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Speaking Podcast

Speaking Podcast

By Roy Coughlan
I am interviewing public speakers. They are sharing how they overcame their fear and became competent speakers. Some will be for speeches, others workshops and even organising full events.
If you would like to make a change in the World then being able to speak in public is critical to get followers.


According to Listennotes this Podcast is in the top 0.5% of Podcasts Internationally. Thank you to my listeners :)
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#165 Navigating Social Media by Expert Nancy Badillo

Speaking Podcast

#171 Would you like to be a Video Influencer - Suzanne Glover
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: As a professional actress for over 35 years, Suzanne has learned camera strategies that have gained her recognition in the field with award winning work.  She has been in the top percentage of earners in the Screen Actors Guild, taught for the Guild, and successfully taught these strategies to entrepreneurs like you so they know how to connect through the camera and sell successfully in the new virtual world. As a sales professional for over 20 years, Suzanne has been a top producer selling the tough stuff — the intangibles like “fame” [modeling and acting services]... “vacation” [timeshare]... and “love” [matchmaking services].  She's gotten prospects to happily hand over thousands of dollars in the first, short meeting together… without high pressure tactics or cancellations. And, as a internet marketer for over 20 years, Suzanne's learned how complicated the online world can be and has found ways to simplify it for you. Plus, she’s been through the midlife years where she had to keep her business going while she had elderly parent emergencies and menopause meltdowns.  Now she’s on the other side and teaching others to not only embrace midlife, but excel and learn how to turn the clock back on aging too! She has taken these areas of her life and condensed them into her current business where she helps you leverage her experience and cut your learning curve way down so you can make video a key part of your business quickly. What we Discussed: - Scared to speak on Camera - Scaling Your Business Using Video - Incorporating NLP and Sales Techniques - Techniques to ensure you look fresh even after lots of takes - Don't leave your personality at the door - Different kinds of influencer - Focus and be strategic on video - How to Present Better on Zoom - Green screen tips - Suzanne's book ' Be a Video Influencer' and more How to Contact Suzanne: Free call as mentioned LinkedIn:  Facebook: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
September 23, 2022
#170 Face Your Stuff, Don't Stuff Your Face - Renee Jones
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Renée Jones has a Master’s in Counseling, a clinical residency, and training in traditional and contemporary methods of transformation.  After spending 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo, she learned how to overcome emotional eating to reach and maintain her weight since 2012.  She has a TEDs talk and is the author of What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating What we Discussed: - Making a TEDx Talk Memorable - Emotional Eating - Stumbling May Prevent a Fall - Renee's Book 'What's Really Eating You' - Tips on Healthy Eating - Helping those with Low Self Esteem - Keto Diet - Know the Food that Works for Your Body - Cereals to Stop Masturbation - Know the Different English to use when Speaking in the UK & USA - Social Media Tips and more How to Contact Renee: FB:  IG: @packyourownbag =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
September 20, 2022
#169 Overcoming Shyness - Fiona Cutts
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Fiona was a desperately introverted, shy child, who grew up to find her life dominated by fear and shyness. She found it difficult to even be in a room full of people, let alone say anything! Giving a talk was way outside of her comfort zone. She has changed all that beyond what is supposed to be possible, and nowadays travels the world, and the virtual world empowering others to overcome their shyness, and to present with confidence on zoom and on stage. She is an Access Consciousness Right Voice Facilitator, and the creator of Shining beyond Shy. What we Discussed: - Overcoming Shyness - Both our Shyness Journeys - Access Consciousness - Her Workshops - Fiona's Coaching - The Social Media that Fiona Recommends and more How to Contact Fiona: Podcast =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
September 18, 2022
#168 Supercharge Your Life - Skip Archimedes
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Skip was a competitive gymnast who overcame serious injuries, illnesses, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become a Gymnastic Champion. Then during training he experienced a living nightmare and broke his back! Doctors and Specialists said he would never walk again. Unwilling to accept this prognosis and inspired by Bruce Lee, he used the power of his mind and self-belief to find a cure. Within just 6 months he started to learn how to walk again. Within 18 months he had returned to become English Sports Acrobatics Champion. He went on a worldwide journey to meet and work with international experts to discover the truth about why some people get stuck in thoughts and programs that don’t serve them, while others have the inner strength to move forwards and live an empowered life of fulfilment, financial abundance, success, personal achievement, health and vitality. Armed with these often forgotten secrets he is now a transformational coach and internationally acclaimed speaker and author, dedicating his life to helping people overcome the physical, financial, personal, nutritional, emotional and spiritual problems in their lives to become the best they can be. What we Discussed: - Told he would Never Walk Again to Winning a Gold Medal in Gymnastics - Holding onto Toxic beliefs and overcoming it - Changing the Frequency of Your Thoughts - Bringing Abundance into Your Life - 7th Power - Out of Balance out of Alignment - The Game of Life was set up as a Contrast between Black & White - Energy Wins Every-time and more How to Contact Skip: Event as Discussed - =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
September 06, 2022
#167 CEO & Co-Founder of Stream Alive - Lux Narayan
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Lux Narayan believes that "So, what do you do?" is a tough question to answer and should certainly not be answered with the current title on your LinkedIn profile. In 2021, he published "Name, Place, Animal, Thing", an Amazon bestseller- to help people answer this dreaded question. He enjoys reading obituaries and has given a talk on the TED main stage - on lessons from 2000 obituaries. This talk has been viewed over 2 million times and translated into every majorly spoken language. He enjoys mining the intersections of various spheres of life and work, speaking of which... He is the CEO and a co-founder at StreamAlive, a category-defining, fun and engaging web application that helps livestreams and live events on Zoom, YouTube Live, and everything in between literally come alive. With the ability to track, increase, and convert engagement simply through the live chat, StreamAlive's goal is to help presenters and creators take their audiences from bored-away to blown-away. What we Discussed: - Advantages of doing Open Mic Comedy - Playing with Flow - His TED Speech on Obituaries - The Jedi Trick of Making the Audience Laugh - Why you should Not Ask 'So What Do You Do?' - How he Created Stream Alive - The Incredible Features in Stream Alive and more How to Contact Lux: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
September 04, 2022
#166 Be Happy Being An Introvert - Ryan Lindner
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Ryan Lindner is a personal development specialist who has worked as a behavioral coach for clients and top organizations all over the world. After two sudden, unexplained cardiac arrests at a young age, he began to explore different perspectives with clients that come with any profound, life-changing event. If you aren’t living, you’re dying. It wasn’t uncommon for Ryan to teeter on unconsciousness even, at times, while working with a client, requiring him to prioritize his own energy and time masterfully, and assisting clients to do the same.  Ryan has conducted over 6,000 sessions for the US military, he has led operations for a major leadership and organizational change company, and manages learning and development projects for companies to reshape their customer experience. What we Discussed: - 6,000 Sessions for the US Military - 2 Sudden Cardiac Arrests at a young age - People can not see themselves - Webinar Tips - Wherever You Are, Be There - Stop Signing e-mails Regards - Coaching and Why Better Audio Only - His Book and more How to Contact Ryan: His Book =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 29, 2022
#165 Navigating Social Media by Expert Nancy Badillo
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Nancy Badillo has been in the digital space for 12 years, helping small business owners build and scale their businesses by leveraging the power of online marketing. With a focus on e-commerce coaching as well content creation, she is able to provide her clients with valuable expertise from start-ups all through growth stages - making sure they're equipped with everything needed so that success can thrive.  If you're serious about creating a full-time income with your passion, so you can spend more time with the people you love and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur can offer, Nancy can help! What we Discussed: - Digital Marketing - Building her YouTube to Channel ( Now over 8 Million views) - Just start your social media and improve on your journey - The Trick to Post on Vertical & Horizonal on different Platforms - Creating an Etsy Business - Tube buddy or Video IQ - Do Hashtags # Work - Understanding Pinterest - e-mail Marketing - Twitter Tips - Using Social Media Platforms - Organic Vs Paid Marketing - High Ticket Products Justifying paying on Social Media - Affiliate Marketing and more How to Contact Nancy: Website: Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Instagram  =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 23, 2022
