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Reconnecting To The Artist Within

Reconnecting To The Artist Within

By Michael Murray
Relatable life stories from creative artists, musicians, authors, etc.. who started out where you are and took it to where you want to go.

Each episode we interview people who have stepped off the beaten conventional path and ventured into a life of deeper connection with their inner creative being.

Come crack open your creative vision with us and unleash it on the world!
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EP004: Write Down Your Wildest Dreams & Then Put Your Energy and Focus There - MK Williams Journey From a Corporate Job in Marketing to Full Time Author and Independent Publishing Consultant

Reconnecting To The Artist Within

EP021: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway - How Nikki Elmer Harnessed Her Fear of Performing to Return to the Stage 20 Years Later
You know what they say - diamonds are created from pressure! And that is exactly what my guest Nikki Elmer used in order to conquer her old fears of performing in front of an audience. Now she is a full-time member of the UK rock band Papa Shango actively performing and playing flute on stage in front of full venues. Listen in to learn the exact method she used to master her fear. To learn more about Nikki and her band, you can visit the following links: Website: Facebook: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
July 26, 2021
EP020: Zoe Gregory - The Growth That Comes From Total Immersion
There's certainly one quick way to learn a new skill and it is a technique that my guest on this episode has absolutely mastered. Listen to learn more about how Zoe radically transformed her life and how you can too. To learn more about Zoe and to connect with her further, please visit the following links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
July 05, 2021
EP019: Be Your Biggest Champion - Garon Whited's Journey from IT Support to 9 Time Author
How many of you can relate to this next scenario? You've been a creative your whole life. From very early on you were using your gifts to brighten your own world and those around you.  And yet ever so slowly the pressure from society (parents, teachers, peers) kicks in and you succumb to the conventional standards of a 9-5 for the foreseeable future.  What if it didn't have to be that way? What if you were prepared for when the Universe threw a wrench in your plans, so that you could turn that loss of a career around into something truly special? In today's interview I speak with Garon Whited about how he took the loss of a job as an opportunity to finally put some intention behind the book he had finished years prior. It's a powerful story, filled with Garon's quick wit, and one you will not want to miss. To learn more about Scott and to connect with him further, please visit: Website: Books on Amazon: Facebook Group: Facebook "Spoilers" Group: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
June 17, 2021
EP018: Meeting The Love Of Your Life Doing What You Love Most - Tessa & Thomas from Destiny Band Oz Share Their Story of Love and Music
Multi award-winning and chart-topping Australian recording artists and musicians, Thomas and Tessa Libreri burst onto the country music scene in 2017.  They have accrued many #1 hits and awards following the release of their three albums: Changes; Makin Music; Take Me Back in Time and two EPs: 'From the Heart' and 'Special Songs'.  They are a popular class act, who perform 'country, rock and soul' original music during their live shows. Speaking to them about their journey to becoming full time musicians and how they met was an absolute joy. Their energy and love for music and each other is infectious and I know you will feel it too while listening. Enjoy the show! To learn more about Tessa and Thomas please visit the following links: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Website: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
June 04, 2021
EP017: The Steps Leading Up to the Biggest Performance of Your Life - Rob from UK Rock Band "Papa Shango" Discusses the Highlight of His Career and How He Got There
We all have dreams when we are children. Whether that is to perform on stage in front of a crowd of thousands or to release a novel to critical acclaim. Your dreams are valid and they are more than possible. Persistence and unwavering belief in yourself is always key. In this episode Mike and his guest Rob from circus rock band "Papa Shango" talk about what it took to realise his childhood dream and he climbed the stairs onstage to the biggest performance of his career (so far). We also discuss the balance between work and play and how to maintain an enjoyment of both.  Papa Shango has been quoted by the Observer as being ""Outlandishly entertaining" and NME has stated that "The internet has killed live music...Papa Shango are saving it" To learn more about Rob and his music, you can visit the following links: Website: Facebook: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
May 21, 2021
EP016: When The Teacher Becomes the Student - Scott Wilcox's Journey from School Teacher to Full Time Musician
