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By Vedant Suryawanshi & Arnav Kulkarni
We at RPMTALKS indulge you with the latest news from around the world, turbocharged entertainment, extravagant and exclusive interviews with leaders in the automobile world, supercar montages and exclusive coverage from the city of Nashik. Buckle yourself in for an epic ride through the world of automobiles with us and hope you enjoy the journey!
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Lee Keshav's life story! | Racing, Startups, Hike, Design | RPMTALKS EP. 3


Lee Keshav's life story! | Racing, Startups, Hike, Design | RPMTALKS EP. 3
Follow Lee Keshav's Social Media Handles:-  Instagram : : : : : Vedant (Host) - https://www.kiviro.inRPMTALKS -
August 17, 2021
Bhuvan Chowdhary aka b.chow | First bike, Drift School, F1 Car, and much more | RPMTALKS EP. 2
In the second episode of our Podcast Series, we talk about the state of automotive enthusiasm in the country, the petrolhead culture, a few tips for young enthusiasts, and take a trip down memory lane with Bhuvan Chowdhary (B.Choww) and his tales of petrol-fueled adventures throughout the globe in a hilarious blast of a conversation. Drifting from the streets of Mumbai, to the circuits of Dubai, driving stunt-bikes at events, to driving a Formula car in Texas, join us to find out more about a crazy series of adventures on Chatting with Choww!
May 15, 2021
Omkar Rane | Indian Motorsports, Project cars, Custom Exhausts, and much more | RPMTALKS EP. 1
In the first episode of rpmtalks's new podcast series, Omkar Rane of D&O Motorsports explained the ethos of car modifications, why does India lacks in motorsports, and how you can get into building your own cars. D&O Motorsports : Follow us on Social Media Instagram - ​Twitter -​ Our Website - Topics discussed : - Main aim is to push the nation forth in the automobile world. - What India lacks is the recognition and proper utilization of our resources. - Put Indian engineering back on the map/break the concept that IND engineering is make-believe, cheap. - What do other countries have, that India lacks. Why do we not have recognition in the engineering department, motorsport department? - The Indian consumer itself pulls the Indian market factor down due to lack of faith. - Unmatched precision and levels of personalized customization. - Skill establishing is a benchmark. Capital would come in after a level of skill established. - All in-house design with local (Indian) Engineers. - Project cars. - Intern engineers are hired. - Include the engineers/interns in the video, interview.​
May 07, 2021