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Market Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders and Domain Experts

Market Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders and Domain Experts

By Ruben Wolff
In this show we interview domain experts and business owners to learn about their industry and the challenges they are facing. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs expand their horizon and speed up the process of innovation by learning from others and identifying problems truly worth solving.
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Myo - a communication platform for elderly care, connecting 250 care homes with relatives of 20 000 seniors with a huge social impact and 300% growth rate.
Jasper Böckel of Myo on how good intentions paved the way to the SaaS, giving more information for relatives, more comfort and less loneliness for people in care and more control and recognition for the caregivers. 
February 18, 2022
Scaled Robotics: Reducing the price of the mistake on the construction site from millions to hundreds of dollars.
Interview with Bharath Sankaran, Co-Founder and CTO, about automating the comparison of reality to the plan, using the information to make better decisions faster and growing a successful AI startup.
February 11, 2022
Growing from $2.7m to $10m by matching vetted engineers with startups, an interview with Aleksandr Volodarsky, company Founder and CTO
How to successfully promote outsourcing business using Twitter and Quora? Listen to learn about the power of bold goals, social capital, consistency, building a community and giving value for free in the IT sector.
February 04, 2022
Managing migraine symptoms by 62.5% with digital therapeutics received over $ 22 million in funding. co-founder Dominik Burziwoda tells about fighting diseases without drugs and their side effects, better ways of controlling glucose levels and lifestyle improvement that’s reimbursed by insurance companies in Germany
January 27, 2022
Predicting client's health risks from the video footage and evaluating future medical expenses - grew 300% in two years to $300k revenue in 2021
Arun Mallavarpu, Co-Founder of explains the concept of a "health credit score" and how combined with insurance underwritings, it allows insurance companies to reduce application turnaround time by 70% for $1 per patient.
January 21, 2022
Helping independent pet stores overcome technology gap, stay in business, and thrive online - an interview with Bernice Giannini from eTailPet
Over 1400 of 8000 US stores now use this all-in-one eCommerce, booking, POS and marketing solution, with a market share grown X3 since launch in 2019.
January 14, 2022
Connecting Yield farmers with Coffee farmers, an interview with Gabriela Chang Valdovinos of Ethichub
Blockchain solution to crowd-fund small farmers makes loans 70% cheaper, increases sales by 20%, and provides 40 to 100% yield for the stackers. 
January 07, 2022
Ai Pallete raised 4.4mil in 2021 series A for upping product launch success rate from 17% to 80%
Company CEO Somsubhra GanChoudhuri on real-time consumer insights for CPG brands, AI helping to create the next best-selling product, starting company in Singapore and much more.
December 17, 2021
Zegami end-to-end imaging AI platform enables researchers to manage large data sets, interview with Founder and CEO Roger Noble.
The amount of data is rising exponentially, so is the need for explainable AI in life sciences. Zegami has implemented advanced image analysis that unlocks the value of visual information and accelerates machine learning algorithms.
December 10, 2021
TrusTrace improves product traceability and supply chain transparency using AI and blockchain technology while going from 350k to 1.5 mil revenue in 1 year.
Company co-founder Saravanan Parisutham explains how increasing transparency and traceability of ingredients allows companies and consumers to make more sustainable choices in what they sell and buy. 
December 03, 2021 10x'd in 2020 and is now automating HR for all entry-level jobs at McDonald's and other large retailers in South Africa
Heine Bellingan tells how JOBJACK identified and solved the problem for the millions of job seekers in South Africa. Now they are looking to scale on other growing markets with a vision to employ the world.
November 26, 2021
Non-recyclable plastic is now recyclable with Miura Board technology that received private equity funding in millions $$$
Turning plastic waste into durable wood alternative, Miura Board helps to solve several of the main environmental problems. “We started our company to save the planet from plastic waste and to reduce logging and the use of landfills. Essentially when most people see plastic waste, we actually see wasted plastic,” – Alfredo Faubel, CEO
November 19, 2021
Crux OCM raised $9 000 000 for pipeline startup automation
Vicki Knott, CEO and Co-Founder, tells how Robotic Industrial Process Automation (RIPA) maximizes ROI for large industrial companies without ever compromising safety.
November 12, 2021
Credentially reduces onboarding time from 128 to 15 days for UK healthcare workers
In NHS it takes new staff up to 128 days to start treating patients. 66% of professionals won’t wait that long. But hospitals can’t neglect the procedures and safety measures. Credentially is an automated healthcare recruitment software that solves this problem and improves the productivity of existing personal - find out how from the interview with Co-Founder Kit Latham
November 05, 2021
From 0 to $0.5 mil revenue in 1 year for smart lockers start-up
How to cut logistics costs and get additional income in retail and commercial real estate: an interview with João Lopes - COO and Co-Founder. A high-tech software solution for the B2B smart locker industry, which can also be your ready-to-use business. 
October 29, 2021
GloveBox raised $ 3 million and reached 600k ARR in just over a year helping insurance agencies to enhance the customer experience
GloveBox is the agency branded self-service platform connected to all insurance carriers. Co-Founder and CMO Andy Mathisen shared the intricacies of the business model, competition, and secrets of becoming a niche leader with 3 people in Sales and 2 in Marketing. 
October 22, 2021
300K cell phone towers in US are to become 900K in 7 years. The industry related to everyone we know so little about.
Leticia Latino is a CEO of Neptuno USA, a tower manufacturer and Smart City Infrastructure Integrator. We talk about the industry of leased cell phone towers, growing market and massive opportunities with 5g
October 22, 2021
Macromoltek reduces antibody development time from 1+ year to 4 weeks with computational modelling.
In this talk with Monica Berrondo - Co-Founder and CEO of Macromoltek - find out how science becomes a successful business and how custom antibodies are designed.
October 08, 2021
The Better Meat Co. closing 2021 with over $1 mil in B2B revenue - an interview with CEO Paul Shapiro
The Better Meat Co. is a B2B startup that helps institutional food sellers achieve their goals of culinary excellence by providing mycoproteins and plant-based proteins for foodservice providers and meat processors to make their meat, in a word, better.
September 20, 2021
Optiyol - computational route optimisation saving customers 20% in fuel costs and improving on-time delivery rate on 30%
Ozan Gözbaşı, Optiyol Co-founder and Chief Algorithms Officer explains how Optiyol builds AI for Transportation. Automating and optimizing transportation planning decisions saves its users 20% in fuel costs, 7% in capital investment, and brings a sweet 3% increase in sales.
September 20, 2021
Kirobo removes the risk of human error from crypto transactions and changes the way we interact with cryptocurrency is known for developing the ETH crypto undo button, and is now launching p2p swaps and much more. Asaf Naim, Co Founder and CEO tells how expands the world’s DeFi infrastructure advancing mass crypto adoption and usage.
September 15, 2021