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RPG Unltd. Podcast: Ryan Boelter, Chimera RPG & Character Creation Cast

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By Amorette Terrell
Tabletop gaming, content creation, and news.
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More places to listen

RPG Unltd. Podcast: RIch Howard, Descent into Midnight RPG & Whelmed: The YJ Files
Last Friday I spoke with Rich Howard, one of the creative minds behind Descent into Midnight RPG and Whelmed: The YJ Files.  We talked about how sometimes plans change, his love of aquatic life and it's strangeness, and his journey with the YJ Files podcast.  You can find more info at descentintomidnight.com and crashingthemode.com, and you can support him on Ko-Fi at https://ko-fi.com/M4M1MSMD
June 11, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Ryan Boelter, Chimera RPG & Character Creation Cast
I talked with Ryan Boelter, one of the creators of Chimera RPG and Co-Host of Character Creation Cast.  We spoke about his experiences both creation games and podcasts, and as a player and GM.   You can find out more about his projects at the following links, as well as contact hom via twitter! https://chimerapbta.wordpress.com/ https://www.charactercreationcast.com https://www.twitter.com/lordneptune
May 28, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Brian Wiggins, TeamX D&D, EatDrinkRoll, and Voice Acting!
I got a chance to talk with Brian Wiggins, DM of TeamX D&D, and one of the showrunners on EatDrinkRoll.  We talked a bit about his experience as a DM, getting into Voice Acting, and running games where you may have a plan... but your players clearly have something different in mind! You can find him at these links! https://www.brian-wiggins.com https://www.eatdrinkroll.com https://www.twitch.tv/eatdrinkroll https://www.twitter.com/TheSaintBrian
May 14, 2019
RPG Unltd Podcast: Renee Rhodes, Monocle Society, Fate and the Fablemaidens
I talked with Renee Rhodes, DM of Fate of the Fablemaidens (and actual play podcast) and Social Media Manager for monocle Society, creators of Weave, about moving, her journey into playing Dungeons and Dragons, and plans for the future. If you want to keep up with her projects, you can find her through these links! https://www.twitter.com/raedeanneR https://www.fatefmcast.com https://www.monoclesociety.com
April 30, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Riley Hopkins, Linksmith Games & Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined
  I got a chance to chat with Riley Hopkins, powerhouse behind Linksmith  Games, who brought us Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined, a game about  relationships and how they give us power, and travel between worlds.     Riley Hopkins Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/revryebread Linksmith Games: https://www.linksmithgames.com 
April 16, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Taylor of Riverhouse Games Interview
I talk with Taylor of Riverhouse Games about the games he has created, available on Itch.io and DriveThru RPG, as well as his experiences and advice in regards to Game Jams, and some of his personal life experiences with attending cons and renting Airbnb. https://www.riverhousegames.com https://www.twitter.com/leviathanfiles riverhousegames.itch.io https://www.descendintomidnight.com
April 2, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Tim Vaughan, Aeronauts and the Journey of Creating Games
In this episode, I join Tim Vaughan as we explore their journey from college student to RPG game creator.  We delve into some of their thoughts and processes, as well as advice on starting your own RPG game. You can find more information at these links! https://www.aeronuatsrpg.com https://www.twitter.com/eps_tvaughan
March 19, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Naomi, Breaking the Binary and Writing Mini RPGs
We dive into Naomi (Adanarama/Breakingthebinary)'s thoughts, processes, and experiences as a TTRPG creator/writer and as a podcaster.  They share their views and some helpful insights for people looking into making a foray into creating games for Tabletop Roleplay. You can reach Naomi at these links! https://www.beatingthebinary.itch.io  https://www.patreon.com/adanarama   https://www.anchor.fm/queerly_yours
March 11, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Derek Nekritz, TheMageCollege and writing your own Supplements
In this episode, we talk with Derek Nekritz of The Mage College.   We explore a bit about how growing shaped his gameplay, and his processes when creating supplements for D&D. You can find his work at https://www.themagecollege.com and https://www.twitter.com/archmagederek as well as https://www.twitter.com/themagecollege
February 19, 2019
RPG Unltd. Podcast: Chris Lock, The Retroverse and New Ideas
A special episode interviewing Chris Lock, one of the creative minds behind the Retroverse setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  We talk about where the idea came from, his creative process, and advice he would give to people just starting out as content creators in the TTRPG sphere. You can find more information about his works at these links! https://www.laserandliches.com https://www.twitter.com/lasersandliches https://www.twitter.com/snickelsox
February 8, 2019
RPG Unltd.: Diana Gaeta, Femsplained and CogsExpo
This week I interviewed Diana Gaeta, a blogger, CogsExpo Gaming track organizer, TTRPG Player and GM, and fellow Podcaster.  We explored her experience in each of these spaces and get her perspective. You can find more info at these links! https://www.cogsexpo.com https://www.twitter.com/superdillin https://www.anchor.fm/femsplained
February 7, 2019
RPG Unltd.: IndieTimmie, on Fallout Equestria RPG and First Impressions
In my first episode of RPG. Unltd., I interview IndieTimmie, a content creator on Twitch and Youtube whos has had experience with Tabletop Roleplaying Games via Fallout Equestria. You can find more info about him at these links! https://www.twitter.com/indietimmie https://www.youtube.com/indietimmie
January 24, 2019
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