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By Roy Coughlan
I am exposing worldwide corruption in a different way on this podcast, not as a conspiracy theorist–but a factual speaker. My guests are not whistle blowers but truth-tellers and together we are giving our listeners solutions. On my show you will hear discussions on fraud in various industries including Banks, Corporations, Legal Systems, Food & Drug regulations, Charities, the European Union, technology etc To be true and honest even if that means going against the norm. I aim to be the change I want to see in the world and inspire others to join me.
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#19 London Protest and What Really Happened - Chris Ryan


#24 The Danger of Breast Implants - Janelle Christa
All Episodes can be found at     Facebook     All Social Media All Social Media for the Meditation Podcast About my Guest:  Janelle Christa is a Hollywood spiritual coach, healer, actress, producer, screenwriter and creator of “conscious entertainment”. She is also the best-selling author of “Spiritual Ninja” which is a guidebook to energetic protection and connection in the modern world.    Having come from a long history of abuse, trauma, family dysfunction, as well as a bi-polar diagnosis, she strongly believes that happiness is a choice.    Janelle coaches celebrity clients and people from all walks of life seeking to bring fulfillment into their lives.    Janelle is also the founder of conscious production company Lemurian Dreams.  What we Discussed:  From getting into police cars to a Spiritual Ninja  Diagnosed with Bi-Polar and other diseases  Getting away for Pharmaceutical drugs to Natural Cures  On Prozac from 12  How Breast Implants made her very ill  The Problem with the Medical Industry  How she got into Spirituality  Why she got turned off from Religion  Investigation of different types of healing  The guided Meditation that she created  Guiding someone dying through Meditation  Both of her books  People waking up  Plant Medicines - Psychedelics  and more  How to Contact Janelle:
October 24, 2020
#23 Operation Moonshot - Chris Ryan
All Episodes can be found at    To Subscribe or find our videos   All other Podcasts    What We discussed : Operation Moonshot Chinese Social System Mindwars video removed from Youtube My Comedy Speech My Community Service Court Ruling Why You are Losing Your Freedom World Economic Forum The Video that we mentioned : To Connect with Chris:
October 15, 2020
#22 The Toxins in LipBalms can be changed for 100% Natural - Ginger King
All Episodes can be found at   To Subscribe or find our videos   All other Podcasts   About My Guest :   Ginger has a unique 360 degree view of beauty from receiving a degree in chemistry, an MBA in marketing, as well as a Master’s in natural product chemistry and serving as senior management at several large cosmetic corporations. Ginger has been the keynote speaker for brand launches and has spoken on product development and In-Cosmetics on product innovation. Not only is Ginger a beauty expert on Beauty Press, she has also served as Allure’s Beauty Judge for Breakthrough Products since 2017 and Yahoo’s Diversity In Beauty Award 2018 and Beauty Packaging Award 2019. What we discussed:  How to get your message out Why the formulation must be the best and have a meaning Why companies cheat with saying Natural In the USA only 11 chemical are banned while 1300 in Europe The dangers that the industry is self regulated The toxins in some lipbalms Donates 10% to suicide prevention Plus her speaking tips and tricks How to Contact Ginger King :  
October 12, 2020
#21 Is the Current Education System Serving us - Dr. Crystal Gifford
All Episodes can be found at  To Subscribe or find our videos  All other Podcasts  About My Guest :  Dr. Crystal Gifford has over twenty years of experience in both higher education and the financial industry serving students, clients, and businesses.  Students lovingly refer to Crystal as “Professor G” and she is totally in love with this new generation of young adults!!!  Her passion is helping them find their passions and turn them into transferable and sellable skills they can use to clarify and build the life of their dreams.   Professor G now operates a financial and life skills development program via the LIFE Application Bridge (aka the LAB).  The LAB supports young adult students in finding and pursuing their passions and offers a program called “Paid to be Me™” that focuses on helping young adults build their own economy doing what they love.   Professor G earned her Doctorate of Business Administration in Accounting from Argosy University of Sarasota and her Master of Financial Economics from Ohio University.   Recently upgrading her own passions, she now actively guides young adult students in discovering, defining, and pursuing their passions to turn their natural tendencies into viable sources of income.  