recovering Intel has to be better than ‘lifestyle company’ Apple at making CPUs, says new CEO CES 2021 - Intel Mobileye Intel and Mobileye are developing a lidar system-on-chip. Slated for 2025 production, the hardware could slash costs of self-driving tech stacks. Mobileye controls ~80% of the market for advanced driver-assist vision systems used by automakers today. Cloud Platforms Compared Cockroach Labs 2021 Cloud Report: Recommendations/Rants Dominic Housework is a gear sport! Shark vacuum cleaner: Mike No recommendations this week — Instagram has failed Mike Zack Zero Ice Cooler (-4 to 68 degrees) Lilac Trello but with background pictures Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
January 24, 2021
Season 2 Episode 3: We Get A Klue
This week we are joined by Vincent Lo, VP of Product Marketing at Klue, a Competitive Enablement company. A 20 year veteran in tech with a wealth of experiences across product, engineering, sales, and marketing, Vincent is an engineer who loves to bring innovative products to market. He’s also a, literally, certified wine geek and spends his down time poking at ways to discover and uncover interesting wines from around the world. Klue, the highest-rated competitive intelligence platform on the market (as rated by real users on G2), helps companies collect and curate hard to find competitive intelligence, centralize the best of what the web knows about your competition with the best of what your employees know into a single repository.  Klue’s approach to competitive enablement is attracting leading enterprise customers like Cisco, Tableau, Dell EMC, Red Hat, Shopify and Drift. To name half a dozen. It’s the top platform for supporting enterprise teams to scale, enabling revenue teams with the real-time information to position and message to win competitive deals, and helping Product Marketers deliver trusted and actionable insights across the entire org. Hit Vincent up on LinkedIn or on Twitter if you want to talk shop or wine. Or hit up Klue’s website for resources and best practices on how to help your sales team kick the competition’s butt with actionable competitive intelligence.
January 17, 2021
Season 2 Episode 2: Security awareness driving patterns in SaaS M&A
JetBrains denies being involved in SolarWinds hack JetBrains denies reports that is being under investigation and somehow related to the SolarWinds breach. M&A Market Top fundraiser Thoma Bravo bets software’s red-hot run is far from over The problem of customer references for startups  Alphabet Union  We Built Google. This Is Not the Company We Want to Work For.  Here’s what we know about the Google union so far Recommendations/Rants Dominic Knog Blinder front light Knog Blinder rear light Knog low-profile bell Mike Gyroscopic Training Ball Zack Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2021 Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
January 10, 2021
S2E1: 2021 Predictions
Happy New Year! Lilac is back for our first episode of the new year! Naturally we kick it off with our predictions for the new year. Amazon dominated prediction like everything else lately. Mike predicts Amazon will spin out AWS before it comes under tighter DOJ scrutiny over their practices. This way they can continue to featuring everyones business and continue killing startups and competition. Everyone agreed that Amazon should take a lesson from Microsoft and lose the arrogance. Dominic predicted a change in the nature of Open Source where Open Source moving towards SaaS might not matter to organization as much. Could Open Source diminish? Lilac suggest a major shift coming in real estate as we never build house or expected to need space for every member of your family to have a video conferencing space. Zack predicts the battle for industrial workloads to move front and center and a true battle for industry 4.0 to break out. Player will want to dominate as Industry 4.0 will grow like never before. Other predictions: AI assistance (or self help) for employees will become front and center in 2021. More cloud outages and security breaches are to be expected and become common place with company building around them to adapt. A Discord tie-up with Zoom? There are only two real corporate instant messenger platforms left and a third player needs to emerge after Salesforce acquisition of Salesforce. Ethic in AI will become a more common place discussion in corporations everywhere. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
January 1, 2021
Episode 34: 2020 Hindsight
It's a festive miracle: we made it all the way to the end of 2020!  We looked back on the major events in 2020 from an enterprise IT perspective.  Lilac Schoenbeck joined us once again, and helped us consider the wider implications of remote work. It's not just about a spike in the sales of webcams; there have also been major career impacts that have fallen disproportionately on women. We were all in agreement that WfH during a pandemic is way harder than during normal times, much more so than we had expected. Zoom fatigue is very real, and is also a symptom of Zoom having (so far) failed to convert its sudden cultural relevance into anything larger. Some major cloud outages during 2020 also highlighted the widespread impacts of single provider failures. Could this be a symptom of the fact that AWS especially seems to be focusing on individual services in isolation, without any wider vision — apart from TOTAL DOMINATION, of course? Thanks for listening to us in 2020!
