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Ruby's Tuesday Review

Ruby's Tuesday Review

By Ruby Roxx
Brought to you by Ruby Roxx, an internationally published, Canadian model, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Ruby will discuss all things related to, body positivity, self love, and mental health, and, she gets up close and personal about her career in the modeling industry, relationships, sex, and more. Ruby also discusses many things that interest her, including (but not limited to) vintage fashion, lingerie, music, food, current events, activism, human rights, travel, and will feature interviews with many of her incredible, smart and talented friends. Premiering January 2021
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Episode 7 - Boss Babe Blowout
1 episode, 2 incredible interviews.  Ruby sits down with 2, powerful, boss babes, to discuss their careers, lives, goals and dreams.  Interview 1 is with Lauren Hendrix, who is not only the Social Media Manager of, but also an incredibly successful model and influencer herself.  Interview 2 is with Katie, a model and makeup artist, turned DOUBLE business owner (OKT lashes and K2Intimates) and an ACTUAL scientist!  Both interviews discuss everything from lingerie and the modeling/influencing industry, to how the pandemic has changed everything, and the importance of self care in order to thrive.  Plus both ladies give some valuable and poignant advice, on how to be able to live the life of your dreams, no matter your career, objective, or how you start out!  Enjoy 2 fabulous interviews in 1 episode with Boss Babe Blowout.  
May 25, 2021
Episode 6 - Imposter Syndrome almost killed this podcast, so, lets talk about it!
After a short hiatus, Ruby's Tuesday Review is back with a new lease on life, new ideas, topics, episodes, and conversations.  In this short episode, hear about how I almost quit this podcast due to a nasty case of Imposter Syndrome, and how I fought my way back to find the passion in it again, and you can fight back against it as well!  Also, updates on new podcast formats, upcoming workshops, and MORE!  
May 11, 2021
Episode 5 - The Art of Empowerment with Miss Paige
In this episode Ruby chats to Montreal based burlesque artist and educator Miss Paige, all about the Art of Empowerment and Burlesque.  We talk about feminism, self love, and self care, and how she uses witchcraft to ground and center herself. This episode is mostly interview based since we covered so many amazing, important, and interesting topics.  Join us for an open and honest conversation, that will leave you feeling powerful, and ready to take on the world and accomplish your dreams!
March 30, 2021
Episode 4 - Social Media and Modeling with Meara Rose
In this episode I chat to NYC based Model, Musician, Influencer, and Boss Babe, Meara Rose!  We talk about the modeling industry, how we got started, how we grew our social media, photoshoot safety, and much more!!!  If youve been interested in growing your social media account, or getting started in the modeling industry, this episode is for you!!
March 16, 2021
Mental Health During a Pandemic
In this episode, Ruby chats with Author and Creator of the 52 Lists Project, Moorea Seal, about mental heath, mental illness, how the pandemic has effected us all.  They discuss ways to go easy on ourselves, ask for help, and love ourselves through uncertain times.  No matter if you are looking for support for your own mental health, or are wanting to offer support to a loved one, this episode is for you!  Ruby and Moorea get deep and personal about their stories and struggles, how the pandemic has changed everything, and what they do to show themselves love every day, and how you can too.  Moorea also tells us about her 52 Lists Project series of Books, and how they helped her own mental health and wellness.  
March 02, 2021
Episode 3 - All About OnlyFans and Patreon
In this episode we dive into the world of Fan Pages!  I discuss my own Onlyfans and Patreon accounts, how I got start, all best practices, from posting pointers, to safety and boundaries to taxes!  I also interview Nicole Nu and Dane Halo, 2 Toronto based models, about their experiences with fan pages, and we discuss about how to start a run a successful account of your own!  Weather you are looking to create an account to make some money, or you want to support an account of one of your favorite creators, we have all the information you need!  
February 16, 2021
Episode 2 - Lets Talk Confidence
In episode 2 I talk about confidence, self love, and fostering that within yourself to be able to live the confident life of your dreams, I also speak to Alicia Marie, who is an incredible boudoir and wedding photographer, and close friend of mine.  We speak about how we met, our own confidence and self esteem struggles, how we overcame them, and how we still work on ourselves every single day. We discuss why we think EVERYONE (yes everyone) should do a photo/boudoir shoot. We talk about struggling during a pandemic, with everything life has thrown at us. We talk put downs and put ups, affirmations, and unlock the secret to unleashing your inner confident Vixen...(here is a actually don't need to be just need to be brave!)
February 02, 2021
Ruby's Tuesday Review - Episode 1 - Introduction
Welcome to Ruby's Tuesday Review!  MY FIRST EPISODE!  Here I talk a little bit about why I decided to start this podcast, and and what I have planned/what you can expect coming up!!  Get to know me, your host, Ruby Roxx, a little bit better, how I got into modeling, what I did before, and what I have coming up.  Thank you so much for your support!  Im so excited to start this new journey!!!  
January 19, 2021