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IT Privacy and Security Weekly update.

IT Privacy and Security Weekly update.

This is a somewhat light hearted, lightweight IT privacy and security podcast that spans the globe in terms of issues covered with topics that draw in everyone from newbie to tech specialist. Invest between 15 and 30 minutes a week to come up to speed on a dozen different stories from around the world.
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Privacy and Security Update 2020 09 29

IT Privacy and Security Weekly update.

“8 It Privacy & Security Things that Are Hiding under Your Bed” for the week ending 2020 12 01 
Howdy! On “giving Tuesday” we are “giving” you the best privacy and security stories yet. AI and privacy feature high on the list, from AI aimed at truck drivers to office 365 workers and sticking with the theme comes our AI generated title this week for the Privacy and Security update. Using the semrush(dot)com/title-generator/ and the two most coherent results for your delectation: “The Best It Privacy & Security tricks For Your First Date” “8 It Privacy & Security Things that Are Hiding under Your Bed” (It really had to be the second option for this week’s update…) … from there we move into GDPR fines, DNA hacking, and Magecart attacks. We swap voice commands for laser to instruct your Alexa device and highlight some other privacy concerns from Amazon. We finish with a delightful interview where privacy and GDPR appear not to be foremost thoughts in the mind of psychic Uri Geller. This is the best collection yet, so let’s get the road train rolling!
December 2, 2020
Unwrapping P & S news for the week ending November 24 2020
They used to say, “If you want to get someone’s attention, just whisper.” In these trying times where social distancing keeps people more than 6 feet away, that strategy falls flat, so instead we come bearing news of gifts. We start with free e2ee calls for up to 29 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds, we move on to leaky apps, why your new car might have gone missing while you shopped for Raspberries, how many Apples it takes to get a CCW, why you might want to change your doorbell…again… and what you might be thinking about if you are a Liverpool Football Club fan while Man U fight off cyber attacks. We share the most common breeds of phish, Oxford University’s word??!!? of the year, and why Minecraft mods might be bad for your vision (at two minute intervals). And of course we end with another gift for you, but we are not going to bang on about it. It’s our best collection of Privacy and Security updates yet so, no holding back! Let’s get unwrapping!!!
November 25, 2020
The cow is what? On vacation? Privacy and Security for the Week ending 2020 11 17
Welcome back P&S listeners ... we start with trip down memory lane. ..... How many of you recall the days of L0phtcrack as possibly one of the first tools you used to demonstrate the concept of brute force attacks? (Ok maybe this says something about us.) Well, Twitter has just taken on its creator. This week is absolutely the best collection of articles yet, … as we veer from Pentagon commissioned artwork, to numbers that give us an idea why there are so many data breaches … to a new scam involving browser notifications. We update you on RaaS and the new DS4SD, take a trip to Pluton, the benefits of Glue DataBrew and a wonderful story about how one Bangladeshi lad is tackling cyberbullying and receiving international acclaim for it. We end with a sad story for one person in particular and the perfect example of how not to use your vacation time. You’re going to both love and learn with this week's set of adventures, so let’s get going!
November 17, 2020
How did we make it through the US elections? Shaken not stirred. P & S for w/e 2020 11 10
After what some may have found a nerve wracking week across the globe awaiting the results of the US elections (absolutely validating the value of immutable transactions) the dust is settling a little bit. While US authorities pat themselves on the back, we look into just how precarious some of the security surrounding voting was, from hacking voter data websites to breaking into ballot boxes, you may come away a little shaken. We have a story of how the father of the Internet wants to bring privacy back, the results from both the Pwn2Own and the Tianfu Cup and an early Black Friday sale that could land you behind bars. *Finally we end with a story that might put a little more sting in your Campari and soda. * This is the best round up yet! We hope you enjoy this week’s privacy and security update.
November 10, 2020
Privacy and Security related News for the week ending 2020 11 03
We have the best mix of stories yet, from across the world… to outer space. We start with why you might do better smashing your old thumb drives, then patching, a really laughably acronym, guarding against malicious Google forms, how long were you on that phone?, why naming bugs is such a bitch, and a first review of Elon Musk’s SpaceX StarLink. You will love every single word and you’ll be better informed and safer for each!
November 4, 2020
Privacy and Security related news for the week ending 2020 10 27
...this Security Matters update is the best EVER. As we span the globe for stories we start off in Sweden and end up in Kazakhstan. In between those two countries you can learn how to redact depositions, send high speed uploads to drones while in Munich, view some extraordinarily bad passwords a la the current US president, read a truly inspirational story about one of the team leads at Project Zero, get our recommendation for a for the “Zucked” What’s App. and protect your phone against malice on public wifi networks. This week’s news is laughable and sobering at the same time, and we hope you will find every piece a jewel. Have a great listen, a wonderful week and stay informed, safe and secure!
October 28, 2020
Privacy and Security related news for the week ending 2020 10 20 
We have the most entertaining round up of privacy and security stories making this the best week yet! From a rapper scamming the system to an alarming number of stories covering the security and privacy of our children, hackers giving back to charity, to a final word from POTUS that has roughly half of the population up in arms. In between we share US election communications that you will want to avoid, a RAT infested travel app that you’ll never need to download and how to make your phone a little bit safer. Enjoy this week’s roundup of stories!
October 21, 2020
Privacy and Security 2020 10 13
This week we start with an Orca reporting on a bunch of appliances and we end with a story about birds. In between the two extremes we have cars, drive-bys, cruises, trickbots, bricked phones and backdoors. Truly colorful content. We help you stay safe with tips on everything from shopping to conferencing and while the tone is light, the results are serious. Have a great listen!
October 14, 2020
Privacy and Security Update2020 10 06
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Privacy and Security related news for the week ending October 6th 2020 From the Wild and crazy guy John McAfee (We’ve met him. We can attest to the “crazy” parts) all the way to Mars, we have you covered with the latest and truly the greatest news. We know you are going to love this week’s privacy and security news story round up and perhaps even forgive us for the last socially very distanced article. Stay on point, on guard and informed.
October 7, 2020
Privacy and Security Update 2020 09 29
Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Privacy and Security related news for the week ending September 29 2020  We’ve certainly got a roundup of WILD stories for you this week, from the FBI playing Roxy Music’s Manifesto, to Stravas paid for contribution of your data to the development of city centers it’s all here. Fed up with your Android location based unlock? We can help you fix it for a while. We cover the curious outage of a large swathe of the US’s 911 emergency services (the equivalent of 999 in the UK… or is it “0118 999 881 999 119 725 3”?) and even a coffee maker hit with ransomware. We hope you enjoy this week’s privacy and security related news stories , and that they help you stay on point, on guard and informed.
September 30, 2020
Privacy and Security 2020 09 22
This week we start underground in a Tesla and end with a boat crash, but what you find in between those two modes of transport is crazy interesting. We have a cautionary tale involving an Australian Prime minister, Fuzzing as a Service, a leaky elastic Microsoft Bing search server, a snowflake, a credit card, and Russia putting the clamp on secure protocols. There’s no better way to get your Privacy and Security updates than here, so have a seat, buckle up and enjoy the journey!
September 22, 2020
Privacy and Security 2020 09 15
A roundup of global privacy and security news for the week ending 2020 09 15
September 16, 2020
Privacy and Security 2020 09 08
A collection of privacy and security related stories.
September 16, 2020