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Hosted by Ruby Sandhu of This is a podcast for all you evolving C21st human beings who want to learn based on science, facts and experience - information on a good life, a plant-based vegan life and for our pets - yes pets can flourish on a plant-based diet? - How? Why? - come learn with us - SHEVEGA plant-based people, pets and planet - make it possible!
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Karen Asp - Journalist, World Record Holder Athlete, Vegan Coach for PETA


Professor David Clough
Professor David Clough is a British author and academic with a focus on the Christian vegetarian and Christian vegan movements. He is Professor of Theological Ethics in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Chester and a Methodist preacher. He is also the founder and a co-director of the CreatureKind project which focuses on the welfare of farmed animals as a faith issue. He is the author of a number of books on animal rights and in particular the use of animals for food including his two-volume monograph entitled On Animals Volume 1, Systematic Theology (2011) and On Animals Volume 2, Systematic Theology (2018). These can be purchased at and respectively.  He was also co-editor of the collection of essays Creaturely Theology: on God, Humans and other animals (2009). He has written articles on the ethics of the use of animals for food, including Consuming Animal Creatures: The Christian Ethics of Eating Animals (2016) published in Studies in Christian Ethics. David has given a number of keynote speeches and has been a participant in many public debates including a debate with Peter Singer on the theology and ethics of the treatment of non-human animals. We met back in 2019 when David very kindly spoke at the University of Law on a panel I chaired on Animal Ethics. I am enthused and a keen supporter of the great work that David is doing in the field of Religion, Ethics and Animal Welfare.
October 05, 2021
John Oberg and Social Media for Animal Advocacy
John Oberg is a social media influencer and animal advocate dedicated to making the world a kinder place for animals by utilizing the power of social media. In late 2018, he launched his own independent, patron-funded program for animals through Patreon to maximize his impact, redefining animal advocacy in the social networking spaces. Previously, he served as Director of New Media for The Humane League and as Director of Communications for Vegan Outreach. Since launching his project, he has accumulated hundreds of millions of impressions of his content across social media. He recently launched an online course called Mastering Twitter to Change the World. Links: Twitter course: Official website: Patreon Page: Donate: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Email:
August 17, 2021
Plant-based Health Professional and Ethical Vegan Dr Shireen Kassam
Shireen Kassam is a Consultant Haematologist at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in lymphoma. She is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Shireen also works at Winchester University where she provides the UK’s first University course on plant-based nutrition. Shireen discovered the power of plant-based nutrition in 2013 and has since immersed herself in the science of nutrition and health, including completing the eCornell certification in plant-based nutrition. She is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a certified CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) practitioner. Shireen founded Plant-based health professionals UK in 2017, a non-profit membership organisation that provides evidence-based education on plant-based nutrition. In January 2021, Shireen co-founded and launched the UK’s first regulated, online, plant-based lifestyle medicine healthcare service, Plant Based Health Online. Plant-Based Health Professionals UK Plant Based Health Online Winchester University Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate
August 15, 2021
Ethical Vegan - Jordi Casamitjana
It was a pleasure to speak with Jordi again. Jordi spoke about his journey as an Ethical Vegan, drawing parallels with the suppression of Catalonia under General Franco and the violation of human rights to his natural innate empathy with the animal world. He draws on his experience as a zoologist and connecting with a wasp as a being in its own right to recognising the complex ecosystem that animals and human cohabit on this planet. This is all discussed in his recent book Ethical Vegan.  Originally from Catalonia, but resident in the UK for several decades, Jordi Casamitjana is a vegan zoologist specialising in animal behaviour, who has been involved in different aspects of animal protection for many years (working for organisations such as The Born Free Foundation, Wild Futures, The League Against Cruel Sports, CAS International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and PETA UK). In addition to scientific research he has worked as an undercover investigator and animal welfare consultant. Some of his professional achievements include the closure of several zoos, securing the first successful prosecutions of illegal hunters under the Hunting Act 2004, and his participation in the banning of bullfighting in Catalonia. Jordi, who has been vegan since 2002, recently become well-known for securing the legal protection of all ethical vegans from discrimination in Great Britain in a landmark legal case that was discussed all over the world. Jordi is also an author of a novel titled "The Demon's Trial" and the soon to be published book "Ethical Vegan, a personal and political journey to change the world". Here are my websites and social media: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: YouTube: My book:
July 22, 2021
Can dogs be vegan - responding to Anna Webb and Henry Mance (FT)
This podcast was created by Ruby and Malina of, a company set up to assist people transition themselves and their pets to vegan plant-based diet as well as to debunk the myths around a vegan plant based diet for our pets. We wanted to have a conversation and respond to the podcast that was aired by Anna Webb a dog enthusiast and in discussions with the FT vegan Henry Mance, chief features editor which dicussed the underlying issue of Why feeding Vegan to your dog is Unethical.  Grab a cup of tea and enjoy or even better take your four legged sentient being for a walk. 
