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Racially Responsible with Rorri Geller-Mohamed

Racially Responsible with Rorri Geller-Mohamed

By Rorri Geller-Mohamed
Welcome to the Racially Responsible podcast, where we dig deep to talk about how we as white people can build our capacity to speak up and show up for racial equity and justice. If you are ready to learn about how you can be actively anti-racist and work to dismantle structural racism and white supremacy while at the same time navigate the emotions that come along with it, then you are in the right place.
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008: Shame Resilience with Dr. Alana Tappin, PsyD and Robin Schlenger, LCSW
In this episode we discuss: What shame resilience is and what it looks like in anti-racism work Why Alana and Robin started offering shame resilience workshops for white people Alana and Robin's personal journeys through anti-racism work Shame resilience and authentic conversations Full Bios: Dr. Alana Tappin, PsyD and Robin Schlenger, LCSW Links/resources Dr. Alana Tappin, PsyD Robin Schlenger, LCSW Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy, Ph.D., President of the Eikenberg Academy for Social Justice The Body Keeps The Score Resmaa Menakem Learn about Rorri's program: Changemakers
March 4, 2021
007: No more excuses
In this episode, we talk about how to stop making excuses that get in the way of showing up for anti-racism work.  We talk about how to support anti-racist legislation and protest racist legislation, even if you don't know that much about the legislative process or the specific policy.  I share the example of how we need to be protesting the anti-protest bill HB1/SB484 in Florida.  This episode provides the support you need to take action.   The action steps discussed in this episode: 1. Fill out your personal info and send an automatic email to FL legislatures in protest of HB1/SB484: Send email through ACLU platform 2. Sign and share the petition: Stop The DeSantis Censorship and Repression Bill 3. Donate to organizing groups working on local legislative issues.  Here are 2 in Florida:  Florida Rising and New Florida Majority (After recording, I learned this organization is leading mobilizing on this issue: Dream Defenders) 4. Bring it up in organizations you are part of and with the white people in your life.   Links discussed in this episode: Racially Responsible Podcast Community Facebook group Changemakers Pre-enrollment List
February 18, 2021
006: Learning about white culture and anti-racism work with Robin Mallison Alpern
In this episode, I interview Robin Mallison Alpern the Director of Training at the Center for the Study of White American Culture and founder of Calling White Folks in.  We discuss: What white culture is and what it means for white folks doing anti-racism work Tips for raising anti-racist white kids Challenges that come up in this work White women and history Advice for white people doing anti-racism work Links and resources mentioned in today's episode: White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun Center for the Study of White American Culture (CSWAC) CSWAC's Raising Anti-racist White Children workshop  The Arc of White Womanhood Racially Responsible Podcast Community Facebook group Changemakers Pre-enrollment List
February 11, 2021
005: Welcome back to Season 2
Welcome to Season 2 of the Racially Responsible Podcast.  This episode will introduce you to what this podcast is going to be about and answers the questions about what it means to "build capacity" to do anti-racism work as a white person, what makes this podcast different, and why a white woman is hosting a podcast about anti-racism.  Subscribe for future episodes and join the Racially Responsible podcast community on facebook to continue the conversation.  
January 17, 2021
004: Anti-racism work with white people
Episode Highlights Building an anti-racist subculture How Rebecca got involved in anti-racism work How a book from her partner opened her eyes What happens when you are socialized in white dominance What has been helpful in this work Impact anti-racism work has had on her family Need for a sense of belonging in anti-racism work Jore Consulting  Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu- Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys Resmaa Menakem- My Grandmother’s Hands Rebecca Greenidge works to help white people reconnect to their curiosity about race. Her socialization into white dominant society attempted to disconnect her from her cultural and linguistic ancestry, her core self, her white community, and the whole of humanity. For the past 13 years, she has been on a journey to understand how white dominance works to name her and build the skills needed to live differently. She believes that race has profound impact on white people and she is committed to creating pathways for her white community to reclaim humanity, increase truth-telling, build capacity to respond to injustice, and commit to divesting from white dominant culture in solidarity with the liberation movements of Indigenous, Black, and brown people.