December 24, 2020
Episode 33: AWS re:Invent recap and why AWS is like Brookstone plus the SolarWinds Hack
AWS re:Invent AWS Expands Industrial Offerings AWS re:Invent 2020 – Top Announcements Amazon Monitron AWS Panorama Appliance Other news SolarWinds Salesforce rolls out low-code environment Flow Orchestrator Chrome is bad Recommendations/Rants Dominic Velcro zip-ties Mike Oura Ring: Zack USPS Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
December 20, 2020
Episode 32: The One About ITSM
Special guest: Claire Agutter Claire Agutter is a service management trainer, consultant and author. She is the director at ITSM Zone, providing accredited eLearning in ITIL, DevOps, BRM and more, and also at Scopism, publisher of the SIAM Foundation and Professional books. In 2018, 19 and 20 she was recognised by Computer Weekly as one of the 50 most influential women in tech, and in 2017, 18 and 19 she was recognised as an HDI Top 25 Thought Leader. Claire is the host of the popular ITSM Crowd YouTube channel, and Chief Architect for VeriSM. ITSM recap What is the state of the art for ITSM? Where did it come from? What do we mean when we say “ITSM”? Everything started with ITIL (and Prince), now it's more about lean IT. “Everything we wrap around tech to make it do what we want for the organisation” Problem: Thinking about people like software, “how do we upgrade our people” “This will shock no one in #ITSM but having attended a lot of virtual events, my conclusion's not about the #technology, it's about the people. Organisation, communication, community are what really matter” ITSM and DevOps How relevant is ITSM if everyone is off being agile? Tribalism, guardrails Scope of service management — applies more to supply chain than consumers ITSM in the cloud How does moving to the cloud affect ITSM? Does it increase or decrease the need for process? SIAM for integration and management of many suppliers Geo differences: big in EMEA, APJ, but nothing in US/CA IPaaS integration platform as next step in evolution from swivel-chair approaches, through RBA, to RPA and beyond Should startups implement ITSM? Should large established enterprises model startups’ agility? More from Claire 2020 has accelerated digital transformation beyond all expectations. As well as coping with a crisis, we need leaders and teams who can create the organisation of the future. ITSM Zone has been helping companies build their digital skills for more than 10 years - and all of our training is online. Visit and see our full catalogue including Agile, DevOps, ITIL, VeriSM and more. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
December 13, 2020
Episode 31: Thoughts on AWS Re:Invent the Channel and Microsoft
AWS re:Invent Andy Jassy’s 10 Boldest Statements At AWS re:Invent 2020 AWS Marketplace Now Offers Professional Services reQuinnvent: A reInvent Partner Keynote Rebuttal / your questions answered Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
December 6, 2020
Episode 30: IBM buys Instana, Salesforce may be buying Slack, AWS takes down a big chunk of the web (again) — and we are all thankful for Slack and Zoom
IBM buys Instana — what does this mean for the monitoring market Is this a sign of more monitoring deals to come? 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase has recorded more than 50 'monitoring' purchases, on average, for each year since 2015, which is two-thirds higher than the number of deals in the first half of the decade. Salesforce may be buying Slack What does this mean for adoption? Did Teams steal Slack’s growth, or did they fumble execution all by themselves? And what does this mean for Zoom? With everyone working from home, we have not seen a real change in remote working compared to before; Slack & Zoom are still Slack & Zoom, just with more people. (But also: ) Amazon outage  Anchor affected! Instead of recommendations, we talked about what we are thankful for Dominic Slack, Zoom, and all the rest of the apps & services that have made it possible to work remotely this year Mike Home office space Zack This podcast and our chat channel Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
November 28, 2020
Episode 29: How do you use the cloud? Spoiler Alert: Not with Oracle!
