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The Ross Chapman Audio Experience

The Ross Chapman Audio Experience

By Ross Chapman
Remote Work Coach, Facilitator and UX Designer based in the United Kingdom.
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What Can We Expect With Data Driven Design Sprints?
In this podcast, I start introducing the idea of data-driven design sprints to a 10-year old methodology. What's involved? Tweet me @rosschapman Sign up to my newsletter
April 9, 2021
Hybrid Is The Topic Of 2021
Last year was about remote first. This year, the focus is on Hybrid working. What do we need to start thinking about? How does this change how we collaborate? I start introducing the space, which is going to be one of three areas I'm getting into this year. Tweet me! @rosschapman My newsletter:
April 1, 2021
Non Motivated But Happy
This episode, I decided to look back at my journal entries for the week and share what I was doing and thinking. Also, I share something that I really REALLY love doing. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
February 19, 2021
Weekend Kitten Shenanigans and Focusing on What's Important
Will this become daily? I don't know! This time, I share what happened at the weekend, how projects can get the better of me and will this become a daily thing?!?! Also, used Anchor's web recorder today so you'll know it's utterly unedited! Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
February 15, 2021
Google Relay and I'm Back!
I've been away, but I'm back. Let's start sharing again! Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: D46B31Q6L7T4IXF4 Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
February 14, 2021
Monologue Mallorca Edition
Taking about lacking focus 6 days ago, now reigniting my mission, and setting sights on higher summits. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
August 22, 2018
Just checking in with my current thoughts and goals. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
August 6, 2018
Is it actually something you want? I’m not sure. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 27, 2018
UX/UI/Product Design and Why It’s Frustrating
I share my frustrations with hiring for talent at a time where the industry is getting even more specialist. But there is hope! Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 18, 2018
My Personal Views on Design Team Culture
A personal view on design team dynamics. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 12, 2018
The Hardest Thing is How to Start
I’m working with a business at the moment that has to change. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 12, 2018
Selling UX Design
I share what UX design actually is and how to sell it within businesses and some of what I've learnt along the way. Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 12, 2018
Who Am I and What Is The Plan?
Where I give a too long introduction and what I’m working on now. Is there a plan? Tweet me!: @rosschapman My newsletter:
May 12, 2018