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The Detroit Dadcast

The Detroit Dadcast

By Rory Hughes
Welcome to The Detroit Dadcast. I’m your host, regular dad, Rory Hughes. I started this podcast with a simple goal: to have authentic conversations with other dads about fatherhood. Nothing more, nothing less. In my experience, real discussions among men about anything other than money and sports are hard to come by. Hearing stories of these other dads might spark an insight for you. Or perhaps you’ll just nod your head and say, “Yeah, I can totally relate.”

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#21. Wings To Go
Wings to Go CHORUS Scotty dubs is a man’s man Likes smashburgers, beer, and jam bands Drives a Tundra, not a minivan Happy 40th, from your big fan VERSE 1 Let me walk you through a typical day Of Scott Alex Weinstein if I may Wake up with a snort, yank the apneia tube Rise, brew some coffee, and scroll through Youtube Algorithm’s bumpin’ with Panic shows and food Might check his texts if he’s in the mood Ebs said Thai joint opened in the Lou He’ll be there tomorrow with a cold road  brew Then it’s breakfast for the ladies, for Scott just Joe Takes it black like a man, freshly ground like a pro To the garage, in the back is an office Flippin’ emails all day till he gets nauseous Now lunch with my sis, sandwich with turkey If it’s Monday he’s pissed,  gonna be Tofurkey Kiss the girls, head downstairs, time to sling a light Molly’s mad about storage, he ain’t one to fight CHORUS Scotty dubs is a man’s man Likes smashburgers, beer, and jam bands Drives a Tundra, not a minivan Happy 40th, from your big fan VERSE 2 (funny) If ya wanna know Scooter, hit him up on the Gram Man of many images, though not himself a ham New brewery opened up in an old gas station Wing joint poppin’ from his last vacation Keep on scrolling, Billy Strings with a fiddle Whoops, there’s an ad, it’s the blackstone griddle Action Bronson teased an album, Hot Ones new season dropped Taco truck opened up, carnitas won’t stop Head brewer buddy just had a kid Scooter clicks “like” despite the name Sid Billy Strings caught a bass in his new Kayak Trey’s playin’ solo in Fon-Du-Lac Some dude in west Texas sold a million dollar bong Blew it outta glass shipped from Hong Kong Little Janey on the hood of a black Bugatti Or Fi-Fi on the hill, with a plate of manicotti CHORUS Scotty dubs is a man’s man Likes smashburgers, beer, and jam bands Drives a Tundra, not a minivan Happy 40th, from your big fan VERSE 3 (sincere) When I met Scott he was still on hotmail Blew glass, cut wood, snowboarded through trails A chef, hockey player, an amateur craftsman And get him loose, you’ll see, he’ll make ya laugh man Generosity’s legendary, borderline offensive Once cooked my wife a meal that made me defensive Scallops, squash and bacon, even got her favorite wine Wasn’t showing me up, just how the dude dines Testament to Scott how many folks call him friend He’ll sacrifice for others up to the end Always one to ease your burden, called “The Sherpa” for a reason, No matter the time, the place, or the season So let’s all raise a glass to the one and only SAW He deserves a celebration, from wherever you are I hope you’re at The Village Scoot, chatting up an average Joe Beer, burger, fries, and some wings to go CHORUS Scotty dubs is a man’s man Likes smashburgers, beer, and jam bands Drives a Tundra, not a minivan Happy 40th, from your big fan
May 27, 2022
#20. Why It's Your Fault When Your Kid's Acting Up, Marriage Counseling As Maintenance, And Why Being "Busy" Is A Poor Excuse For Poor Fitness (with Craig Oliver)
For Episode 20 I sat down with Craig Oliver, a guy I had known primarily from pick-up basketball courts and karaoke stages.  He's a father of three girls, an Army vet, a fitness guru, and someone who doesn't believe in chairs. Craig has some hot takes on parenting, marriage, personal development.  If you're not willing to question some of your assumptions about and approaches to being a dad, you might want to skip this one. On the other hand, if you're like me and like to be challenged, tune in for every second.  Enjoy.  
June 27, 2021
#19. Sam and James Take On The Environment
For Episode 19, an innocent negotiation with the boys about getting rid of a television morphs into a full-blown whiteboard session about energy conservation.  I wasn't planning to record this, but after listening back, I was reminded of Albert Einstein's famous quote:  "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Spoiler alert:  Dragons might be the solution.
April 30, 2021
