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Root & Rise with Lucy

Root & Rise with Lucy

By Lucy Victoria Jackson
Hello sweet souls! Welcome to Root & Rise with Lucy. This brand new podcast is dedicated to untangling the world of wellness. I’ve been a part of the wellness industry for over 5 years - teaching yoga, sharing sound baths, leading meditations, & hosting retreats... & even I find wellness a little overwhelming at times. Each week I’ll be chatting to wellness professionals from a whole host of different backgrounds, so that together we can sort through those buzzwords & find tools that resonate with you. Together let’s build that wellness toolkit that will help you Root & Rise...
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Ep. #22 Toral Shah: People. Planet. Pocket.
Toral Shah is deeply passionate about the health and wellness of people and of the planet. Professionally she is a Nutritional Scientist (MSc Nutr Med), Functional Medicine Practitioner, Food and Health writer and Consultant, as well as the Founder of The Urban Kitchen. She is a unique and refreshing voice in the world of wellness as her knowledge is underpinned with a strong foundation in medicine and science. She originally went to medical school with a view to becoming an oncologist but when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she realised that this was not the career for her. After completing her BSc in Cell Biology, specialising in cancer, she worked in research, winning a prestigious Royal Society internship where she worked on SRC oncogenes. Toral then went on to do an MSc in Nutritional Medicine at University of Surrey and became a functional medicine practitioner working with nutrigenomics. This combination of an informed scientific background and a big heart for helping others is truly inspiring. She uses her knowledge and her passion to help a whole host of people, but a strong focus for her is cancer patients & survivors (not only is her Mum a cancer survivor, but Toral herself is a 2 times breast cancer survivor), and combating the lack of diversity in healthcare (currently, BAME people have poorer health outcomes, even when you take into account socioeconomic factors, and are often diagnosed with cancer at later stages). She is working with several charities and organisations to ensure that they are creating more inclusive health promotion campaigns with more diversity and inclusivity so that all communities know that cancer can affect them. In this podcast episode we cover a whole host of topics! From explaining what functional health actually is, to exploring white privilege & unconscious bias (particularly in the wellness space), to her top tips on eating as well as possible on a budget, to the loneliness pandemic, and to sharing her wellness toolkit. You can find out more about Toral on Instagram @theurbankitchen on Twitter @urbankitchen & via her website On Sunday 29th November 2020 she is running a workshop through her events company What the Health Events (co-created with Amy Abrahams) called “Your 2021 Health Manifesto” - it’s an online workshop all about helping you to prepare to maximise your health in 2021 (goodness do we need it after 2020!!). If you want to explore more / sign up head to Their Instagram is @whatthehealthevents If you want to connect with your host Lucy she can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website - here you will find all the info you should need on her Online Membership Root & Rise: the Practice. Resources from the conversation this week: Breath work app Sway by Dr Pragya Agarwal Extra resources recommended by Toral: Invisible Women by Caroline Perez Superior by Angela Saini - (she also has another book called Inferior)
November 27, 2020
Ep. #21 Aisha Nash: Anti Diet Yoga
Aisha Nash is a breath of fresh air in the yoga industry. Her message is clear, sensible & full of humour. This message is essentially: yoga is not about how you look, but about how you FEEL. After studying Biology at university, and training to be a chef, she was disheartened to see how fearful people are of food. Combine this with her yoga teacher training and early teaching days that showed her a dark reality of the yoga world (that so often yoga glorifies and idolises white, skinny women), she created Anti Diet Yoga. Due to her keen interest in history, especially that of food, she decided to study the history of dieting, and wants to inform everybody of it’s racist pedagogy, and the ways we can dump Diet culture from our lives. This is a truly timely and insightful conversation (grab your notebook & pen!), and we can all learn a lot from Aisha’s wisdom and sharings. You can connect with her on Instagram @theaishanash & her website is She’s also hosting a Womxn's circle “An Unravelling of Body Image” - it is accessible with the below link: You can connect with your host Lucy on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga & her website is - here you can find out more about her online membership Root & Rise: the Practice
November 23, 2020
Ep. #20 Lucy: Lockdown Conversations
This week’s episode is a solocast with your host Lucy. One positive of lockdown life this year is the extra time many of us have had to consider important topics in our lives & in our wider society. The topics in this episode are diverse - but each one very important and relevant to many of us. Lucy covers: lockdown mental health challenges & how she’s been navigating them; the relationship between yoga & colonialism & cultural appropriation within the yoga community; and finally women supporting women & female friendships. Lucy hopes that this episode offers you a moment to pause & consider the topics she shares; to inspire you to continue your own exploration of the topics that resonate with you. You can connect with Lucy on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website - here you will find all about her online membership Root & Rise: the Practice The Racial Equity & Cultural Appropriation in Yoga course is ran by Kallie Schut - more information can be found via her website - her instagram is @kallie_yoga_rebeltribe The Red Tent book by Anita Diamant can be bought here (this is one of Lucy’s top reads ever!)
