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By Rosemary Watson
Small little snippets with Rosemary Watson behind the scenes of her business and life raising 6 wild things and her husband 🎙+ ☕️
096 | The Practicality of Patience
Lessons learned when reviewing the priorities in your life
June 10, 2018
095 | Who to serve on social
Getting stuck in a content rut? Here are some ideas for you to start serving more on your social media accounts
May 18, 2018
094 | A Swift Kick In The Ass
Because that’s probably what you need right now
May 10, 2018
093 | No such thing as overshare
A big piece of my believe system that’s a little bit controversial I’m sharing with you today
May 10, 2018
092 | Do you need a Facebook Page?
It's a question I've gotten about 20 times in the last 3 days! Here's my answer for all you wondering minds!
May 8, 2018
90 | Getting in Front of Other Audiences
The importance of serving others by helping their audiences
May 8, 2018
089 | Learning From Failures
A real time lesson that I learned in my own business
May 1, 2018
088 | Foundational Content
Where are you should be getting started when you start your first podcast or your first blog or you’re just starting out on any social media platform
April 30, 2018
087 | Curating Content on IG
A peek into a social media meeting with a client
April 24, 2018
086 | Best Monday Ever
I’ve had a lot of irritating things happen today but all in all I’m super super lucky that I get to live my life on my own terms #garyveemonday
April 24, 2018
Happy Hour Friday | Basil Lemon Drops
A new twist on listen and lattes are happy hour Friday edition
April 21, 2018
085 | Tech & your calendar
The new tools I’ve been using to keep my calendar in order
April 19, 2018
083 | The Power of Podcasting
Have you been waiting to start a podcast?? Just freaking do it already !
April 11, 2018
082 | Remixing Old Content
The brilliance of going back in time and seeing what you’ve already created instead of reinventing the wheel every time
April 6, 2018
081 | My Favorite project management apps
I get a lot of questions about the tools and apps that I use in my business every single day and so I thought a podcast episode breaking down my favorite apps would be something you guys can get value from
April 5, 2018
080 | How to grow your Instagram following
The standard framework of how to get more followers on Instagram. There’s three main parts to this and I break it down in this recording
March 29, 2018
079 | Non Monetization
Trying to keep it real and manage potential clients expectations of using social media and other content platforms
March 27, 2018
077 | Reassessing Your Calendar
My personal lifeSchedule is shifting so my business schedule has to shift along with it
March 21, 2018
078 | Acting as if you already have your dream business
A peek into some real life advice that I gave to a new friend at our co working space
March 21, 2018
053 | Execution vs Planning
A glimpse into what real life actually looks like. I’m all for planning ahead and being intentional with your content, but sometimes you have to do the best you can with the time you’re given.
March 16, 2018
052 | Doing market research
Start getting in-depth and finding out more about the people Who are handing you money 💰 what do they care about, Who do they pay attention to what brands do they already love, and what content can you create to make their lives better
March 16, 2018
076 | My Website Redesign Part II
Finishing up sharing my navigation of my website redesign! Giving you some insight into why I chose the organization of the main menu.
March 15, 2018
075 | Creating Micro Content
Ideas how to create smaller social media posts from one long piece of Pillar Content
March 14, 2018
074 | Managing Expeectations
It’s Spring Break and I’m super focused on my kids this week so I have to communicate that to my people 🙌🏻
March 12, 2018
073 | A new podcast on the way
Ideas on how to become super niche when you’re creating content for different platforms
March 10, 2018
072 | Intention vs. Tactics
A peek behind the scenes of some feedback I received from one of my Followers.
March 8, 2018
071 | My Website Redesign Pt. 1
I’m taking you on a Real time behind the scenes peek while I redesign my own website
March 6, 2018
070 | Answering questions from Instagram
I had a very insightful question in my DM‘s today and wanted to share my response here with everyone, especially those of you that feel like you don’t have enough direction
February 28, 2018
069 | Dealing with Failure
My mantra I return back to whenever I have to deal with bumps in the road 🙌🏻
February 23, 2018
068 | Brand Identity 1st
A peek into some of the conversations I have with potential clients during assessment calls and why I always start with creating a brand identity for them before I do any social media content work for them
February 21, 2018
067 | Digital product ideas
I have a new podcast interview coming up with cinnamon Wolf all about creating passive income in your business, and I wanted to start by giving you guys some ideas about where to look for digital products you can create
February 20, 2018
066 | My secret Weapon
One thing I’ve been doing lately to try and squeeze in a few extra hours of productivity each week
February 12, 2018
065 | My new coworking space
A little sneak peek into why I joined a co working space, where it is, and why I’m in LOVE with it 💕
February 7, 2018
064 | Getting started on IG
My thoughts on starting from zero on Instagram. Basically, everyone sucks at Instagram before they get good. In my Facebook group, the IG Collaborative, I shared my very first image and my first 9 grid so everyone can see where I started! Join the group at
February 6, 2018
063 | The Value of Breaks 🙌🏻
I’ve taken the last month off of consistent engagement in my Facebook group, The IG Collaborative, and I’m ready to move forward with a lot of fresh ideas and exciting content 🙌🏻 if you’d like to join our community you can visit
February 6, 2018
062 | Why Data Matters
The chat I had with client about analyzing her data
February 2, 2018
061 | Interview w/ TwigyPosts
An interview I had with Jana Bishop of TwigyPosts as the first editor of the Brand Offer Market Membership.
