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The Genuinely Interested Podcast

The Genuinely Interested Podcast

By Roy Ben-Tzvi
This podcast is a place where I can connect with people that I'm genuinely interested in - to hear their stories, their successes, and even their failures. To hear what they learned along the way, to gain more insight into who they are, and maybe, learn more about who I am in the process.
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Ep 69 - Matan Hakimi - Reversing Chronic Disease

The Genuinely Interested Podcast

Ep 71 - Elena Hight - From Halfpipe to Backcountry
Elena was born in Kauai but was raised in Lake Tahoe. She is one of the best female snowboarders in the world. At 13-years-old, Elena became the first female to land a 900 in competition. She went on to attend two Winter Olympics, and in 2013, became the first snowboarder, male or female, to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo at the Winter X Games.  Recently Elena made the switch from competition into backcountry snowboarding, and recently released a documentary that documents the whole experience.  Elena and I discussed: How she got into Snowboarding Why she made the switch to Backcountry Her new movie - Blank Canvas The importance of environmental activism Inclusion in outdoor sports Why outdoor sports are more fun than indoors Why the backcountry reignited her love of snowboarding  And much more... Elena Hight My Take: Being at the top of a sport for a very long time is always difficult, sometimes you can lose your passion or fire. It's important to keep searching for that thing that makes you feel alive and to be sure you're not just doing what you’re doing just because you've always done it.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support the Podcast
January 11, 2021
Ep 70 - Eric Larsen - Exploring The Cold
Eric Larsen is a polar explorer, speaker, and expedition guide. He has spent the past 15 years of his life traveling to some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. In 2006, Eric completed the first-ever summer expedition to the North Pole. Eric is now one of only a few Americans to have skied to both the North and South Poles. Eric is passionate about spreading the message about the beauty & importance of the poles and other Arctic places - places that few people will ever get to see.  Eric and I discussed:  What's more difficult, Everest or the North Pole? Polar Bears How he mentally handles the cold The beauty of the ice Breaking a mission into smaller mini-missions The difficulties of putting an expedition together  His positive mindset His surprise stalker  And much, much more... Eric Larsen Eric's Instagram  My Take: It is important that someone like Eric explores these places and tells their stories. These mostly uninhabited (and freezing) places across our planet are some of the most beautiful - and in need of the most preservation.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support the Podcast
January 4, 2021
Ep 69 - Matan Hakimi - Reversing Chronic Disease
Matan is an author and podcast host. His latest book is called Gut Rules, A Guide to Self Healing. As a young photojournalist in the Middle East, Matan was suddenly diagnosed with a chronic disease. Determined to overcome his “incurable” condition, he spent the better half of the last decade trying to understand the reason he became sick. Eventually, to the surprise of his doctors, he was able to completely reverse his condition. Matan and I discussed: What happened when he was diagnosed with a chronic disease  His book The feeling of shame or embarrassment around abdominal diseases  How he cured himself of an "incurable" disease What he eats nowadays Nature vs Chemicals  What water is the best water Alternative cures for self-healing  What doctors need to learn about communicating with patients And much more... Matan Hakimi My Take: Health is the most important thing there is. You can be the richest man in the world, but if you are in poor health, all that money has no value.  Take care of yourself - stay active, eat healthily, reduce stress, go outdoors - the list goes on. We only have one body, so do what makes you feel good, and listen to your intuition. People and doctors may tell you things "you must do" - but do what's best for you - everyone is different, and everyone reacts to things differently.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support the Podcast
December 28, 2020
Ep 68 - Richard Halsey - Californias Chaparral & Wildfires
Richard W. Halsey earned undergraduate degrees from the University of California in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. After teaching biology and natural science for twenty years, Halsey left traditional education to become a full-time chaparral ecologist and to promote an appreciation for California's chaparral environment. He is also an educator and has a passion for talking about the Californian chaparral.  I recently saw Richard in a documentary about the wildfires in Ojai, and I wanted to have him on, to discuss the how's and why’s of these wildfires, and to really understand the issue better. Richard and I discussed:  What is a Chaparral  What happened to the Californian Grizzly Bear  Why the wildfires in California are so severe What are some solutions?  Ojai, Paradise, and other communities affected by wildfires Why we need to spend time outdoors And much more... My Take: Seawater is still rising, wildfires are still raging, yet we buy and build properties in areas that might not be habitable in 10 or 20 years. We need to take a closer look at where we build because climate change is rerouting and reshaping the current landscape. Today's prestigious 2-acre real estate gem could be tomorrow's barren wasteland.   California Chaparral Institute  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Show Support
December 21, 2020
Ep 67 - Nick Loper - How To Grow Your Side Hustle
Nick is the founder of the very popular Side Hustle Nation. He started this site because he was sick and tired of someone else telling him how & where he should spend his time. So he started  and never looked back. Nowadays he is one of the most popular figures in the additional income/side hustle genre, providing podcasts, blog posts, and real insights/advice to people who want to earn extra money and grow their businesses.  Nick is constantly hustling and always looking for ways to diversify his income streams - while teaching and helping his community of listeners do the same. Earlier this year Nick was kind enough to add a segment on a blog post I wrote where he beautifully details how, as a podcaster, one climbs the listener pyramid.  Nick and I discussed:  How to see through fake "gurus" His most lucrative side hustle His early days in the shoe business How to start a side hustle  Coming to terms with the fact that you may suck in the beginning How to stand out in a competitive landscape  How to create trust/loyalty with your consumers  How to transform problems into opportunities  And much more... Side Hustle Nation  My Take: We all want financial freedom, the goal is to make money while you sleep. What you don't want is for your time to be proportionate to your income. You want to be able to go on vacation, take time off, etc - and still have a steady income coming in. Side hustles are one way to ensure this. The internet has made it easier than ever to create a business, automate, streamline it, and add additional income streams.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support the Podcast
December 17, 2020
Ep 66 - Andrew Copson - Humanism
Andrew is a speaker, author, and chief executive of Humanist UK. His latest book is called "The Little Book of Humanism: Universal Lessons on Finding Purpose, Meaning and Joy".  Andrew works to support change for a better society, championing ideas for this one life we have. He is dedicated to spreading humanism and creating a separation between church and state. The goal of humanists is to advance free thinking and freedom of choice so that everyone can live in a fair and equal society regardless of skin color, gender, ethnic or religious background.   Andrew and I discussed:  Secularism vs humanism vs atheism What is humanism? What are (if any) the limits of free speech?  Should Twitter regulate speech? Getting religious influence out of government and educational institutions.  Running for president as an atheist  And much, much more...  Andrew's Twitter  My Take: For too long, religion has had a grip on the way we behave, on the rules of society, the laws we implement, and what we deem "good or "bad". We need to have a more tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. I think humanism can help us go in that direction.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support The Podcast 
December 14, 2020
Ep 65 - Johnathan Buckhouse - Snowboard All Day, Youtube All Night
Johnathan has built a successful Youtube channel that is centered around snowboarding and the snowboarding lifestyle. He regularly uploads amazing videos, fun, and helpful content, and really allows viewers into his life in a very authentic manner. A few years ago, Johnathan decided to go all-in on Youtube. He quit his job at the time with a singular plan in mind - to succeed in his dream of snowboarding for a living and to support himself, and his family while living this dream. Through hard work, determination, and Youtube algorithms, Johnathan has managed to grow his channel, build a community of supporters, and live out his goal of snowboarding all season long. His next chapter would be riding in the offseason, in the southern hemisphere.  Johnathan and I discussed:  Why he quit his job to go fulltime on Youtube His crazy story with the ski patrol "safety" people How he built his Youtube community Tips for beginners Why consistency is key What are his favorite mountains? Where he found the best pow His dream/goal of snowboarding EVERY single resort in the US What it's like snowboarding a 130-day season  And much, much, more.  Johnathan Buckhouse  My Take: If you have a dream, it is your duty to pursue it - everything is easier today than it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago. You have all the tools you need in order for you to go after your goals. Life is short and time is fleeting, don't wait for tomorrow, find your passion and pursue it today. Your future self will thank you in 5 years' time.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support The Podcast 
December 10, 2020
Ep 64 - Natan Levy - UFC Star In The Making
Natan Levy is a recently signed UFC fighter. He was called upon by the UFC to appear on Dana White's Contender Series on 2 days' notice. After getting the "ok" from his team, he said yes - and the rest, as they say, is history. Natan is one of the first Israeli fighters to ever compete in the UFC, which is the most coveted, prestigious, top-level organization in the world when it comes to mixed martial arts.  7 years ago, Natan came to the US with a dream - to be a fighter in the top organization in the world - the UFC.  He is currently undefeated, fighting in the regional circuit with very impressive wins, and varied submissions, which were what led him to the biggest MMA stage in the world. On the night where it was "make it or break it" - he rose to the occasion and defeated his opponent in the 3rd via an arm-triangle choke. I hope to see Natan fight next year and represent his country on the world stage.  Natan and I discuss:  The shark-infested waters of the 155 division  Why he chose to train in Japan The MMA scene in Israel Why it's so difficult to be from Israel and succeed in MMA How he got the call to fight for the UFC How important it is to know English to promote yourself  Why you never quit on your dreams  And much more... Natan Levy's Instagram  My Take: What most people don't see when they see an "overnight success" are the hard years filled with doubt (in Natan's case, 7 hard years), financial problems, and physical difficulties and injuries. Often times we envy the result without wanting the burden of hard work. Natan put in years of work for this result, and to accomplish his dream. You want results? Hard work + time will get you there.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Show Support 
December 7, 2020
Ep 63 - Peter Santenello - The Unseen World
Peter has one of the most interesting Youtube channels I've ever come across. He travels to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and other nations that are not exactly high up on anyone's summer or winter vacation lists. He goes to these places, not with a biased agenda, but with an open mind and a willingness to listen and connect to people (without the politics). For the most part, he has had nothing but positive and humbling experiences, memorable human connections, and insights into communities that very few foreigners will ever get. Peter wants to make videos showing people the world that the media fails to show you, the human side. We tend to make blanket assessments - this country is X, and the people that inhabit it incapsulate all of the bad or the good that that country represents. The reality however is that humans are extremely nuanced, and layered, and not as binary as good or bad. Peter's courage and belief in the good of man is inspiring. He was recently invited to the insular community of the Hasids in New York, which is notoriously difficult to get into. The story he was able to capture there, by just listening, is better (and probably more accurate) than most media outlets’ reports. Peter and I discussed: - Why he moved to Ukraine - How this travel idea started for him - Has he been in dangerous situations? - Why he fears the loss of free speech in the US - His journey through Saudi Arabia - Why alternative media is thriving - What surprises him the most when traveling - Why he was called a nazi And much, much more. Peter Santanello  My Take: The best education comes with travel. When you experience other cultures, other foods, other ways of doing things -  it opens your mind to the endless possibilities that exist within humans and human consciousness. When we set aside politics, religion, and biases, and we open ourselves to connections through authenticity and curiosity, the world is our oyster. Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support the Podcast 