Like most of us, Scott started off as young child completely infatuated with the creative arts. In his case it was music.  Unfortunately, as we all already know, most often our support network of parents and teachers take it upon themselves to remind us how hard it is to make it as a musician (artist, writer, etc...) and we generally listen. That's exactly what Scott did, and he found himself working in sales and then teaching, until one day when one of his most memorable students set him straight. It's a powerful story of learning to listen to all of the signs around you and your path towards your creative pursuits. In Scott's case, there was a couple of signals that were pretty hard to miss. Scott Wilcox has an infectious personality and was an absolute joy to have on the podcast. I loved speaking with him and I know you will love listening to him share his story. (**yes the audio drops out at times, but I promise you that Scott's story and personality is worth forgiving the audio for) To learn more about Scott and to connect with him further, please visit: Website: Facebook: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
April 20, 2021
EP015: Using Your Passion To Fuel Your Energy in Every Area of Life - Adam Fiasco's Complete 180 Back to His Roots and Love for Music
How many of us grew up completely obsessed with music, art, dance, creative writing, etc...?? It is easily the most natural state of being for children (and arguably ALL humans, regardless of age). But by now most of us know how that goes... Why is the following an all too familiar story? Child grows up loving the arts.  Society tells child to "get a real job".  And that child goes on to live and apathetic and lethargic existence in a mediocre career that they never planned on as a kid.  Just like us, this week's guest can relate.  But he also drew a line in the sand and realised that if anyone was going to turn things around, it was going to be HIM. If you want to find out how Adam Fiasco, frontman for Pop-Punk band "The Fiasco", shifted from uninspired at work to truly inspired again through music, and the effects that that shift had on his full time career, then make sure you check out this week's episode.  To learn more about Adam and his music, you can visit the following links: Website: Band: Facebook Group: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
April 02, 2021
EP014: The Innate Resilience Within Us All - Chana Studley's Story of Artistic Triumph After Repetitive Life Traumas
Are you aware of how resilient you really are? Think about your life for a moment... The adversities you have faced... The triumphs you have achieved... All of the things you had to overcome to reach this exact point in time. There is an unfathomable strength inside you. The strength to keep pressing on towards your dreams is always within your reach. Even if you don’t fully realize it yet, I promise you that it’s in there. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and defeated. But life is too short to give up on your vision. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from letting go of the stories that are blocking you from taking action. Listen to today’s chat with Chana Studley - author, costume designer and transformational coach - to hear more about how she overcame multiple life traumas in order to go on living an extraordinarily creative life. You can connect and learn more about Chana in the following places: Website: Books: Facebook Group: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
March 12, 2021
EP013: Language Is Magic, Use It Wisely - Maranda Cromwell's Empowering Story from Employee to Full Time Artist
What happened to the natural creativity you possessed as a child? At what point in your life did it get put on the back burner?  The signs come at you from all directions - well meaning parents, teachers and mentors - urging you to "get a real job to support yourself" But what does life look like a few years down that line when you're working that mundane full time job? All of a sudden your months and years are flying by in an endless cycle of wake, work and repeat... Without any energy or time left to pursue the goals you set for yourself as a young artist.  Like you, I remember hearing ALL THE TIME, about how hard it was to "make it as an artist". It's no wonder that most of us don't bother to try. And it's all no surprise that most of us wake up 3-5 years later in a passionless career wondering why we're so unhappy inside.  Life wasn't meant to be lived without passion and it doesn't have to continue to be that way.  With the right mindset shifts and practical habit changes you too can start to quiet that inner unfulfilled voice and not let another day slip by without creating the life changing art that you know you are capable of.  In this episode, full-time painter and artist Maranda Cromwell dives deep into her transformative journey to help you discover those inner shifts that will help you unleash your creativity into the world.  She shares some fantastic practical advice for creatives at the end of the episode about what it takes to build a loyal fanbase for your art, so be sure to listen to the whole episode for that golden nugget of wisdom.   ---- To learn more about Maranda or to connect even deeper you can go to the following links and reach her directly: Facebook Personal: Instagram: Website: Frog Website: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
February 12, 2021
EP012: The Angles from Which Creativity is Either Created or Destroyed - Graham Barton's Insights on his Path from Beginner Musician to Successful Producer