How do people actually use the cloud? Is it still raw infrastructure components, lifted & shifted from on-premises data centers, or are people architecting apps differently in a cloud-native world? Servers > VMs > Containers > Functions The Big Three providers and what differentiates them Who’s the customer: developers or business users Openshift At The Center Of The Hybrid Cloud Storm John Chambers: Why tech companies need to reinvent themselves every three to four years How Many AWS Services Are There in 2020? Killed by Google What is Backend as a Service (BaaS): Recommendations Dominic Charles Stross, “Dead Lies Dreaming” Mike Oura Ring Zack Grammarly - AI-powered writing tool. Checks for spelling, syntax, punctuation, tone, plagiarism.Freemium model with paid tiers for additional features. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
November 22, 2020
Episode 28: Triskaidekaphobia
How technical should you be, as a manager or a marketer? At what point is it okay to accept that you’re no longer hands-on? Vice versa, how do you keep up to speed enough to make intelligent decisions? William Gibson quote, from “Johnny Mnemonic” (published as part of “Burning Chrome”): “These days, though, you have to be pretty technical before you can even aspire to crudeness.” Skill stacking (although Dominic didn’t yet know the term when he wrote this post): The value of reference customers How to avoid burning them out — user groups let you go one-to-many Why a warts-and-all story may actually be better than a “perfect” reference The power of internal references within a company Should marketing departments have their own engineers? Low-code/no-code, Microsoft, and open-source Guido Van Rossum joins Microsoft: Recommendations Dominic Reverse recommendation! Since Apple didn’t announce a monitor that costs less than several of my early cars, what 4k monitor should I get? Zack and Mike came out strongly in favour of Dell curved monitors, which are tempting, but what else should I consider? Mike Italians Mad About Food (see here for some context, or just enjoy the tweets) Zack Naps Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
November 15, 2020
Episode 27: What's a CIO to do, balancing recurring costs, IT fragmentation, and the promised benefits of cloud computing?
Cloud computing is always in the news — but the reason we are talking about it on the podcast is that this feels like a tipping point. Famously, Snowflake had a cloud-only strategy from day one, and that seems to have worked out pretty well for them. Now, others are moving in the same direction, with Atlassian planning to end sale and support of their on-premise server product and go cloud-only: There is a recurring revenue trap. There is no way back. Cloud delivery does save time, but if you are a growth company, then as you add more users you pay more, and soon enough the cost has ballooned. Now what? There might not be an easy way back. But the ratchet turns both ways: PAYG business models work for both users and providers, because they scale with utilisation (flat-fee cloud services with unlimited usage would not last very long). Marginal costs are a factor, and ideally you want to go up the stack and offer more differentiated services that command higher margins so that you can amortise your fixed costs better. Recurring revenue aligns incentives better between user and vendor: This conversation is becoming more critical as cloud becomes the default: The calculation is about CapEx vs OpEx, efficiency vs resilience. Also as companies modernize (or try to) there is often no business case. There might be a road to a business case — if your CIO doesn’t get fired! IT Fragmentation is another factor. We all know shadow IT is IT, but there is an issue with the power of cloud offerings: too many people with too much power and no idea what they can do. Next thing you know someone turns on or off a feature and your company is paralyzed. Finally, what about skills? All this abstraction risks creating skill silos; will new generations of technologists need specific vocational training? Will they be trapped in one particular domain, without transferrable skills? Recommendations Dominic Bicycles — bicycles are good Mike Smokeless Backyard Firepit - We all need to be outside this winter to survive the dark winter ahead. Be smart. Zack Exercising in front of YouTube videos Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
November 7, 2020
Lilac Schoenbeck returns for a discussion on RPA and the acceleration of SaaS