December 3, 2020
Ep 62 - Woody Gooch - Less is More
Woody is a world-renowned and sought-after photographer. He has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, like Dior and Corona Beer. His style of photography is unique, using a lot of negative space in his images. His pictures are often minimalistic in nature, having almost a surreal feel to them at times.  Woody started taking photos as a teenager and quickly discovered a passion for photography. Through personal discovery and maturation, he developed a unique style that sets him apart from many photographers. Woody is self-taught, and did not attend any academic institution for formal training.  This is something he accredits his unique style to. By allowing himself to make "mistakes", and by learning as he went, rather than sticking to specific guidelines they teach in school, he was able to "think outside the box" - and be more creative.  Woody and I discussed :  Why he spends so much time in Japan  What sparked his love for photography What it's like to work with big brands  Minimalism in his work, and life  The reality of shooting in the ocean  How he shot his most famous photo  How to be different/stand out  And much much more...  Woody's Instagram  My Take: A formal education, while great, is not always tailor-made for everyone. Not everyone fits in the same box or has to walk the same path as the rest. Creativity, passion, motivation, a "hustler's mentality" - these are things they cant teach you in school. If you have these traits - cultivate them - and don't let anyone box you into what traditional rhetoric may say, is "the right way".    Go to Free Lunch Coffee and type genuinely for 10% off  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support The Podcast 
November 30, 2020
Ep 61 - Austen Allred - Online Learning 2.0
Austen is the co-founder and CEO of Lambda School. Austen was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and has been starting businesses since his teenage years. His latest company, Lambda, an online coding 'boot camp', is out to change the way we learn coding, or at least change the financial model of it. Paying nothing upfront to enroll, and then paying a % of your monthly salary, ONLY after you find a job in your field - is substantially better than the current college model that leaves you in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This seems to be a no-brainer, for anyone interested in the field.  Austen and I covered - Where and how he was brought up How he raised over 100k through Kickstarter to fund his book The future of online learning  How Lambda School works  Does it pay off to be outspoken?  The future of remote work  And much more... My Take: Whenever you try to set new trends - you are going to find naysayers. Austen is not immune to this, even though Lambda's online coding boot camp is a game-changer for many. Some in the media have cherry-picked information, to misrepresent the full picture of Lambda.  I love risk-takers and game-changers; Austen, and Lambda, are definitely a fine representation of both. Austen's Twitter  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support The Podcast 
November 23, 2020
Ep 60 - Clive Oppenheimer - All About Volcanos
Clive is a geoscientist and filmmaker. His primary research concerns magmatic and volcanic processes; volcanic hazards and volcano monitoring; and the long-range climatic and societal impacts of eruptions. I've always been interested in Volcanoes. They are not only beautiful, scary, and fascinating - but also play a crucial role in our history - and our future.  Clive has worked on documentaries with Werner Herzog, with whom he most recently released Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds. This fascinating film is focused on meteors and comets, and their influence on ancient religions, cultures, and the physical impacts they've had on Earth. Clive and I discussed The role volcanoes have in shaping society Underwater volcanoes The most active volcanoes, supervolcanos, and Yellowstone Werner Herzog and the documentaries he has been a part of What it's like sitting on top of a roaring volcano How he studies volcanoes  ..and much more. Enjoy The Episode! My Take: Having had the privilege myself, of sitting on top of an active volcano, I saw and realized how insignificant and small we really are. These craters filled with lava are so powerful - it's a truly sobering realization of our place in this world. It's great to have the opportunity to talk to someone who has such vast knowledge on this very interesting and important topic. Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out - Support The Podcast 
November 19, 2020
Ep 59 - Batya Ungar-Sargon - Forward Thinking
Batya Ungar-Sargon is the Opinion Editor at the Forward. She has, in the past, written for other popular publications while always trying to stay true to her identity and ethics. She has been openly opinionated about her fellow media colleagues of how they cover certain topics.  One of her latest articles "A new intelligentsia is pushing back against wokeness" is a very necessary and brave piece to write, one that would probably not see the light of day in most publications. She is a firm believer in open discourse, civil debate, and listening to "the other side" instead of vilifying (which is the standard in news & politics).  Batya and I covered How she went from writing about wine to social & political commentary Cancel culture, woke politics and why is it becoming more prevalent Are we as polarized in real life as we are on Twitter? Is Trump or Biden better for the state of Israel and US Jews, and the difference between the two Antisemitism in 2020 The Trump Media Love/Hate Relationship  The political abyss jews find themselves in 2020 USA And much more... Enjoy The Episode! Batya's Twitter My Take: Open discourse is key to a thriving democracy. If we suppress those who think differently or shy away from conversations that make us feel uncomfortable, or fall in line with a certain narrative without questioning it, we are doomed. Civil discussions are the only way to come together and unite. Currently, Batya and others like her are pushing the envelope and challenging "woke" narratives put forth by politicians and some components of the media and the elites. We, as a collective, are lucky to have people like this around that are not afraid to express their views, even though it could, at times, affect their careers.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
November 16, 2020
Ep 58 - Matthew Del Negro - 10,000 NOs
Matthew is an actor (Sopranos, City on a Hill, The West Wing, Scandal, Huge In France, Law & Order, and many more ), a podcast host, and now an author. His new book, 10,000 NOs: How to Overcome Rejection on the Way to Your YES, chronicles Matthew Del Negro’s tough journey from humble beginnings, through a sea of rejections, on the way to his eventual rise to become a recognizable face on some of history's most acclaimed television shows. Along the way, he learned hard lessons about perseverance, persistence, and resilience.  Matthew also hosts a podcast under the same name (10,000 NOs ). A creative impulse prompted him to start this podcast, which has resulted in a very successful show, where he talks to people from all walks of life. More than anything I appreciate Matthew's brutal honesty about his struggles, his achievements, and about the power of self-belief.  Matthew and I talked about his upbringing and journey to the point in his life when he decided he wanted to be an actor. We discussed the importance of hearing no, and learning from rejection, the mindset of getting into a character, his new book, his podcast, and so much more. We even go down a rabbit hole of cults and cults leaders.  This was an extremely fun conversation, and Matthew is a true inspiration. Enjoy the Episode! Matthew Del Negro  Matthew's Instagram  My Take: Rejection is an important part of growth; it molds us, strengthens us, and ultimately allows us to grow and improve. The important thing is realizing what we can learn/take away when someone's telling you NO. Was it them, or is it something I can improve on and become better at, on the path to my goals? Never let someone else's perception of you defeat you, as every closed door is an opportunity for another door to open.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
November 9, 2020
Ep 57 - Melissa Cronin - Sustainability In The High Seas
Melissa is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Conservation Action Lab at UC Santa Cruz studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a designated emphasis in Coastal Science and policy. Her research focuses on assessing conservation strategies for marine megafauna. She is also a National Geographic Young Explorer, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, a Switzer Foundation Fellow, and a P.E.O. Scholar. Previously, she was a journalist covering science and the environment, wildlife crime, trafficking, and politics. Melissa was a fabulous guest to talk to about sustainable fisheries, our oceans, and Manta Rays. These topics could have severe implications if we do not handle them with sustainability in mind. Melissa loves to be out in the field, working with ocean megafauna - but also with fishing vessels to develop, innovate, and implement new solutions for sustainability.  Melissa and I discussed where she grew up, and how that influenced her love of wildlife. We talked about how big of a problem bycatch is, what we can do to minimize it, and how misunderstood the vast number of species of marine wildlife are. We also covered sustainable fishing practices, manta rays and devil rays, and what she learned from watching 540 hours of Survivor (yes, the show).  Enjoy The Episode! Melissa Cronin Melissa's Twitter  My Take: If you eat fish, which most of us do, you might want to check where you buy your fish, for sustainability purposes. If possible, you might even want to reduce your consumption. Our seas are currently overfished and overexploited, these are finite resources that will end if we keep taking out more than it can produce. We all have a duty to be a bit more responsible with our purchasing dollars. Luckily, Melissa is one of many dedicated scientists working on innovative solutions but also educating people through articles, podcasts, and outreach programs.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
November 5, 2020
Ep 56 - Jay Oliveira - A Plant Based, BJJ Black Belt Minimalist
Jay Oliveira is a martial artist (holding a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), a minimalist,  a plant-based athlete, and an overall cool guy.  He carries a 'less is more' approach to most of the things that he does.  Jay advocates for a back to basics approach to food and our lives in general. He touts the benefits of a plant-based diet, explaining that his inflammation disappeared shortly after he went plant-based. He also saw improvement in his cardio and recovery. Coming from the world of Wall Street (Jay still does dip his toes into the market, being a 'stock speculator'), he takes a simplified approach and attitude into everything he does.  Jay and I discussed how he got into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, how long he has been doing it, and the varied benefits of the sport and martial arts. We also chatted about personal growth and how we should spend more on experiences and less on material items. We covered some MMA and chatted about veganism and its benefits.  Enjoy The Episode!  Jay's Instagram   My Take: You're never too old to start learning martial arts. You're also never too old to change/simplify your diet or lifestyle habits. The first step is that you just have to want it. The second step is actually doing it.  Simplify your life, because we really don't need a lot to be happy. Don't buy things you don't need, eat fewer unhealthy foods, and keep yourself moving.  Get out, train, eat some veggies, spend money on an experience you're passionate about rather than material goods. You'll find these steps will lead to you feeling better both mentally & physically.   Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
November 2, 2020
Ep 55 - Konstantin Kisin - The Right To Speak
Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, podcaster, writer, and social commentator. In 2018 he refused to sign a university “behavioral agreement form” which banned jokes about religion and atheism and insisted that all humor must be “respectful and kind”. Safe to say, this made headlines everywhere.  Konstantin and I had a conversation about the current landscape of comedy in the age of cancel culture, and how the suppression of speech is a chief issue for comedians at many venues. We also discussed the difference between the US and the UK in terms of history, culture, and free speech laws. We covered what role Twitter and the media play in the current social division that is spreading like wildfire - and if it's fair for trans athletes to compete against biological women.  These are all very important topics to discuss. For a democracy to thrive, we need to be able to have genuine conversations on all topics without being scared of the repercussions.  We need to stay focused on the content and topics at hand. If we don't talk about things that make us uncomfortable, we will never be able to move forward on issues in a healthy fashion.  I hope you enjoy this episode.  Konstantin Kisin  My Take: Many of us have become so afraid to offend, or be offended, we forgot that conversation, and open communication, between all groups is the only way forward. If we kowtow to anyone without really analyzing, thinking things through, and letting the best ideas float to the surface - we ultimately will lose as a society. We all want the same thing - an equal, prosperous society for all. We just disagree on how to get there, and this is why communication via these platforms is pertinent.   Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 29, 2020