Honestly, this might be one of the most value packed interviews you will ever hear on the artistic process. Graham dives deep into the lessons on creativity and productivity that he has learned through years of introspection, coaching, and personal development.  If you are looking to get unstuck from the creative blocks that are holding you back from experiencing more creativity in your life, then THIS is the interview for YOU. Sometimes I think that my own creativity is wide open and rocking & rolling, and then I have a conversation like this and I realize how much more open it could be.  It was an absolute honor and joy to speak with Graham, and like me, I'm sure you will walk away with some great insights on how you can fall even deeper into your creative flow.  To learn more about Graham or to connect even deeper you can go to the following links and reach him directly: Facebook Personal: Instagram: Website: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
February 05, 2021
EP011: How Everything Falls Into Place with Genuine Self Care - Bella Di Manno’s Inspiring Return To Singing
As children, we all start off as bold singers, dancers and storytellers. Within each of us lives the innate desire for creative self expression. But if you’re anything like myself, or this week’s guest, then somewhere along the line your confidence towards expressing yourself was severely diminished, if not destroyed. Hurtful interactions amongst peers... The wrong choice of words from a parent or mentor... Outright neglect from those we love... All happening during our most vulnerable years... It’s a recipe for disaster. The problem is that we then turn away from those parts of ourselves and start to neglect our creative passions. This leads to a dull and unfulfilled life. It’s no wonder that 86% of adults report being unhappy in their life. Life is WAY to short to live feeling unfulfilled and passionless. But there is good news... it’s NEVER too late to make that change and start living a more creative life. One where you lay your head on the pillow each night, smiling to yourself, knowing that you took the time to do something you’ve always LOVED that day! In this week’s episode I speak with a bright talented singer from the U.K., named Bella Di Manno, as she shares her full circle story from happy creative child through depression and anxiety - ultimately finding her way back to using her voice as a vehicle for self expression. Join us for this amazing chat, filled with inspiration and let this interview be the episode that sparks your creative fire again! ---- To learn more about Bella, or connect with her further, you can follow the links below: Facebook Personal: Instagram: Youtube: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
January 29, 2021
EP010: Own Your "I AM" Statement and Become the Person You Know You Are - Rob Hodkinson's Insights and Journey To Becoming a Full Time Musician
How many of us shy away from telling people we meet who we REALLY are?  Like you, I have struggled with this exact predicament. It's much easier to respond with the "safe" answer - what we do for work - rather than sticking your neck out and risk getting scoffed at, or worse yet - ridiculed, by the person you're speaking with.  But what if in doing so, you're selling yourself short and cutting yourself off from your greatness?  What if in holding back your truth, you are staying stuck in exactly the SAME place you have always been.  Do you know how POWERFUL your words (and actions) are in creating the life you are secretly desiring while daydreaming on your commute to and from work.  In this amazing interview with Rob Hodkinson, of the UK based band, Chasing Deer, we go into detail about what it takes to go from uninspired employee to successful and fulfilled life changing artist.  Life is too short to go on working in a job that you don't love! It's too risky to live and expire without ever expressing the art you have living inside of you. Rob is a testament to the happiness and fulfillment that lives on the other side of expressing yourself. This is an interview you are not going to want to miss. ---- To learn more about Rob, or connect with him further, you can follow the links below: Facebook Personal: Instagram: Website: Youtube: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
January 15, 2021
EP009: A Mom & Wife's Story of Her Return to a Full-Time Photography Career After a Hiatus Working and Raising Her Daughter - Meet Andrea Cox
The title really says it all. You may recognise this story if you are a parent who used to spend the majority of your time creating art prior to having children. You may even stop to think about those days gone by and wish that you were still as active creatively as you used to be. This story from Andrea Cox is a wonderful reminder that no matter how many years you take away from your art - you can always return to it and pick right up where you left off.  We had a wonderful conversation and not only did we bond over creativity, we even had a childhood memory/location in common that really set the conversation off on a great foot. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it for you. Thank you for being here and thank you for listening.  