Now more than ever, students can truly be paid for doing what they love. What we discussed: The problem with the education system The Finnish Education System Why it is wrong teaching 2-4 yr old kids about Masturbation and sex education Why the Educational System does not serve most people In the USA now the Teachers Rotate and the Children stay in their seats all day The system is design for us to barely get by The USA is a Corporation How the Education System should be Using your emotions to learn better The Difference between American and European Students Why more pedestrians get knocked down in Poland compared to Ireland Why you should not Chase Money Approach Learning with having fun Why you should look after your own accounts What to believe and how to decide. How to Contact Dr. Crystal Gifford: Her Books - The Money Makeover and The Money Shot...both on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
October 8, 2020
#20 Do You Really Know How Dark The World Is? Don't Worry We've Got Solutions - Steve Fierro
All Episodes can be found at To Subscribe or find our videos All other Podcasts About My Guest : Steve Fierro is a Derivatives brooker that worked in Wall Street, Toyko ,London and now resides in Singapore. He has been researching the deep state in detail since 2012. What we discussed: The Twin Towers IRAQ The Banking System to Control Countries Royal Raymond Rife Cures Cancer The Charity Scams Subliminal Messages in TV programmes and more To Connect with Steve:
October 1, 2020
#19 London Protest and What Really Happened - Chris Ryan
All Episodes can be found at   To Subscribe or find our videos  All other Podcasts   We discussed the London Protest on the 26th September 2020 and the Police attack. The Video that we mentioned : To Connect with Chris:
September 29, 2020
#18 The Activist that was beaten into a Coma by the Coal Mafia is Still Fighting to Help the Children - Agnes Kharshiing
All Episodes can be found at  To Subscribe or find our videos All other Podcasts  About My Guest : Agnes is an activist that came close to losing her life fighting the Coal Mafia in India. She is fighting for the children that are forced to work at a young age in Rat Hole mines and abused. She is also helping the children that are sexually abused. Despite the attack she is still fighting against corruption. What we discussed: Rat Hole Coal Mining Thousands of open shafts The attack that left her in a coma The abusive companies selling water Collapsing of Rat Hole Mines The Sound of Mother Earth Crying Destruction of the land The Media are also threatened Corrupt Police and Politicans Child Trafficing and more To Connect with Agnes:
September 26, 2020
#17 The Hemp Farmer that Rage Quite her 20 year International Career in the Oil & Gas Industry has The Answer - Stephanie Grande
All Episodes can be found at To Subscribe or find our videos All other Podcasts About My Guest : Stephanie Grande, founder of Indie Hemp, is an industrial hemp farmer and outspoken advocate for farmer’s rights. Following a prestigious 20 year career in Oil and Gas, Stephanie founded “Indie Hemp – A Guided Tour of 25,000 Uses for Hemp”. Over the course of 18 months, Stephanie led 2,000 followers from 72 countries on an informational tour of industrial hemp. Stephanie now focuses on her international consultancy business and specializes in bringing hemp entrepreneurs into sustainability and success. A high-energy, charming, entertaining and independent source of information on CBD and hemp, Stephanie speaks fluent Spanish and French, is a PADI Certified Open Water Diver who also holds a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo. When she’s not actively creating a better world for her daughter and future generations, she LOVES jumping out of planes. What we discussed: The Oil and Gas Industry Stephanie's Electrical knowledge and how it helped her Industrial Hemp journey Her Reiki connections Patent of marijuana How we can make change Mediataion Burning Man Vibrational Frequencies and much more How to Contact Stephanie Grande:
September 23, 2020
#16 The lady that was sent home to die was happy she met Energy Healer Matthew Lennon
All Episodes can be found at     To Subscribe or find our videos All other Podcasts About My Guest : Matthew Lennon Healer An Irish healer who provides alternative and complementary healing therapies through the use of herbs, prayer and the laying of hands. What we discussed: Gracie and her story of being told to go home to die How Warren avoid double shoulder surgery How Warren's eyesight improved Stories of healing children Shadow banned and blocked on social media Phones tampered to stop people trying to book an appointment Customer got Hacked on & Hacked off on her phone Usually told 'You are my last home' Why the operation should be the last resort Why having a positive belief system will help you getting healed. How to Contact Matthew:
September 19, 2020
#15 Agenda 21 - Sandi Adams
All Episodes can be found at     To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit     Subscribe for New updates What we discussed:   Agenda 21 Club of Rome Worked for Google and Microsoft The Flooding of Summerset Covid Wardens to Marshall Businesses Why the Judical System is Corrupt The United Nations Climate Hoax The infiltration of the Green Party Earth Summit and Al Gore We Must Stand Up or There Will be Nothing Left Human Settlement Zones How We Can Overcome THis New Economic Models Replacing GDP AI 5G and Satellities Elon Musk and Star Link 4 Yr Olds Getting Vaccines in the UK Now Chemtrails and Heavy Metals found in the Soils Fake News The Next UK Protest Overheard a Policeman saying "There are too many of them, we can noy break it up" Why they are Encouraging Farmers Not To Farm Amended Agricultural Bill to Include Gene Editing i.e. GMO's Bio Weapons  To Connect with Sandi:
September 14, 2020
#14 Wake The Flock Up - Chris Ryan
All Episodes can be found at    To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit    Subscribe for New updates      What we discussed:  His Awakening moment How Alex Jones blew his mind Propaganda from new channels Why his video was blocked on Youtube Twins of Evil - Bill Gates & Ted Ross Chemically sterilizing Kenyan women The Corrupt W.H.O. Polio from a vaccine strain DTP Vaccine Trump stops W.H.O. funding and Ireland Increases funding The Corrupt Irish Government Elon Musk Psychopath The Billionaire Pledge Event 201, a Pandemic simulation in October 2019 Why in 2017/18 Countries were buying Corona Testing kits Too much truth hurts people Cashless Society Dangers Why People Lost Savings in Cyprus Corrupt Banking Industry London Protests Piers Corbyn Arrest and more  To Connect with Chris:  
September 10, 2020
#13 Discussing the Military with Wing Commander Winko Chou
All Episodes can be found at   To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit   Subscribe for New updates   About My Guest: An Air Veteran with vast experience in the Air Defence and Ground defence Operations,, Administration and HR  including that of Chief Admin Officer, second in command in  the unit and member of Admin core group of a prestigious Command HQ of the Indian Air Force. What we discussed: Freedom Fighter Grandfather The advantages of Military Service His duties in the Military The advantages of being yelled at How the Military has helped his business How to Question when Instructed to Attack Innocent People Current Conflict with China and India Current lockdown situation in India The UN  EU Super Army Nuclear Tests His Podcast and much more To Connect with Winko :
September 8, 2020
#12 Why You Should Not Watch the News - Laura Bolton
All Episodes can be found at  To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit  Subscribe for New updates  About My Guest: Laura is a high performance health coach, educator, podcast host and truth seeker, on a mission to help humans feel amazing, achieve total freedom and live the best life possible. What We Discussed: Her awakening journey after health challenges Why you should not investigate too much Mindful of the current mass global trauma Why the governments don't care about your health Toxins in food The dangers of anti depressant tablets The Dr's and kickbacks Don't trust uncle google Cancer and the corrupt charities Illness is an industry Shadow banning and censorship on social media The power of the mind Why we would not want to go to hospital Why the tests do not work Bill Gates Why you should not watch the news We need to talk to the individual to make change The hate towards people exposing the truth Child abuse Use your intuition The recent protests How this will effect the children Suggestions on what to watch and who to follow How to keep our vibrations high How to Contact Laura: Instagram
September 4, 2020
#11 How do we know what to believe these day's - Roy Coughlan
All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit Subscribe for New updates What I Discussed: Protests in Berlin, London and Dublin Dolores Cahill Current Scam Corrupt Media Effect on Children This was a speech I did on 2nd Sept 2020 and uploaded on Bitchute and Youtube
September 2, 2020
#10 Should I Trust the Pharmaceutical Companies - Hartmut Schumacher
All Episodes can be found at     To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit     Subscribe for New updates  What we Discussed: The European Union Berlin Protests Nuremberg Trials Concentration Camps Vaccinations Covid Tests Population Reduction. How to contact Hartmut:
August 28, 2020
#9 The Answer - David Icke