Ep 54 - Jason Fitzgerald - Run For Your Life
Jason is a running coach, podcast host, and author. He hosts a very popular podcast - The Strength Running Podcast - and also has coaching programs that are designed to truly help runners achieve maximum results.  Jason really wants to help runners prevent the mistakes he has made in the past. After finishing the 2008 New York Marathon in 2 hours and 44 minutes, he developed a severe ITB injury and was sidelined for six months. That injury transformed his thoughts on what it means to be running healthy, and the power of working to prevent injury to the body. This led Jason to gain a whole new perspective and running philosophy - he's only had one injury since 2009.  Jason and I discussed ultramarathons and the mental versus physical aspects of them. We also chatted about marathons, how to run effectively based on your level, the best surfaces to run on, some great beginner tips, and much more. To runners and non-runners (or yet to be runners) alike - I hope you enjoy this podcast!  Jason Fitzgerald My Take: Not everyone loves running, however, if you keep at it you can really achieve progress - both mentally and physically. I am working on becoming a better runner myself, and though I usually run on pavement, my preference is trail running. It's a more complete experience for me. If you want to improve your endurance or technique - listen to the podcast, as Jason gives great tips.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 26, 2020
Ep 53 - Simon Donner - Climate Change Explained
Simon Donner is a Professor of Climatology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He studies why climate matters to society, as well as to ecosystems like coral reefs. His group’s work provides insight into the causes and effects of climate change, public attitudes, policy options at home and abroad, and what can be done to adapt. I've wanted to have a conversation about climate change for a long time - its impacts, the misinformation around this hot button topic - and Simon was the perfect guest to discuss this with.  For some reason, climate change is one of the only scientific fields that gets "debunked" or "denied", usually by special interest groups with financial incentives or political ideologies. The science is very clear and very settled (unlike what some media outlets say), and there is actually nothing to dispute. The facts are in -the climate is rapidly changing, and it is due to human activity. We have actually known this, to some degree, for over 100 years.  Simon and I discussed the complexity that is climate, what happens to us/world if we continue 'business as usual',  how to get people to care, who will suffer the worst consequences of climate change, and why climate change is actually a human issue (not solely an environmental issue). Simon also debunks some of the most common myths circulating the Internet.  Enjoy the Episode! My Take: Instead of celebrities, we should pay more attention to scientists, the people who are actually trying to educate and save the planet and its inhabitants. Climate change is the number one threat we currently face. If we do not act with urgency, future generations will suffer dire consequences. Let's rise above politics, and individually do the best we can to avoid runaway climate change from happening.  Simon Donner  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 22, 2020
Ep 52 - Linda Roser - Digital Nomad Life
Linda is a digital nomad. A couple of years ago Linda decided to sell everything she owned, say goodbye to her beautiful dog, and go after her dream of seeing the vast, amazing world we live in. Over the last 10 years, she's been to 50 countries and has acquired not only unbelievable experiences but a deeper sense of self through endless exploration.  Linda helps folks book their travels, and also helps her followers with amazing budget-friendly tips in different countries. Her videos are real and authentic. Currently, she is on a beautiful small Greek island, living her life during COVID times on a or adjacent to sun-kissed beaches and crystal blue waters - and not to mention, delicious fresh Mediterranean food.  We discussed when and why this passion for travel was discovered, what she enjoys most about traveling, what she has learned on her adventures, how to keep safe as a female traveler, and why knowing languages is a superpower.  Enjoy the episode.  Life By Linda My Take: Being a digital nomad in 2020 is more popular than ever. With fewer people being required to travel to a workplace, and live in physical proximity to a workplace, travel, and work, can now be more synonymous than ever. I think travel is one of the most educational and eye-opening things you can do. If going forward this is the new normal, we might truly become more connected with the world around us, and with each other, as fellow humans.  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 19, 2020
Ep 51 - Nicci Gafen - Organic or Bust
Nicci is an outspoken advocate for an organic, vegan lifestyle. She has been eating organic foods exclusively for the last 12 years and swears by the benefits she's seen in herself, her friends, and her clients. She's worked with top MMA fighters helping them cut weight, stay fit, and sustain energy. Nicci has run a few different businesses revolving around organic foods and juices, always focusing on and promoting the benefits to as many people as possible. Nowadays, Nicci focuses more on working with organic farmers, trying to promote local foods as much as she can - giving lesser-known farmers their duly deserved shine.  Nicci and I had a very fun conversation about food, and the disconnection we have from what is on our plates. We also chatted about her lifestyle, daily habits, and how being disciplined in her health regime is key for her (Nicci's day starts with waking up early, followed by a swim in the ocean, and her daily green juice). We discussed Australia's coffee scene, how she got healthy on an organic, vegan diet, and we also dipped into a conversation (pardon the pun) about cold immersions.  Enjoy The Episode! My Take: We should all be more connected to the food we eat, I believe it will give us a healthier perspective and appreciation for the people that grow it, and the process it goes through to reach our plate. Organic vs non-organic is a no-brainer - we should all strive to eat more local, more organic, more sustainable, fewer monocultures, and more seasonal, if possible.  Nicci  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 15, 2020
Ep 50 - Billy & Sierra - Tula's Endless Summer
Billy and Sierra run the extremely popular Youtube channel Tula's Endless Summer. They have well over 100,000 subscribers that enjoy the weekly videos they post.  Billy and Sierra have been living on boats for the last few years, and love the lifestyle. They love it so much they decided to share it with people. Not surprisingly, they managed to gain a massive following of people who enjoy, connect, and more than anything, are inspired by their content.  Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to achieve this lifestyle without breaking the bank. Billy explains how they buy boats for cheap, fix them up themselves, and then use the refurbished boat to live and sail to the places they want to explore. Together with Jetty (their lovable dog), they have cultivated the experience, know-how, and advanced knowledge of all aspects of marine life. From fixing and sailing boats to fishing, and even filming and editing, their lives are a passion project that never ends - and Sierra and Billy love every minute of it.   We discussed the "boat life" lifestyle and why they love it so much, what their day to day is like, how Jetty adjusted to the boat life, how they met, and much more. My Take: Life is an exploration process, nothing is set in stone. Our time here is short, and the world is changing faster than ever before. Don't think about your dreams as a future option, but rather as an urgent mission.  A purpose, a life fulfilled by living your passion, is the only life worth striving for.  Enjoy The episode.  Website  Youtube Channel Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 12, 2020
Ep 49 - Sean Chuma - You Only Live Once
Sean is one of the most experienced BASE jumpers in the world and actually holds the record for most BASE jumps and most tandem BASE jumps. Sean's obsession with jumping off things started young - at age 8 he already wanted to go skydiving but had to wait till he was 16 years old before he could actually go for the first time. When he eventually did, he was immediately hooked.  Sean has jumped off some of the coolest places on earth, from the epic cliffs in the Dolomites to the KL Tower in Malaysia, and even the shipwreck sight In Zakynthos, Greece. He even took a very game 102-year-old lady on a tandem BASE jump off Perrine Bridge in Idaho, making her, I believe, the oldest woman to BASE jump (though that is not verified).  Sean has a BASE jump school in Idaho where people can come and experience, via Tandem jumps, the feeling of jumping off a bridge.  Sean and I discussed the misconception and incorrect narrative that the media is spinning around BASE jumping, his journey into this world, his school, many of the jumps he's done all over the world, some close calls he's had (!), the evolution of the gear, could BASE jumping be an Olympic sport, and what BASE jumping means for him.  This was a fun topic to cover. At the end of the day, our time here is limited, we should enjoy it.  My Take: If you make the decision to jump off a plane, or a bridge, or a cliff - you must come to terms with the fact that something could happen. If you go to a boxing ring you come to terms with the fact that you could get punched in the face. As adults, we make decisions that we feel will enhance our lives by allowing us to pursue our passions. We make calculated decisions to minimize the risk - but if you avoid risk altogether, you might as well stay at home your whole life. Life is risky, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't live to the fullest. On the contrary, it is precisely on the edge, where we feel the most alive.  Sean Chuma Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
October 5, 2020
Ep 48 - Elias Elhardt - Snowboarding, Big Mountains and Climate Change
Elias is one of the top big mountain snowboarders in the world. He's been featured in many documentaries, and recently released his own film, "Contraddiction". He was also in the recently released "Dark Matter", with Travis Rice. Both of these films are excellent and highly entertaining in their own right.   Elias was born in Germany but currently resides in Innsbruck, Austria. He says it is still his favorite place to snowboard despite being all around the world, snowboarding some of the biggest mountains and resorts that are out there. He has been a fixture on the snowboarding scene for many years, and is now making a go at filmmaking, his other love, with "Contraddiction", along with some amazing short films.   We discussed the psychology behind snowboarding, some of the biggest (and scariest) mountains in the world, the correlation between surfing and snowboarding, what it's like snowboarding with Travis Rice, and the importance of finding your passion. We also talked about climate change and the impacts that the winter industry will ultimately suffer. Elias talked about what board he rides and why - and gives some tips on how to improve your riding! My Take: It's a sad story for winter activities, many resorts will have to shut down in the next couple of decades, perhaps making an already exclusive sport even more exclusive. We need to find a balance between reducing our carbon footprint and enjoying what seems to be the limited time we have with the best season of the year (winter).   Elias's Instagram  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
September 28, 2020
Ep 47 - Beau & Brandy - Boat Life In The Caribbean
Beau, Brandy, and their salty dog Oona, are a couple that decided to leave their jobs in Florida, buy a boat, repair that boat, and sail around the Caribbean. - which they have been doing for the last 2 years.  They both knew this was a dream that they really wanted to will into existence, and after a lot of hard work (along with a lot of learning and boat fixing), they eventually set sail, with Oona on board.  Beau and Brandy are living the dream. They are seeing amazing places, exploring islands and cultures, meeting incredible people, and shedding many of the anxieties and realities of the mainland. Week after week, they create and publish amazing content on their YouTube channel - giving us a glimpse of what their daily activities are in an honest and entertaining way.  However, unlike what some people may think about what life on a boat is like, the reality, for the most part, is very different. There are lots of logistics to stay on top of, boat maintenance, safety issues, navigation, food rationings, staying clear of storms, etc.. What I'm saying is, even the fantasy life of living on a boat includes work, probably more work than the average 9-5.  Beau, Brandy, and I discussed how they manage their relationship in small quarters, how Oona adapted to boat life, traveling by boat, seeing the world from a new perspective, living an alternative lifestyle, learning as you go, and a harrowing story of a boat that approached them at night.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, Beau & Brandy have a great energy that they bring with them to every interaction - you guys will love this episode!  My Take: Whatever dream you have, just realize that when you arrive there, it's not going to be you putting your feet up for the rest of your life. The work it takes to achieve the goal is half the fun. Thinking that by leaving your 9-5, and pursuing an alternate reality, you will resolve yourself of hard work - is a fictitious notion. The satisfaction lies in the achievement of your dream through hard work. No easy goal was ever achieved with a feeling of fulfillment - the fulfillment is within the hard work! Beau & Brandy  Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