#164 V8 Communication Engine - Brigitta Hoeferle
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: As a powerfully engaging and professional international speaker, Brigitta is also known as the fast-tracked female trainer and retired lead coach of one of the largest self-development companies in the world.    As leading mentor, business coach and author she has been invited to speak on stages around the world.    Her degrees in marketing, communication, social pedagogy and education science validate her expertise, logic and knowledge, but it is her creativity, humanity and passion which really makes her stand out and lead other credible high quality leaders.    She is the award-winning founder of the German Language School and the Montessori School of Cleveland.   As the Founder and Shareholder of The Montessori School of Cleveland, and as CEO, Owner and Grandmaster of The Center of NLP, a global institute located in Atlanta, GA, she gives full credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills, her tenacity and her never-ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great.    Brigitta and her team have created Coaching Programs for large Corporations and conducts extensive trainings for businesses: small, medium and large.   Be prepared to learn from Brigitta so sit back, take notes and let's have some fun. What we Discussed: - Where is my Knowledge Gap - Moving from Germany to the US - Starting a Montessori in a Foreign Land - Explaining NLP - How Words can effect your Child - How Maria Montessori created the Montessori Method - Coaching Coaches - V8 Communication Engine - Her journey as a Trainer for Harv Eker and more How to Contact Brigitta: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 21, 2022
#163 Adjusting for Different Audiences - Lindsey Pollak
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Lindsey Pollak is a New York Times bestselling author and one of the world’s leading career and workplace experts. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations navigate and thrive in the ever-changing world of work.   Lindsey was named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar List, which honors the top global management thinkers whose work is shaping the future of how organizations are managed and led.  Her latest book is a response to the Covid crisis: Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work was published by HarperCollins on March 23, 2021.   Her previous book, The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace (HarperCollins, 2019) was named a Book of the Month by both the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. She is also the author of two career advice books for young professionals: Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders and Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World.   Lindsey’s speaking audiences and consulting clients have included more than 250 corporations, law firms, conferences and universities, including Aetna, Citi, Estée Lauder Companies, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, Pfizer, Verizon, Yale, Harvard, Wharton and Stanford.  Her advice and opinions have appeared in such media outlets as The TODAY Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and NPR.    Lindsey is a Cappfinity VEE Brand Ambassador and has served as an official ambassador for LinkedIn, a Millennial workplace expert for The Hartford and chair of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Millennial Advisory Board.  In her philanthropic work, she serves as a board director of FourBlock, a national nonprofit that supports veteran career transition.  Lindsey is a graduate of Yale University. What we Discussed: - Adjusting for a Different Audience - Making the Transition from Free to a Paid Speaker - Keynotes in Corporate Training - Look at the Faces that are Engaged - The Speaker needs to make the Audience come Alive - Hybrid Meetings - Having a Targeted Audience - Why Linkedin in the Best for Social Media - PR Tips and more How to Contact Lindsey: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 15, 2022
#162 Hiring a Professional Speech Writer - Eddie Rice
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Eddie is a professional speechwriter with over 10 years of experience in helping business leaders, keynote speakers, TED talk presenters, and everyday people, enhance the messages they tell through great storytelling and structure.   He started out as an 8th grade science teacher but turned his love of rhetoric into a profitable freelance career. He also made the transition from freelancer to fully employed.   As a speechwriter, he has worked with CEOs, college presidents and trustees, superintendents and principals, business owners, authors, politicians, organization leaders, nonprofit executive directors, and everyone in between. Public speaking and speechwriting are equalizers: we all want to say just the right words whether it's small groups or large audiences.   What speeches can he write? -Ceremonial speeches: Wedding speeches (including maid of honor, best man, and father of the bride), anniversary toasts, retirement speeches, award acceptance speeches -TED and TEDx Talks -Keynote speeches: Speeches for authors and thought leaders, graduation speeches, speeches addressing an organization or association  -Nonprofit advocacy speeches: From fundraising to raising awareness, getting your message out to people who need to hear it the most What we Discussed: - Brain Storming Survey - Writing a keynote - Working with Clients to Write a Speech - Drink after your Wedding Toast - Blogging and the Advantages - Raising Funds for Non Profits - Why you Should Not take everyone as a Client - His New Book - Speech Writing Tips - Marketing Tips and more How to Contact Eddie: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 11, 2022
#161 Always be Teachable - Joseph Corella
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Joseph Corella has appeared from the stage to the screen with such credits as: Broadway's All Shook Up, National Tour of Grease, West Side Story, Wizards of Waverly Place and the Walt Disney musical film Geppetto starring Usher.  As well, Joseph is a choreographer with his work appearing on the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Dance Marathon, Lifetime's Dance Mom's, 98 Degree's music video "Microphone" & many musicals. Joseph’s proudest accomplishment to date is creating 567BROADWAY! an all-levels dance fitness class that is for everyone. This idea was born out of Joseph’s desire to create, encourage, and provide an inclusive sense of community where everyone could have a safe space to dance it out! What we Discussed: - His Broadway journey - Release the Inner Child - Own Yourself - Creating a Course - Always be teachable - Social Media - Don't let it be about the numbers - Working on a Reality TV Show and the MTV Music Awards - His DVD  and more How to Contact Joseph: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 06, 2022
#160 How to Steal Someone's Stage - Aaron Huey
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Founder of “Parenting Teens that Struggle” and the Host of the #1 Parenting Podcast “Beyond Risk and Back” which is Mental Health News Radio Network's highest-rated show internationally. He is also a Parent Coach for parents of kids at risk, a teen addiction interventionist, facilitates powerful parenting events, and is a very happy husband and father of 2 young adults.   Aaron is an internationally known lecturer on archetypal imagery, body language, and martial arts and the Founder and President of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has run kids camps, teen camps, and family programming. In 2009, he and his wife Christine opened a residential Mental Health and Dependency recovery treatment center for teens ages 12-17 in Colorado. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center was in 2019 named one of the Top 50 Healthcare Providers in the United States and in 2020 named one of the Top 100 Innovators in Healthcare.   Find him on Facebook at “Parenting Teens That Struggle” for a TON of free information and advice. What we Discussed: - Why he stand doing Zoom calls - How to Steal Someone's Stage - Expand Your Vision - Know When to Put in a State Change - Taking the Audience on an Emotional Trip - Anchoring - Find Your Niche Market - Using Your Speaking Skills to Help Others and more How to Contact Aaron: His Podcast =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
August 01, 2022
#159 An Ideal System for Speakers & Coaches - Taylorr Payne CEO & Co-Founder of SpeakerFlow
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About my Guest: Taylorr Payne is the CEO and co-founder of SpeakerFlow, a software and coaching company dedicated to helping experts leverage systems to take control of their business and stay in their zone of genius rather than wasting time on all the busy work.   He's an award wining marketer, sales professional, and business owner that knows first-hand what it takes to design a business that keeps you doing the things you love most. What we Discussed: - Why he started a Digital Marketing Agency - Helping People Have an Impact in the World - Organic V's Paid Marketing - The 3 layers of Systems - The Features of Speaker Flow - Advantages of Free Resources and Blogs and more How to Contact Taylorr: =============== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
