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Talking Teenage Life

Talking Teenage Life

By Rose Courteen
“Talking Teenage Life” is a podcast where teenager, Rose Courteen, interviews adults about the lessons they’ve learnt and the stories their lives have told since they too were a teenager. Rose meets with people of all different ages, with backgrounds in sport, business, and the arts. They’ll talk about everything from parents, school, university, friends, careers, faith and relationships. This podcast will be as engaging for teenagers as it for those who've already lived their teenage lives & are continuing to tell their life story. So, please, subscribe now & enjoy "Talking Teenage Life" Co
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Let's talk about ... Dating

Talking Teenage Life

Question 2 -Where do I want to change the world?
What impact do you want to have on the world? This seems like a very rhetorical question, as you would never be able to live out your answer. However, on this episode you will understand this is not the case. We'll discover that all we need to do is to start paying attention to the world around us and find out what it is that makes us angry or disheartened; for some of us this could be the lack of response to climate change around the world. For others, it could be different ways to help those suffering in the Ukraine. We will all have different things we want to change. Trevor Waldock chats through the second question and provides reasons and explanations as to how we can change the world. This may just be in the world around us to start off with, however, we all have to start somewhere and this podcast could just be your starting point.
October 03, 2022
Question 1 - What do I love? - The Debate
What do you love? I'm guesing that the answer can be as varied as loving a friend or family member to pepperoni pizza. Love is such a broad term. So whilst the question of 'what do you love' seems like a question with a never-ending list of answers, this podcast explores what we truly love. What are we really passionate about? Join four teenagers who will wrestle with this question. Taking guidance from Trevor Waldock, who identitfied the eight intelligences we all can have, in the previous episode, they will be digging deep and understanding what they enjoy most. They discuss how their energy is focused on the upcoming change in their school life and how this has been impacted by the intelligences they display the most. This engaging discussion will help you answer the first of seven questions that will help you create your future...
September 26, 2022
Question 1 - What do I love?
What do you love?  This question may sounds really simple and easy to answer, but is it? Do you truly know where all your energy is focused? Is it really that simple to know what we enjoy? How do we actually know what we want to pursue in our life and career? In this episode, along with Trevor Waldock, we will dig deep into finding out what we truly love and where our energy is focused. We will delve into the 8 intelligences which help us to identify the type of person we are, so, in the future, you can follow something you love...
September 20, 2022
Introducing the Guests
This new Podcast series - The Seven Questions to Create your Future - has two halves. In the first, social entrepreneur and author, Trevor Waldock, discusses the questions he believes are critical in helping teens navigate their way through life. Following each episode with Trevor, there will be a follow up episode involving a group of three teenagers debating and chatting about what they have learned from Trevor's ideas and the impact and influence it has had on them.  So this episode gives you the chance to meet the teenagers and understand their background, thoughts and ambitions before they dive in to the seven questions.  Please bear in mind that we have been busy at Talking Teenage Life completing our GCSE's and so this episode, along with some others, were recorded prior to us sitting our exams.
September 12, 2022
The Seven Questions to Create your Future
Currently we are living in a time of climate crisis , economic difficulty and a war in Europe. The future is always so uncertain but it seems even more so now. It’s never been tougher for young people to know how to navigate their future and to identify the person they want to become. How can you plan in a world in where there is uncertainty about what could happen even in the next week. This podcast will not only highlight seven vital questions that require us to delve deep into our ambitions but will also include valuable insights from author and social entrepreneur, Trevor Waldock. You can also listen in as a group of teenagers debate these seven questions and how they might influence their future. Listen along and continue the conversation with your friends so you can all start creating your future.  This could be the most powerful and influential podcast you listen to...
September 05, 2022
Let's talk about ... Dating
Dating these days has become more complex due to social media and reality TV shows with the image that is presented on them. Yet dating is something that most of us do during our teenage years and probably for the first time.  This podcast will explore what defines a relationship and how we can date successfully in our teenage life and beyond. By the way, we are so grateful for Paddy and Scott's Coffee sponsoring this series and so maybe your next date will include a cup of coffee and if so, don't forget to buy some of their coffee online and enter the code youngminds for a 20% discount!