September 21, 2020
Ep 46 - Dr. Kelly Starrett 2 - Better Than Before
This is the second part of my conversation with Kelly.  If you want to listen to the first episode: Episode 43  Kelly and I caught up a couple of weeks after our first conversation since we had so much to cover. If we had 20 hours available we could have easily filled those up as well, it's always fun to talk to Kelly and learn more about mobility, full-body mechanics, and fitness.  We discussed the importance of sleep (and the connection between thriving and surviving), the astounding advancements in the fitness industry in the last few decades, the importance of community, how to make incremental changes to improve your physical health and posture, anti-fragility, and much much more.  Enjoy The Episode My Take: I thought the anti-fragility that Kelly brought up was super relevant. We used to be much tougher both emotionally and physically, there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and emotional but we have to find a balance between that and toughening up a bit. Let your kid scrape its knee, if someone called you a bad word or if you hurt your leg,  you can take it as a personal attack or as a chance for personal growth in the goal of being stronger. Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
September 14, 2020
Ep 45 - Adam Borics - All The Way To The Top
Adam is a Bellator featherweight and one of the top prospects in his division.  Originally from Hungary, Adam decided to leave everything behind - family friends, language, culture - and come to America to pursue his dream of greatness.   He came to Florida to Sanford MMA which is one of the best MMA gyms in the world. He trains with some of the best fighters around - Kamaru Usman, Michael Chandler, and Gilbert Burns - to name a few. With a flashy highlight reel that includes a few flying knee knockouts, he is surely on his way to gold, and maybe even into the UFC down the road. His fight against Aaron Pico, where he landed a flying knee, definitely helped him gain more mainstream attention. He says he was happy to shut down the hype around Aaron, but felt bad, because Aaron is such a nice guy. The fight game is a brutal sport and the reality is in order for you to advance, your opponent has to suffer. It’s a high stakes chess match with severe consequences.   In this episode, Adam and I discussed his decision to leave home and come to Florida, his first loss and how he bounced back, the featherweight division, and even the upcoming fight between Usman and Gilbert. We talk about what it is like training at Sanford MMA, Bellator, the UFC, and much more.   My Take - You have to love and respect a story where someone comes from unlikely circumstances and wills his dream into existence. This is exactly what Adam did. He is a true inspiration for everyone everywhere to remember - your only obstacle to success is your mindset. If you believe in yourself, if you do the work, if you don't give up - you will achieve your goal!  Adam's Instagram   Comments, requests, sponsorships, or questions, please reach out -
September 7, 2020
Ep 44 - Patrick Winn - Asia's Drug Business
Patrick Winn is an award-winning investigative journalist who covers rebellion and black markets in Southeast Asia. He tells the stories that you might not hear about in the west, or on mainstream news channels.  Winn has received the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and a National Press Club award. He’s also a three-time winner of Amnesty International’s Human Rights Press Awards - amongst other prizes. After watching the Netflix show 'The Business of Drugs', I was extremely interested in learning more about the meth trade in Myanmar. Patrick, who is a long time investigative reporter in the region, was featured on the show. I reached out to him, wanting to get a better understanding of the players in the region, why Myanmar is such a huge meth producer and distributor, and why this region is so infrequently reported on.  Often times, especially in the US, there is a very US-specific prism that we view current world affairs through. It was refreshing to get "outside" insight from Patrick, who has been in Thailand for many years, has learned the language, embedded himself in the culture, and has a very clear understanding of geopolitics, drugs, and journalism in the region. Myanmar is currently the world's biggest meth producer. With the country's rampant corruption, heavily armed militias, and hard to access rainforests, it's a perfect storm, for lack of a better term, that has enabled criminals (and/or people who are just trying to survive) means to easily ramp up drug production.  Patrick and I discuss what some solutions to the drug epidemic could be, the harsh penalties most Asian countries have for drug offenders, what led him to cover the drug trade in Asia, the current media landscape, compassion, his documentaries, and much more.  Enjoy The Episode! Patrick Winn  Patrick's Twitter  My Take - Drugs are not going away anytime soon. Governments have spent billions trying to eradicate it, to no avail. The more they try, the more the trade seems to take on steam. Just like cigarettes and alcohol - and partially marijuana - perhaps it is time to set up some system of legalization for some other drugs as well. I'm not sure what the correct way to go about this is, but I do know that decades of a failed "war on drugs" has left many dead bodies, civil wars, billions in lost revenue and money spent - without making a dent in consumption.  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
September 3, 2020
Ep 43 - Kelly Starrett - Mastering Mobility
Kelly is a physical fitness and CrossFit coach, mobility expert, author and speaker and is a genius when it comes to body mechanics.  Kelly has worked with some of the best athletes in the world, helping them become better athletes, train with less pain, and improve dexterity, flexibility and overall body health. Kelly has also worked with everyone from Obama to Joe Rogan. He is one of the most well-known pioneers of movement and body mechanics in our modern era.  We go about our day making unconscious movements which could be hurting our spine - from sitting in the wrong position to being on our phone, and even training incorrectly. We also all have lingering pain that we never really took care of, which could (and usually does) affect other parts of our bodies later down the road.  Kelly has a wealth of information; he is an encyclopedia on this subject, and there is so much to learn about body mechanics, that we had to do another episode! We discussed the difference between pain and injury, sitting down and a sedentary lifestyle, how to deal with injuries, what are some common misconceptions in the fitness world, the importance of movement, the importance of sleep, and much much more.  The next episode will be released next week, stay tuned for many more questions, great insights, and Kelly's tips on how to improve mobility.  My Take - The more I learn and research, the more I realize I can do everyday things better. After listening to Kelly, I realize I have to work on my own movement and mobility, and have some changes to make. Don't be shy to take a new approach in life, if you see a better way of doing things, give it a shot.  Kelly Starrett  Books Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 31, 2020
Ep 42 - Petr Ludwig - Stop Procrastination Now
Petr Is a keynote speaker and the best selling author of the book 'The End Of Procrastination', You could say he is an expert in the field - I mean he literally wrote the book about it.  Petr, who is originally from the Czech Republic, but has lived in NYC for the last two years or so - has recently (due to COVID) moved back home. When the time is right, he is looking forward to coming back to NYC.  Petr is a very popular figure in the Czech Republic, a regular feature on talk shows and guest interviews. In addition, Petr also hosts his own podcast, "Deep Talks", in Czech, and has his own company.  Just in line with the name of his podcast, we definitely had some deep talks during our conversation. We both immediately felt very comfortable with one another, which lent itself to a fun, open, honest, and insightful conversation. Petr gave some amazing tips on how to stop procrastinating.  We discussed how the industry is fraught with "fake advice" and people selling you "snake oil"  - and how Petr focuses on data to come to the conclusions he shares. We talked about some basic tools to increase productivity to use throughout the day, and how to improve your will power. We also covered how physical activity helps mental stability, and he tells a harrowing story that caused a shift in his perspective.  Lastly, we discussed why he has such an affinity for Japan and the Japanese culture. My Take - Keep it simple. Petr uses data and science to give you the best ways to be more productive in a world that is designed (or currently seems to be designed) to make you less productive. Petr Ludwig  Petr's Instagram  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 27, 2020
Ep 41 - Michael Chiesa - UFC Gold
Michael is a top ten welterweight fighter in the top MMA organization in the world - the UFC. After a loss to Anthony Pettis (also a former world champ) and a tough weight cut in 2018, Michael made the wise decision to go up to 170 where he has since flourished. In his last fight, Michael fought and beat RDA who is a former world champion - which gave him a three-fight win streak and declared him a serious contender in the 170 division.  Mike has been in the UFC since 2012 and has fought some of the best (and toughest) guys in the world.  Mike and I discussed some of his past fights - with a hilarious story about poop that you have to hear! We also talked about his fighting style, why he chooses not to shit talk his opponents, being authentic, and why, through that authenticity, he has been embraced by fans more than he ever has.  I felt like Michael was really open and honest during our conversation and it made for a really easy and interesting podcast.  Enjoy the episode.  My Take - Going up a weight class has benefited Michael tremendously and I do believe that other fighters who struggle to make weight in their respective will start to make the transition up avoiding dangerous weight cuts.  Mike's Instagram  Mike's Twitter  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 24, 2020
Ep 40 Kuntal Joisher - The First Vegan to Summit Everest
Kuntal is a mountaineer, vegan, and animal rights advocate. After two aborted climbs to Mt. Everest in 2014 and 2015 due to natural disasters that left a deep impact on Kuntal, in May 2016, Kuntal broke the record of being the first climber to summit Everest completely vegan - with vegan food, vegan clothing, and vegan gear.  Kuntal is an active vegan campaigner. Having been born into a vegetarian family, around 2001, while working in LA, he learned more about veganism and decided to make the transition. There has been no looking back since.  Nowadays, you see more and more vegan athletes coming up - peeling away the stereotype of those not consuming meat as weak or feeble. Some of the best athletes in the world - from MMA to football, basketball, and tennis, and even ultra-endurance runners are all thriving on a plant-based diet - and Kuntal wants to bring that movement into mountaineering.  Kuntal told me the harrowing story of his experience in the 2015 avalanche that left him not being able to breathe, how his love for mountaineering started and flourished, and we discuss being vegan in the mountains. We discussed the unsung heroes of Everest, the Sherpas, and how they do not get the credit they deserve, his future plans, and much more.  My Take - Veganism has become mainstream, but unfortunately, the mountaineering community has not embraced it as much as some other sports. I think once outdoors sports communities realize the direct correlation between veganism and climate change they will reduce their consumption, Kuntal is definitely a pioneer in this space.  Kuntal Joisher  Kuntal's Instagram  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 20, 2020
Ep 39 - Mike Lemaire - Fighting for Glory
Mike is a kickboxer with a Muay Thai background, currently fighting for Glory Kickboxing.  In 2013, Lemaire entered a Road To Glory middleweight tournament and powered through it, stopping two of his three opponents. Fighting 3 times in one night is incredible, and this was his ticket into Glory.  Originally from France, Mike grew up watching some of the greats in K1 -  deciding that one day, he too, would be a professional fighter - fighting some of the elites in the world. Mike is also dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle and regularly posts his health tips, training tips, and at-home workouts on Instagram.  Mike says that he is not against making a run in MMA. He is a phenomenal striker, and with some training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he could probably make a serious run in any organization - especially given his strong Muay Thai background.  Mike and I discussed his childhood and fascination early on with martial arts, his journey and decision to move to San Diego and train in the Unites States, Glory rules, the current fighting landscape, his nutrition/training regimen, and his sweet pit bull.  My Take - the fight game is an extremely difficult pursuit, one must dedicate their whole life -  enduring physical and mental hardship to be able to make it to the very top. I think martial arts draw great parallels to life as a whole. They teach us that through respect, hard work, and perseverance you can achieve your goals.  Enjoy the podcast Mike's Instagram  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 17, 2020