All Episodes can be found at    To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit    Subscribe for New updates What we Discussed: Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder currently on trial Fact Checkers Corona Virus and mask wearing Consequences of being compliant Current situation in Australia Breathing breaks for children Subliminal messages Event 201 W.H.O. Wuhan Fake tests African - No flue but corona virus Financial Incentives for diagnosing Covid 19 Italy admitted the figures were adjusted What he thinks of Trump Black Lives Matter The Green Party The Climate Change Hoax Greta Thunberg Why the Uniform has the Power Satellites with 5G Elon Musk Who Are The Good Guys The Power of No, I'm Not Doing it and much more About my Guest Author of over 20 books. David has been exposing corruption for 30 years and has predicted a lot of what is happening around the world.  To Find out more about David New Book The Answer - Please Share to get this Message Out
August 21, 2020
#8 Renewing Our Planet as an Investment - Riccardo Segat
All Episodes can be found at   To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit   About my Guest Riccardo Segat: Experienced Chief Executive Officer and serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Businesses built and sold include Amafilter Group in the Netherlands, Maestrale Green Energy, Envirogen Group. Founder of Amplio Energy and ReGen Future Capital. Previous professional experiences at Merrill Lynch - Investment Banking, GE Capital - Equity Capital Group, Compass Partners and Henderson Global Investors - Private Equity Skilled in Entrepreneurship, International Business, Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Private Equity. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Università Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi'. What we discussed: 6 GW & 1+GW Solar stations in Brazil and Denmark Regenerating natural habits Investment loop We don't see competition, we see colaboration People, Planet and Profit Carbon Credits Creating a new blockchain system for carbon credits Why Carbon Tax is not the best option How to overcome hurdles Why he can communicate with the Bankers and Entrepreneurs How Corporations can get involved How to get in Contact with Riccardo Segat:
August 14, 2020
#7 From Being Abused to Helping the Accused - Michael Byrd
All Episodes can be found at  To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit  What we discussed: Dark beginnings been abused as a child Given drugs and alcohol from 4/5 Took 6 marriages and 50 years to realise he was the problem.   The book he wrote. The death of a friend at a training camp and his mission to get justice. Why an ex con cannot appear on American Idol How he was lucky getting ethical Dr's that did not pump him with drugs. From being broke to his Awakening Discussing Prisons and the costs His time in Prison How his ex wife predicted an accident and saved his life and much more How to Connect with Michael:
August 12, 2020
#6 Low Enthropy Diet That Cures Cancer - Dr Marek Roland
All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit About my guest: Former Professor at Dalhousie University Studied Biophysics of Life at Dalhousie University M.Sc. in physics (Poland), Ph.D. in physics (Canada)  Born in Poland. Living in Canada. Grandson of polish / british RAF military pilot Major Jozef Dubas (teacher of a famous WWII pilot Gen.Stanislaw Skalski and many others).  Work: acoustics, audio, biophysics, audio engineering, photography, video, inventor, science  Hobbies: aviation, music, photography, hiking, biking, swimming, reading, psychology, philosophy, art, nature, animals, etc.  Accomplishments: explanation of how life works, what is optimal diet, what is cancer and how to prevent and eliminate cancer and many other degenerative diseases. What we Discussed In this Podcast: Benefits of rebounding Natural Remedies Why he does not use Antibiotics Cancer Cures through his Diet How the Medical Industry started Super Foods Vitamins Advantages of not eating meat Corona Virus - The System is Rewarding Lying for Diagnosing Mandatory Vaccines by Psychopaths New World Order The Corruption in the Medical Industry Why they want to keep you sick The Government want people to die after retiring Electric Cars & Blocking Technology We are Governed by Idiots and Psychopaths Damaged Environment to Extinction Why the Crocodiles are dying in Africa The Dangers of 5G Why Police got Testicular Cancer His Inventions The Dangers of Smart Meters If We Do Not Wake Up, We Will Not Survive How they tried to discredit him Why his Facebook Group of 44K was removed How the Corona Virus was created To Contact Dr. Marek Roland: Be sure to subscribe to get all the latest information:
August 5, 2020
#5 Get The F...... Out (Fluoride) - Aisling Fitzgibbon