This week we welcome back friend of the show, Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Go-To-Market Strategy at Rocket Software. This was very timely, since it gave us a chance to discuss Rocket’s new acquisitions: We were especially interested to talk about the RPA side of things, including what increased automation means for the job market. RPA can be thought of as APIs for humans… Also, it turns out mainframes are still everywhere, mainly because they work, and unless and until the business process that they automate changes, it’s not worth the effort and risk to move automation of that process to a different platform. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud: is this time different? Cloud computing is always in the news — but the reason we are talking about it on the podcast is that this feels like a tipping point. Famously, Snowflake had a cloud-only strategy from day one, and that seems to have worked out pretty well for them. Now, others are moving in the same direction, with Atlassian planning to end sale and support of their on-premise server product and go cloud-only: This cloud prioritization can lead to concerns about cloud lock-in, but because we are talking about middleware — SaaS or PaaS — that conversation plays out a bit differently than last time, when it was all about IaaS. For instance, MongoDB just launched multi-cloud clusters for the Atlas DBaaS: (disclosure: Dominic’s employer) Recommendations Dominic “The Ministry For The Future”, Kim Stanley Robinson — especially for the talk of discounting future values Zack IDC FutureScape webinar series (+1 from Dominic) Mike Microsoft Power Automate Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
November 2, 2020
How remote working is eroding culture and why we are starting to write obituaries for hardware companies; looking at you Cisco
Dominic, Zack and Mike discuss the long term impact working remote is having on the workforce including: Hiring while retaining culture Pay decreases if you move 3 day work week nonsense Rumors at Cisco and why hardware companies are in trouble. Why Mike thinks even if you aren’t a software companies you need to give the illusion you are like Nvidia. Also why channel partner are shifting to managed services as a result of hardware company troubles. Also the shift in MAC to PC. Is BYOD now benefitting PCs more than MACs? Who are these people asking for PCs? The Microsoft turn around has been strong for years now. Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
October 24, 2020
Accelerating enterprise IT transformation with Presidio
Zack, Mike, and Dominic are joined this week by John Hanlon and Steven Palmese, respectively the CRO and CIO for Presidio. As the pandemic accelerated companies' journey to the cloud, challenges have emerged, whether migrating existing applications, building new cloud-native applications, or managing both the cloud and on-premise environments. In parallel with these infrastructure questions, digital business transformations have challenged the IT workforce and created demand for new roles and skills – both in IT and across every functional area. All of these evolutions are taking place against a backdrop of falling budgets and ever-greater expectations from the business and end-users. Presidio managed and professional services have spent the last years adding automation and AI/ML to their existing toolset, helping Presidio respond faster and more efficiently to ever-changing business needs. John and Steven share their thoughts on the high expectations placed on CIOs, the ever-changing IT workforce, the gradual acceptance of shadow IT, and the dos and don’ts of migrations to the cloud and adopting a cloud-first mindset. You can reach Presidio online at, on LinkedIn at, and their Twitter handle is @Presidio, Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
October 16, 2020
Nylas and the API Economy
Zack, Mike, and Dominic are joined this week by Matt Harper. Matt is Vice President of Marketing for Nylas, where he leads global marketing efforts for the API-first developer platform that serves customers like Dialpad, Ceridian, Hubspot and Nylas most recently closed a Series B round for $25M this past June. Matt joined Nylas from Moogsoft, where he helped lead the company from Series B through Series D rounds, raising nearly $100M and scaling the company’s revenues by over 6x. Previously, Matt led marketing departments at Glassdoor and Sony PlayStation, where he led digital marketing efforts for the PlayStation 4.  Nylas is a developer API platform that helps you quickly launch new productivity features without having to write custom code. Through a single integration, developers can leverage rich communications data to trigger automated workflow, like scheduling meetings or syncing data to a CRM. Learn more about Nylas at or on Twitter @nylas. Some of the topics we discussed: Secular trends in the market - engineering as a blue-collar profession API adoption rates and insights into Twilio’s enterprise market penetration Combinatorial innovation, composable software What matters most to developers? Insights from market research. From monolithic suites to individual components — rise of REST APIs Why “best of breed” used to be a dirty word — and isn’t any longer Integration with “proper” development practices — versioning, backups, security, ongoing maintenance, etc  What does DevOps look like when Dev is not developers and Ops is automated away? That blog post of Dominic's that he shamelessly promoted on air: Serving Two Causes Follow the show on Twitter @Roll4Enterprise or on our LinkedIn page. Please send us suggestions for topics and/or guests for future episodes!