Ep 38 - Brian Hare - The Genius Of Dogs
DOGS!!  Now that I have your attention - today's guest is Brian Hare. Brian is a Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology, Psychology, and Neuroscience at Duke University. He is also the co-author, alongside his wife Vanessa Woods, of the bestselling book "The Genius of Dogs".  I read the book and loved it. I reached out to Brian because I wanted to learn more about this fascinating topic. Dogs and Homo Sapiens are a very unlikely pairing in evolutionary terms - both being top predators, tens of thousands of years ago, who would have been vying for the same prey. Yet, the wolves that were once our enemies have evolved into dogs that are members of our families.  Brian says its survival of the friendliest, not the strongest, that has allowed dogs to evolve alongside us. From their start as wolves benefiting from our leftover food, they have gradually become the animals we love so much today.  Dogs have evolved to read our facial expressions, movements, and body gestures. They can get a read on our emotional well being, and are better at this than almost any other animal. They really are "Man's best friend". My Take - Dogs are an amazing evolutionary "accident". We are lucky to have them beside us, and they, in return. reap the benefits of being the most loved animal in the world. Unlike wolves, their distant family member, who are extinct/on the verge of extinction almost everywhere they used to roam - dogs are ubiquitous everywhere, in every country, on every continent. They are truly remarkable in their story, abilities, and adaptability.  Brian Hare  Brian's Twitter  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out -
August 13, 2020
Ep 37 - Andrew Sykes - Create Good Habits, Become Magnetic
Andrew is a professional speaker, the founder and CEO of Habits At Work, and the co-author of the 11th Habit. A book that shows how to design a company that makes it easy and natural for employees to prioritize and care for themselves, and perform at the highest level as a result.  Andrew grew up in South Africa, but at a certain stage decided that what he was doing there was just not enough for him anymore. He eventually set his sights on the US. Andrew focuses on creating good habits and helping people become magnetic. I didn't fully realize what he meant when I originally heard it, but after talking to Andrew for over an hour, I understood what he means when he said magnetic.  The way I perceive it is having people be drawn to you, and you do that in a few ways. One of the ways, which Andrew himself portrays so well, is just simply listening. Most people want to talk to be heard - which is fine - but if you actually listen to what people have to say, you will be able to be a better husband, wife, father, mother, CEO, or salesperson.  Our ability to listen and receive honest feedback is a crucial part of the process. Andrew also said something that really stuck with me - we invent who we are. I never really thought of it in this way but through our actions and our daily conscious and nonconscious decisions and habits, we actively create the person that we become. Our habits create us.  Andrew says that if we practice good habits, let's say in one particular arena, every day, day after day -  we can eventually rise to the top 1% of that industry/category.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I think Andrew has a lot of great insights into what makes us better. Better salespeople, better entrepreneurs, better CEOs, better fathers and mothers, and better partners.   My Take - Invent yourself, you are your own best or worst invention. If you create good habits, you will see the results in the long run. We make many decisions each day, make sure some of those decisions serve you well in the process of creating a better you - not comparing yourself with others, but only with yourself.  Enjoy the Episode   Andrew Sykes   Andrew's Twitter  Comments, requests, sponsorships or questions, please reach out - my email is
August 10, 2020
Ep 36 - Alex Dawson - Finding Beauty in the Wreckage
Alex is a scuba diver and underwater photographer. He often shoots incredible wreck sites of ships, planes, and tanks. These surreal images are what got me to reach out to Alex.  Alex has been diving and shooting incredible underwater photos for decades, even before digital cameras were a fixture - which must have been incredibly difficult. However, this also forced him to shoot with more precision and deliberation.  Diving through these pieces of history, one must wonder what went down as the final moments occurred, as some of these wrecks are from lost battles or wars. To see some of the wrecks still in pretty good condition after so many years is pretty incredible. Since the majority of wrecks have not yet been found, we have not even begun to scratch the surface. There are still so many unexplored sites to shoot and explore in the future for Alex and other enthusiasts in our vast blue oceans.  Together we explored the process of setting up these shoots and we even discussed an excavation expedition where they successfully found champagne bottles dating back to the 18th century. These champagne bottles sell for up to 30,000 euros in champagne auctions. Alex explained some of the technical aspects of diving, talked about some canceled trips due to COVID, the process of choosing the right image, and much more.  My Take - Sometimes the unknown is the scariest thing but also the most exhilarating and fascinating. The things that lie underneath the surface have their own tale to tell and I'm happy that Alex is there to document it and share that story with the world.  Alex Dawson  Alex Dawson's Instagram  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
August 6, 2020
Ep 35 - Einat Wilf - The War of Return
Dr. Einat Wilf is the co-author of “The War of Return: How Western Indulgence of the Palestinian Dream Has Obstructed the Path to Peace” and a leading intellectual and original thinker on matters of foreign policy, economics, education, Israel and Zionism. She was a member of the Israeli Parliament from 2010-2013, where she served as Chair of the Education Committee and member of the influential Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. She is considered one of Israel’s most articulate representatives on the international stage. Einat's book has been making waves on the world stage, challenging many of the preconceived notions many have had about the situation in the Middle East. In an area that is more complicated than any other in the world, Einat gives the readers a clearer understanding of what the Palestinians want, and why no matter what happens, the idea of "from the river to the sea" makes it extremely difficult for peace to reign in the region.  I thoroughly enjoyed our candid and open conversation on a topic that many would rather not discuss. Einat was insightful, knowledgable, and funny - when talking about such a heavy topic. It helps to inject some humor at times. I hope more people read her book, listen to this podcast, and learn more about the less told aspects of why peace has been unattainable so far.  Einat and I discussed her book, MENA Jews, the transfer of empires to nation-states, Palestinian "refugees", UNRWA, what is happening in the UN, Israel's disastrous PR job, and much much more.  My Take - Einat really took a very complicated issue and distilled it into a single story, which is really the crux of the whole conversation. I hope this book opens people's minds, clears up misunderstandings, and makes people understand what has been the real issue all along. When you strip away the emotions, the political ideology, the theatrics of Pollywood, media bias, and religious dogma - you're really only left with the truth. Hopefully, Einat's book will clear a path to a more honest and open dialogue and maybe even in the long run, if one wants to be optimistic, peace. Enjoy the Episode. Dr. Einat Wilf  Einat's Twitter  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
August 3, 2020
Ep 34 - Jack Steward - Rock The Park
Jack is the co-host of the popular outdoors show Rock The Park  Turning a hobby and/or a love of the outdoors into an actual show is something that most people would only dream of, but Jack and Colton managed to turn that dream into a reality. They travel the country going to amazing national parks and forests and show the beauty and fun of the outdoors. What I like about the show, is that Jack and Colton bring you the perspective of the everyday person and /or weekend warrior - this isn't your crazy over the top, survival in the jungle type of show. The national parks in the US are some of the most beautiful in the world, and Jack and Colton portray just that. From climbing 14ers in Colorado to enjoying the deserts of Utah or California, there is always a sense of leaving with more once you experience nature. Jack and I talked about how the show came about, his relationship with Colton, bears and bear safety, some of his favorite places, and what nature really means to him. We even discussed dogs because I mean, they're dogs. Who doesn't want to talk about dogs?  This was a great conversation, I really enjoyed it - and I'm sure you guys will as well.  Hopefully, Jack and I will get to do a hike together in the post-COVID future. But for now, enjoy the podcast  My Take - Nature - the mountains, the beaches, the trees, the trails, and the lakes and streams all offer us a chance to disconnect from the material and connect to the internal. This is a great time to enjoy some of the marvelous natural gifts that surround us. Go on a hike, jump in a lake, climb a mountain, go camping,  whatever it is you enjoy doing in the outdoors, do it now. Recharge those batteries, put your phone away, release the stress, connect with friends or family, or just be by yourself cloaked by nature. Jack Steward Youtube Channel  Jack's Instagram  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 30, 2020
Ep 33 - Elias Weiss Friedman - The Dogist
Elias is the mastermind behind the wildly successful Instagram account The Dogist. Elias has shot over 40,000 dogs over the last 8 years or so, and according to him, this is just the beginning.  The importance of the story is a vital part of any image, especially when photographing dogs. Dogs don't have egos and do not change the way they behave, or express themselves differently, in front of a camera. Henceforth, the reaction or expression that you get from them is the rawest possible.  After getting laid off from his corporate job, Elias found a way to turn a negative into a positive. He decided to follow his passion and he saw an opportunity to photograph man's best friend. With knee pads in one hand and a camera in the other, he walked the streets for hours looking for interesting dogs. Only through commitment, perseverance, and a creative outlook was he able to, day in and day out, put out great content and gradually build a community of followers while building his brand.   We had a great chat about dogs, dogs, and more dogs (!), but also about his journey, career, childhood, and the difficulty of street photography. Approaching strangers on the street is no easy feat, but doing anything consistently will lead to improvement. We talked about his social media brand and some future projects on the horizon. This is a great episode for dog lovers and non-dog lovers (who are those people? ) alike.  Enjoy the Podcast My Take - Perseverance pays off, even when your dream seems to be farfetched, unattainable, and against all odds. Your only course of action is to tackle it head-on and persist with the force of a bull. If you do not believe in your dream, no one will. I also believe that dogs complete humans in a way no other animal can and in a way that sometimes even other humans can't. This is partly why the Dogist has been successful - he portrays our best friend in an honest and fun way, making it even easier for us to connect with the images.  The Dogist  The Dogist Instagram  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 27, 2020
Ep 32 - Matteo Franceschetti - Sleep, Evolved
Matteo is an entrepreneur, originally from Italy, where he focused on the renewable energy sector. Since arriving in NYC however, he has dedicated his energy and time into co-founding the athletic sleep company - Eight Sleep.  I never realized how important sleep was for athletic ability, recovery, and overall performance. What Matteo's mattress does is essentially adapt to your body temperature, gather data on what facilitates your best sleep, and gradually, the goal is for you to be able to sleep less but better. D2C (direct to consumer) mattress companies have blown up in the last decade - but there isn't any other mattress company that collects your own personalized sleep data, to give you the best sleep possible.  With more and more studies coming out backing the importance of deep sleep, Matteo has positioned himself to capitalize on a growing trend. Matteo gives some really great tips on improving your sleep, and even your naps. Now that we are starting to realize that sleeping is one of the most important tools for a great day, these tips are definitely worth taking.  Matteo and I discussed how he started Eight Sleep, the benefits of great sleep, rem vs non-rem sleep, how Eight Sleep uses and gathers data, athletic endurance, and so much more.  My Take - There are many basic things we do every day that we could essentially be doing better. Breathing, running, sitting, and yes, even sleeping, are daily activities that through science we are now learning so much more about. A good night's sleep is something we should invest in, as the return on investment could be better athletic ability, quicker recovery, and increased physical / mental health and focus.  Enjoy the Episode!  Matteo Franceschetti's Twitter  Eight Sleep  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 23, 2020