September 26, 2021
Let's talk about ... Bullying
 Bullying is one of the toughest things to deal with and it occurs in our teenage years regularly. On this episode, Rose will chat to her guests about ways of dealing with bullying and other strategies to help others in tough situations.  Cyberbullying is so prevelant in our world today with most people using social media everyday. We discuss what to do when you get a message and don't know how to interpret the real intention. If you're struggling with bullying at the moment please speak to someone or find some wayhs to stop it on 
September 12, 2021
Let's talk about ... Mental Health
Mental Health is cuurrently considered the toughest and most challenging part of teenage life.  At the moment, it is a prime topic in the news with three major sports competitors, including Naomi Osaka, taking a break due to their mental health. We tackle this topic and debate why looking after your mental health is so important. Along with some friends, we discuss this critical topic with Audrey from Young Minds, a charity aiming to create a world where 'no young people feel alone with their mental health'.  If anything we discuss on this episode triggers you or makes you worried then please visit the Young Minds website: to get the help and support you need.
August 01, 2021
Let's talk about ... Friendship
With the use of social media, we can have hundreds and hundreds of 'friends', even if we have never actually met or spoken to them.  On this episode today, we will delve into what creates real and lasting friendships and try to unpick why is seems so difficult in the world we live in. We also discuss the types of pressures that are placed on our shoulders, as teenagers, in what our friendships must look like and how we act.  In this podcast, we chat to youth worker, Sophie, who shares some great advice on what we can do to create long lasting friendships and the impact of social media in our relationships with others.
July 18, 2021
Let's talk about ... Body Image
Negative body image is a huge issue that many teenagers struggle with. Research shows that 40% of teenagers felt that images on social media caused them to worry about their body image. In this podcast, with the help of Hope Virgo - the brains behind the campaign 'Dump the Scales' - we will explore and discuss many of the issues around body image that can impact how teenagers view themselves and their bodies. So listen in and the the debate as we discuss this powerful topic.
July 04, 2021
Let's talk about ... Faith
How important is faith to teenagers today? We are living in a world where church attendance is in decline whilst the average age of those who do attend is going up. However, in a post pandemic world, where due to social media, we are more connected than ever, more and more people are feeling lonely.  So maybe having a faith could provide the hope for the future that many of us are searching for? In this episode we talk to two teenagers who have both grown up in a faith led household (one Sikh and one Christian) and they discuss the impact their faith has had on them. So listen in to a valuable conversation around why faith can be an important part of their teenage life. 
June 20, 2021
Let's talk about ... Family Life
Currently in the modern world, family life is different for everyone. Parents can include step-parents and as a whole, family life is becoming more blended, as we move away from the traditional family life from many years ago.  During this podcast, we explore what modern family life means for teenagers and the impact it can have on us and how we live our lives.  We'll also debate the impact of lockdown on family life. It has affected so many families and so we will discuss how families have coped during it. We'll discuss the pressures of the current world we live in and we'll even talk about one of the most famous families: The Royal Family. We hope you will find this episode insightful as we delve in to some of the key challenges we face as teenagers.
June 06, 2021
Let's talk about ... Leadership
In this first episode of a new series, Rose is joined by some fellow teenagers and a leadership specialist to have a round table discussion about leadership. Can we all lead or are there really those who are born leaders? Should leadership be taught in schools and why is there a lack of inspiring political leaders today? We'd love you to join in the conversation as we delve in to some of the key challenges life throws at teenagers.
May 23, 2021
Series 3 Introductory Podcast
Welcome to series three of the Talking Teenage Life Podcast! A lot has changed since the last series: we have a sponsor - Paddy and Scott's coffee - and we also have a new different format. For this series I am joined by two fellow teenagers and an adult where we will be discussing some of the key topics teenagers face today. Some of these topics include leadership, faith, body image and family life.  So grab a coffee (Paddy and Scott's of course!) and get ready to join in the conversation.
May 22, 2021
Trevor Waldock
If you're looking for a story to prove that A level results don't determine your future success, then Trevor Waldock's story could be the one. After getting Fs at A level, he has gone on to be a best selling author and a leadership coach for some of the world's leading blue-chip companies.  Trevor has also devoted much of his time to working with commuinities in third world countries to lead themselves out of poverty.  Trevor's story is inspiring and provides a fitting climax for this series.
