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By Che Webster
Did you used to play roleplaying games back in the day, delving dungeons with funny dice in hand? Why’d you stop? Find out how to reclaim your RPG hobby as a working adult.
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An Interview with Carl Bussler
Following on from last week, I hopped online and had a chat with Carl Bussler. He is the co-founder of Stormlord Publishing, hosted and produced the Flagons & Dragons podcast, and is currently the host of The Megadungeon Podcast. Carl lives in a little town near Philadelphia where he works as a Videographer and Photographer. Here's a link to The Megadungeon Podcast Massive thanks to Carl for coming on the show and sharing his thoughts on why megadungeons are ace!
January 12, 2019
Delving the Megadungeon
Having a stab at defining the concept of a "megadungeon", we take a look at the dungeoncrawl as the best and most successful game structure from the standpoint of a person who wants to play a foolproof game. The episode piles on the reasons why both players and Game Masters ought to be able to enjoy the megadungeon’s pleasures. We also note that the megadungeon does not, in any way, limit your play options in the longer term. Here are the links I promised in the episode:  The Megadungeon Podcast: Episode 1 The Alexandrian blog post: “Game Structures Part 3: Dungeoncrawl” Dungeons & Dragons Red Box (1983, aka BECMI): Player's Guide and DM's Rulebook Barrowmaze Complete: Labyrinth Lord, aka 1981 B/X D&D Edition Barrowmaze Complete (5e): 5th Edition D&D Shiny Shiny Edition Barrowmaze Level 1 Map: Level 1 Map Only Peter Dell’Orto’s “Dungeon Fantastic”: Megadungeon Mapping Best Practices Part I B/X Essentials free .PDFs Adventures & Treasures and Monsters Game on!
January 5, 2019
Bonus: An Interview With A Priest
Over the past few weeks, ever since starting this project, I’ve been chatting to a couple of gamers I know. One of the cool things that has happened is that one or two of these guys have agreed to record an interview about their own experiences.  Derek McClean is an Anglican Priest, husband, and father. I’ve known him not shy of 30 years, ever since we met at University. Having been a teacher of Religious Education, Derek attended Cambridge University before his ordination. He currently serves a rural diocese in England.  Unfortunately, the audio quality on this interview has not been as good as I would have hoped and I need to admit that, while the content is good, the conversation has suffered a bit from being recorded on our mobile phones. I’m uploading this episode as a bonus because, frankly, the conversation is too good to consign it to the cutting room floor. Bear with us on the quality and see if there’s anything you can take from the conversation in spite of a rough edit. Here's a link to RoleGate, the online play-by-chat platform: Oh, and this is the game Derek mentions at the end:  The Deryni Adventure Game
January 2, 2019
An Interview With Gavin Norman
Following on from the last episode, in which I outed my story of discovery and the success experienced with B/X Essentials, I hopped online and interviewed the author of that product: Gavin Norman. Here are the questions I started with: - What is it that you enjoy most about roleplaying games? - What is your biggest barrier to getting a game? - What was the worst moment in your roleplaying hobby? - How do you keep yourself motivated to play? - What tips do you have for a person coming back to the roleplaying hobby? From there, we talked about the reception of B/X Essentials, plans for the future of the line, and a little about his Dolmenwood setting. Here are some links related to the interview: Necrotic Gnome: B/X Essentials .PDF Bundle: Dolmenwood: Many thanks to Gavin for braving an unknown interviewer and coming on the show!
December 29, 2018
On Rediscovery & Roots
Sharing my own journey of revelation about roleplaying games and describing one route back into hobby. This is the story of what happened to me in July 2018 when all the reading, thinking, and self-doubt finally opened a way to enjoy my hobby again. I hope it can inspire others to consider a trip back to the gaming table. Here are the links I promised in the episode: The Angry GM’s, “GMing, Basically” series: The Alexandrian, Justin Alexander’s, “Open Table” series: Jennell Jacquays’, “The Caverns of Thracia” megadungeon: B/X Essentials (art-free) $0 .PDFs: Core Rules - Classes & Equipment - Cleric & Magic-user Spells - Monsters - Adventures & Treasures - Add dice and play!
December 22, 2018
What Are Roleplaying Games, Really?
What are roleplaying games and why should we play them? Taking a look at what lies at the heart of RPGs, their value to us as human beings, and the basics of how they work. It's time to take a stab at defining what tabletop roleplaying games are all about. We also take a look at the function of RPGs and the reasons for playing them (other than just for fun). Finally, this episode handles the fundamentals of how to play. Here are the links I mention in the episode: The Angry GM's "GMing, Basically" series: The Alexandrian on Game Structures: Sarah Lynne Bowman's book, "The Functions of Roleplaying Games": For Jon Peterson's, "Playing At The World": Tim Shorts’ Gothridge Manor:
December 15, 2018
What Stops You From Gaming?
Taking a look at three big barriers to playing RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, or RuneQuest. This episode introduces some of the key reasons many folk will drop out of the hobby. None of this is rocket science yet it affects gamers everywhere at some time or another. Here are a couple of links to items mentioned in the episode... Andy Cope's & Andy Whittaker's book, "The Art of Being Brilliant": My own blog: A big thank you to Ravi Bains who designed the new artwork for the podcast - thanks, Ravi!
December 8, 2018
Episode 0: Why?
The Series 1 trailer in which I make a plea for lapsed roleplayers to come back to the gaming table. Ever play D&D or similar roleplaying games back in the day? This is my first stab at tempting you back. Game on! Contact: Quick link here: Email: MeWe: Roleplay Rescue Page Facebook: Roleplay Rescue Page
November 28, 2018
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