Ep 31 - Sophie Gamand - Pitbull Flower Power
Sophie Gammand's story is one of serendipity. Sophie is a photographer - you may know her from her Pitbull Flower Power series - which went viral and, in the process,  helped many Pitbulls in shelters.  Her serendipitous start came one day when she was walking down the street to shoot a project for a photography class she was taking. Her task was to shoot people on the streets of NYC. A man presented himself, asking her to photograph him - upon which Sophie says she "chickened out" and essentially ran the other way. Fully uncomfortable with the prospect of shooting strangers, Sophie decided to visit a nearby veterinarian's office - and her subjects ended up being dogs, not humans. From here, as they say, the rest is history.  Since then, Sophie has gone on to publish books, amass a massive social media following, and, most importantly - helped many Pitbulls and other dogs in shelters with her flower power portrait series.  Sophie and I had a really fun conversation - both having had the immigrant experience, both moving to NYC and taking up photography when we arrived, and a mutual love of dogs and Pitbulls. We talked about the bad rap that Pitbull type dogs get, the media propaganda that caused the biased dialogue around the breed, how she came up with the ideas for her portrait series, and much more.  This was my longest episode to date. I felt as though we still had so much more to cover. Perhaps, in the future, Sophie will come back on the podcast.   Enjoy the Podcast My Take - Pitbulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs out there. They are actually exceptionally sweet and get along well with kids and babies. I'm glad Sophie saw through the media disinformation campaign and decided to dedicate so much of her time/career to help change hearts and minds. If you do something with your heart, you will be rewarded on many fronts.  Sophie Gamand  Sophie's Patreon  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 20, 2020
Ep 30 - Marie Ruumet - From Estonia To Thailand In Pursuit Of A Dream
Marie is a very unique young woman. At the age of 17, she decided to leave her family and friends in Estonia and travel to Thailand to pursue her dream of being a professional Muay Thai fighter. Along the way, she developed into an MMA fighter - and recently - landed a contract with ONE Championship (the largest MMA organization in Asia).   Since arriving in Thailand she has had many pro Muay-Thai fights, learned the language, and evolved as a more complete martial artist.  We talked about the transition of moving from Estonia to Thailand, how she got interested in fighting,  her fights, and what she sees in her near future. Dedicating your life to fighting is probably one of the hardest things a human can do, but looking at Marie in the ring she seems so cool, calm, and collected. She says it's her happy place, that she loves being there. And with some amazing wins its hard to argue that. I think in the next few years she will grow as a fighter, rack up more wins, and start to receive more international acknowledgments! There has never been a better time to be a fighter.   Enjoy the podcast.    My Take - If you are lucky enough to realize what you want to do in life, grab it with both arms, don't let it go, and pursue it with every fiber in your being. Most of us don't know what we want to do even in our 40's, and some of us, never figure it out.  If at age 16 you are willing to leave your family and friends and pursue a passion, you must let that passion overtake you and become a driving force in the pursued dominance of your craft.   Marie Ruumet Instagram   Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 16, 2020
Ep 29 Jack Sim - Toilet Man
Jack Sim is a very unique guy. A successful businessman turned NGO founder, he is determined to solve one of the biggest and overlooked issues of our times - toilets. More accurately, the lack of toilets and proper sanitation in developing nations.  Recently, Jack was the star of the documentary "Mr. Toilet, The World's #2 Man", an insightful documentary about Jack, his journey, and the very real problem of sanitation and lack of toilets in developing countries. Jack has realized something very important about the media; with humor and sensationalism, he can garner media attention, and if he gets their attention - he gets the world's attention. He realized that talking about shit (in the literal sense of the word) is awkward, taboo, and uncomfortable for most people. So, he put a twist of humor into his message -  in order to create an open dialogue on this extremely important issue. Not having a place “to go” isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a problem that impacts over 2 billion people worldwide. In India alone, 200,000 children die each year from lack of safe sanitation.  Jack and I discussed what we can do to help this very urgent matter -  how do you re-educate people, what are some projects he and his organization are working on, and how as a collective we can better serve other humans more / ourselves a little less.  Jack believes that helping others is the best way to live. I mean, it's hard to disagree with that.  My Take - In the western world we take certain things for granted - healthcare, internet, electricity, running water etc... these basic things are not accessible to a large percentage of the population in developing nations. Before we complain about how hard our lives are, we should take a minute and be thankful for everything that we have, because something as simple as a toilet to you, could be a lifesaver for someone else.  Enjoy The Podcast Mr. Toilet Film - WTO - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 13, 2020
Ep 28 - Joe Hollier - The Light Phone
We are all connected to our phones 24/7, it has become our reality. Joe has decided to ask the question, "must it be this way, though?".  With the tagline - "A phone that respects your time", Joe has created the Light Phone - a modern, sleek phone that has minimal functionality (goodbye Instagram), and allows for the bare minimum - i.e. calls and texts.  Joe, like most of us, was getting tech fatigue and anxiety. He wanted to create a way to take a break from all that the smartphone entices us with. Being constantly connected to your phone takes its toll, and we just accept it because, hey - modernity.  A phone is a tool that should serve us, and while our smartphones are highly functional supercomputers that have made our lives much easier - they have also enslaved us, in a way. Convenience has come at a price of loss of privacy, physical and mental issues, government surveillance - the list goes on.  Joe and I discussed all these matters and more. In creating the Light Phone, Joe is not naive - he does not think the Light Phone will replace the iPhone - but he does want it to be an addition to it, and to our lives. Joe was featured on Forbes 30 under 30 and is a bright young mind in the tech scene.  I had a lot of fun conversing tech with Joe and learning about his thought processes throughout this whole journey.  My take - We need a break, our phones have become an extension of our hands, when we can't see them for 2 seconds we become OCD and lose our minds. We have developed an unhealthy relationship with these machines, and while I'm not advocating to throw them away, I am saying perhaps put them away for a couple of hours, go on a hike, enjoy the moment, don't document the moment, find the balance that works for you - and maybe, grab a Light Phone.  Enjoy the podcast! Joe Hollier - The Light Phone - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 9, 2020
Ep 27 - Chad Sarno - Reinventing Seafood
Chad is a vegan chef, entrepreneur, author, and together with his brother runs an entertaining, informative, and popular youtube channel.  Chad has authored and co-authored numerous cookbooks with John Mackey (Wholefoods co-founder), Kris Carr, and his brother Derek Sarno.  He also runs multiple companies and is a father, so I was thankful he had some time to squeeze me in.  Together Chad and Derek are trying to show the world that you can enjoy all the foods you love from BBQ to burgers, chili, or brisket - all in vegan form as a healthier alternative. They also are the founders of Good Catch, an evolved seafood food company that is all vegan and seriously delicious.  Chad and I talked about the importance of healthy food and the progress that plant-based foods have made in consumers' hearts and minds in the last few years. Whether it's for environmental, ethical, or health reasons  - more people are going vegan and are seeking high-quality food for physical and mental nourishment. The food Chad and his brother cook is as close to the real thing without killing an animal as possible, with creative mushroom dishes to a 'beef' wellington that leaves nothing to the imagination. Their dishes are unbelievably flavorful and much healthier than the alternative.  My Take - People want nutritious, delicious food! If it is made of plants instead of meat, people (refreshingly) don't care as much as they did a few years ago. With the progress and development, we've had in the vegan scene in the last few years, plant-based foods are bound to take over in the coming years.  Enjoy the podcast.  Wicked Healthy - Good Catch Foods -  Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 6, 2020
Ep 26 - Sebastian Copeland - A Message From The Arctic
Most people do not like winter, let alone freezing -40 degree weather, but a few elite explorers thrive in these conditions.  Sebastian Copeland is an arctic explorer, photographer, climate researcher, and author.  He has been going on arctic explorations for many years in the hopes of raising awareness about climate change, the receding ice, and disappearing poles.  I watched his documentary Into The Cold a few years ago and always thought it must be brutal documenting expeditions in those temperatures. Somehow he and his partner managed to successfully reach their goal and create an amazing documentary, all the while documenting and creating a beautiful film. Sebastian and I talked about current world and climate events. We also discussed his story and journey and what shaped him to become who he is. I think the arc of everyone's story is a crucial piece to understand who they are today.  We talked about the hardest expedition he's had and the mental fortitude it takes to go through something like this.  My Take - We must not forget climate change during these times. Although the world is going crazy and the news is not really reporting about climate change - it is still a very imminent threat to humanity.  Luckily Sebastian and others are going to great lengths to keep this message at the forefront. Exploration is synonymous with humans, and polar exploration is the ultimate human achievement.  Enjoy the episode.  Sebastian Copeland - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
July 2, 2020
Ep 25 - Jessica Cox - The Worlds First Armless Pilot
If you ever needed inspiration, look no further! There are not a lot of people on this planet that are as inspirational as Jessica is. Jessica was born with no arms - but that has not stopped or slowed her down, by any means. She has achieved amazing things. Jessica is not only the first armless pilot, but also the first armless black-belt in Taekwondo. Her spirit and courage are infectious. She does not accept no, and she has eliminated "I cant" from her vocabulary, allowing her to overcome any obstacle she sets her mind to. I caught up with Jessica while she was at the airport. We sat to have a very interesting conversation about her childhood, her life, and her journey to become who she is today. We discussed how she looks at challenges, would she ever be interested in prosthetics, what did it feel like the first time she flew solo, and what her future goals are. Anytime you speak with someone like Jessica, who is so inspirational and so full of life, the energy is contagious. I hope you feel the same way after listening to her speak. My Take - Your mind is the most important tool you own. If you keep it sharp, your body will adapt and follow. Jessica is proof that the body is just a tool for the mind to use - and if the mind is determined, your body will follow. So make up your mind - and demand of your body to do what it is capable of.  Enjoy the podcast Jessica Cox - Documentary -
June 29, 2020
Ep 24 - Joseph Cohen - Creator of Universe
Joseph grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. At a young age he showed an affinity for entrepreneurship, and in college, he not only started his first company - but sold it a few years later. Joe is part of the no-code movement that is happening in tech. The no-code movement, in its essence, is a way to democratize coding - which in itself, only a small percentage of people across the world can do. This movement led Joe to create Universe, the first app dedicated to building websites via no-code and no templates. Joe says this is the easiest way to make a website. With the trust of GV (Google Ventures) behind them, by the way of a $10 million raise, Joe and his team are creating a new way to build platforms. Joe and I got into a great discussion about tech, its massive advantages, and some disadvantages, the responsibility tech giants have - and, the endless possibilities Universe holds. I had a great time chatting with Joe, and getting a glimpse into how he sees things. I also learned, funny enough, that we are actually neighbors. It's a small, small world. My Take - We should always be open to looking at things in different ways, what we thought was sketched in stone is often a body of water changing its structure. New ways of thinking are always out there and often met with criticism, people are wary of the unknown. However, our ability to adapt and change is the foundation of human evolution - we must cherish it. Enjoy the episode. Joseph Cohen - Universe - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