October 04, 2020
Scott Russell
Scott Russell has always been attracted to selling things. From a young boy selling conkers in the school playground to now selling over 30,000 cups of coffee a day. In this podcast you will hear what it's like to be an award winning entrepreneur. Being one half of the Paddy & Scott's coffee brand, Scott's passion for creating a vibrant sustainable business shines through. You'll be inspired by Paddy & Scott's attention to detail in building a school for the community in Kenya where their coffee is farmed.
September 20, 2020
Brian Alabaster
Brian Alabaster is a sculptor who works across the country. He was commissioned by Hereford County Council to create the life - sized sculpture of the Hereford Bull to go in the town centre. But he started out studying agriculture and working in chicken factories.  This podcast unearths his story of how he created such unique lifestyle business.
September 06, 2020
Sue Anstiss
From competing as a triathlete for Team GB through to running her own PR agency, Sue Anstiss has a passion for sport. Actually, she has a passion for women in sport. In this podcast we discuss what needs to happen to make sport more gender equal and the progress made so far. Sue talks about her podcast, her book, and how she is on a mission to raise the awareness of women in sport. Her dedication and determination make this podcast an inspiring and fascinating listen.
August 23, 2020
Michelle Owen
Even as a teenager, Michelle Owen was always prepared to challenge stereotypes. Her love of football has always been with her and when she was forced to play netball at school, she did 'keepy-uppies' with the ball until she got sent to the corner.  After a spell as breakfast DJ, she's now doing the job she loves - reporting on football on Sky Sports and Radio 5 Live.  In this podcast, there is a recurring theme of overcoming adversity from suceeding in a male dominated career through to fighting the debilitating illness, Hyperemesis Gravidarm, during pregnancy.  We're sure you'll find this podcast with Michelle Owen an inspiration.
August 09, 2020
Hazel Harrison
Dr Hazel Harrison is a clinical psychologist who studies the brain. In this fascinating podcast you can listen to Hazel talking about how we can get the most out of our life.  We also explore how lockdown has affected different people and what there can be done to help us learn how to carry on after a global pandemic.
July 26, 2020
Jen Lambra-Stokes
Imagine racing across the world for around 54 days and then being a few seconds short of winning £20,000?  Jen Lambra-Stokes was part of the BBC Race Across the World series with her husband Rob. In this podcast, she talks about her amazing experience of travelling across South America with a TV film crew in tow to catch some of the most amazing adventures of your life. I loved watching the programme and I loved chatting to Jen in this podcast. She has an amazing sense of fun and a brand new perspective on life.  This is a Talking Teenage Life episode that is not to be missed!!
July 12, 2020
Colin Tapscott
Colin Tapscott is someone I have known almost all my life and is a close friend of my family. I wanted to interview him for this podcast because he is a natural leader. Having left college, Colin pursued a career in teaching and became a headteacher before he was 30. He has followed a successful career as a headteacher with establishing his own training business called Everyday Leader and he has his own book on leadership being published this year. In this podcast, we not only explore Colin's professional career, but we find out about his teenage years and how his faith has influenced the choices and decisions he has made. It was great to talk to Colin as he is easy to listen to and a really inspirational guy. I hope you enjoy our conversation too!
June 28, 2020
Amelia Reynolds
BBC Look East presenter, Amelia Reynolds, talks to us about her career in journalism. We also learn about her life as a teenager, gap year travelling the world and family life in Norfolk. This is a fascinating insight into the media world and this interview was carried out just before Amelia interviewed Sir Kier Starmer, the new Labour party leader.  Due to the lockdown in England, this is the first Talking Teenage Life podcast to be recorded on Zoom.
June 14, 2020
Sandra Hartley
This is the first episode of series 2 in Talking Teenage Life.  From relocating from the country of her birth, to setting up her own Dance School business, Sandra Hartley has a fascinating story to tell. Sandra talks about her time working in a circus and her passion of dance. She also explains the joy she gets from teaching 3 year olds to skip, through to helping her more advanced students pursue a career in dance. We think this is an insightful podcast to begin our new series.
May 31, 2020
Bridget McIntyre
In this podcast, the last of our first series, we interview Bridget McIntyre. From struggling at school to leading a large blue chip organisation to now having forming a social enterprise business, Bridget has a wealth of leadership experience.  We're inspired by her "can do" attitude and Bridget provides some valuable advice on how to believe in yourself and to build self confidence.  Our second series will be back in September when we will have more great conversations with another 10 inspiring guests.