July 31, 2022
#158 Dropshipping High Ticket Products - Jon Warren
Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations ==================== About My Guest: I'm Jon Warren I started my first high ticket dropshipping business over 7 years ago and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve… I've worked with over 400 ecommerce business owners to help them grow their businesses. I've seen it all. From start-up to $10M+ in annual revenue. grew my first high ticket dropshipping store to 7 figures in annual revenue in 24 months while I was still working a day job. started 3 other high ticket dropshipping businesses that reached multiple 7 figures per year in revenue. managed over $10M in pay per click ad spend for my own and my clients businesses. managed marketing for my businesses and my clients that has produced 117,000 high ticket purchases for an estimated value of $120.5M Started Build Sell Grow Repeat, an online education company, in 2019 to help high ticket dropshippers grow their business. BSGR later became Dropship Breakthru. What we Discussed: - High ticket dropshipping - His Podcast - Creating an Online Course - Why High Ticket is better - How to protect yourself in this industry - Paid Vs Organic marketing - Should you be faceless when promoting your business - Add a human element to your brand - Affiliate marketing - Getting Reviews - Different Coaching offered and more How to Contact Jon: =================== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
July 12, 2022
#157 There is a Fine Line Between Arrogance & Confidence - Anne Marie Cross
About My Guest: Annemarie Cross is a Personal Branding & Podcast Strategist and Business Coach. She is also the CEO and Founder of Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Industry Thought Leader Academy,   Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ she is an award-winning podcast host and is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008.    Recently listed as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne - Australia, Annemarie works with consultants and coaches around the world helping them create distinguishable, uncopiable and irresistible brands so they're seen as not just A choice – but THE choice with their ideal clients. What we Discussed: - Having a Co-host Podcast - Fear of Public Speaking can effect your Career - Structuring a Keynote - Ensure the Story does not Offend a Culture in your Audience - Different Types of Workshops - Her Books - Growing Your Brand Humbly - There is fine line between Arrogance & Confidence - Her different Podcasts and more How to Contact Anne: =================== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
June 20, 2022
#156 Addressing the Mouse in the Room - David Wood
About My Guest: David is a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies. He built the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for life coaching and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe.  As well as helping others, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having survived a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine, witnessing the death of his sister at age seven, anxiety and depression, and a national Gong Show! (  He coaches high performing business owners to double revenue, and their time off by focusing on less and being 30% more courageous in their business or career. What we Discussed: - Are you playing the game of Life for Real - His Journey to become a Speaker  - Learning to Sell from the Stage - Build the World's Largest Coaching Business - Make Your Message Cear - Go Deep Marketing - His New Book 'Mouse in the Room' - Advantages of going on Podcasts and more How to Contact David: =================== Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations
June 13, 2022
#155 Make Linkedin Your Business Card - Daniel Alfon
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations My Linkedin To do a Course with Daniel About my Guest: Daniel Alfon is the author of Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success. Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes Articles , interviews and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers to his website,  What we Discussed: - The changes with Linkedin after the Microsoft Purchase - Have the Pictures that Moves - Workshop Tips - How to Improve your Linkedin Profile - Marketing Tips when Posting - Setting up your Profile in Different Languages - Endorsements & Recommendations and more How to contact Daniel: )[UNIQID]
June 03, 2022
#154 Forget the Marketing Just Make Your Speech Amazing - Brad Montgomery
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Brad teaches people how to use emotional & social to boost performance, creativity, innovation & profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using, the power of encouragement. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Brad has transformed audiences in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include Microsoft, Verizon, the FBI (yes, that FBI) the CIA (yes, that CIA) and the IRS (where he withheld 30% of his best strategies.) Brad specializes in using humor, interactivity, sound, music and visuals to ignite audiences so that they can use happiness as a tool to improve their lives and their jobs. Audiences and meeting planners describe Brad as “authentic.” He’s a real guy on stage and off. Thinking of a canned & over-polished motivational speaker? Brad is the polar opposite. Other speakers TALK about happiness. But Brad SHOWS them how to harness the power of happiness in hands-on experiences that they’ll remember and implement. It’s the difference between a “speech” and an “event.” What we Discussed: - Advice from 30 years as a professional speaker - Forget all the Marketing, make your speech amazing - Don't let the audience know your speech is rehearsed - How to improve magic - Open mic comedy - Brad's different strategy for Keynotes - MC the right way - Getting awarded the Speakers Hall of Fame - How the National Speakers Association helped Brad - Navigating Social Media - Understanding Virtual Meetings and more How to contact Brad: Website is
May 30, 2022
#153 Opening Up About a Trauma Releases its Power over you - Janelle Anderson
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Janelle Anderson is a speaker, author, and confidence coach for women entrepreneurs helping them to own their expertise, monetize their message and attract more clients. With her powerful confidence-building formula, women are able to conquer the impostor within and speak up with confidence and clarity and make their brand stand out in the marketplace. Janelle is the creator of Speak Confidently to Sell, her signature course focused on messaging and speaking with confidence, and the Monetize Your Message Mastermind program. Her new book, Take Center Stage: Be the Star of Your Own Story, is was released in January 2022. What we Discussed: - The advantage of Public Speaking - The Power of Telling a Story - Opening up about a trauma releases its power over you - Process the Trauma before telling people - Her Book 'Take Centre Stage' - Where is your Power of Destiny - Sex Trafficking - What Happens to us does not Define Who we are - Breathwork - Your Surfacing the Invisibles - Her Programme and more How to contact Janelle:
May 28, 2022
#152 learning the Power of Communication - Rocky Romanella
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: After an illustrious career spanning more than  40 years focused on supply chain, logistics and transportation, retail, sales and operational excellence strategy at UPS – including The UPS Store franchise network and UPS Supply Chain Solutions – Rocky Romanella became the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Director for UniTek Global Services, a provider of engineering, construction management and installation services to companies specializing in the telecommunications field.  Rocky is currently the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Executive Speaking, Leadership Development and Consulting Services.   Rocky is an experienced CEO who led one of the largest rebranding initiatives in franchising history – The UPS Store, revolutionizing the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market. Rocky steered UPS’s entry into the health care industry and created the mantra, “It’s a patient, not a package. ®”   He also led the integration of more than 20 acquisitions to improve financial performance, capabilities and global network footprint of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Rocky has the rare ability to see a clear vision of the changing business landscape, the passion to develop strategies, tactics and metrics to drive desired results. What we Discussed: - Working for the UPS Network - Learning the Power of Communication - How to Connect with Different Cultures - Make Sure you Belong there - The Advantage of Breakout Sessions - His Book 'Tighten the Lugnutes and more How to contact Rocky:
May 25, 2022
#151 How to Prepare for a TEDx Speech - Kristen Donnelly
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Kristen Donnelly (MSW, M.Div, PhD) is a TEDx speaker, international empathy educator, and researcher with two decades of experience in helping people understand the beauty in difference, and the power in inclusivity. She is one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, COO of their parent company, and an unapologetic nerd for stories of change. Kristen lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles. What we Discussed: - How to land a TEDx and the Preparation required - The Mindset needed - Structuring a Keynote - Connecting with you Audience - Understanding Different Irish Accents - Her Podcast 'The Culture Cast' - Social media Strategy - Just Show up - Forbes Business Council and more How to contact Kristen:
May 17, 2022
#150 Finding Your Side Hustle - Marcus Cheu
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Marcus is an Online Service-Based Side Hustle Coach, helping 9-5's and aspiring entrepreneurs alike get started in their side hustle journey.  In his early years, Marcus has always sought to start his own business, but failed at a blog and eCommerce store, prior to uncovering his passion for helping others.  Taking the leap of faith, Marcus secured 2 paid clients (with the help of a coach) in less than 90 days, despite starting with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Today, Marcus is super passionate about helping others get started in their own journey after he has seen the possibilities for himself.  Based in Singapore, Marcus enjoys watching NBA, EPL, One Piece and Korean variety shows in his free time. What we Discussed: - His Side Hustle Podcast - Helping with Mindset - How to land your 1st paid clients - Should you use Organic or Paid Leads - Don't be afraid to fail - BNi and other Networking Options - What Social Media to use. and more How to contact Marcus:
May 15, 2022
#149 The Amazon Way - John Rossman
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: John Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way book series, a former Amazon leader and Managing Partner at Rossman Partners. Mr. Rossman is an expert leveraging the Amazon leadership principles to help others innovate, compete and win in the digital era.  One of the leading innovation speakers, John delivers practical techniques and strategies the audience can apply in their business.  John advises leaders on strategy, leadership and digital transformation.  John was an executive at where he played a key role in launching the Amazon marketplace business as the Director of Merchant Integration, and went on to have responsibilities for the enterprise business at Amazon.  Mr. Rossman’s blog is  He writes a weekly newsletter titled The Digital Leader Newsletter on Substack. What we Discussed: - The Amazon Way Principles - The Advantages of taking a speech to a Q&A - Structuring a Workshop - Amazon Leadership Principles - Delivering Results - John's Newsletter - How to get Innovation into a Company and more How to Contact John:
May 05, 2022
#148 Learning from a TEDx Speech - Steve Fredlund
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Steve Fredlund is a long-time actuary, nonprofit leader, humanitarian and podcaster who recently has become an entrepreneur and small business owner; he knows the highs and lows of leadership. For the past 15 years, he has been on a quest to understand the driving forces behind a leaders happiness and unhappiness. As a professional speaker, Steve’s insights are transforming the lives of leaders across the country.   He has spent his entire life in East Central Minnesota with his wife Tracy and their three, now-grown children. He loves podcasting, poker, disc golf and enjoying Minnesota sports (making fan-hood far more difficult). What we Discussed: - Disc Golf - Poker and his Poker Podcast - The logic of learning Chess for children - His 6 Podcasts - His 2No. TEDx Speeches and the Tech Problems - The Advantages of Toastmasters - The Silent Support for Podcasts - Different Coaching Types - Lead Generation for Clients - The Extreme Value Coaching Programme and more How to Contact Steve:
April 28, 2022
#147 Inspire Others to Give to a Charity - Sophie Wadsworth
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Sophie Wadsworth brings to her coaching practice a passion for helping leaders craft and deliver personal, mission-centered stories, while nurturing a culture of storytelling throughout their organizations. She draws on her experience as a writer and former executive to collaborate with leaders in creating their unique presentations for community stakeholders, investors or clients, and keynote audiences . Sophie is the author of an award-winning collection of poetry and a selected storyteller for GBH’s Stories from the Stage on World Channel. Her clients include executives, entrepreneurs, authors, scientists, and leaders at companies in Greater Boston and beyond!. She lives with her family outside of Boston, Massachusetts. What we Discussed: - Her Speaking Journey - Teaching and Learning from 9th Graders - Using Post-it Notes to Practice - What do you Want the Audience to Feel - Dealing with a Curve Ball Question When Presenting to Investors - Tips for Keynotes - The Power of a Story - Advice on Presentations - Inspire others to Give to a Cause and more How to Contact Sophie:
April 18, 2022
#146 The 5 Rules to be a Great Speaker - Pradas Ramdas
Speaking Podcast Social Media / My Other Podcasts + Donations About my Guest: Pradas Ramdas is a corporate strategist, a seasoned marketer, a public speaker, a budding writer and an influencer from the world of technology and business. For over 2 decades he has continued to build performing teams and keeping them motivated to achieve goals continuously, a skill he build with his experience that comes from his knowledge in International business, Leadership psychology, Mentoring, public speaking and with thorough preparations on the topics he pursues. He believes in the power of mind and his focus to achieve everything in life and has been very successful without being burned on his path to reaching higher grounds everyday. Pradas Ramdas is from India and based out of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. What we Discussed: - His journey from India to Abu Dhabi - Communication can Make or Break a Person - Overcoming a Traumatic Speaking Experience - Don't Trust Technology - The Psychology of Selling - The Preparation before Speaking - A Calm Mind Help Structure Yourself - Learn how to Read the Room - Know Your Message - You Can Not Assume Your Audience Does Not Know the Topic - Connect Your Voice to the Message - Carry a Bottle of Water for another Reason than Thirst - Talk Less, Listen More - Have a Slide When Closing Out - Split a Recording in 3 min messages - Complimenting Poland about Helping Ukraine and more How to Contact Pradas: pradasr @  ( I put spaces to prevent spam)
April 17, 2022
#145 What's Your Ritual Before Speaking - Voice & Speech Coach Maria Tecce
About my Guest Maria Tecce: Maria Tecce is an actor, singer, keynote speaker, and Voice & Speech Coach.   Maria uses all her experience and techniques as a performer and Voice and Speech Coach to empower business professionals and performers to take their public speaking and performance to the next level.  Maria has coached for companies like Google, Diageo, KPMG, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland, Ericsson, Novartis, Trinity College, Smurfit Business School, Volkswagen, and Johnson & Johnson.  Maria's work will help you find your voice, your confidence, and your own personal style so you can knock it out of the park everytime you speak and communicate.  Instead of fear or dread, you'll feel powerful, excited, and joyful when you think of that presentation, meeting, or upcoming Tedtalk.  Your voice is your body, and your body is your voice.  Own your voice, own your confidence, and own your space. What we Discussed: - Her International journey as an Actress and Singer - How she became a voice coach - Facilitating an Event is never about you - Managing your Nerves Speaking - Her different Types of Workshops - Her Ritual before Speaking - How she helps clients as a Coach - Landing the Big Corporate Clients - What Social Media to use - Tips for the Virtual World - Different Types of Breathing - Each Language has its own Musicality and more How to Contact Maria Tecce: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
April 13, 2022
#144 The Speaker Than Does Not Like Speaking - Stacy Pederson
About My Guest Stacy Pederson Stacy is an award winning actress, clean comedian, and funny motivational speaker who has almost died a bunch. She's the author of three New York Times Bestsellers she's written in her head but yet to put down on paper. Stacy would love nothing more than to see you go from boring to soaring on stage or camera. Stacy Pederson is an innovator. After failing in every conceivable way (including life itself-literally-) Stacy chose to reinvent herself. She is now a sought-after Keynote Motivational Speaker who gives audiences fun—yet practical actions on how to overcome stress, handle change, be more resilient, and live a life that matters. Theater-Based Performance Education Stacy Pederson holds a BFA in Theatre and has performed stage, film, commercial, standup comedy, and radio work.  She is the co-founder of The Academy of Children’s Theatre, (ACT) in Colorado Springs, as well as Ministry Center for the Arts, (MCA). Award-Winning Style of Comedy and Speaking Stacy’s humor is witty, creative, clean, and professional,  She won first place out of all comedians in “Colorado’s Got Talent”. What we Discussed: - How Stacy became a funny motivational speaker - Tips for doing Commercials - Make Fear on Stage Your Friend - Starred in the World's Worst Horror film - Advantages of having an Acting background when Speaking - Structure a Keynote Differently - Tips on Emceeing (If that is even a word) - Advantages of being a Member of the National Speakers Association - Tips for Landing Corporate Clients - Radio Work Tips and more How to Contact Stacy: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
April 09, 2022
#143 Be a Continuous Learner - Mike Patterson