June 07, 2021
Plantpowered Dogs with Diana Laverdure-Dunetz
Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS, holds a Master of Animal Science degree and is a multi- award-winning dog health writer, vegan canine nutritionist and passionate animal advocate. She has been formulating fresh-food diets for dogs all over the world for more than a decade, using nutritional therapies to help dogs overcome a myriad of chronic diseases and achieve their best possible health. Diana became vegetarian in 2007 and vegan in 2017, at which time she transformed her canine nutrition practice to solely creating plant-based diets. Through her website Plant-Powered Dog ( and her consulting business, Diana empowers dog lovers to raise thriving plant-based dogs without ever harming another animal. In 2019, Diana created the Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit, which featured 17 global leaders in the fields of veterinary nutrition, science and animal activism. The summit was the first of its kind to reveal the facts about plant-based vs. animal-based diets for dogs. Thousands of people signed up to watch this ground-breaking event.
March 11, 2021
Authentic Self & Parenting with Ms Aesha Mukerjee
A woman who doesn’t fit the the mould and is not afraid to live life on her own terms. Born in India living in Australia,  raising 3 children ages 21, 16 and 7 and using the diversity of both cultures to step into her authentic self and create an authentic family. Breaking rules and labels on the way. Now with her coaching business Authentic Parenting helping mothers and fathers step into their authentic self and re create the life they desire and deserve- using the concept of identity shifting. Email:
March 10, 2021 Supplements - our story
This is an opportunity as co-founders of SHEVEGA,  for us to discuss our passion and our work with regards to creating vegan plant-based, cruelty free supplements for vegan plant-based homemade diets as well as supplementing commercial dog food whether dry kibble or wet canned dog food.  We also talk about why supplementing is important, integrity in the products that we create, our mission and more... Join us and we would love to hear from you - see our website and write to us at We are creating a community to empower and advocate on plant based nutrition, sustainability, human and animal rights.  A win-win for pets people animals and our only home - mother earth  - our planet.  Ruby & Malina
February 12, 2021
Karen Asp - Journalist, World Record Holder Athlete, Vegan Coach for PETA
A pleasure to discuss Karen's perspective and work on a plant-based lifestyle and her work starting with the great article she recently wrote on Why Vets are not Vegan? Karen Asp is an award-winning, leading US-based journalist and author who covers fitness, health, nutrition, animals and travel. She’s a columnist for Better Homes & Gardens, contributing writer for VegNews and fellow with Sentient Media. She also writes regularly for numerous other publications, including Eating Well, Forks Over Knives, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, O, Oxygen, Parade, Prevention, Real Simple,, Woman’s Day and Women’s Health. Anti-Aging Hacks is her latest book. She’s a vegan mentor with PETA, health educator who’s certified in plant-based nutrition, and plant-powered athlete who holds several Nordic walking world records. She volunteers with her local animal shelter and Indiana’s first farmed animal sanctuary and shares a house with a dog, cat and disabled foster dog. She was also a finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan over 50 contest in 2019. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @karenaspwriter or visit her at
February 09, 2021
Don't be an asshole - NO SEAS PENDEJO with Elkin Guiterrez
An opportunity to speak with a dear friend Elkin living in Panama originally from Colombia who served in the army in the middle of the conflict with the FARC a terrorist militia group in Colombia. Elkin has a unique podcast called Don't be an asshole (No seas Pendejo) - Please subscribe and polish up your Spanish.  In this podcast episode Elkin discusses his journey to a plant based lifestyle and from a cultural perspective and from watching. documentaries including - Cowspiracy, Food Inc, Dominion, Okja, Fork over Knives, Game Changers and Hope. Importantly he brings his wife and children along educating them on his learnings and experiences and candid discussions.  Elkin refers to me as his yoda in the journey - the highest expression of friendship for a Jedi in learning - "coming is wisdom". 
January 24, 2021
Professor Andrew Knight, vet and academic and on vegan plant-based nutrition for pets!
Today I am delighted to introduce to you Professor Andrew Knight, Originally, from Australia and at an early age an advocate and campaigner for animal rights specifically to ban the sheep trade to the middle east. He practised as a vet in London and then went to head the largest vet school in the Caribbean. Professor Knight is the founding director of the University of Winchester's Centre for Animal Welfare; Adjunct Professor in Queensland. He’s been honoured with a number of awards for his work and you can find Professor Knight on the internet – whether its blogs youtube videos and of course now he is teaching courses on animal welfare and ethics at the University of Winchester, a beautiful town not far from London. Professor Andrew Knight has been a leading light in bringing to the fore a compassionate approach to animals, animal welfare, plant-based diets for animals as well as practice as a vet, extensive research, academic publications, teaching and at postgraduate level on animal welfare and ethics. In this podcast we learn about Professor Knight’s career and journey to date and his work and the current and leading research that he is involved in and will be publishing soon on plant-based diets for animals.
December 19, 2020
What is cognitive dissonance with trauma specialist Irma Jonathan
What is cognitive dissonance - explained by PTSD therapist and eating meat. 
December 06, 2020
Controversial interview with SHEVEGA vet Dr Malina Fielder
I interview a senior veterinarian discusses why a plant based vegan diet could be the healthiest diet for your dog - learn why? We examine the various diets and nutrients and health benefits  We discuss the physiology of a dog and the most important nutrients required  Come learn and please respond with your questions after listening to the podcast. and for some fantastic products see
November 21, 2020