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Kari's Story

An episode of Ten Thousand More

By Ruby Falk
exploring the topics of grief, mental health, love, and whatever it is that intertwines that all together
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Elliott's Story
How do we define the word "grief?" We've conditioned ourselves to believe it's merely mourning the death of a loved one, but if we take a step back, we can identify more; it's mourning the loss of or shift in an identity. Elliott Ross is transgender and shares with us his experience mourning the loss of one identity and celebrating the creation of another. 
July 29, 2019
Maren's Story
Maren Corbly shares her story of grief after losing her mother and father. We discuss the power of vulnerability, acknowledging uncertainty, and how hard it is to stop comparing our stories of loss to others'. 
June 28, 2019
Kari's Story
In October of 2018, the Eckert family lost their son, Robbie, to suicide at the age of 15-years-old. Robbie's mother, Kari, joined me to talk about her journey with grief and how she is learning to navigate this new normal. In an attempt to turn this tragic situation into a movement for good, Kari and her husband created the foundation Robbie's Hope - an organization devoted to ending the teenage suicide epidemic. Learn more about the incredible work they're doing or about how to get involved at robbies-hope.com. 
May 29, 2019
Jon's Story
I asked my husband to speak candidly about what it's like to support a partner in the deepest throes of grief and how it's possible to move forward together. 
May 6, 2019
Rachel & Rebecca's Story
Two sisters - Rachel & Rebecca - join me to talk about how their grief journey has shifted over the years after losing their big brother to leukemia in 2015. This episode is sponsored by Anchor.
April 12, 2019
Alyssa's Story
I'm joined by Alyssa Wasko, CEO and designer for DONNI, who is sharing her grief experience after losing her dad. This episode is sponsored by Brandless. 
March 25, 2019
Anna's Story
I'm joined by Anna Michaels-Boffy who is here to share her story about confronting death and overcoming grief. 
March 8, 2019
Depression, Anxiety, & Mindfulness, Oh My!
discussing the trials & tribulations of confronting depression and anxiety for the first time - due to a traumatic life event - and learning how to cope when these episodes hit
February 14, 2019
Rewriting My Story
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January 29, 2019
When You Feel Like a Failure
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January 15, 2019
The Pressure to Remember
Discussing how hard it is to remember our loved ones, especially during the holiday season. 
December 26, 2018
Episode 1
The very first episode of Ten Thousand More!
November 30, 2018
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