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Root + Bone

Root + Bone

By Root + Bone
Welcome to the Root+Bone podcast. Join us at the table as our favourite people from UK food culture invite us round, cook us something special and spill the beans on the highs and lows of kitchen life.
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Tim Anderson Cooks Fish Finger Temaki
Episode 7 features former Masterchef champion and Japanese food devotee Tim Anderson, who cooks sushi hand rolls with fish fingers in the middle, and talks about everything from the joy of Japan’s convenience stores to why running a restaurant is a terrible idea. It’s a lovely episode. Buy his latest book ‘Your Home Izakaya’ here: See other titles by Tim here: Buy the wine and beer we drank here:
December 09, 2021
Tim Hayward cooks an Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
This episode features a brilliantly rambling conversation with Tim Hayward - writer, critic, journalist, broadcaster, bakery owner and self-confessed food nerd of the very first order. Tim is a man who can, will and often does spend a whole week thinking about nothing but the differences between mayonnaise and salad cream, then telling us all why that’s important. We need him. Buy the wine we drank here: Buy Tim’s latest book ‘Loaf Story: A Love Letter to Bread, with Recipes’ here - Browse the menu and order cakes from Tim’s bakery Fitzbillies here -
November 25, 2021
Santiago Lastra cooks Crab Chalupas
This week’s guest is Santiago Lastra. Santiago has been cooking at the top of the restaurant game, all over the world, for years. Spain, Italy, France, the Ukraine, Denmark, Mexico - think of a country, he’s probably run a successful pop-up there. Now he’s opened a restaurant in London called Kol that’s creating intricate, complex Mexican dishes, but with ingredients from the UK.  We joined him in his test kitchen to talk about recreating the flavour of avocado with pistachio nuts, putting crab meat under UV light, and being inspired by the humble Ritz cracker. This is a very cheffy one. Learn more about KOL here - But the wine we drank here-
November 11, 2021
Simon Rogan cooks Potato-Ferment Flatbread with Smoked Cod's Roe
Simon Rogan is a chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, businessman and all-round ambassador for the unique brilliance of UK food. He invited us to Aulis in London earlier this year to cook a little something inspired by his Greek restaurant beginnings, talk about how you manage an empire, and explain why it’s getting harder and harder for people to steal his knives. Buy the wine we drank here: Book a table at Aulis here: Get Simon’s food delivered to your house here:
November 04, 2021
Ravneet Gill cooks Aloo Parathas
This week’s guest on Root & Bone is baking legend Ravneet Gill, who seems determined to build an empire, fix the restaurant business and get us all baking to a higher standard, all at the same time. If you want to be inspired about the future of UK cooking, look no further - Rav’s on a mission to make things better. She took time out to invite us over, rustle up some Aloo Parathas and talk about everything from Junior Bake-Off to the right way to dip an apple pie into a McFlurry.  This one’s a real dose of positivity - we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Rav’s latest book ‘Sugar, I Love You’ is out now - Get industry advice and great jobs at her community hub Countertalk - Damson Jelly, her online baking academy, is here -
October 28, 2021
Jimmy Doherty cooks a Sri Lankan Beef Curry
He’s helped Luke Skywalker cook roast beef, accidentally set fire to a large swathe of the Suffolk countryside and been a food telly staple for the last 20 years - our latest podcast guest is Jimmy Doherty. Jimmy had us round for lunch at his home in the country just outside Ipswich, and laid on a real feast - Sri Lankan beef curry, spiced dahl, coconut sambal and a fiery pineapple relish, accompanied by an organic Riesling, countless puns and a healthy portion of childish innuendo. Dig in. Buy the wine we drank here: Watch Jimmy’s latest show, Jimmy Doherty’s Dream Builds on Wheels here: Find out about Jimmy’s Farm here:
October 21, 2021
Anna Jones cooks Blackened Corn Salad and Confit Tomatoes
Our first guest for Season 2 is Anna Jones.  She’s one of the most successful, accessible and interesting cookbook writers this country has ever produced, with writing and recipes that make a truly tempting case for a vegetarian and vegan diet. Her latest book 'One' is a chart-topping bestseller, and she can count Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, Sophie Dahl and hundreds of thousands of others in her fanbase. We joined Anna at her East London home for a meal of blackened corn salad with pickled chillies, plus confit tomatoes with coriander seeds, spiced yoghurt and some toasted bread, washed down with a lightly sparking Pet Nat wine from Davenport Vineyards in Sussex. So please join us for a chilled, funny and satisfying taste of late summer.
October 14, 2021
Terri Mercieca cooks Nanna's Tomato Sauce
Pig fat. Salty desserts. Being called a wanker. In this episode of Root+Bone, dessert legend Terri Mercieca from Happy Endings tells us a love story about growing up, taking risks and how much she adored her Nanna, through the magic of a simple tomato sauce. Contains a lot of swearing. 
May 12, 2020
Vivek Singh cooks Granny's Paneer
Chef Vivek Singh (Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen) takes us back to his roots with an '...unctuous dairy dream of a dish.' Which turns out to be paneer with butter, yoghurt and cream served with a vegetable pilau. We hear about the perils of cooking for politicians and journalists, the fight to get recognition for Indian food as fine dining and the best way to cook rice. What a gent. 
April 24, 2020
Will Bowlby cooks Chicken In A Pot
He started charging his parents' friends to cater dinner parties when he was just 14, and now he's got three of the capital's most successful Indian restaurants before the age of 30. As the culinary force behind Kricket restaurants cooks us his most comforting dish, we talk illegal curry leaves, upsetting the elites of Mumbai and hear a jaw-dropping example of bad customer behaviour. Tuck in. 
April 16, 2020
Em Brightman cooks Roast Lamb and Parmesan Risotto
She's been cooking since she was 12, and now she's Head Chef of a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Murano in London. Em Brightman cooks up a storm as she lets us into the secrets of risotto rice, why she hates custard and why we should all stay positive in 2020. Recorded prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, in Jan 2020. 
March 29, 2020
Special Edition - How Are Restaurants Coping Right Now?
This was recorded the day before Boris Johnson announced the closure of all pubs, restaurants and non-essential businesses on 23rd March 2020. We talk (remotely) to some of those caught up in the lockdown to get some perspective on how they're coping, how to adapt and how to stay positive in this unprecedented time for everyone who loves restaurants and food culture. 
March 24, 2020
Crispin Somerville cooks Huevos Rancheros
We sit down for breakfast with the co-owner of El Pastor to talk cartel avocados, lime juice controversy and some genuinely terrible customer behaviour. Includes some swears.
March 10, 2020
Root + Bone Podcast Trailer
March 03, 2020
Richard H Turner cooks Roast Beef
Welcome to the first-ever Root+Bone podcast. Our debut episode features a  heart-stoppingly delicious beef lunch, cooked by Richard H. Turner from  Hawksmoor. We talk meat, Marco and misbehaviour. Warning - contains  bone marrow. @rootandbone #rootandbone
February 28, 2020