November 16, 2020
Ep. #19 Vayia Nafees: Happiness from Within
Vayia’s energy is incredibly warm & loving: even just hearing her voice you’ll feel like you’ve been given the biggest Mama bear hug. She is deeply spiritual & beautifully human all in one go - this makes for the most nurturing & reassuring combination all bundled up in one gorgeous human being. In this episode Vayia shares with us the whys & hows of Insight Meditation (from the Vipassanā line of meditation) - we chat all about the benefits, the obstacles, & how to actually do it. We also chat about the concept of Yin & Yang energy, Reiki, & so much more. This conversation comes at a time when many of us need that reassuring calm in our lives - if you’re struggling with lockdown, stress, anxiety, then the tips that are shared by Vayia will very likely be of use to you. If you want to follow Vayia’s Yoga Nidra meditation on YouTube please head here: The books mentioned in the episode are: The Untethered Soul Journey to the Heart A Journey to Your Soul Purpose (Vayia’s book!) The Celestine Prophecy Many Lives Many Masters You Can Heal Your Life You can connect with Vayia via her website (here you’ll find information on her Meditation 100hr Training starting Jan 2021) or via Instagram @beyourspirit You can connect with your host Lucy via her website or via Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga
November 09, 2020
Ep. #18 Kat Ball: Self Care is Radical
Kat’s personal mantra is: “I am wonderful. I am beautiful. I am blessed.” Her journey to truly believing these words has been a challenging & long one, & in this episode we dive into this journey in a very open & honest way... Professionally Kat is an Occupational Therapist for the NHS & a Contemporary Disabled Dance Artist. At birth she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, & for her childhood & early adulthood she prided herself on her ability to appear non-disabled in most circumstances; but after an injury & some deep soul-searching over many years she realised that this was learned ableism conditioned into her by society. In this conversation Kat & Lucy begin to dive into ableism & how it is ingrained into our society as a whole as well as the wellbeing community. Access to wellness should be a right for everyone, but so often it is inaccessible & unwelcoming to the disabled community. They also chat about knowing your own body, empathy, spirituality & more. It is a deeply enriching & honest conversation between two old friends that really do want to bring more love & empathy into the world. You can connect with Kat on Instagram @kulkat2 the image credit is The references she gives are: Matthew Sanford - paraplegic Yoga Teacher & pioneer in adapting yoga for disabled people Crip Camp on Netflix - The Shack by William Paul Young - You can connect with Lucy on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website - here you’ll find all the info you need on Root & Rise: the Practice.