July 07, 2019
Matt Levett
In a recent RE lesson, we all got the chance to imagine the questions we would want to ask a Christian. There were some great questions; what is heaven like? / if you pray for something will it happen? / what's your favourite parable? / should you forgive everybody? In this podcast, we put youth worker, Matt Levett, on the spot and get him to give his best responses to those questions Matt is a larger than life character who only became a Christian because he fancied a girl who went to Church but has gone on to lead projects helping street kids in Guatemala for over 25 years. In this podcast Matt and I really do try to understand what's important in life and what isn't. And he tells some great stories too!
June 23, 2019
Matt Prittchett
Imagine having to be funny everyday. Matt Prittchett is 'Matt' the Daily Telegraph's cartoonist and everyday he has to produce a cartoon for the front page. He talks about the creative process that he goes through each day to get to the final version.  Matt talks about his family, his grandfather was one of the best short- story writers of the last century, his dad was a telegraph columnist and still helps out with the wording on his cartoons, and his sister is a comedy writer for sketches for Miranda and others.  Matt also talks about being invited to lunch at Buckingham Palace, receiving a letter from the Prime Minister and why he wanted England to lose in the semi- final of the World Cup in 2018.
June 09, 2019
Mel Menhams
From surviving being caught up in an earthquake whilst on a gap year, through to her personal crusade to combat the climate crisis, Mel’s story is a fascinating listen. She has now set up her own plastic-free mobile and online shop called Cupboard Love. Mel gives advice on how to help with cutting down single-use plastic, even if it’s just as little as getting a reusable water bottle. Listen to this episode to learn how Mel has turned her passion for the environment into a business.     
May 26, 2019
Vicci Chalk
In this podcast Vicci and I talked about how her parents divorced at an early age and how she coped with having step-parents. We also talked about how she came out to her parents as a teenager and how difficult it was. Vicci then worked for her mum and step-dad's business, listen to the podcast to find out how hard Vicci found it to tell her mum she wanted to pursue another career.
May 12, 2019
Sue Piddock-Jones
In this podcast we talk to Sue Piddock-Jones about her life in teaching and dance. Sue talks about going back to University after she'd started work. Her philosophy is that you should follow your dreams and she talks about why she has been inspired to do a significant amount of volunteer work. We also discuss how a trip to a third world country has made her appreciate all that we have in the UK and the lessons we could learn from that experience.
April 28, 2019
Cathie Sabin
After a career in teaching and a life in tennis, Cathie ended up becoming the first ever female President of the LTA. Her time in that role meant she was on court to present Andy Murray with one of his Wimbledon’s trophies, went to the Rio Olympics, and was there to receive the Davis Cup on behalf of Team GB. It was great to talk to her about all that she has done and hear a little of her gentle wisdom on the lessons we can learn from her. I’m so delighted she agreed to do this and was one of my first podcast guests.
April 14, 2019
Stuart Dunn
Having grown up in Shrewsbury, Stuart's dream as a teenager was to be a football commentator on his home town team. Now in his 40's he has commentated on over 1,000 games for Shrewsbury Town on Radio Shropshire. He has seen them promoted, relegated and play at Wembley three times. In this podcast we talk all things football, of course, but also about how you make your teenage dreams come true. It was great to talk to Stuart and, having had a career as a journalist and in radio, he has a natural ease in front of the microphone.
March 31, 2019
Zoe Bolton
There is so much to admire about Zoe and you will find her interview fascinating and enlightening. Zoe is now off to Africa on a year long adventure. We talk about faith, university choices and how to deal with your parents splitting up. Zoe is only just out of her teenage years and into her early twenties but she is very wise.
March 17, 2019
Helen Piddock Jones
In this, the very first edition of the Talking Teenage Life podcast series, Helen Piddock-Jones encourages teenagers to go for every opportunity they have. Helen has enjoyed a varied career, from being a barrister to the cult figure of the phantom flan flinger on childrens TV programme, Tiswas. She is the type of person who makes things happen and we think she is the perfect choice to inspire you in the first ever podcast. 
March 03, 2019
Series 1 & 2 Introductory Episode
Here is an introduction to Talking Teenage Life podcast. Hear some of the interviews and get an overview of what this podcast is all about
February 24, 2019