October 9, 2020
Back To The Cloud
You’re doing cloud wrong Lift & shift leads to high costs, missed benefits Cloud economists: Corey Quinn, Owen Rogers Embracing cloud requires org changes — decentralisation, delegation; Shadow IT comes out into the open BUT! All of this is not free, will coexist for some time with existing models — which leads to the dreaded bimodal IT See also Stupid Sh*t Vendors Do — reprise Mike wishes that sales people would please stop selling through LinkedIn....  Beware of hobbyists Certain domains (security, ML) attract a vocational approach which may not follow organisations' best interests. How to align to organisational priorities, not just personal interest? Follow up iOS14, App Store moderation‎ Automation VMware and SaltStack Important, But Not Exciting | Find the thread Recommendations Mike: Elon Musk interview on Sway talking about neural ink and our human meat flaps. Elon Musk: ‘A.I. Doesn’t Need to Hate Us to Destroy Us’ Dominic: Let there be light — put more lights around your working area, both for visibility on webcam and for your mood Zack: Vitamin D is good
October 2, 2020
DevOps, NoOps, GitOps, oh my!
You always need operations Is DevOps an oxymoron with the no code movement? Is it time to move on? What about GitOps? Snowflake can also be considered as shadow IT, or conversely, business empowerment through NoOps Dominic’s NoOps blog post: “Said no CEO ever: Things that don't matter in the cloud”: Forrester NoOps article: Lehman Brothers spreadsheet error: Lightning round Privacy Airlines and privacy AI/GPT-3 Microsoft teams up with OpenAI to exclusively license GPT-3 language model Is this exclusivity an issue? Recommendations Dominic Handwriting! Rotring 800 mechanical pencil Mike’s pend of choice: Zack A diet based on caloric restriction might make you live longer. Starve your cancer cells and renew & rejuvenate. Mike Amazon Ring drone camera!
September 26, 2020
The Arm(s) race that Nvidia is winning; Airtable raising money confirming the LowCode movement; 6 months in the challenges of WFH
Arm & Nvidia The deal discussed: But UK jobs at risk: Follow up Low-code / no-code Airtable raises $185M WFH Free IDC whitepaper, featuring Dominic’s thoughts Recommendations Dominic Soulver 3 for when a calculator isn’t enough, but a spreadsheet is too much Zack Facebook’s new VR headset Oculus Quest 2, priced at $299 (has an infinite office feature) Mike No Filter
September 20, 2020
Automation making IT Infrastructure invisible and the market adapting to citizen developers; including AI
Reference Episode 3 Stupid Sh*t Vendors do: Topic 1: Moving from monitoring to automation. Chef acquired by Progress ( Chef to be acquired for $220M by Progress in ‘next chapter’ for Seattle automation tech company ( Progress Q3 Preliminary Results and Chef Acquisition ( Autonomous operations, self-healing infrastructure Tanzu? Anthos? Topic 2: Citizen developers Episode 6: What happened to the developers? What’s next for low-code/no-code? OutSystems Pushes Low-Code Beyond Its Visual Basic Legacy – The New Stack  Lightning round Jobs Dominic is hiring: Americas EMEA Recommendations: Mike: Not a recommendation but fascinating article from the Guardian: A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? GPT-3 ( Dominic: disrupting yourself is hard, but it’s the only way to avoid being disrupted by someone else Zack:  Dazzle camouflage against facial recognition: This week in Startups E1100 Clearview AI 
September 12, 2020
Veego: using AI to make your Internet better
Veego ( is an Israeli startup aiming to perfect the internet experience of any connected home. They use AI techniques to detect and resolve any possible connectivity issue, from the home router. This week, we were joined by Denis Sirov, one of the founders. We had a good discussion on using technical monitoring data as a training set for AI/ML models, and how this use of AI can actually be privacy-preserving. Recurring topics: 5G, work from home, privacy. Links: Veego homepage: A16Z article on improving AI economics: Recommendations: Dominic: Overlap — Mike: Finviz —
September 4, 2020
Can't Get Out Of The Cloud
Dominic's back from the beach, where luckily there were no clouds. The question of the week is, can enterprises also avoid the cloud — and should they?  We talked about cloud repatriation, and mentioned Lydia Leong's piece on the topic ( Dominic also shamelessly plugged a piece of his own on multi-cloud in 2020 (, as well as Charity Major's piece on the future of Ops jobs ( We didn't get around to mentioning Steve Yegge's piece on Google Cloud and how its deprecation policy makes it hard to love ( Recommendations: Meeter app: Decathlon Forclaz solar panel: Autonomous AI Zen Work Pod: Follow us on Twitter ( and on LinkedIn (!