November 02, 2020
Ep. #17 Lis Roscoe: Strength in Forgiveness
Lis Roscoe is the most beautiful alchemy of compassion, humility, & humour. She is the definition of soft heart & strong back. She is a yoga teacher who also offers Ayurvedic massage, but her number one role is Mummy to her nearly 7-year-old daughter Amaryllis. In this episode Lis shares all about her wonderful retreats with her company &Sister (co-Founded with her sister Nats), her experiences & lessons from India & her Ayurvedic teacher there, but the real heart of this conversation comes towards the second half where Lis bravely opens up about her divorce from Amaryllis’s Father. Sharing her journey of heartbreak, betrayal & how she reached forgiveness. Her story, shared so honestly & courageously, will resonate with so many others, & if you are on a similar journey this is an episode you do not want to miss. It is also an episode full of giggles!! If you want to find out who Brenda is, & what the juggle struggle is then do listen on! To connect with Lis further please find her Instagram @lisroscoe & for her retreat company @andsister_yoga & for her retreat venue @poundonhouse Websites to explore: To connect further with your host Lucy her Instagram is @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga & her website is (you can head here to explore Root & Rise: the Practice!) The books mentioned in the podcast are Untamed by Glennon Doyle Sattva by Emily & Paul Rushton Prajñā by Mira Manek
October 26, 2020
Ep. #16 Sabi Kerr: Unapologetic & Unconditional Self Love
Sabi Kerr wants you to love Yourself unapologetically & unconditionally. She is a Self Love coach & yoga teacher who has found her passion in helping others to love themselves. She is a multi-passionate, wholehearted, beautiful human being & she has so much to share with us... In this interview we cover a whole host of topics from why we struggle with Self Love, to tools we can use to help us work on our Self Love, to helping us deal with those moments when we are prone to people-pleasing, to manifesting a Lit Up Life, & also how our relationship with Social Media can affect our overall wellbeing. If Sabi’s work resonates with you, please reach out as Sabi does 1:1 coaching & a group programme - Release Your Radiance. You can reach out on either Instagram @sabi.kerr or via her website If you want to connect with your host Lucy you can reach her either on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website - here you can also find our more about her online membership - Root & Rise: the Practice
October 19, 2020
Ep. #15 Fiona Moss: Be the Rebel
Fiona Moss is inviting you to be the Rebel with a cause. In this episode we dive into her story: school, uni, grad scheme, successful career…to having that ”what am I doing with my life?!” moment. And her story has lead her right to where she is now - a Coach who supports unfulfilled women to escape the conventions of society to enable them to live a fulfilling & purpose-led life. We are brought up to be a cog in the machine, & for some people this keeping up with convention creates a stressful & anxiety-ridden life. What if conventional living is not for everyone? What if you could lead a more purposeful life on your own terms? Even writing these words feels a little rebellious, a little naughty, but...what if? We explore all these ideas in the podcast today! It is a juicy one! If you want to learn more about Fiona please visit her Instagram page @fionamoss_ and if you’re keen to find out more about her Be the Rebel course beginning on 19th October 2020 please check the info below. If you want to connect with your host Lucy please visit her Instagram page @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or visit her website (here you’ll find all the info you need on Root & Rise: the Practice) Words from Fiona Moss about her Be the Rebel Course: “Have you followed a path which 'society' told you would be 'good for you' but in truth that path has led you to a career which fails to provide you with any purpose or fulfilment? Are you ready to escape your 'socially accepted' job and achieve more with your life in a purpose-led, fulfilling career? Are you done conforming to these 'rules' and living up to this story and ready to re-write the rules and retell a new story? Do you want change but nervous about challenging the status quo and taking that leap? Then Fiona has something which can help you do just that. Her 6 week group coaching programme 'Be the Rebel', which starts on Monday 19th October, is designed to help you rebel against this unfulfilling story and retell a new one. Over the 6 week programme you will dive into your purpose, values and goals before recognising what rules are really holding you back from living a more fulfilling, purpose-led reality. You will challenge these rules, re-write them and create a clear actionable plan towards making that change. With a weekly group coaching session, a 1:2:1 coaching session with Fiona, weekly workbooks, a weekly resource library and a private facebook group for unlimited support and motivation, you will be immersed, challenged and motivated to rebel and make the right change for you. But that's not all, for listeners of the Root & Rise Podcast you will also get a complimentary 1:2:1 yoga class with Lucy, as part of your package, just contact Fiona directly to find out more. If this is what you need, head to Fiona's website for full details and to apply, or if you have any questions about the course and want to know more, please email fiona directly to set up a free call to discuss if this course is right for you. Email: Now the only question is, are you ready to Be the Rebel?”