June 25, 2020
Ep 23 - Damien Mander - From Special Operations to Conservation Hero
Damien is a very interesting individual with a very unique story. Firstly, he is not your typical vegan. Damien was an army man - having a military background, he served in Iraq and eventually decided to come to Africa - where he had his life epiphany. in 2009 Damien decided to liquidate all his financial assets and set forth on a mission of conservation, one which he has dedicated the last 11 years to. He founded the International Anti Poaching Foundation, an organization that focuses on conservation and anti-poaching efforts.  The IAPF is also the first-ever to start an all-female ranger unit called Akashinga. Akashinga's main effort is to attempt to de-escalate dangerous poaching situations (rather than using force) - and they have seen massive success in the last few years. With Jane Goodall on the advisory board, the IAPF, headed by Damien, has become a real force for good in the areas in which they operate. During our chat, we discuss Damien's journey from a mischievous lad in Australia, to serious army man, to eventually the role that he holds now - protecting wildlife and conserving the environment in southern Africa. In his sharing of his time in the army, having had a military background myself, I definitely felt a connection and an understanding of what he went through. I had such a great time talking to Damian, who is currently at the main IAPF headquarters in Zimbabwe. I'm really grateful to have this opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. My Take - People change. We are always evolving, and our past/life experiences do not always predicate where we will end up in the world - or the beliefs we will hold which will mold our lives. Having had the epiphany he did, Damien went with it, changed his life, and is now at the forefront of animals and habitat conservation. A truly inspiring story!  International Anti-Poaching Foundation - Damien Manders' Instagram - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
June 22, 2020
Ep 22 - Hemant Mehta - The Friendly Atheist
At a young age, Hemant figured out that something just didn't feel right. He didn't believe what his parents, society, and his peers were telling him was an absolute truth -  so like any curious mind - he started digging, reading, and researching until he eventually found some answers. Today Hemant runs the popular website and Youtube channel - "The Friendly Atheist", where he imparts some of his thoughts, debunks myths held in religious circles, and questions religious norms. I had a late-night conversation with Hemant as we sat down to discuss religion, atheism, politics, and more. We discussed the morality and ethics of the bible and the stories it holds sacred. We discussed cults and cult-like behavior vs. religion - and many other interesting facets in today's political sphere.  It's important to have an open dialogue about subjects that people don't feel comfortable about, it is really the only way we can analyze the subject, and ourselves, in relation to it. My Take - Using attack words as a method, or forcibly attacking another side for their religious or political ideologies - is a sure-fire way to make people hold their convictions even stronger. What Hemant does masterfully in his videos - is create content that is informative and fun - and that anyone can watch. He leaves others the space to make up their own minds on how they feel. I believe his method of putting out content is a smarter path - if you want to change hearts and minds. I hope you enjoy this episode Hemant Mehta - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
June 15, 2020
Ep - 21 - Matthew Kenney - The Future is Plant Based
At the forefront of plant-based education and innovation stands Matthew Kenney. With dozens of plant-based restaurants worldwide, online education courses, four different products, ten books, and many future projects ahead (all centered around a plant-based lifestyle), it is safe to say Matthew is a world leader in this space. His restaurants are wildly successful and are visited by vegans and non-vegans alike. We discussed the life journey that took Matthew from hunting as a kid in Maine, to be mostly raw vegan at a later stage in his life. How he overcame adversity, only to become more focused and able to reinvent himself as a plant-based chef, educator, and innovator. Matthew is a true testament to the success of taking risks when passion and hard work are combined. Restaurants are always said to be a risky endeavor. However, branching out from the known into the unknown - creating high-end plant-based eateries at a time when there were very few - comes with its own set of challenges. Through it all, Matthew has continuously found success in this space, putting forth eateries that reflect his beliefs and heartfelt principles. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to and learning from Matthew in this episode. For every episode, I will start to include my biggest take away from the experiences and knowledge my guests share. My Take: I believe that by living your life with a focus on good/nutritious food, working out, reducing stress, and pursuing your passion - you will increase your odds of success (career, personal life, relationships, etc), longevity, and overall health. Enjoy the episode! Matthew Kenney - Matthews Instagram - Comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
June 8, 2020
Ep 20 - Jill Robinson - Ending Bear Bile Farms
Jill is the founder and CEO of the incredible non-profit organization Animals Asia. She heads Animals Asia's team of over 300 enthusiastic staff. Jill founded Animals Asia in 1998. This was five years after an encounter with a caged bear, on a farm in southern China, changed her life forever. Ever since, there has been no going back. Animals Asia is one of the only non-profits that is close to reaching the goal they set out to achieve -  to end bear bile farms. This is an admirable achievement -  only through intervention, education, and perseverance can one achieve the results Jill has. To date Animals Asia has saved over 600 bears, giving them a second chance at life and a life worth living. Jill has the only bear sanctuary in China, which in itself is an achievement, and has worked closely with the government of China to help these bears. She says we should not completely disregard & dismiss traditional Chinese medicine (which is where the bile is primarily used) -  but that the medicinal benefits these medicines do have can be easily replaced by ingredients from plants, eliminating the need to harm these animals. Over the years she has seen a shift in attitude towards animals in China & the rest of Asia, When she started there were no animal nonprofits, now there are over 200. This is certainly a move in a positive direction. I had a great time talking to Jill, and I urge you to listen to her talk about a plan 30 years in the making. Success in all forms does not occur overnight, it takes time & perseverance to achieve one's goals, Jill is an excellent example of this exact thing Enjoy The Podcast! Animals Asia - Any comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
June 1, 2020
Ep 19 - Asher Yaron - Everything You Thought You Knew About Coffee Was Wrong
Asher Yaron is a self-proclaimed "Coffee F.R.E.A.K".  He has been involved and exposed to each and every stage of the coffee-making process, or to say, “from the cherry to the cup”. His true passion is to share his coffee knowledge and experience with as many people as possible through his online “Coffee University”.  He truly believes that the powerful effects of Arabica coffee (only drink Arabica people!) can change people’s lives for the better. I found out about Asher and his work through his very entertaining and eye-opening Ted Talk from 2012. On the podcast, Asher talks about how the majority of coffee most of us regularly purchase and consume is actually dead. He deep dives into a better and healthier way to consume our coffee - through the power of the raw coffee bean and consuming freshly roasted coffee very shortly after roasting. Coffee is ubiquitous, we consume it daily - some of us can't start our days without having at least one cup of this magical liquid. According to Asher, most of us don't really know what a fresh cup of coffee tastes like and what the true potential and benefits of coffee can be - that we have yet to unfold and experience. Asher took me to Coffee University in this episode, painting a very clear picture of how he sees the upcoming "4th wave" of coffee coming to fruition. Enjoy the episode! To get Asher's E-book for free, just put your name & email in the link below. Asher's website - - Asher's Ted Talk - Any comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
May 25, 2020
Ep - 18 - "Felix" - A Conversation with a Former Mossad Agent
"Felix" is a former Mossad agent who was one of the agents in charge of smuggling Ethiopian Jews through Sudan into Israel in the 1980s. This operation was recently made into a movie that Netflix bought the rights for. However "Felix", says there are many discrepancies between the movie and what actually happen. From 1979 - 1990, Israel ran many smuggling operations. Their goal was to bring Ethiopian Jews from Ethiopia to Israel, during a time when the Ethiopian president had declared Israel an enemy state - and vowed not to let any Jews leave Ethiopia. Against all odds, Israeli intelligence managed to bring over thousands of refugees, using a luxury resort hotel as a cover for why they were there. The creativity, boldness, and honest desire to help people is what made this operation so legendary and captived the minds of people many decades after. I spoke to "Felix" about the mission, what it's like staying in character for extended periods of time, and the logistics of the operation. He also tells some fascinating, and hilarious, stories of things that occurred during their time there. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Any comments, requests or questions, please reach out - my email is
May 21, 2020
Ep 17 - Tal Oran ( Traveling Clatt ) - Take A Chance, Travel The World
Tal is a travel vlogger with a very entertaining and successful Youtube channel. He has been traveling the world for the last 6 years, amassing a large following along the way. Initially, Tal was just documenting his travels as a way to share his experiences with friends and family. With time, however, he has evolved from just documenting his travels to an actual content & film creator, with almost 20 million views on his channel. He has used creativity, & perseverance to grow his Youtube channel into what it is now. This success allows him to travel, create awesome and valuable content for his viewers and make a living off it, for a young person who wants to see the world this is absolutely amazing. Tal took the less road traveled, instead of going to college and getting a 9-5 job, he decided to essentially study the world. By traveling and immersing himself in different cultures, meeting different people, and always learning and growing through travel. You can say Tal is a student of the world. It was an absolute pleasure talking to Tal, we discussed how he got started, how he deals with hateful comments, what he has learned from traveling the world, what were some of his favorite and least favorite places and most importantly what is Clatt? Enjoy the show guys. Tal's Youtube Channel - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
May 18, 2020
Ep 16 - Paul Hilton - Conservation Photojournalist
Paul Hilton is a conservation photojournalist. He has worked with Greenpeace, Animals Asia, Rainforest Action Network, Wildaid, Racing Extinction, and many more non-profit organizations. Paul has documented elephants in Kenya, orangutans in Indonesia, bear bile farms in China, sharks in our oceans, and most recently koala's in Australia - along with many more animals in many places. Being a photojournalist who sheds light on the massive ecological collapse happening all around us - to both our natural world and the animals that inhabit it - is no easy task.  Armed with a camera, Paul uses his powerful images and thought-provoking language to show the world the injustices taking place against those that can't speak for themselves - the animals. We spoke about how Paul got his start as a photographer, and with time, how he made the switch into conservation photojournalism. We discussed the risks he faces, shooting in illegal underworlds, where anything can happen - and how he personally deals with the horrific things he has witnessed over the decades. Change doesn't happen overnight, but Paul's persistence to document the plight of animals is what reaches hearts and minds, and creates change - through educational content, conservation efforts, and enforced regulations. Our daily choices do matter, and affect the environment and the world around us. Instead of relying on our governments to take action to help our planet and the animals, we can try in our own ways to help conservation and animal relief efforts - the first step being our day to day choices as consumers. Listen to the podcast for more information on how we can affect change. It was a pleasure to have Paul on the podcast, enjoy the show! Paul Hilton - Paul Hilton Instagram - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
May 14, 2020
Ep 15 - Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd, Guardians of the Ocean