August 28, 2020
The impact of FOMO on IT Strategy and Operations
While Dominic is enjoying the sandy beaches of Italy, Zack and Mike welcome back Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Go-to-Market Strategy for Rocket Software This week they discuss the "fear of missing out" occurring in IT departments everywhere. The pressure imposed by the analysts & marketing to keep up with all other "cool" companies. Casting doubt on this catch up/keep up culture, and the need to differentiate and strive. Are we doing it all wrong? Does IT really need always to follow the latest trend? Do we need to look further than optimizing and efficiencies? Are we tackling optimization and efficiencies in IT rather than in the care business? In case you hadn't realized it, IT is part of the business, so if you're trying to align or bring closer, IT strategy and business strategy, we fear you are doing it all wrong and are already off base.
August 23, 2020
Pressure Cooker: The constant unrelenting pressure on Enterprise IT to keep up and stay ahead
While Dominic is enjoying the sandy beaches of Italy, Zack and Mike welcome back Lilac Schoenbeck ( VP, Go-to-Market Strategy for Rocket Software  Together they discuss what exactly does it mean when cloud is moving on premise and the challenges it poses to IT. Why does it matter? And isn't infrastructure just infrastructure? Followed by a discussion on the mounting pressure on IT to keep up, innovate and change at break neck speeds. The discuss turns to the challenges around budgets, tech talent and from the business itself. Where are the true decisions makers? Be prepared to count how many times you hear the term Mainframe, AS/400, iSeries and Power. Not to mention Zack’s favorite terms containers and kubernetes.
August 16, 2020
iPadOS breaks through on productivity, while The Great Wall between China and the US can lead to multiple internets
The “Wall” is expanding, no not that wall, The Great Firewall between the US and China! Five reasons why the government’s Clean Network plan will be difficult to enforce.  Plus, what are you waiting for, iOS 14 is here and there’s a reason to download! iPadOS 14 introduces new features designed specifically for iPad Note taking mmhmm A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace Announcing the Expansion of the Clean Network to Safeguard America’s Assets The real reason Microsoft wants to buy TikTok. Microsoft could use video data from its potential acquisition of TikTok to train AI systems and learn more about its consumers.
August 9, 2020
If the cloud is on-prem is it still cloud?
In this week's episode: Dominic, Zack and Mike tackle the antitrust hearing from big tech (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple) and the monster earnings announcement the next day. Virtual Conference and the continuing pain. Conferences need to change! Google Next has moved to 9 weeks long — and what is Gartner doing? Cloud, and specifically on premises cloud. When did cloud move on prem, and can it still be cloud if it is on prem? What exactly is the benefit here? We close it off with a discussion of GPT-3 and the benefits versus worries for some of us.