February 20, 2020
003: Anti-racism work as a white social worker
Episode Highlights How Sandy got involved in anti-racism work as a social worker Promoting anti-racism education in the social work and human services professions How white people can work through their emotions when doing anti-racism work What white people have lost as a result of white supremacy How she worked through challenges that came up People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond Anti-racist Alliance Sandra Bernabei Sandra Bernabei, LCSW, NYC Chapter Past President of the National Association of Social Workers (2014-16), NYC metro area community organizer, private practitioner with a focus on depression, anxiety and addictions. Sandy is a founding member of the Antiracist Alliance, an antiracist organizing collective of New York City area human service practitioners. ARA is building a movement to to bring an analysis of structural racism as outlined by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond to social work education and practice. Over 12,000 educators and Human services practitioners have participated in the undoing racism/community organizing workshops to date. She has over 30 years experience in the field of addictions and has served as directors of Barnard College/Columbia University, Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Program, the Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependence in Rockland County- New York, and the Chemical Dependency Training Institute for Addiction Specialist. She currently serves as a board member for The Center for the Study of White American Culture, member of The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond leadership team, Westchester County Human Rights Liaison Committee for Town of Greenburgh and on NASW Council for Chapter Presidents. On October 20, 2016 she received the  Dr. James R. Dumpson Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to the New York City Chapter. In 2012 she received the Social Worker of the Year Award for NASW Westchester Division. In January 2008 she received a recognition award for establishing the Rockland County Drug Court. In May 2008 she was the recipient of the NASW NYC Social Work Image Award. Sandy is also the recipient of the 2007 WestCOP Community Service Award for her steadfast commitment to focus on undoing racism for low income and at-risk populations in Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY.
February 13, 2020
002: Anti-racism work as a parent of white children
Episode Highlights: How Rebekah got started in anti-racism work Why she prioritizes teaching parents of white children about anti-racism and ways to talk with kids about race and take action as a family How diverse and inclusive books are important for all children Why we need to internal work Challenges she experienced with her kids and family Her decision to send her child Me & White Supremacy - Layla Saad Free Guide: "What's wrong with saying we're all equal? Five conversations about race white children need to have." - Rebekah Gienapp Rebekah Gienapp is a writer, speaker, and parenting coach. Her work focuses on nurturing a commitment to social justice and antiracism in children, especially those whose families hold privilege. Her work has been featured by The Washington Post, Parenting Forward, and MLK50: Justice Through Journalism. She is ordained in the United Methodist Church, and lives with her family in Memphis, Tennessee.
January 30, 2020
001: What local anti-racism organizing can look like for white people and how to get started
Episode Highlights How Meredith and Tia, 2 white women, got involved in anti-racism work in their local neighborhood How Neighbors Against White Supremacy started The difference between organizing around relationships vs. crisis mode Challenges and success in their organizing work against racism NAWS (Neighbors Against White Supremacy): NAWS organizes white people in Central Queens to challenge white supremacy and anti-Black racism in ourselves and our communities. NAWS Facebook Carribean Equity Project Meredith Reitman is a qualitative and quantitative researcher who specializes in exploring how race operates within workplaces. As an academic, she studied how racial belonging influences the experiences of men in the IT workplace. In her current role, she continues to use the framework of critical race theory to place racism as commonplace within systems, to reveal meritocracy as a myth, to explore race as embedded within multiple oppressions, and to promote storytelling by people of color as necessary. Her clients are any organizations interested in examining how racial power dynamics are at play within 1) recruitment, hiring, and vendor selection, 2) belonging, retention and culture, and 3) evaluation, pay and promotion. She currently co-leads Neighbors Against White Supremacy (NAWS) Central Queens, an affiliate of Showing Up for Racial Justice. She lives in Kew Gardens with her husband, dog and two cats but don't tell the coop board. Tia Keenan is a New York City-based writer, cheese specialist, cook, stylist, and community organizer.  She writes the “Cheese Wisely” column for the Wall Street Journal and is the author of The Art of the Cheese Plate: Pairings, Recipes, Style, Attitude (Rizzoli, 2016), Short Stack Chèvre (Short Stack Editions, 2018) and Melt, Stretch, & Sizzle: The Art of Cooking Cheese (Rizzoli, 2018). Keenan co-leads Neighbors Against White Supremacy (NAWS) Central Queens, which organizes white people in Queens to challenge white supremacy in themselves and their communities through reparations and resource redistribution. Keenan lives in a "movement house" in Queens with her husband, son, dog, small flock of backyard chickens, and rotating cast of visiting cooks, organizers, artists, and refugees.
January 16, 2020