About my Guest: Mike Patterson is:    • A Business Growth Expert  • A Marketing Strategist • A Profit Generator  • A Results Multiplier    • By the age of 23 Mike had circumnavigated the world, twice.  • He’s traveled to over 50 countries on six continents.  • He has over 14 years Military experience, (R.N. / Army).  • With more than 3 decades in Senior Management Positions, running Heavy Equipment Workshops for Construction / Oil & Gas, The Military, The UN, Oil & Gas companies, in Europe and in MENA Regions.  • For 9 years he ran part of a Maintenance facility for Sh. Moh’d in Dubai.  • Mike has  spent over 42 years in the MENA Region.  • 25 of those years in Dubai.  • Mike has been a corporate trainer for 20 plus years and a Business Consultant for 15.  • He has  worked with over 50,000 people in over 40 industries, including Banking, Oil & Gas, Police, CID, Insurance, Retail, Finance, Construction, Water, Transport, Telecommunications & various Governments.  • During that time, he’s worked with Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Startups, National, International & Multinational Billion $ companies helping with Strategic and Business Planning, leading to them Doubling / Tripling and Quadrupling their bottom lines, in a relatively short time.  • Mike is the Co-founder BusinessFirst Consultancy  • Managing Partner Creative Steps Consultancy  • CEO of BusinessMastery & Business Strategies Middle East What We Discussed: - His Life's Journey - The difference between being in the Navy and the Military - How to overcome an Unwelcome Audience in a Workshop - Personal Development - Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley & Brian Tracy - Be Systemised - Structuring a Workshop - His Toastmasters Journey - How to Upscale Your Business - Different Types of Referrals - If you are Not Different then You Are the Same - What is your R.O.I. - His Business Mastermind and more How to Contact Mike: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
April 04, 2022
#142 Do You Care So Much That It Hurts - Brenden Kumarasamy
About my Guest: Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. What we Discussed: - How he learnt his skill of Speaking - Secrets to YouTube Promoting - Figure Out the Style that Works for you. - Focus on 1,000 Conversations - Monetising YouTube - Making IG work - Build that one raving fan one at a time - Landing Pages and How to Grow - The Divorce Rate in Business Partnerships - Overcoming the Fear of Speaking - Charge by the Result and not by the hr and more How to Contact Brenden: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
March 29, 2022
#141 Mindful Speaking - Alan Carroll
About my Guest: Alan Carroll & Associates is an international training organization specializing in transforming participants from being an automatic, amateur looking, nervous, unconscious, ego focused, speaker who is not in control of their delivery to a professional speaker who is conscious, relaxed, balanced, grounded and who can control the timing of the words they speak. In order to accomplish this transformation we utilize the power of the 5th Element called ‘Space’ and the exciting ‘stage of public speaking’ together to form a bridge that anyone can cross, at any age, at any time, to not only to transform the quality and effectiveness of their speaking but also, as a mindfulness tool to anchor their awareness in the transcendent dimension of consciousness that exists on the other side of the thoughts we think. What we Discussed: - His Psychologist Journey - Mindful Speaking - A Clear Room Creates a Clear Mind - The Power of the Pause - Speaking in over 50 Countries - Face the Fear of Public Speaking and the death of Public Speaking is Certain - His Meditation Journey - How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking How to Contact Alan: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at tLqr5EiAm0JK818iXLiO
March 25, 2022
#140 Have Buyers & Not Butts in Seats - Patty Farmer
About my Guest: She was recently awarded the "Global Business Strategist of the Year" by Global Powerhouse Group in London, England. In addition, she was named #3 in the "Top Ten Media Speakers You Need to Know" and awarded the "International Speaker of the Year" by the Public Speakers Association. As an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, 7 Figure Event Producer, and 5x Bestselling Author, Patty Farmer makes marketing and media PROFITABLE, NOT PAINFUL.    Patty specializes in Marketing & Media Strategies and works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients so they can make a bigger impact in the world and even bigger deposits in their bank account.    She has created a network of 100,000+ connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and convert in less time and make more money while designing the lifestyle they want to live.    Patty has been seen on the covers of magazines such as Accomplish, Unleash Your Bold, Be the Boss, Women Who Mean Business, and EXPERTpreneur. What we Discussed: - An Accidental Speaker - Overcoming being Sick before each speech for 18 months - The Speakers Association and her Awards - Making 100,000 Connections and having a sticking strategy - What Social Media Platform Should I be on - How to Market Your Events - Have Buyers & Not Butts in Seats - How to Support fellow Speakers & Podcasters - Her journey as a Radio Host - A Fantastic Way to Connect with Groups and more How to Contact Patty: Linkedin:   Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Pinterest: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
March 20, 2022
#139 What You Have Been Missing In Your Presentations - James Ontra of Shufflrr
Biography James is the CEO of Shufflrr. Shufflrr is presentation management. Presentations are critical communications to the enterprise and Shufflrr adds strategy to presentation workflow -- from creation, to use and re-use, distributing, updating, sharing, presenting, broadcasting, tracking and reporting of presentations. Shufflrr makes each stage of the presentation process more efficient. Presentations are important communications, but on the enterprise level, they are one and done. Shufflrr makes every stage of the presentation process more efficient for global organizations. Much time is wasted during every stage of the presentation life cycle - during the creation, to use, re-use, updating, sharing, broadcasting, tracking and analyzing of presentations. Shufflrr solves this. Shufflrr is Presentation Management. Shufflrr is communication strategy. Share, Shuffle and Show presentation slides and files using any device, anywhere. Shufflrr is the culmination of 20 years managing digital presentations. All the web is a presentation. Through the years, his clients have included a diverse group of highly recognizable companies. They include ABC TV Stations, Alliance Atlantis, Apple, BASF, BET, Bloomberg, CBS Interactive, Cisco, Comcast, Dell, Disney Epcot Center, DHL, EMC, ESPN, Experian, Food Network, Fox Broadcasting, Genentech, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Hertz, HGTV, Intercontinental Hotel Group, John Deere Water, Kodak, Mercedes Benz, Millennium Takada, NBC Olympics, National Institute of Health, Novartis, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Reuters, Showtime, Telemundo, Towers Perrin, Warner Bros. Domestic Television, Weather Channel, Yahoo! Canada. What we Discussed: - Shufflrr Presentation Management - Tips on Presentations - Adjusting to New Technologies - Working with a Family member - Ensuring your Team Understands Your Goals - Different Types of Marketing - His Book - Cleaning your Room is similar to Cleaning your Presentations and more How to Contact James: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 20% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
March 13, 2022
#138 Getting Featured in Forbes, INC & Entrepreneur Magazines - Calvin Coyles
Biography Calvin Coyles CEO-of WILD Success, is a world-leading trainer, author and coach in the field of personal transformation. He helps people to become professional life coaches, that make money and change lives. After nearly a decade working in personal transformation, NLP and breakthrough coaching, Calvin knows how to change lives rapidly. From his experience supporting 200,000 clients in over 83 countries, he developed the WILD Method, a breakthrough way of producing results in people's lives. He’s led training programs in over 50 countries for leaders, coaches, healers, athletes and business owners. At just 30 years old he’s a self-made multi-millionaire, has 3 best-selling books and has been featured alongside Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Jeff Bezos in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, INC and business inside What we Discussed: - Speaking from 12years old - Getting Sales from the Audience - How he got involved in NLP - Taking a Gamble on his Career that paid off - Problems caused by the Pandemic and how he overcame them - Getting Featured in Forbes, INC and Entrepreneur Magazines - Growing his Business from Startup - 3 Best Selling Books - His Podcast - Structuring his Events and more How to Contact Calvin: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking fo r a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
March 02, 2022
#137 Brownies for Breakfast - Lynne Bowman
About my Guest: First Lynne is 75years young and you can see from the picture how great she looks. It is worth listening how she maintains her youth. Lynne has been featured at women's expos throughout the country, speaking on kitchen table culture, community planning and the gift of diabetes. She teamed with actress Deidre Hall to write and publish Deidre Hall's Kitchen Closeup (2010) and Deidre Hall's How Does She Do It? (2012). In a previous life, she worked with Silicon Valley companies as a creative director, winning national awards. She was Creative Director at E&J Gallo Winery, Advertising Manager at RedKen Laboratories, and held various other positions with agencies and clients in San Jose, Los Angeles, and on the East Coast. She has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, illustrator, legal journalist and television Weather Person. She is the mother of three grown children, with two absolutely perfect grandchildren. What we Discussed: - Not being afraid to try different jobs - Urban Development - 85% of Bankruptcies are Health Related - Understanding Diabetics - The Food & Medical Industry Working Together - Plant Based Eating - The Dangers of Sugars - Our Different Opinions about Microwave Ovens - Her Book 'Brownies for Breakfast' - Autophagy - Foods to Avoid - Healthy Food Ideas - Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy  and more How to Contact Lynne: Sponsor: Coolabulla Website Design / Animations & Digital Art. Use Discount Code Meditation for a 10% Discount at To contact me or learn more about what I am currently doing please visit All Episode can be found at If you are interested in Meditation If you would like to learn how to speak in Polish please visit