August 3, 2020
The Future's Cloudy
In this week's episode: Slack vs Microsoft, ARM updates, and what it's like to sell and buy enterprise software that lives in the cloud. Links:  Slack Accuses Microsoft of Illegally Crushing Competition:;  Nvidia Eyes Biggest-Ever Chip Deal in Pursuit of SoftBank’s Arm;  Intel's 7nm is Broken, Company Announces Delay Until 2022, 2023;  Zawinski's Law
July 24, 2020
Open Wide
News: Zoom and Microsoft announce all-in-one devices designed for home-office conference calls Zoom introduces all-in-one home communications appliance for $599: Microsoft Teams smart displays make it easier to work from home We compared these to Cisco's existing all-in-one devices: News: UK to purge Huawei from 5G by end of 2027 Some context: The Nortel Job Main topic: Open source in the enterprise — how much do buyers care about OSS specifically? Google Istio trademark announcement: Rancher acquisition:
July 20, 2020
Building A Legacy
A Double-Digit Episode Spectacular! For Episode 10 (or should that be Episode X?), we invited a very special guest: Lilac Schoenbeck ( We discussed remote events briefly, riffing off Dominic's recent blog post: After that, we had a wide-ranging discussion about legacy technology, how come "legacy" is a bad word in the technology industry — but not in the outside world, how technologies become legacy, and what value users find in these technologies. Some topics that came up: Pace Layering ;  Gartner and bimodal IT ;  Walled-up server ;  John Chambers quote: "50% of Fortune 500 Won’t Exist in 10 Years"
July 13, 2020
Culture Eats Covid For Breakfast
Follow-up from last week: Apple Silicon Benchmarks: Low-code / no-code platform wars: Amazon Honeycode: The Corey Quinn quote I mentioned was from issue #168 of his newsletter, which is not yet online but will be linked from here when it is: Microsoft announces STOCKHISTORY: Google’s G Suite finalizes Connected Sheets and introduces AI-driven data cleanup tools UK TV interviews with kids' cameos: The Cathedral and the Bazaar: 
July 4, 2020
StrongARMed Into The Cloud
Zack, Mike, and Dominic talk about ethics in AI, Macs moving to ARM CPUs, and what this might mean in the cloud. Links: Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm ARM Mac Impact On Intel Coal-free first for electricity in Great Britain An Unexpected Holiday
June 27, 2020
Welcome To The Network Of Tomorrow
Zack, Mike, and Dominic talk about versus Apple, the latest Zoom news, and then get into the meat of 5G, SD-WAN, and the future of networking.
June 19, 2020
What happened to the developers?
What happened to the developers? Wait, you’re a developer? Everyone’s a developer! Zack, Mike, and Dominic discuss citizen developers, low-code/no-code, shadow IT, and more. Links: That Lehman Brothers spreadsheet story My newsletter story in full
June 12, 2020
The Robots Are Coming!
Mike, Zack, and Dominic talk robots — both the physical kind and software bots — and more importantly, what they mean for the IT industry and for society in general.
June 5, 2020
How The Magic Happens
Zack and Dominic pull back the curtain and show Mike some of the sales-side perspective on closing deals. It turns out, reputation matters — a lot, and the best way to build and keep a good reputation is to focus on your customer's business.  That blog post about the economics of booth babes:
May 31, 2020
Stupid Sh*t Vendors Do
Dominic and Zack interview Mike about what it's like to be on the receiving end of all those sales calls. The talk gets spicy, names are named, dirty tricks are shared… Tune in to hear the whole story!
May 22, 2020
Working From Home
In Episode Two, Dominic, Mike, and Zack talk about what it's like to work from home, and some of the longer-term implications of that switch. Does this mean SD-WAN and VDI are going to have the day? Does the corporate network edge now reach into employee's homes, and does that mean surveillance is okay? What about onboarding, especially for interns or people starting their first job in this climate? And how come we aren't hearing more about VR? 

Dominic's post about remote internships: Catch us on Twitter: @dwellington, @MikeIaniro, and @ZZilakakis
May 15, 2020
Zooming Right In
Dominic, Mike, and Zack kick off the podcast by getting into the news about Zoom, what it means in the enterprise, and what the longer-term prospects are for Zoom. 

Dominic's blog about Zoom:
 Zoom's announcement of the Keybase acquisition:
 Keybase's version of that announcement:

 Catch us on Twitter: @dwellington, @MikeIaniro, and @ZZilakakis
May 8, 2020