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Above the corner podcast

Above the corner podcast

By Ron and Tay
Chef Ron and Tay come together to bring you real life experiences. We touch on everything from life itself, entrepreneurship, family, business, finance, and so much more.
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Above the corner podcast

This weeks episode is with Mr Tony Mcraven of Nostalja. Nostalja is known as a cosmetic brand but there is so much more within the brand! Tune in and watch Chef Ron and Tony discuss how Nostalja was created, the meaning behind the brand, the path Tony took into entrepreneurship, and so much more. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Above The Corner Podcast! #podcast #youtubepodcast #nostalja #cosmetics Above the Corner: Chef Ron: Nostalja: Apparel:
September 06, 2021
Crypto talk w/ L.T Cherry
welcome back! This week we have a very informative episode! On this episode chef Ron sits down with Lt to discuss CRYPTO! Tune in to find out what crypto is, is it safe, when to invest, when not to invest, or should you even invest at all. Click the like and subscribe button for more fire episodes such as this! #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptonews Above the corner: Chef Ron: LT: Hungry brand:
September 05, 2021
That credit…. GET IT! W/ Marquis Frazier
Welcome back! On this episode with sit down and chop it up with Marquis Frazier. Marquis is a credit repair expert and gives us the COMPLETE rundown on credit. How to clean, fix and build your credit. We also touch on business credit, a little on crypto, & trading. Tune in because you DO NOT want to miss this episode! Above the corner: Marquis: Website:
August 09, 2021
Favorite chef w/ Chef Sémone Hopkins
This weeks episode is HUGE for the culinary industry! In the beginning of 2021 a competition called favorite chef emerged and the culinary industry went WILD! Almost every chef in the country entered to win. A few weeks in it was reported that the competition was a scam. So we went and found the winner! Chef Sémone Hopkins hailing from Newport News by way of New Jersey. Tap in as we discuss her culinary background, her dual culinary degrees, weight loss journey, the Favchef competition, and what’s in store for this amazing chef. ATC PODCAST! #podcast #atcpodcast #youtube #culinary #chef #favoritechef Above the corner: Chef Ron: Chef Sémone: This weeks drip: Website
June 21, 2021
Welcome back! We are so glad to have you with us for another week! This week's episode features the Winning Chef Family. Chef Ron explains how the WCF was created. Chef Chancellor speaks about how the Juneteenth celebration was created. You also get to meet Chef Moe from Moe's eats, Chef Myeasha of City country cuisine, & Darchelle of Denni shares. Tune in to find out who the WCF is! #interview #atcpodcast #podcast #chefinterview #youtubepodcast CHEF RON: CHEF MYE: MOEZ EATZ (Chef Moe): CHEF CHANCELLOR: CHEF CE ANN: CHEF JACKIE: CHEF LAUREN: WING MAN (CHEF WILL):
May 31, 2021
Broken Halos Worldwide w/ Kayla Clary
Welcome back to not just another episode but our 10TH EPISODE!!!! This week Chef Ron interviews Kayla Clary from Broken Halos Worldwide clothing company. Broken Halos is one of, if not the TOP clothing brands in the state of Virginia. They are not limited to VA but WORLDWIDE hence the name. Tune in to learn about the brand, when it was started, how it was created, and future plans. This is our most in depth interview yet! Thank you for tuning in to the ATC podcast FOR 10 WHOLE EPISODES!!!!!!!! Chef Ron: Chef Ron Website: Broken Halos IG: Broken Halos website:
May 24, 2021
A talk with Nako W/ Nako 0047 Ep: 9
Welcome back! We are honored to have you with us again! This week Ron & Tay sit down with Nako0047.!n this episode Nako shares his experience with being in a bad situation in the music business. He also touches on the ins and outs of streams and how an artist can create a stream of income for themselves. Make sure you check this episode out! You don’t want to miss this one! Chef Ron Tay Nako Trap house shirt
May 18, 2021
Back to life w/ Alkaline Los Ep:8