#18. The Unique Bond Between Father and Daughter, Bidets, And Why Your Dad Dying Means So Much (with Phil Zaroo)
For Episode 18, I sat down with Phil Zaroo, a close friend and one of my favorite people to talk to, mostly because we disagree a lot.  He's a father of three, an ex-liberal, ex-journalist, hater of all things U of M, and bearer of brutal honesty.  We've had countless yelling matches over the years about social and political issues,  but in this fatherhood-focused conversation we keep it mostly civil.  Phil offers some unconventional takes on parenting, shares the raw experience of losing a parent, breaks down the delusion of the archetypal U of M fan, riffs on the burgeoning bidet market, chokes up when talking about his daughters,  and talks old-school discipline.  Enjoy.
March 28, 2021
#17. The Upside of Video Games, Flint Basketball, and Why You’ll Never Understand What It Means to Be - Or Raise - a Black Man (with Moses Price)
For Episode 17, I sat down with Moses Price, a man I don’t know well enough to call a close friend, but one who I feel like I’ve known my whole life. Among our similarities, he's a Flint native, a father of two boys, an educator, a huge sports fan, and the proud head chef in his home. In this wide-ranging conversation we explore, among other topics, the YouTube basement, raising black boys, his Flint roots, why video games get a bad rap, and the evolution of teen problems. With a name like Moses Price, it’s a wonder he’s not a pastor. But don't worry, the man can preach. Enjoy.
March 12, 2021
#5. The Importance of Creativity, The Courage to Seek Help, and Why Poop on Your Hand Beats Wine on Your Shirt (with TR Pearson)
For Episode 5, TR and I fight our juvenile instincts (we did write a book about bathroom graffiti) to have an honest conversation about parenting.  TR reflects on what he's okay with his kids watching on TV, why hired help is worth every penny, and how having kids has made him become a child again, but in the best way possible.   Support this podcast:
February 10, 2019
#4. The 27-minute Bedtime Routine, Group Hugs, and The Beige Diet (with Matt Rudy)
For Episode 4, I interviewed high school principal and father of three boys, Matt Rudy, to discuss the ins and outs of co-running a household of three wild animals and a dog. Matt offers practical tips on surviving the dreaded witching hour, shares the origin of his parenting mantra: "Tie a knot and hang on," and underscores the importance of routine in order to maintain some semblance of decorum in his house. Even though he's a Georgia fan, I have a ton of respect for Matt as an educator, as a man, and as a dad. Listen to our conversation and you'll see why. Support this podcast:
January 25, 2019
#3. Raising four kids, Aaron Rodgers, and Day Care for $25/week (with Jim Hughes)
For Episode 3 I sat down with my dad/next door neighbor to deconstruct his approach to fatherhood. I like this man so much I named my second son after him.  My essential question:  What were you intentional about when raising kids? He tends to default to the "I don't know what I did; l it was all luck" response, but I was determined to press him. Specifically, my dad talks about some of the routines and rituals he and my mom employed as well as their core values.  You'll notice that although in context these aren't earth-shattering, they're damned hard to put into practice in 2019. As a good friend of mine once said, we are quick to blame our parents for the things we hate  about ourselves, but we seldom credit them for the things we like. This conversation reintroduced me to the man I am proud to call my father, James Patrick Hughes.   Support this podcast:
January 18, 2019
#2. Stoicism, The Mount Rushmore of Dads, and Kid-naming with Bracketology (with Sean Galvin)
In Episode 2 my most legitimately stoic friend Sean Galvin, who introduced me to my wife (and married us by the powers vested in him by the internet) shares his hopes and fears about becoming a dad in about 8 weeks.  The one question that keeps him up at night:  Should I raise my kid to be a Lions fan?   Sean also shares his meritocratic process for coming up with a name (Rory is a #6 seed in the girls bracket), and his appreciation for his own father, whom he insists is "in the conversation" for the greatest dad of all time. Support this podcast:
January 11, 2019
#1. Being a good son, hyenas, and cleaning up toys (with Samuel Hughes)
In this episode, my son Samuel shares some of the keys to being a good dad, which include not doing dangerous things like stepping on dogs.  He also delves into his ambitions to be a father himself and to become a bulldozer Rescue Bot. Support this podcast:
December 23, 2018