October 12, 2020
Ep. #14 Alex Longton: Finding & Following Your Purpose
Alex Longton has the most beautiful blend of ambition, self-assurance & humility. She grew up on a farm in rural Brazil; moved to New Zealand (by herself, never having spoken a word of English) at the age of just 15; and eventually followed her dream career path of creating her very own business in the UK - her energy is truly, truly inspirational. In this episode she will inspire you with her can-do attitude & her positive approach to life. You’ll hear all about how she helped to create a culture of health, fitness & team-building at Lindt, her journey to veganism, how she found & followed her purpose, which led her to create her very own vegan food brand Tiba Tempeh. She also leads us through her favourite & super-easy Tiba Tempeh recipes (prepare to be hungry by the end of this episode!!), and shares how you definitely don’t need to be vegan to try their products (for most of us it’s just a great option to help slightly reduce your meat intake). All listeners are kindly offered 20% off their first Tiba Tempeh order in October 2020 using the code Lucy20 when checking out. You can make those orders & find out more at: And if you want to connect with Tiba Tempeh & Alex on Instagram their handle is @tibatempeh If you want to learn more about your host Lucy please check out her website or on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga
October 05, 2020
Ep. #13 Sam Rao: Remedial Yoga
Sam has been teaching yoga since your host Lucy was 8 years old… and beyond that his practice first began when he was just a boy - learning from his Mother whilst growing up in Uganda. His yoga teaching experience has taken him on quite the journey - from healing his own back injury (sustained from playing Squash), to teaching 156 people on a beach in Florida, to having shared his knowledge & trained up 93 yoga teachers in our local area - Sam is a yoga teacher who cares passionately about sharing the practice with others. He’s also authored two books (with a third in the making) - Back Ache: Eliminate Back Pain, Realign, Repair and Maintain Your Back being the main one so far & produced a DVD with his son & actor Doug Rao - Sam & Doug Rao’s Yoga for Any-Body. (They also appeared together on the Alan Titchmarsh show together - you can see them in action here In this chat we cover many topics from Sam’s sequence to maintaining a strong & healthy spine, to self-acceptance, to taking ownership of our health. If you want to know more about Sam, or train with him to become a teacher yourself, the best place to reach him is via his website - on Instagram he can be found @sam_rao_yoga If you want to connect with your host Lucy she can be found at or @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga The book Sam mentions at the end is Inner Engineering by Sadhguru & the other authors he recommends are Deepak Chopra & Dr David Hawkins. Sam’s Back Ache book can be purchased here: and his DVD can be purchased here: **Disclaimer: the statistics Sam mentions in the episode have not been independently fact checked**
September 28, 2020
Ep. #12 Mary Moran: People Matter
Mary’s energy is infectious. 3 words to describe her energy: vibrant, motivated, & open-hearted. She is a woman on a mission to bring wellness to everyone & to help them look & feel great whilst they do so! In this conversation we rewind to a time when this wasn’t always the case. For much of Mary’s adult life she was a City Lawyer caught in the cycle of work, work, work, sleep a little & repeat. But there came a time when she asked herself: “if I were hit by a bus tomorrow, is this really how I would have wanted to live my whole life?”. To learn how she came from this moment in life to where she is now - founder of Activewear brand Ilu Fitwear & inspiring PT & nutritionist - you’ll just have to take a listen to this very first episode of Season 2!! Her story is super inspiring & what she has created at Ilu Fitwear is something truly beautiful - “Feminine, functional & flattering”, with their community at the heart of what they do. We also chat Slow Fashion & why this is a direction that Ilu are wholeheartedly committed to. If you want to find out more about Ilu please check out their website or on Instagram @ilu_fitwear & Mary’s personal account is @marymmoran Lucy’s favourite Ilu top that she mentions in the episode can be found here: (it is perfect for the Autumn season) If you want to learn more about your host Lucy, please check out her website & as she mentions in this episode you can practice with her on Zoom x 5 classes a week - head to the “Book Your Class” tab to join! Her Instagram is @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga
September 21, 2020
Bonus Episode: A Relaxation Meditation
Let Lucy guide you through a relaxing body scan meditation. Perfect for those moments when you need to calm the body & the mind (particularly just before bedtime!). Enjoy & keep your eyes peeled for Season 2! Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or on her website
September 02, 2020
Ep. #11 Ashlee McCartney: Sweat & Self Love
Ashlee is the definition of a light beam! Her love & passion quite literally shine through her voice & everything she shares. But as many of us know, we often don’t shine brightly unless we know the darkness... At just 27-years-old Ashlee runs a full time business as a personal trainer & wellness coach, is a dog Mum to 3 beautiful Pugs (Charley, Stanley & Waffle), & is also a carer to her beautiful Mum who is living with a rare form of dementia. She describes herself as a “mindful personal trainer & self-love advocate”, & what really shines through is her passion & love for her work. She truly understands the interconnectedness of our whole being: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual; this understanding has helped her to create a community that is truly supportive & joyful. In this episode Ashlee shares her experiences with anxiety, the importance of self care & what that means to her, how she invests in her own wellness whilst being in the role of the carer & running her full time business. It is packed full of wisdom bombs & heaps of love. If you want to find out more about Ashlee you can find her on Instagram @ashleemccartneyfitness or via her website If you want to find out more about your host Lucy you can find her on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website