February 28, 2022
#136 Build Trust & Consistency through Social Media - Aleya Harris
About my Guest: Aleya Harris, CPCE is a powerhouse Storybrand Certified Guide, empire-building owner of Flourish Marketing, award-winning marketer, sought-after speaker, mic-drop copywriter, and woo enthusiast. She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs get out of the never-ending grind so they can tap into their heart’s purpose and live a life that uplifts their soul. Over 13 years of marketing experience and a fancy StoryBrand Guide Certification Certified NES Health Practitioner and BioEnergetic Business Coach Once she made the decision to incorporate, she led the Flourish Marketing team to make 6 figures in 5 months Virgo sun/Aries moon, Enneagram 3 wing 2, Meyers-Briggs ESFJ, Numerology Life Path 7, Human Design Generator, and a DISC pure I... Basically, Aleya is driven, caring, and has an energetic personality.  You'll love to listen! What we Discussed: - Her Speaking Journey - How Aleya Structures her Speech - Creating a Call to Action at the end of the Speech - Connecting on Zoom - Making Money with Masterclasses - The More Information you give away the Higher the Conversion - How to Create a Low Fall off on Webinars - Building Trust & Consistency through Social Media - The Best e-mail Marketing System - Bio Energetics and more How to Contact Aleya: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
February 22, 2022
#135 Leave an Event Better than When you Arrived - Dave Molenda
About my Guest: Dave Molenda, CPBA, CPDFA, CPEQA is the founder of Positive Polarity, LLC, a Midwest based  coaching/training firm that brings solid growth to companies from over 30 years of real-world experience where he grew his business to $10,000,000.00 in annual sales before selling it. He speaks regularly at conferences around the country on topics that are designed to make the listener not only hear, but engage. He developed a formula for success, ST + ICE = P (Strengthening the Team + Improving the Customers Experience = Profit) and with this formula, he has helped companies with their business growth. His #1 Amazon best Selling book called, Growing on Purpose, details the importance of both the team and the customer and how, if treated properly, profit will follow! He also is the host of The Positive Polarity Podcast, a weekly Podcast that interviews awesome business professional with amazing stories! He is a dynamic speaker that will truly reach the listener and move them forward! What we Discussed: - Communicating to the Audience and Employees - Leave the Event Better than when you came - How he structures his Bootcamp - Keeping the Energy in the Room - Growing his Business to $10M - Sales Strategies - Using DISC Personality Profile - Improving Employees and more How to Contact Dave: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
February 19, 2022
#134 Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnosis - Nicolas Aguirre
About my Guest: Nic Aguirre is Austin’s expert of Subconscious Reprogramming.  He teaches motivated individuals and organizations how to connect with and reprogram their subconscious minds— which drives over 90% of human behavior.  As a professional performer and entertainer, his talk *Subconscious Success Dynamics* teaches a powerful technique to internalize and realize goals on a subconscious level— In just 5 minutes a day! What we Discussed: - His Hypnosis Journey - Can you be hypnotised to do something you do not want to do - Is Religion & Cults a form of hypnosis - Hypnotic Modalities - NLP - Overcoming traumas from school - How to overcome the Fear of Public Speaking - What to do when things go wrong on stage - Healing yourself through beliefs - His Coaching -Conversion rates of a Coach - Not all Money is Good Money and more How to Contact Nicolas: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
February 15, 2022
#133 What You Learn from Decluttering - Graham Brown
About my Guest: Graham is the founder of Pikkal & Co - Award Winning Podcast Agency – an AI Powered, Data Driven B2B Podcast Agency in Singapore and The Podcast Accelerator - a Mastermind of thought leadership podcast hosts. He is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication, works including "The Human Communication Playbook", “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” – documenting the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India and “Brand Love – How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About”. He also hosts Podcast Maps, The Be More Human Podcast, The XL Podcast, XL: 10 Minute Leaders Live and Asia Tech Podcast. He has published over 1,000 podcast episodes. His work has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has worked with McKinsey, Leap, UTI Investment Bank, AirAsia, Xero, The Singapore Institute of Management, Vodafone, Nokia, UNICEF, MTV, The European Commission, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks. What we Discussed: - Connecting with a Podcast Audience - The Compound Effect - Tips for radio  - How the Comedian Kevin Hart become so good - Living around the World - What you Learn from decluttering - Go with Your Avatar and more How to Contact Graham More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
February 12, 2022
#132 Your Audience must be the Star when You are on Stage - Suzanne Tulien
About my Guest: Brand Clarity Expert, International Speaker, and Author, Suzanne Tulien, notices the variety of creative ways people are ‘branding’ themselves both consciously and unconsciously.   But, is a successful business brand the result of powerful marketing? When the hype subsides, what keeps a good brand going strong? What is the real secret to consistent brand growth and advocacy? With over two and a half decades of strategic communication, employee brand engagement, and internal brand development, Suzanne’s inside-out brand-building strategy creates the clarity and actions necessary for her clients to drive consistency, distinction, and advocacy long-term. Because her Brand DNA approach is radically different, she is paving the way companies and personal brands elevate their value position and actually reduce marketing costs while growing marketshare. She co-founded The Global Institute for Inspiration in 2011 and helped create the ‘Most Inspiring Companies Report’ now published by As an international speaker and certified trainer she thrives in front of live audiences and in virtual environments. As author of The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding and co-author of Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization’s Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage, also published in China and her newest book; Personal Brand Clarity, Identify, Define & Align to What You Want to Be Know For, she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT! What we Discussed: - Branding - Creating a Speakers Sheet - Why you should get a Professional Picture - Best Way to Landing the Big Clients - Structuring a Workshop - Why your Audience Should be the Star when you are on Stage - Dealing with Disruptive Audience members - Online Meeting Tips - 4 Modalities of Connecting and more How to Contact Suzanne: Tool Kit as Discussed on the Interview More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 27, 2022
#131 Expert in Emotional Intelligence - Irvine Nugent
About my Guest: Irvine  possesses fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in organizations of various sizes, stages of growth and different sectors. He  has worked extensively with executive and emerging leaders as an executive coach and consultant helping them become more self-aware, manage their emotions, read the emotions of others and manage their relationships. Born in Northern Ireland, Irvine brings to his audiences a rich and varied experience. Growing up in a society torn apart by division and violence he has seen first-hand the damage done when communication breaks down and people fail to listen and understand. Irvine is an internationally recognized trainer and top-rated keynote speaker and is one of the few worldwide certified FACS coders, who are experts in reading facial emotions. He earned his Ph.D. from Capella University with research focused on leadership in times of crisis. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s executive coaching program. He is the author of the  book, Leadership Lessons From The Pub. What we Discussed: - Growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles - Why he became a Priest - Emotional Intelligence - Reading Facial Emotions - Why you should not look at your own picture on Zoom or Skype calls - Structuring Keynotes - Why you might look depressed when engaged in a conversation - His Workshops - The Power of Story's - Buyology - Reading the Energy in the Audience and How to Increase it and more How to Contact Irvine: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 25, 2022
#130 Business in 80 Countries - Paul Ruppert