In Andrea's words: I started making art for myself before I knew what art was. While spending summer mornings on Keuka Lake in New York State, I’d always tell my Grandma to look at the clouds. And one day she handed me her 35mm film camera, showed me how to load it, and I shot a whole roll of clouds. When Grandma developed them, she said out loud “I never saw that in the sky that day. How did you capture that?” I do what I do because I see the way that I see. And then I show it to others, so that they may see what was right there, but in a different way. I currently work in both digital and film photography. My digital setup is an Olypmus Pen-F micro 4/3rds sensor camera body with multiple Olympus and Panasonic lenses. I also own and use a Nikon EM 35mm film camera that my mother gave me from 1979, usually with a 50mm lens. Some of my favorite cameras to use are Holgas, plastic toy cameras that were made popular in Asia throughout the 1980s and 90s, and then mainstream in the USA in the 2010s. I usually shoot 120mm medium format film through those, although in a pinch I can use 35mm in those as well. I relish my time in the darkroom. Digital photography has allowed me to advance with the times. It has also afforded me easier ways to explore more difficult shooting scenarios, like the night sky. However, film photography will always produce that nostalgia I’m chasing. Much of my current work explores the Western Landscape and the Night Sky, my natural environment. I choose to shoot these in ways that evoke nostalgia and a sense of time. My color choices; bold, punchy blues and split tones, bring the viewer to a surreal setting in their mind. I take what is there in front of me, and alter it into a far away dreamscape. ---- To learn more about Andrea, or connect with her further, you can follow the links below: Facebook Personal: Instagram: Website: Youtube: LinkedIn: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
December 18, 2020
EP008: The Loss of One Identity Brings the Birth of a New One - Lindsay Blount's Story of Igniting a Newfound Passion for Photography
In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Lindsay Blount, a wife and mother of two daughters who has been on a very recent and rewarding journey of discovery of her passion for photography. What I love about Lindsay's story is how she hadn't always led a life of creativity when coming of age as a young adult, but how unforeseen circumstances in her life, we able to shake loose and excavate some new inner awarenesses that lead to a life that is now filled with creativity.  This is a must listen for anyone who may still be looking for that creative spark within their own life! To connect and learn more about Lindsay you can find her at: Website: Instagram: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
December 04, 2020
EP007: A New Life in Music After Some Much Needed Time Away - Roberta Michele Quilico's Full Circle Journey Back to a Career in Music
Today's guest has the longest list of accolades of any of my guests so far. We had a wonderful conversation discussing her full circle journey from a career in music, to a much needed break from the music industry with a career in retail, all the way back to a new full time career in music. It was an exciting conversation and one that you are not going to want to miss! Below is a taste of some of the things my guest Roberta Michele Quilico has accomplished: Roberta has been a top Canadian vocal coach for over 10 years. Her career spans nearly three decades. She coaches everyone from children with no vocal experience to seasoned professionals. She has been a major label recording artist, a published songwriter, has performed as a solo artist on every major stage in Canada, has coached celebrity clients, is a highly regarded Canadian vocal producer and has executive produced a staggering number of client covers and original music videos as well as live events Roberta’s voice can be heard on 12 million albums sold worldwide on prominent international recordings such as (A New Day Has Come/Celine Dion- as featured vocalist), (Sucks To Be You/Prozaak featured vocals). She has written songs for major Francophone artists; Mireille Mathieu, one of the worlds highest selling female recording artists of all time. She also wrote a song for Marie Mai’s breakout album. In 2010 Roberta Michele Quilico officially launched The Bird Loft School Of Voice, a vocal boutique renowned for it’s expertise in recording, songwriting and elite level singing for artists of all ages and levels, from recreational to the commercial music charts. In 2019, Roberta’s achievements as an artist, writer and coach were recognized by her city by honoring her with a Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a highly credentialed contemporary vocal coach with over 27 years professional experience- one of only a few coaches in Canada who has achieved a major label record and publishing deal (Sony/Columbia), has been featured on millions of albums sold and written for top selling international artists. Before turning her client focus to individual song-single strategies, Roberta executive produced “Birdsong”, an album featuring fourteen original songs co-written by thirteen of her clients. Several of which received placements in multiple categories of the prestigious International Songwriting Competition in 2014 and 2015 beating out thousands of writers, including major published writers from around the world. Many of her songwriting clients with have achieved top placements in international songwriting competitions such as The ISC. (top 1% of nearly 20,000 submissions over multiple years) To learn more about Roberta or to connect with her online you can email or find her at the links below: Email: Instagram: Facebook: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
November 13, 2020
EP006: See Your Value As A Whole Person and Let It Snowball - Fifi Writes' Heartfelt Journey Back to Full Time Musician