July 27, 2020
Ep. #10 Kalyani Verma: Be Kind to Yourself & to Others
Kaly is a force for good. Pure hearted, vibrant & full of love. These qualities exude from her in this episode as she shares her story of growing up, her experience of yoga from a young age, the Yamas & Niyamas of yoga, & how she uses yoga in the home with her 3 children. Her introduction to yoga is quite the story in itself! Her parents grew up in Sri Lanka, where her Father became a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda from his teenage years. Her Father & Mother naturally integrated yoga into their home as Kaly grew up - to her it was just part of life - never did she imagine she’d actually become a teacher! But after a successful career at Gilette, in 2009 a series of events led her to qualify as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga & also with Friends of Yoga. Kaly’s passion is to share with others all that she learns in yoga to help them find their own potential to live happily and peacefully. She teaches the many aspects of yoga; an integral practice that helps you to learn how to quieten the mind & relax, to improve flexibility & strength. Kaly teaches a variety of students from 4 year olds, to 85 year olds - teaching patients in rehabilitation and many others. She learns something different from each & every student. She is currently running online classes for adults and children, online guided relaxation sessions (Yoga Nidra) and will be holding an online retreat day in September 2020. If you’d like to know more about Kaly you can find her on Instagram @kalyani_yoga or via her website or her Facebook Page “Kalyani Yoga” She is also creating some wonderful content on YouTube! You can practice with her here: You can find your host Lucy on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or via her website Gayatri Mantra: Shanti Mantra:
July 20, 2020
Ep. #9 Fizz Yasin: Connection Not Perfection
At just a few months old Fizz was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Disease. This diagnosis meant she spent much of her younger years in & out of hospital to manage her condition, even undergoing open heart surgery. But has she let this hold her back? Absolutely not! In fact, quite the opposite; Fizz is absolutely bursting with life, love & passion. At just 26 she is a fully qualified yoga teacher & Registered Associate Nutritionist with AFN Nutrition UK. Not only does she teach at one of the top yoga studios in London, but she also specialises in Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Sleep, Yoga for Cardiac & Rehabilitation, Ayurveda Yoga, & Yoga for Kids. She uses her experience & passion to share what she loves with as many people as possible from many different walks of life, all with the message that it’s about CONNECTION & not perfection. In this episode we dive into Fizz’s personal experience of finding yoga, how it helped her navigate the challenges of her teen years, & also how she was inspired to become a teacher (but also the challenges she faced once qualifying). She also shares her top tips for a good night’s sleep, & the basics of Ayurveda & the doshas (& how this knowledge can help you to support your day-to-day wellbeing). If you want to find out more about Fizz you can check out her Instagram account @happyheartflow or on her website Your host Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or on her website The Dosha Quiz can be found here: Sleep recovery book Sleep Recovery: The five step yoga solution to restore your rest by Lisa Sanfillipo She also has one for practitioners (USA):
July 06, 2020
Ep. #8 Helen Halliday: Build Your Foundations
Helen Halliday is no stranger to health challenges. From stress induced by 15 years in the corporate Marketing world, to a complete burnout & being diagnosed with ME, to most recently contracting suspected Covid-19, Helen has been on quite a journey with her health. This personal experience combined with her thirst for knowledge & a desire for a more healthy lifestyle lead her to qualify as a registered Nutritional Therapist 3 years ago. She also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition & is currently halfway through completing a Masters in Personalised Nutrition. This makes her the perfect guest on Root & Rise with Lucy as in this episode we dig into the juicy topics of Stress & the Menopause. What actually is Stress? And what can we do to manage our stress levels? What happens to the body in the Perimenopause & Menopause? And what can we do holistically to support ourselves through these transitions? Helen communicates with such precision & makes these taboo subjects accessible & relatable. She currently runs a clinic in Ascot using the principles of Functional Medicine to offer a personalised approach to Nutritional Therapy & lifestyle management. Helen also works at The Optimum Health Clinic in London, an award winning integrated nutrition nutrition & psychology clinic team specialising in supporting people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, & Fibromyalgia. If you want to learn more about Helen the best place to go is Your host Lucy can be found at or on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga The books Helen mentions in this episode are: The Food Doctor by Ian Marber Dip ION & Vicki Edgson Dip ION The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine M.D. 5 Pillar Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee Natural Solutions to the Menopause by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD
June 29, 2020
Ep. #7 Layla Kaur: Mind Body Soul
Layla’s life has almost come full circle. Meditating with her Mother as a child, to rebelling & living the corporate lifestyle, right back to meditation & moments of calm being her go-to wellness tools. But her journey hasn’t been one smooth curve - it’s had twists & turns, ups & downs, & the loss of someone very close to her. All of these things have led her to where she is now; someone who lives in the present moment every day, always asking herself: is what I’m doing making me happy today? That questioning led her to quit the corporate world to become a yoga teacher, but also to set up her very own eco-friendly yoga mat & prop brand YogaHaus London. Connection to nature & providing a welcoming environment to practice in is at the core of Layla’s business. Everyone is welcome in the YogaHaus! Layla can be found on Instagram @yogahauslondon & via her website She is kindly offering our listeners 10% off YogaHaus products if you use the code HAUSLUCY at the checkout. Lucy does not gain financially from any of these purchases, but her own YogaHaus mat was gifted. Your host Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or Facebook “Lucy Victoria Jackson” or via her website
June 22, 2020
Ep. #6 Charlie Francis: Balance, Discipline & Self Love
Charlie’s life is all about Balance. But it hasn’t always been that way. Through much of her young adult life she spent most of her time obsessing over calorie counting & a rigorous exercise regime. The result? She pushed away friends & family, messed with her hormones, & was constantly consumed by guilt if she ever slipped off the path she’d paved for herself. Now? Well, now Charlie has completely redesigned her approach to her wellbeing. She is owner of Equation Training (an online strength & conditioning programme), 500hr qualified yoga teacher, & co-owner of Equation Fitness in Cornwall where she specialises as Head Coach of the British Weightlifting Youth Talent Academy. And alongside all of that she has found a healthy balance to her training & how she approaches her food. Her story is inspirational & in this episode she shares how she turned her life around. Yoga & mindfulness played a big role, as well as shifting that “I’ll be happy when…” mentality. And she uses all of her experience to help her clients find their “WHY” to help keep them motivated with their nutrition & movement. She has a head on her shoulders way older than her 25 years & is as cool as a cucumber when sharing her experiences & wisdom. If you want to learn more about Charlie please head to Instagram - her personal account is @charliefrancisfitness her business accounts are; the gym: @EquationFitness the online programming @EquationTrain & retreats @EquationEscapes Your host Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or Facebook “Lucy Victoria Jackson” or via her website
June 15, 2020
Ep. #5 Lucy: My Journey So Far
On the day of releasing this episode, your host Lucy turns 30. For Lucy this feels like a milestone - the transition from 20s to 30s seems like a big deal! Your 20s are a time to make mistakes, to begin the journey of figuring out who you really are & what you really want from life...for Lucy this was a decade of real ups & downs (as you’ll learn in this episode). She talks about her experiences growing up - how her parents instilled in her the habit of regular movement as part of life, her experience of being bullied at school & how that impacted her mental health, how all of that led her to fall into an emotionally abusive relationship at just 18 years old. She shares how the journey unfolded & how yoga ultimately changed her life. As the episode progresses she shares how yoga is now a part of her everyday life & how she wouldn’t have it any other way. This episode is raw, unscripted, unedited - just a whole hour of Lucy sharing from a place of honesty in the hope that even if her story can help just one person, then the sharing & the vulnerability will be worth it... If you’d like to become a part of Lucy’s Yoga Facebook community please head to Yoga with Lucy Victoria Jackson. She can also be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or on her website
June 11, 2020
Ep. #4 Charlie Morgan: Feel to Heal
Charlie Morgan doesn’t just do yoga; she Lives it. And the result? She can only be described as a sparkly, multicoloured, shining beam of light! Her aim in life is to “empower people to swallow their fears and fulfill their wildest dreams”. This conversation is joyful, raw & unpolished (with lots of giggles along the way!). Charlie speaks about her work as Lead Teacher at Hot Pod Yoga, which consequently led her to be the yoga teacher for England Rugby in the run up to their Tokyo World Cup challenge in 2019. She shares how we can make yoga accessible from everyone to those top athletes in the England programme to Tight Toni in the back of the class; her approach to the practice is truly inspiring. But it’s not always rainbows & unicorns, as we all know life can be cruelly unfair. And for Charlie, that came through the heartbreaking experience of losing her beloved Mum to cancer just a few years ago. She courageously shares how that devastating loss impacted her life & mental health. If you want to know more about Charlie & what she gets up to please find her on Instagram @charliemorganyoga or via her website Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga on Facebook “Lucy Victoria Jackson” or via her website Charlie is also an ambassador for Sweaty Betty.