Paul Ruppert is a veteran CPaaS and mobile services executive, strategy consultant and holder of 2 tech patents enabling global text messaging, with career experience in both the private and public sectors applying a range of multidisciplinary skills exercised at the highest levels of both arenas–from corporate boardrooms to the White House.  He has generated over $400M in direct sales, is a skilled cross border negotiator, technology innovator and strategic partnership driver with two decades leading global commercial, product, marketing teams and M&A deals in B2B SaaS sales.  Prior to entering the private sector, with a Harvard masters graduate degree Paul served over a decade in policy and political roles as an legislative assistant to a US Senator, economic development advisor to a cabinet Secretary, a technology industry lobbyist and White House staffer.  His private sector achievements are exceptional including scaling startups from $0 to $Billion valuations, forging global strategic partnerships, doing business in 80 countries, working with private equity and $B enterprises managing $130M business P&Ls, and managing cross border, cross cultural teams of teams having lived in the US, France and China.   His combined commercial and technology skills have been applied to technically developing and commercial harvesting innovation–”Innovisioneering” as he has written about it   , and yielded mobile network cyber security solutions including winning the GSM Association’s Best Cyber Security Solution award in 2013.   Paul Ruppert is the President of Global Point View Ltd, a strategy consulting firm providing insights to technology companies seeking guidance on focus, strategies and plans via scaling, partnerships and acquisitions. His international clients have included Facebook, MasterCard, Western Union, Liveperson, Infobip, private equity and venture firms looking to leverage mobile services in their digital plans for conversational commerce. What we Discussed: - Working in the Mobile Market - Classically Trained as a Political Operative - Structuring a Speech - Building a Sales Team - How our 1st jobs build our skill sets - Knowing if an M & A will work - Limiting you Currency Exposure - Why he might write a book and more How to Contact Paul: Blog as mentioned More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 21, 2022
#129 Drop Kick the Drama - Madonna Hanna
About my Guest: Madonna was born on the Pensacola Naval Base and was raised in the conservative white suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts during the 60s and 70s. She was the only African-American student in her elementary school class. Her parents overcame incredible obstacles of discrimination to provide their family with the American dream of a suburban middle-class lifestyle. In 1979, Madonna moved to Washington state to embark on a 32 year teaching career. She taught Fashion Marketing in the Tacoma and Bremerton School Districts. She developed an award winning antibullying program, “Dare Not To Swear!” and an inclusivity program for students with disabilities. She partnered with area high schools and a junior high to create the award winning “Flights of Fancy” Fashion show for students with disabilities. Madonna was recognized for her excellence in teaching at the state wide and national level. What we Discussed: - How Acting helped her in Toastmasters - Preparation for the International Speech competition - Dilemma in a Speech Final - How to Raise more Funds at a Charity Event as an MC - The Bullying she experienced and how she teaches other about this important topic and more How to Contact Madonna: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 16, 2022
#128 The 5 Types of Speakers - Neil Gordon
About my Guest: Neil Gordon helps people develop and improve their communication skills. He works with executives, influencers, and thought leaders and has helped them get six-figure book advances, be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz, and double their speaking fees. Prior to becoming a communications expert, Neil worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors. He has ghost written or collaborated on books published by Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Hay House and has been published in multiple languages across the world. Neil has been featured on NBC Palm Springs, Forbes, Inc., and The Irish Times. What We Discussed: - How he became a Cartoonist - His Humorous Speech in Toastmasters - How he Helps TEDx Speakers - Hybrid meetings - The 5 Types of Speakers - The Power of Story Telling - The Importance of Writing a Book - Mistakes he see Speakers making and more How to Contact Neil: The Quiz that was mentioned on the show More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 11, 2022
#127 Are the Dead Speaking to us - Daniel Jackson
About Daniel has been gifted with the ability to communicate with archangels and spirit. With this information, he guides and assists others to fulfill their spiritual path.  Daniel loves call-in segments where people can ask him questions on the air. His main goal is to teach people about their reason for existence and to help them to become a better version of themselves. It is with this intention that he operates, out of a spirit of love and compassion. Daniel has been able to help many people in finding their true path with amazing results. Daniel takes extreme pride in his ability to answer all the unanswered questions. What we Discussed: - Can he talk to anyone that passed - Discussing the Readings - What is on the other side of life - Fulfilling your life's purpose - His terrifying journey to understand his gift. - Satan was created by Religions - People trying to fraud the Medium and more How to Contact Daniel: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 09, 2022
#126 Having Direct Impact on Peoples Lives - Jeff Seckendorf
Adventurer • Educator • Filmmaker Jeff Seckendorf is a life-long adventurer, filmmaker, and educator – flight instructor, scuba instructor trainer, mentor to scores of up and coming film directors, and instructor for hundreds of film workshops. As founder of Unified Team Diving, a global Scuba certification and training agency, Jeff has authored eight training manuals and dozens of online courses. He also co-wrote the UTD Standards and Procedures and the UTD Playbook, A Guide for Instructors. He published and edited the UTD Journal and has written training curriculum in both the scuba and film industries. What we Discussed: - Global Scuba Diving - Coaching Programme for Parkinson's - Making a Documentary - Living in the Moment - Teaching Film Making - Creating Common Group Learning - What Motivates you to be a Speaker - Having Direct Impact on Peoples Lives How to Contact Jeff: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
January 03, 2022
#125 Investigative News Journalist Incredible Journey - Tanya Targett Camacho
About Tanya Often referred to as the "Media Darling” -- Tanya Targett Camacho is a former investigative news journalist turned video, speaking, and media strategist. Tanya helps experts, authors and coaches go from totally unknown to industry influencer... and even business celebrity. She does this through her special gift for helping them find their unique brand positioning and powerful story to drive engagement, income and impact on-stage and on-camera. Always walking her talk, Tanya used the power of her personal brand to go from single mother living on welfare in Queensland, Australia to international speaker on stages worldwide. She created 6-figure revenues in her first 6 months, and then multiple 6-figures in revenues within her first three years. Now based in Southern California with her husband and two girls, Tanya has since shared the stage with $1 Billion Dollar Man and New York Times #1 Best Selling author Jeff Walker, making the Top 10 in his global online launch marketing competition. Tanya’s students span 12 countries and have generated over $7.4 million in free publicity appearing in the New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post and on CNN, BBC World News and FOX — to name a few. What we Dicussed: - Bullying in the School and the Workplace - Tanya's Investigative News Journalist Journey - Meeting Muhammad Ali Paparazzi Style - Putting Pedo Priests in Jail - Why It's no longer a free press - Politicans - The Protected Species - Fake News - Her Workshops and getting high conversion rates - The Bigger the Room, the less the intimacy factor  - Clothes to Wear on TV - How to get featured on Mags and TV and more How to Contact Tanya: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
December 30, 2021
#124 Being Professional on Linkedin - Donna Serdula
Donna spent the first 10 years of her career in sales, operations, and training. She joined LinkedIn’s social network in 2005 where she promptly copied and pasted her resume and wondered what all the fuss was about. A job change in 2006 led her back to LinkedIn as she looked for tools to help her build a sales territory. It was during this time she had her LinkedIn epiphany and forged her LinkedIn 4 point methodology. By integrating LinkedIn into her sales process, she found amazing success. In 2009, she walked away from her successful sales career and founded Vision Board Media and Her mission: To help people realize their Internet identity and shape one that makes an impact and leads to opportunity. From that day on, Donna Serdula became the chief influencer, advocating and evangelizing the importance of taking control of your Internet identity. By presenting yourself in a way that inspires and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services, you are shaping your future. What we Discussed: - From being bullied and shy to becoming a Public Speaker - Dealing with distractions online - Making an Interactive Workshop - Landing Keynotes and how to structure - The Advantages of having an Agent - Keeping Professional - Linkedin Tips - Her Books and more How to Contact Donna: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
December 09, 2021
#123 Breathing Life into Your Speeches - Christian De La Huerta