February 2, 2018
060 | I’m sticking with Anchor
A sweet call in prompted me to revisit why I’m using Anchor and living my message of “JUST START, don’t wait to be perfect”
January 31, 2018
059 | Evaluating Progress
Today I’m chatting about some of the goals I set for clients and how I’m adjusting my strategy going into February
January 29, 2018
058 | What to do first
My suggestions for what to do first when you want to open up a brick and mortar business. Get your name and put your stake in the ground!
January 25, 2018
057 | Ideas on Pricing
Some key things to think about when pricing your services in your business
January 18, 2018
056 | Dealing with Setbacks
A very valuable lesson I touched on in yesterday’s Instagram post- where your mindset needs to be when facing road bumps in your business.
January 18, 2018
055 | Morning Structure
This week and I read that what you do between 5 and 7 AM makes or breaks your day. Here is my Monday experiment with those thoughts.
January 15, 2018
054 | Putting out Content
A look inside a conversation I had with a client about why it’s so important she prioritize putting out content. Before you do ANYTHING else, you need to start publicly talking about your area of expertise
January 11, 2018
051 | Digital Real Estate
All Social media platforms (plus anywhere online you can communicate with other human beings) have digital real estate up for grabs. These platforms are constantly changing so you need to be aware of all the different places you have the opportunity to story tell to your audience.
January 8, 2018
050 | Creative Launch Summit
The creative launch summit is a four day online summit with over 40 speakers and tons of breakout sessions. You can get your free ticket at and join us for free during the four days. If you would like forever access to the training, you can grab an all access pass at
January 7, 2018
049 | Micro content vs Pillar
A companion to my last blog post about creating micro pieces of content from more longform pieces of pillar content
January 6, 2018
048 | My One Word 2018
What my word “people” for 2018 really means to me and how I plan on spending my time this year
January 4, 2018
047 | Giving Away Value
How I decided to use a Giveaway to bring value to my audience and delight them for a small budget 🙌🏻 Start thinking of your aligned brands and choosing something that will make your people’s day better.
January 2, 2018
046 | Start Leveling Up
A real take action strategy on what to do if you feel like you’re falling behind on social media marketing. Even if you just got started today, you can learn to be just as savage on the platform as people who have been there for years
December 30, 2017
045 | Permission Marketing 🙌🏻
A real case of permission marketing in the wild 🙌🏻 whose marketing I am missing because they have published a new podcast episode in two days 🙈
December 23, 2017
044 | Piggybacking Content 🐷
During this busiest time of the year start looking around to see what conversations you can share on your own platforms so you don’t have to create content from scratch
December 22, 2017
043 | Start Creating Content
So many people get overwhelmed when start creating content. How to look at where you want to end up and then get started gathering an Audience where it makes the most sense for your goals
December 18, 2017
042 | Instagram Story Strategy
I making my plans to really commit to Instagram stories for January 2018 and I want to put my planned scheduled content into three main categories
December 15, 2017
041 | Instagram Hashtags #
There’s been a lot of changes on Instagram lately and a lot of questions about how to use hashtags effectively. This episode I break down my insights on what hashtags are actually for 👊🏻
December 13, 2017
040 | Facebook group stories
A new feature just rolled out Facebook stories for groups! A couple of insights for me about this new feature on Facebook
December 12, 2017
039 | Being agile & adapting
I’m always on the lookout for really good marketing strategies and when I see them I always want to jump in and start implementing them and testing out to see if it works for my own business
December 11, 2017
038 | Learning From Others
This was a quick little rant in response to a conversation in a friends Facebook group! I hope that my listeners understand that no matter who you learned from you are never going to see the same exact results as that person. Sharing social media strategies it’s just ONE way to go about marketing your business
December 6, 2017
035 | Old New Borrowed Blue
A simple structure to help you come up with content if you’re stuck
November 29, 2017
034 | Planning & Pain Points
Looking forward to 2018 I’m really focusing on doing less of what causes me headaches and doing more of what I love!
November 28, 2017
033 | Cyber Monday Ideas 💡
There’s so many amazing sales happening today for cyber Monday and I’m sharing a few of my favorites that I’ve seen all around the Internet!
