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Royal Marines a Geo History

Royal Marines a Geo History

By Simon Biggs
Welcome to the Royal Marines a Geo History Podcast telling the oral histories of former Royal Marines.

The aim is to provide more depth to my online map and blog which attempts to record and plot some of the diverse history of the Royal Marines from 1664 to Present day, subjects based on Personal Histories, Unit Histories and Actions, Historical periods, includes RM People, Combined Operations, VC's and selected memorials.
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Mike Samuelson a Royal Marines Officer; 40 decades of War and Peace (Keeping) Pt1
Mike Samuelson a Royal Marines Officer: Lympstone to N Iraq via Aden; Cyprus, Northern Ireland and the Falklands conflict; 40 decades of war and peace (Keeping). Pt 1 Officer training, withdraw from Aden and being wounded, 'Op Motorman' Northern Ireland and 'Op Corporate' the Battle of the Falklands.
December 17, 2021
HMS Belfast to Victory the story of Ron Knight a Royal Marine on operations in Korea and Malaya
Ron Knight joined the Royal Marines in 1948 and served in North Korea manning a 4" gun on HMS Belfast and then swapped drafts to service in the jungles of Malaya with 45 Commando, he left the service after a period on HMS Nelson. Not resting on his laurels he ran 38 Marathons, including the first London event and after retirement worked as a volunteer for the NHS supporting patients as they underwent major eye surgery, even now at 90 Ron is volunteering at a COVID vaccination center 3 days a week.   I hope you will enjoy listenening and be inspired by Ron as he tells of his life of service and reminds me that 'Once a Royal Marine, Always a Royal Marine'
March 19, 2021