Biography With 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has travelled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects. An award-winning, critically acclaimed author, he has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TedX stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”  More information about his work may be found at More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
December 01, 2021
#122 Be Brief, Be Good, Be Gone - Darrell Williams
Darrell brings his extensive experience as a master certified life coach and a member of the Federal Coaching Network.  He is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who provides clients with expertise in the realm of leadership, relationships, and purpose.  He has been involved in life coaching for many years and helps clients discern ways to restore and enrich personal and professional relationships.  His extensive research in the field includes Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Dr. Gary Chapman, and Dr. Paul White, some of the most famous relationship specialists.  He has been married for over 20 years and cheerfully shares time-tested principles to strengthen relationships. His leadership background includes 30 years of federal service highlighted by his selection as a White House Communications Agency All-Star and Senior Manager of the Year.  Additionally, he is a Defense Information Systems Agency Outstanding Mentor and Human Resources Team Lead of the Year. His leadership coaching is based on a stellar 20-year military career, where he traveled as an Operations and Vice Presidential Communications Officer, leading over 500 White House missions.  Following the tragedies of September 11, 2001, Darrell was selected as 1 of 5 key leaders, from 30 senior managers, to direct emergency action communications for the Vice President of the United States, to include duties as an Air Force Two Command Representative. In addition to being a master certified life coach, he is a certified facilitator who trained senior managers at the White House Communications Agency Training Academy to travel as Vice Presidential Team Leads, serving as the primary contact for the traveling White House Staff, while simultaneously training mid-level managers to travel as Presidential Operations Team Leads. He received numerous professional awards to include the Presidential Service Badge, Lacey B. Ivory Service Award, Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award, the National Louis University Reach Award, and the Strayer University Outstanding Alumni Award for his dedicated leadership in the community and Department of Defense. Darrell holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from National Louis University and an MBA from Strayer University. He is also a member of the White House Communications Agency Hall of Fame. What we Discussed: - Whitehouse Communication - Working with your Spouse - Military Speaking Training - Preparing for a Keynote - Structuring a Workshop - Starting his Coaching Career - Podmatch - How to Overcome Political Sides and more How to Contact Darrell: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
November 22, 2021
#121 The Puzzle Piece of Life - Sam Thiara
Sam Thiara is a professional who has created a personal journey as a storyteller, writer, workshop facilitator, problem solver, educator and entrepreneur.  His goal is to engage individuals in their personal and professional development and was recognized by the Governor General of Canada for his work in the hundreds of individuals he has mentored and the thousands he has engaged. Added to this are the 45+ non-profits that he has worked with over the years. Presently, Sam is the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, a platform that engages his audience to define their path.  A key element is transformational practices where he is an expert in youth career coaching and supports teams and organizations in corporate alignment.  He co-founded a youth career platform that has gone nationwide. He is a lecturer at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University where he blends academic and professional experiences into a rich environment that captivates his audience.  Finally, he is an accomplished and sought after speaker and has two TEDx talks to his name and speaks at conferences, seminars and workshops about 30-35 times a year.  Added to his speaking is the book he recently wrote a book called, ‘Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself’.  It focuses on his journey to India to find his ancestral roots with little else than a faded photograph and determination.  The book is also about realizing one’s cultural identity because many struggle with understanding who they are. Sam’s signature tagline is, “Everyone’s life is an autobiography, make yours worth reading.” What we Discussed: - The benefits of working for Non Profits - How to engage with University Students even online - Sam's speaking journey - How to get paid for gigs - The Advantages of Blogging - The benefits of using props - The Puzzle Piece of Life - Tips when speaking in different countries - His Books - Sam's Coaching - Having No Limitations - Making a Career change and more How to Contact Sam: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
November 20, 2021
#120 Speaking to Change the World for the Better - Pam Warren
Biography In October 1999, Pam’s life as a financial advisor was torn apart when she was critically injured in the Paddington Rail Crash. Pam’s injuries were so severe that she wasn’t expected to pull through.  Not only did she pull through, she became the public face of the disaster – ‘the lady in the mask’.   Pam’s experience both in the city and leading a successful national campaign for rail safety gives her a unique perspective on life and business challenges and how to master them. The only difference between the audience and myself is the severe physical and emotional trauma that I have had to overcome after the train crash. Weaving these experience’s into my talks allows people to see the problems they are coming up against at work and at home as completely manageable. I deliver talks with warmth and humour, connecting with whomever I am speaking with to drive change strategies home and inspire on an emotional level to those listening. What we Discussed: - Surviving a Train Crash - Pam's Speaking Journey - How to Speak with Politicans - Stage Presence - Microphone Tips - Outfits Suitable on Stage - Dealing with the Media - Social Media - TV Experience and more How to Contact Pam: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
November 08, 2021
#119 Learning from 1,000 Millionaires - EA Csolkovits
About my Guest: Givers University (Founder & Patriarch) Teaching Increased Happiness, Freedom, Greatness, Through Personal, Business, Social, Family Development. • Chairman of House of Holland Jewelers at 21 years old. • Started and operated Columbia Nutrition System, consisting of an international workforce organization of over 10,000 managers and professionals. • Started and operated Delta International, which included building an international workforce organization of over 33,000, producing multimillions of dollars in volume. • Hosted a business radio talk show (E. A. Csolkovits Live) which was heard across the U.S.A. and Canada, interviewed 3 different company presidents for 5 nightly shows each week. • High-end, Results-oriented business consultant who received as much as $1,500 per hour for his business advice. What we Discussed: - June Martino from Mc Donald's - How he found his Diamond mentor - How to become a better Speaker - Givers University - Radio Host that Interviewed 1K+ Millionaires - The Seeds are Hidden in the Defeat - His Books and more How to Contact EA: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
November 01, 2021
#118 Overcoming Self Sabotage - Emily Harman
Emily Harman has 38 years of service to her country as both a Naval Officer and civilian, retiring as a member of the Senior Executive Service in May 2019. A trailblazer, Emily was in the sixth class of women to graduate from the U. S. Naval Academy. Commissioned a Supply Corps Officer, Emily was one of the first two officers on the U.S.S, Emory S. Land, AS-39 to qualify as a Supply Corps Surface Warfare Officer. Recognized as a role model, Emily served as a Company Officer and Leadership Instructor at the Naval Academy.   As a DON civilian, Emily served as a Contracting Officer for professional services and major weapons systems in support of Naval Aviation. Her last assignment was Director of the Department of the Navy’s Office of Small Business Programs where she served as the chief advisor to the Secretary of the Navy on all small business matters. Upon retirement, Emily founded the Onward Movement which seeks to inspire at least 10,000 people to embrace authenticity and release the fear of judgment so they can pursue their dreams with confidence. She guides her clients on a path to lead an authentic and fulfilling life through her Onward Accelerator Coaching Program. Emily also hosts the Onward Podcast featuring authentic conversations on facing adversity and moving forward.   Emily received a B.S. in Physical Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and a M.S. in Acquisition and Contract Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. What we Discussed: - Her Navy Journey - How to overcome the Fear of Public Speaking - Overcoming Self Sabotage - The Benefits of Meditating - Dealing with Regrets - The Power of Words - Being Mindful of what you let into your head - Emily's Onward Podcast and more How to Contact Emily: More About Speaking Podcast: All Episodes can be found at All Social Media + Donations link Sponsor : Use Discount Code Speaking for a 10% Discount Our Facebook Group can be found at All my 5 Podcast can be found at
October 28, 2021