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Revenge Of The Orphans

Revenge Of The Orphans

By Elo The Source
Warning this podcast will shatter your fantasies about heterosexual relationships and peoples so-called love for you!!! Exposing the true character and people behind the masks. This is the 21st Century of phycology disillusioned. What to be aware of and solutions, This is not for the meek of minds and spirit. The truth hurts and the facts kill all illusions and falsehood. Sharing personnel stories and philosophy on balancing the ugly truth from a repill perspective. In this Post-Human Technoutopianism We Trust.


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The Golem Effect
The Host Elo The Source and his Co-Host Millz talk about The Golem Effect the reverse of the Pygmalion Effect and how it relates to your life and well being the pro's and con's and outcomes it will produce. We share personnel experiences and philosophy on life and relationships through the path of phycology.   Music Segment - 47:39 Artist: Intact x Elo The Source  - I don't Want to Fall  Artist: Sirius x Elo The Source - Same Old Follow The Podcast Soundcloud Email:
February 17, 2022
Religious Spells
The Host Elo The Source and his Co-Host Millz talk about how religion keeps the masses of people under a spell, and how not to become sheep -people. They also touch on the falsehood of dogmatic teachings, under Eurocentric influence and agendas. How to protect your mind and spirit from programing of society and the passive influence that is always prese.  Music Produced & Preformed By Elo The Source  Follow The Podcast Soundcloud Email:
December 15, 2021
The Host Elo The Source and his Co-Host Millz talk about how women are Masterful Decepticon's and the dangers it presents in a mans life and well being. How to vet and spot the behavior and what are the motives of said women, and how to respond to this type of women and out smart the deceiver for the best outcome for him and her. How to protect yourself from being a sucker in there sociopath ways of thinking.  (Music Segment)  Into Vocals By Elo The Source : Time - 01:29.  Reality Is A Hell By Elo The Source Composition Beat: Fear Based Love Produced By Elo The Source : Time - 105:11  Composition Beat: Killing My Soul Produced By  Elo The Source : Time - 107.00  Follow The Podcast Soundcloud Email:
December 06, 2021
Will Smith The SIMP
The Host Elo The Source and his Co-Host Millz talk about Will Smith being the biggest SIMP and tool in the feminist PG agenda also killing your idols and people worshiping and loving and trusting of weak ass celebrity's. They also talk about women and men over selling and under delivering saying more and doing less. Family curses women and men being pre - programmed and showing robotic behavior. Women and men loving the false fantasy world over the freedom and liberation of reality. (Music Segment after the show) Into Vocals by Elo The Source Composition Beat: iiMP Produced by Elo The Source Guitars Played by JML Noise Song: Paranormal Paradisus Vocals and Produced by Sine Nefas aka Elo The Source Follow The Podcast Soundcloud Email:
November 28, 2021
Accept Suffering While Comfortability is Buffering
This episode covers a in-depth look into "Accepting Suffering While Comfortability Is Buffering" The Host Elo The Source and Co-Host Mills talk about how this helps you grow in your personnel development, there is no successes with out a great deal of suffering to overcome when you stay the course and see it through to receive the benefits of the pain. "Living You Best Suffering So You Can Be Successful In The Light". What you do today determines years down the line. Always keep that in mind the road is hard, slow and challenging and all kinds of people and things will be with you or against you foreign and domestic. Stay focused on the goals you started today and yesterday and the weeks and months, years before, not everyone will make it in your close circle be prepared to leave them behind if they can't sacrifice with you and stay the course. (Music Segment) Composition Beat: Dark Noise Produced By Elo The Source  Composition Beat: Rinnegan Dux Produced By Elo The Source Follow The Podcast Soundcloud Email:
November 20, 2021