November 27, 2017
032 | Intentional time off
Planning Your Time Off
November 22, 2017
031 | Products & Services
I want to focus the rest of the year on leveling up my offerings. We want to constantly be improving the things that we sell and not just focusing on the marketing of those things
November 19, 2017
030 | Thursday Night Hustle
Always be assessing where you are at mentally and emotionally and decide how to spend your time based on that.
November 17, 2017
029 | Tips for IG Stories
Whether or not you’ve jumped in on Instagram stories, here are some ideas about what to post there and how to make it a lot easier for you 🙌🏻
November 13, 2017
028 |Different People & Places
Are you confused when you hear the word “context” ? It’s the one most important variable when you’re storytelling.
November 12, 2017
027 | Deep Content versus Wide
Some helpful ideas as we plan to spend more time with their families in the holiday season and less time creating content
November 8, 2017
026 | Maximizing Content
Tired of thinking of new things every single day? Make sure when you’re creating content you are 10xing your efforts by thinking of new ways to use what you’ve already done
November 7, 2017
025 | Create unlimited content
Everyone feels like their day to day life is boring and no one would care, but that’s our job as content creators- to make the every day seem exciting
November 6, 2017
024 | Maximizing your time
All of us have so many little pockets of time that we can accomplish a lot of things if we focus on using them to grow our business instead of using them to waste time ⏱
November 3, 2017
023 | Making Hard Things Easy
Anything that sounds really hard and will challenge us is something you can overcome and turn into second nature if you put in the TIME 👊🏻
November 2, 2017
022 | Content for Platforms
A good one for people that are just starting out on social media. We always want to think about the people who are consuming our content on every single platform when we create it.
October 30, 2017
021 | Managing expectations
Social media and content creation is made easier than ever with the tools that we all have at our fingertips. however you can’t expect to be as good as someone who’s done it for years.
October 25, 2017
020 | Screencast Test 🙌🏻
We’re testing out the new Screencast feature in the new iOS 👊🏻 Visit the Rosemary Watson | Productions Facebook Page for the link to the tutorial!
October 24, 2017
019 | Research BEFORE Content
Everyone is always so focused on the content creation part of their marketing, when they should be just as concerned with doing the research ahead of time so you can create content that WORKS 🙌🏻
October 23, 2017
018 | How to get unstuck 🙈
What I did to get unstuck when writing Sales Emails today. You can find the episode of Amy Porterfields podcast Online Marketing Made Easy with Zach Spuckler on iTunes, episode #144
October 20, 2017
017 | Building Consistency 🙌🏻
We’re talking about what to do when your consistency falters and how to look at being consistent in phases and setting goals and priorities for the content you’re creating.
October 3, 2017
016 | Time Management Lessons
What I've been trying out lately to boost my time management skills and ultimately my productivity. Check out Amy Porterfield podcast episode #177 for an interview with Michael Hyatt
September 25, 2017
015 | Surprising & Delighting
Instead of trying to be "better" than everyone else, what can you do to be different? How can you provide a unique experience?
September 20, 2017
014 | Sharing Audiences
The idea of Community over Competition is more than just a cute tag line. It's about providing your own audience with more value by bringing in other people who you can stack your own knowledge on top
September 19, 2017
013 | Comfort Zone Battle 🙈
How I've decided to get out of my own personal comfort zones, and what I hope to get out of it 💃🏼
September 18, 2017
012 | Offer, Brand, Marketing
Your Offering + Branding + Marketing 💰
September 13, 2017
011 | Look to other industi
Looking to other industries for inspiration in your own business
September 12, 2017
010 | Emotions Drive Actions
Your brand is a set of emotions 😍
August 18, 2017
009 | Sharing your journey 🛶
Telling your story to relate to your audience • Be REAL, be YOU
August 18, 2017
008 | Multiple ideal clients 🤔
Do it! Yessssss • Working on this! • word clarity • Knowing what audience is right for every offering • Creating "spin off" offerings for non- ideal clients
August 15, 2017
007 | Repelling vs attracting
Repelling people who are not a good fit for your business
August 14, 2017
006 | Your Personal Brand 🙋🏼
Our Personal Brand Masterclass
August 11, 2017
005 | Using surveys for yo biz
Using surveys with your audience • Using surveys part two
August 11, 2017
004| Your 2 audiences 🤔
Remembering you have 2 audiences for the content you create 🤔
August 9, 2017
003 | Integrated Marketing 🍿
Integrated Marketing 01 • Integrated Marketing 02
August 7, 2017
002 | Your Brand Identity 💃🏼
002 | Question: What about your Brand Identity do you want to update?
August 5, 2017
001 | My Intro To Anchor ⚓️
What you can look forward to from me here on Anchor ⚓️
August 4, 2017
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