Welcome back to another edition of Above the Corner Podcast! We are so grateful to have you here for yet another episode! This weeks guest is Alkaline Los himself from Alkaline Los’ herbs and fitness. Tap in and learn how Los nursed himself back to life after he was bed ridden. Helping his mother extend her due date given to her by doctors. Regrowing his hair after going nearly bald and of course we touch on mental health. This episode is a MUST SEE! #HEALTH #WEALTH #ALKALINE #DRSEBI #VEGAN #FITNESS #HEALING Chef Ron: Alkaline Los: Broken halos worldwide:
May 11, 2021
Insurance Flee Episode: 7
Welcome back! We are so happy to have you with us again! On this weeks episode Chef Ron interviews two very special guests. Ree from H.U.M.B.L.E clothing and Yad from Flee Godz. Tune in as they give the ins and outs of starting a clothing brand. The fellas also touch on life insurance and the importance of it. so sit back and enjoy another episode of Above The Corner Podcast. CHEF RON: FLEE.GODZ: HUMBLE CLOTHING:
April 27, 2021
Mental health pt. 1 Ep:6
Welcome back! We are honored to have you still rocking with us! In this episode Ron & Tay take a deep dive into mental health, why the break in between episodes, & so much more. This episode is the first part of the mental health series. We hope you enjoy!  Chef Ron: Tay:
April 19, 2021
Drown out the noise Ep. 5
Welcome back! We truly appreciate your support! Ok this weeks episode Ron and Tay speak on the importance of drowning out the noise and staying focused. It’s easily to get distracted but you must remain on your course,We also touch on not stepping down to those that are trying to bait you into conflict. Why you should not let others claim mental space in your head rent free. We know this episode will help someone. So check it out, leave a comment, and tell us what you think! Chef Ron Tay #podcast #podcasting #spotify #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #itunes #podcasters #hiphop #applepodcasts #covid #podcastshow #interview #entrepreneur #newpodcast #motivation #spotifypodcast #applepodcast #repost #s #art #soundcloud #radioshow
February 22, 2021
Athletic conversations
Welcome back to another episode! This week chef Ron interviews semi professional soccer athlete Manny Payton. Manny gives an insight on how it was growing up as an athlete. His journey in the military, and also his entrepreneurial ventures. If you are a sports lover, athlete, or entrepreneur this episode is for you! Chef Ron Manny Payton #PODCAST #ENTREPRENEUR #SOCCER #APPLEPODCAST #SPOTIFY #ANCHOR #YOUTUBE
February 18, 2021
Ep: 3 Bosses of nothing
Welcome back to another episode of above the corner podcast. This week Ron and Tay break down a Lloyd banks bar. “You rather be a boss of nothing, than part of a movement.” The guys break down today’s society of everyone wanting to be a boss instead of just being a part of a well ran team. Sit back and enjoy the show. We hope you enjoy as much as the fellas did creating. See you next week! #podcast #podcasting #spotify #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #itunes #podcasters #hiphop #applepodcasts #lloydbanks. #griselda #conflictedsoundtrack #bennythebutcher #westsidegunn #conway #bsf
February 01, 2021
Welcome back! We are super excited to bring you another episode of the Above the corner podcast! This week the fellas speak on business relationships, personal relationships, collaboration over competition, & self care. Sit back and enjoy this weeks episode!
January 25, 2021
In this weeks episode Ron and Tay speak about luxury services. Both entrepreneurs each provide luxury services in their own right. They break down what luxury means to them both. They also explain how they got the name for the podcast. We hope you enjoy as much as we do!
January 12, 2021
We don't have a name pilot
On the pilot episode Ron and Tay introduce themselves and explain why they don't have a name for the podcast. We also touch on how 2020 affected us both. We hope you enjoy this pilot episode. We have so much in store for you! 
January 02, 2021
The check in
Chef Ron is just testing out some things and letting you know what’s to come
January 02, 2021