Captain Paul Watson is a Candian/American marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist, who founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an anti-poaching and direct action group focused on marine conversation and activism. Paul co-founded Greenpeace, which he left in 1977. That same year, he formed the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Paul is an icon in the animal activism and conservation community. His work puts him in physical danger - as he acts as a buffer between killer ship vessels and innocent whales / marine wildlife. All of this, while changing and educating hearts and minds through several documentaries. With his catchphrase "If the oceans die we die", he has a no-nonsense approach and a deep belief in his quest to save ocean wildlife, the oceans, and subsequently, humans. Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction. They are one of the most well-known activism movements with 22 chapters in the US and many more globally. On the podcast, Paul explains how he formed Sea Shepherd, what he is most proud of as far as goals achieved, some crazy stories from sea, and what keeps him motivated to do what he has been diligently doing for 5 decades. It was a great honor to speak to Paul - a man who has inspired me, personally, over the years. Sea Shepherd - Captain Paul Watson Twitter - Captain Paul Watson Instagram - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
May 11, 2020
Ep 14 - Adam Gabay - Enthusiasm is Key
Adam is an actor, both in film and theatre, and recently starred in the HBO hit series - Our Boys.  Originally from Israel, Adam decided to come to the US right after being discharged from the army to join the Broadway show The Bands Visit - which was based on a famous movie his father starred in back in 2007.  Adam's love for the arts is infectious. It’s always a pleasure to be around people who are authentically passionate and enthusiastic. I believe those energies are the engine that propels most of us to a higher existence, to move us forward in the direction of our dreams with a clear goal.  In this week's episode, Adam and I discussed his childhood, growing up with a famous father, the political nature of the show Our Boys, the difference between film and theater, and much more.  If you are a fan of the show Our Boys, you should listen to the podcast as Adam gives insights into specific scenes!!  As always, enjoy the podcast! Adam's Instagram - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
May 7, 2020
Ep 13 - Fredrik Granath - The Polar Bear's Story
Fredrik Is a producer and photographer. Together, with his partner Melissa Schäfer,  he works in the arctic photographing and documenting the lives of polar bears -  with the intent of conveying their stories to the world. Since 2001 he has been working in and around the Arctic. He is also a producer and adviser for other films, including National Geographic and other film studios. Fredrik has a real love for polar bears. He hopes that his work will help tell their story, and portray the urgency in which we need to tackle climate change. Fredrik is one of those people, that by the end of the episode, I felt like I had been friends with for a long time. We share similar ideals and philosophies on life. The podcast revolved around his expertise in the arctic region, polar bears, how to deal with such extreme weather conditions, and a crazy story of one polar bear that decided to come a bit too close... We also spoke about the current COVID19 situation in Sweden (where he currently resides), what made him make the switch from an ad man to a polar photographer/producer, and the power of photography. As always - enjoy the podcast! Fredrik Granth Homepage - Fredrik Granath Instagram - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
May 4, 2020
Ep 12 - Vince Beiser - Sand, the Most Important Resource We Have
Vince Beiser is a journalist and author of the book "The World In A Grain: The Story Of Sand And How It Transformed Civilization". This is a fascinating and eye-opening book about one the most important, but often underreported on, resources in the world - sand. I, like most people, never really thought about the importance of sand and what a pivotal role it has played in our history, our technological advancement, and in modern society. Vince's book and conversation on the podcast taught me the pivotal, and surprising, role sand plays in our everyday life. Nowadays, with an abundance of information at our fingertips, it's not common that something stands out as so underreported. Vince has uncovered a story that was not told - and shared it with the world in a fascinating and informative way. I had a great time chatting with Vince about the history of sand, how it came to be so important, how we need to conserve it - and, now, our need to offer alternative options. Enjoy the podcast! Vince's Home Page - Vince's Twitter - Comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
April 30, 2020
Ep 11 - Jeff Chan (MMA Shredded) - YouTube, One FC & the Future of MMA
Jeff Chan is an MMA fighter and YouTube content creator. Jeff was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His MMA YouTube videos regularly hit tens of thousands of views - some even hundreds of thousands. Jeff is a new breed of fighter - one that is not only athletic, tough, and hardworking, but also understands social media, content creation, and building / sustaining an audience. He was recently signed to One FC ( the largest Asian MMA organization in the world) - and with a spectacular first win in the octagon, he is sure to make a big splash in the worldwide MMA scene.  I'm a big fight fan, and I have always felt that there are many parallels between martial arts and "real life". I think fighters like Jeff Chan give insight into the mental fortitude it takes to compete at the highest levels -  and what that journey, or process, can teach a person about themselves.  This was Jeff's first podcast so we were both really excited to dive in and discuss things that he has not yet talked about in other interviews. I had a great time discussing MMA, Jeff's career path, his YouTube channel, fighting in the time of COVID-19, and much more. Enjoy the podcast guys!!! Jeff's Youtube Channel Jeff's Instagram If you have any comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
April 27, 2020
Ep 10 - Gloria Bess - Sometimes The Best Plan is no Plan
Gloria Bess is a theater & film actress. Gloria came from Israel to New York City to pursue her dreams, leaving behind a very successful theater & film career. She is a testament of someone who doesn't mind working hard to reach her goals. We discussed her career back home, what she went through when she first got to the US, and what made her make this very tough decision. I hope you guys enjoy this very fun podcast! Gloria's Instagram If you have any comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
April 23, 2020
Ep 9 - Ben Moon - The Healing Love of a Dog
Ben Moon is a talented photographer, author, filmmaker & cancer survivor. Ben recently published a personal memoir called "Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime" on Penguin Books about his journey with cancer and his life with Denali. I recently listened to the audiobook and I breezed through it within 2 days, it's so engaging & vivid and Ben does a really great job conveying the story of his life in an extremely moving & personal way, it feels more like an experience than a book. Ben and I talked about Denali his dog and the ways that he helped & improved Ben's life & his cancer diagnosis, the importance of getting checked early on, his early career, his evolution into a filmmaker and the experience of writing his book. Ben is the embodiment of triumph through perseverance, through all that life had dealt him he still finds beauty & love in humans, nature & especially dogs. I hope you enjoy our conversation !! Ben's Home Page - Bens Instagram - Denali: A Man, A Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime - If you have any comments, requests or questions please reach out, my email -
April 20, 2020
Ep 8 - Marc Bekoff - The Inner Lives Of Animals
Marc Bekoff is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado He is also an ambassador for Jane Goodall's international Roots & Shoots program, in which he works with students of all ages, senior citizens, and prisoners and co-chair of the Ethics Committee of the Jane Goodall Institute. Additionally, Marc & Jane co-founded the organization Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies in 2000. Marc's main areas of research have included animal behavior, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), behavioral ecology, and compassionate conservation.  His research and writing reflect his on-going and eclectic interests that center on the basic tenets of compassionate conservation, namely, "First do no harm" and the life of every individual matter because they are alive and have intrinsic value, not because of what they can do for us. Marc and I chatted about his upcoming project, about dogs and what they would do if one day we would disappear (as a thought experiment), animal behavior & emotions and some misconceptions people have about puppy mills & other topics. Marc is really a trailblazer in his field and it was a pleasure having him on the show to share in some of the knowledge he has. Marc's Twitter - Marc's Homepage - If you guys have comments, requests, people you want me to interview, please reach out my email -
April 16, 2020
Ep 7 Jeremy Wade - Social Impact
Jeremy Wade has been in India for the last 8 years and is currently the founding director of the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship, he's also the co-founder of Armadillo Digital.  Jeremy focuses on social impact investing.  What this means is investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.  I do believe this model is a roadmap that many VC's & entrepreneurs will use in the future, good business strategy can and should improve lives not harm them and Jeremy believes that is the future of entrepreneurship I had a great chat with Jeremy, so have a listen and enjoy the podcast!  Jeremy's Twitter - @jwadejeremy If you guys have comments, requests, people you want me to interview, please reach out my email -
April 13, 2020
Ep 6 - Mark Beaumont - A Relentless Pursuit
Mark is an ultra-endurance athlete, he holds the world record for cycling around the world in 78 days.  Mark has also cycled the Americas, Africa and has many other expeditions under his belt.  It was great to catch up with him and learn about his mindset during these endeavors, how he came to be an ultra-endurance athlete and his current state of mind during the Covid19 crisis.  Early on we speak about how having "no boundaries" and being a bit "different" was the spark that Mark needed to try things that were outside the box and that eventually & gradually led him to experiment with bigger and bigger pursuits.  Mark's website - If you guys have comments, requests, people you want me to interview, please reach out my email -
April 6, 2020
Ep 5 Jonas Deichmann - The Art of Never Giving Up
Jonas Deichmann is an ultra-endurance cyclist & speaker.  Jonas is one of those people that you can't help but be inspired by, he has a 'never give up' type of mentality. He does this not for fame or fortune but for the love of the challenge and the sport.  He became the first person to cross Eurasia by human power and set the World Records for the fastest cycling across Europe and Eurasia.  Currently, Jonas is preparing for a new challenge in 2020. It is going to be harder, longer and much more challenging than anything he has done before.  We had a few issues with the connection so we, unfortunately, had to end the podcast a bit early, but we said we will definitely do a follow-up podcast in the future.  Enjoy the podcast. ] If you guys have comments, requests, people you want me to interview, please reach out my email -
March 30, 2020
Ep 4 John Gooden - On Carving His Path To The UFC
John Gooden is a commentator for the UFC, he does most of the international shows that the organization puts on.  He is also a strong nominee for the nicest bloke (man, in American) I've talked to but perhaps it's the accent.  We spoke about the MMA world in general and the UFC specifically and how he came to work for the biggest organization in MMA after years of working for his dad.  We spoke about how hard work is the only way to fulfill your dreams in the age of social media and like culture.  John is a solid example of how hard work and perfecting your craft eventually pay off and I hope you guys enjoy the episode as much as I did.
March 16, 2020
Ep 3 Nelson Dellis - Harnessing your Memory to Change your Life
Nelson Dellis is a 4x USA Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world, traveling around the world as a competitive Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, Published Author and highly sought-after Keynote Speaker. As a Memory Champion, Mountaineer, and Alzheimer's Disease Activist, he preaches a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement. In this episode, Nelson talks about his mountaineering adventures, the Netflix documentary and gives some great memory tips.
March 6, 2020
Ep 2 Cam F Awesome - How To Be Different & Succeed
Cam F Awesome is a 6 time USA National Champion, 4 time Golden Gloves National Champion, 2 Time Olympic Trails Champion Heavyweight Boxer, and former captain of the USA National Boxing Team.  I really enjoyed my chat with Cam, we discussed minimalism, veganism, the fight game, and van life.  I hope you enjoy this hour of conversation
March 1, 2020
Ep1 Teddy Hose - Living & Leaving A Cult
Teddy Hose is an award-winning animator and filmmaker, designer, and storyteller of multiple mediums and I had the pleasure of speaking to him for an hour Teddy was on Vox's Explained, A&E Cults and on Extreme Beliefs and other programs where he...
February 18, 2020
Ep 1 - Teddy Hose - Living and Leaving a Cult
Teddy Hose is an award-winning animator and filmmaker, designer, and storyteller of multiple mediums and I had the pleasure of speaking to him for an hour  Teddy was on Vox's Explained, A&E Cults and Extreme Beliefs and other programs where he discusses the life he lived being born into the Moonies cult.  I have a ton of respect for Teddy for telling his story and having the courage to leave the cult and change his life the way he did.
February 9, 2020