In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with R&B Soul artist Fifi Writes. During this interview we dive deep into her experience as a young artist in the music industry who stepped away after becoming jaded with the way the business conducted itself; only to then progress through a complete transformation from her conventional career path back to her first love - MUSIC! Fior "FiFi Writes" Baptiste wrote her first song at 7 years old, and her pen hasn't dulled since. Early in her career, she moved to New York and lived in Covenant House (a youth homeless shelter) where she pursued music and landed the opportunity to pen songs for a then teenage Jazmine Sullivan. Later in her career, she wrote for an artist by the name of Jzanell on her album "Private Thoughts". FiFi stepped away from music to work as a booking agent, but her calling to create music took over; she has completed her long-awaited first project... "Cheap Liquor". To learn more about Fifi Writes or to connect with her online you can visit the following links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
October 30, 2020
EP005: Embrace The Human Spirit and GO FOR IT! - Cliff Allen's Journey From a Lifetime of Mundane Jobs to a Career in Music Engineering
It was an extreme blast to interview the guest on this week's podcast. Cliff had so many wonderful insights to share on his journey from a lifetime of working rote mundane jobs in a desolate upstate NY town, to moving to Texas to follow his passion for music, and then onto Savannah, Georgia to land a position at War Drum Mixing Studio. We even discovered that we have a mutual connection in the music field and share many laughs along the way.  This interview is filled with insights from his journey about what it takes to recognize a bad situation when you are in one, and the strength and assistance at times that is needed to dig your way out of it.  If you would like to learn more about Cliff or work with him on your next record you can find out more info here: Website: Facebook: Instagram: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
October 16, 2020
EP004: Write Down Your Wildest Dreams & Then Put Your Energy and Focus There - MK Williams Journey From a Corporate Job in Marketing to Full Time Author and Independent Publishing Consultant
In this interview I had the honor and joy of speaking with MK Williams, a full time Author and Independent Publishing Consultant from Florida. MK worked in corporate marketing for years, until making the shift into writing and consulting full time. Since then she has published 7 books, co-authored an 8th, and is currently working on her next book. After discovering the joy of assisting authors in self publishing, she founded the organization "Author Your Ambition" which helps new authors navigate the world of releasing their first book. This interview is jam packed with insights from her journey out of her corporate job and tales of what it takes to grab ahold of your vision for your life and make it happen. If you would like to learn more about MK and her books, organization, and even her financial literacy expertise, you can find her at:  Facebook: Instagram: Website: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
October 09, 2020
EP003: The Daily Rescue Mission of Myself - From Healthcare Strategist to Writer, Speaker and Podcaster
In this interview I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Hanna Nuss, a writer, speaker and serial podcaster from Iowa. After years of daily solo-casting - publicly grinding through and escaping her limiting middle-class mindset - she left her job as a Healthcare Strategist to dive head first into her newly discovered passions full time. This is Hanna's story of reconnecting with the depths of her being and rediscovering what it means to truly live life on her own terms. This interview is a treasure trove of inspirational stories and insights for anyone looking to begin the process of letting go of their old self to start life fresh today.  If you would like to learn more about Hanna and continue to follow her inspiring journey of self-discovery (which I HIGHLY recommend you do), you can find her at the following links: Facebook: Instagram: Website:  ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
October 02, 2020
EP002: Give Your Craft The Time It Deserves - From Project Manager to Full Time Pottery Artist
In this interview I had the pleasure of speaking with Lizzie Croucher from Essex, UK. Lizzie worked a number of jobs in the creative arts fields, yet found that the demanding hours and pressures of managing the needs of art organizations left little time or energy for her own creative pursuits. This is Lizzie's story of reaching her breaking point and making the shift to becoming a full time pottery artist. We touched on a lot of the mindsets that she utilizes in order to be a successful self-employed artist as well as some sage advice from her mother that every artist can apply to their own life.  If you would like to learn more about Lizzie or pick up some of her amazing pottery you can find her at the following locations: Website & Shop: Instagram: Facebook: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
September 18, 2020
EP001: Taking The Leap From Sales Job to Full Time Musician
In this interview we talk with Damian Carruthers, the lead songwriter for the project Serenade The Stars, about his journey from a full time sales job through making the transition to full time recording artist.  I couldn't think of a better interview to kick off the very first episode of RTTAW! There are so many gems contained within these 50 minutes of audio that I know will inspire YOU.  Be sure to click the link above to hear more music from Serenade The Stars or check them out on Spotify here: ---- Facebook Group: Mike's Instagram:
September 11, 2020