June 08, 2020
Ep. #3 Lynette Greenaway: Your Wellness Matters
Lynette is a weaver of words. She is a space holder. And she makes everyone feel welcomed & seen when they enter her wellness spaces. As a young girl growing up in London her family instilled some basic but lasting wellness tools within her. Care for yourself, and then see how you can help others. And this approach to life is one that has continued to hold Lynette in her work with others. In this episode Lynette shares her experience as a Black Woman in the Wellness Space & about how we can make Wellness & Yoga more inclusive & more accessible for EVERYONE. She shares her work with Sister Stories hosting women’s circles & the art of holding space. She also speaks about creating strong boundaries & why this is important for our overall sense of wellness. If you want to dive deeper into Lynette’s wisdom and/or connect with her online she can be found on Facebook at Your Wellness Matter, on Instagram @yogasista, or on her website at Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or on her website
June 01, 2020
Ep. #2 Wibbs Coulson: Take Yoga Seriously, But Not Yourself
Everything is Connected. Or as Wibb’s personal mantra goes: “Everything is Om”. Wibbs is a Suffolk based Yoga Teacher & Movement therapist based Suffolk, UK. In this episode Wibbs talks us through his approach to yoga - both as practitioner & teacher - whereby he takes his yoga practice seriously, but not himself (you’ll want to catch one of his YouTube classes after this ep!). We also chat about why nasal breathing is an essential skill to master if you want to optimise your lung function, why waking up your feet is so important for your overall wellbeing (so the childhood song goes...The toe bone's connected to the foot bone, The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone's connected to the leg bone…), his work with the athletes at Ipswich Town FC, and the inextricable connection between dealing with grief & our overall wellness. He is a wonderful ambassador for men in yoga (& yoga in general!) & if you enjoy what you hear you can find him on Instagram @wib_yoga YouTube as Wibbs Yoga or over on his website Your host Lucy can be found on Instagram @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga or on her website The helplines mentioned are: CALM Zone 0800 58 58 58 Mind 0300 123 3393 YoungMinds 0808 802 5544 (Parents Helpline)
May 25, 2020
Ep. #1 Alana Holloway: Finding What Works For You
Every person is unique. So why would we approach our wellness with a one-size-fits-all attitude? In this conversation Lucy chats with Holistic Health Coach Alana Holloway to delve into what she’s learned along the way about tailoring her wellness approach to suit her. They chat about living with a chronic skin condition, gut health, stress, acupuncture, the benefits of cold showers and so much more! Expect a lot of laughter, real talk about rebelling against the quick fixes we are so often lured into, and Lucy’s top tips for tuning into your body. If you want to find out more about what they do Alana can be found on Instagram @alanaholloway_ and Lucy @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga Alana’s website is: Lucy’s website is: If you have any questions, comments, feedback about the show please send them to:
May 17, 2020
TRAILER: Welcome to Root & Rise with Lucy...
Hello sweet souls! Welcome to Root & Rise with Lucy. This brand new podcast is dedicated to untangling the world of wellness. I’ve been a part of the wellness industry for over 5 years - teaching yoga, sharing sound baths, leading meditations, & hosting retreats... & even I find wellness a little overwhelming at times. Each week I’ll be chatting to wellness professionals from a whole host of different backgrounds, so that together we can sort through those buzzwords & find tools that resonate with you. Together let’s build that wellness toolkit that will help you Root & Rise...
May 15, 2020