All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit About my guest: Aisling's FitzGibbon is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, creator of Aisling's Health School and author of the upcoming book Moving From Fear To Trust. She is also known as The Girl Against Fluoride In this Episode we discussed: Getting very ill with depression to understanding the dangers of Fluoride Aisling's Marketing that gained followers The laws of the Universe Why fighting the system is not the best solution The Corona Virus Alternative Options See through the illusion of deception Creating a movement takes time Keeping yourself in the right frequencies Why you should not to try and fix everything Have her best supporter to losing her mother Don't buy into the fear story The germ theory Taking a court case against the government Benefits of Meditation Death threats to attacking her character Inner Warrior World Health Organisation Advantages of nature To Contact Aisling:
August 1, 2020
#4 How to deal with Peoples Addictions - Mateusz Kozlowski
All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me /Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Learn Polish Podcast please visit In this Episode we discussed: Emotional Intelligence Social Frame: What other think of me How to attract people on the same path as you Dealing with Workaholics / Gamblers and other diseases How to deal with a toxic relationship Ensuring the child has its own mindset How to deal with sadness Dealing with anger Dealing with social media abusers Logotherapy Discussing moral and financial corruption Dealing with a Narcissist About my Guest  He works in Learning and Development industry for over 12 years starting his career as a methodologist and pedagogue, then a technology trainer of purchase and engineering processes, a soft skills trainer, a leader and a creator of trainer groups in international organizations in BPO and SSC sectors Recent years he works intensively as a researcher and trainer of Emotional Intelligence, Development Projects Manager and business trainer he has been cooperating with Polish and international organizations for over 8 years (working with Philips, Ikea and many others). He specializes in workshops, coaching and consulting based on Emotional Intelligence he creates a rich content and uses extraordinary methodology tailored to team needs (experience in training managers, leaders, sales forces and IT) and personal needs In addition, he explores domains of Personal Effectiveness Motivational Process Management on both levels personal and subordinates He successfully supports organizations in changing the organizational culture, dynamic transformation of the company, development of talents in the organization or building the identity of leaders and teams How to contact Mateusz:
July 28, 2020
#3 How to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World - Niraj Naik
All Episodes can be found at To learn more about me please visit In this Episode we discussed: Why Niraj became the Renegade Pharmacist What made him angry about the pharmaceutical industry Why Tony Robbins had an incredible result on Niraj How people reverse type 2 Diabetes How he cured his own colitis  How a Dr. can help with a placebo effect The dangers of Oxygen The difference between physical and emotional stress What the Yogi's knew thousands of years ago Stem Cells Kickbacks  Malaria trials in Africa To Connect with Niraj Renegade Pharmacist Facebook Soma Breath Facebook Instagram
July 23, 2020
#2 Make Health Your No.1 Value - Justin Zalewski
Find all Episodes on To Find out More about me please visit About Justin: He has been passionately immersed in the area of Health, Healing, Nutrition, NLP, Hypnosis and personal development for the last 15 years. He believes we’re all on a journey, a journey to reach a higher state of awareness and consciousness, as we walk this magical path of life. Some of us are acutely aware of this journey, while others, at a different level of consciousness, are distracted by the attractions of the cultural hypnosis that keep us systematically subdued, subservient and dumbed down. What's Topics are Covered in this Podcast: Nutrition Food's that should be banned The dangers of eating chicken. Why you should not eat from tins Food Corruption Dangers of deodorants Why bra's can be dangerous Ways to toxify If you want an athletic body know what to do  The dangers of Pharmaceutical drugs Benefits of infrared saunas The dangers of sun screens and natural alternatives The dangers of microwaves No consequences for vacinnes Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want in your life To find out more about Justin please visit
July 16, 2020
#1 Why I Started the Awakening Podcast
This is a brief introduction about me and my mission for this podcast. Subscribe to get more details Find more about me at
July 8, 2020