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Rise of the Rulelords

Rise of the Rulelords

By Pete Zupan

Rise of the Rulelords is a Pathfinder Second Edition educational podcast.

This podcast is set to help players and game masters from untrained to legendary proficiency learn a different aspect of the 2e ruleset. Join your erudite and engaging #Rulelord, Pete, every second and forth Tuesday on your local podcatcher or at Also visit Patreon for bonus content, or Twitter for memes and dog pics.

Until next session, don't let the rules rule you!

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#UnionizePaizo with Jason Tondro, Senior Developer for the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs
Find out more about the effort to #UnionizePaizo at the United Paizo Workers website Follow United Paizo Workers on Twitter @PaizoWorkers Follow Jason Tondro on Twitter @doctorcomics Purchase merch in support of the union
October 18, 2021
UNCHAINED 5 - Naltulth: Candulhurst ft Sean Fallon of Smunchy Games
Naltulth: Candulhurst is a third-party Pathfinder 2e TTRPG setting live on Kickstarter! The frigid northlands of Naltulth are icy cold and covered in mountainous regions, wastelands, tundra, and snow as far as the eye can see. It has some of the harshest winters, some of the shortest summers, and is by far one of the most dangerous places to adventure in. View the Kickstarter: More of Smunchy Games: Follow them on Twitter: @SmunchyGames
October 12, 2021
UNCHAINED 4: Using Lore in Your Games ft Gloria of New Thassilon (Victoria Sullivan)
Check out Gloria of New Thassilon on the Deadly D8 YouTube channel Follow her on Twitter: @GBraenar Follow her alter ego: @tentakrool Subscribe and leave a review on
October 5, 2021
I am joining the call for #PaizoAccountability. A number of allegations were brought up against Paizo and upper management. I would like to see better conditions and protections for workers, an independent investigation of the allegations, and management being held accountable for any misdeeds. I do this not to "cancel" Paizo but because I want to go back to loving the company that creates one of my favorite products. Sources: Compendium of allegations against Paizo Management Add your voice
September 23, 2021
UNCHAINED 3: BattleZoo Bestiary interview with Mark Seifter and Stephen Glicker
Check out the Kickstarter! Roll For Combat, a licensed Paizo partner, is excited to launch a Kickstarter on August 31, 2021, for the RPG Superstar Battlezoo Bestiary, Adventure, and Dragon Ancestry books. The Kickstarter will include multiple Pathfinder Second Edition supplements, including: The Battlezoo Bestiary 172-page hardcover book featuring 114 winning monster entries from the 2020 RPG Superstar contest, all of which were edited by Patrick Renie. The new Monster Parts System which allows players to slay monsters and then turn those monsters into custom gear that levels up with the character, created by Mark Seifter. The new Monster Mage and Vestige Hunter archetypes allowing you to steal those monster powers and use them yourself, written by Mark Seifter. The new Pathfinder Second Edition level 1-10 hardcover adventure book Jewel of the Indigo Isles featuring monsters from the Battlezoo Bestiary and utilizing the new Monster Parts system, to be written by Patrick Renie, Ron Lundeen, and Linda Zayas-Palmer. The Dragon Ancestries book detailing how you can play an actual Dragon in Pathfinder Second Edition, to be written by Mark Seifter. FOLLOW: Arcane Mark Roll For Combat
August 30, 2021
Session 2 - The Quick and Dirty Guide to GMing
Ready to learn how to be a gamemaster for Pathfinder 2e? We go over GM basics, and cover C.H.E.E.R.S. - Challenges, Hazards, Environment, Encounters, Rewards, Story. Rate and Review us at Thanks to our Patrons!: Dan Coleman, Tyler, Cody, Alexander, Casey, Ian, Ryan, Jennifer, Omen Podcast, Chris, Jeramie, J. Tuttle, Austin, Antonio, Deadly D8, Josh, Willy T, Emmelyn, Mando, Dennis Endorsements: Dice Will Roll  MNMaxed Knights of Last Call The Makers Misfits Tabletop Gold Goblets and Gays Sage Tower Games Dragon Punch Squad Find the Path Ventures Roll for Combat Glass Cannon 2 Perception Dragons and Things WafflesMapleSyrup  Know Direction Paizo’s own shows Thanks for the cameos!: Drew of Team Player Gaming, Gustav of GUST, Elijah from DeadlyD8, Jason of What Do You Do, Steve of DMSteve, Charlie of Omen, Chris of Skald's Tale Entertainment, Dave of How It's Played, Tyler from MNMaxed, Tommy from Black Dragon Gaming
August 24, 2021
UNCHAINED 2: GM Soft Skills with Quinn Murphy, Aubrey Knotts, and Vanessa Hoskins
On this episode we talk with experienced GM's and gain bonuses to wisdom and intelligence from their advice on being an effective game master!Quinn Murphy - Veteran game designer and one of the authors of the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path, Aubrey Knotts - GM of Goblets & Gays, game designer, and writerVanessa Hoskins - Prolific Paizo author, podcast host, actual play actor, and kineticist enthusiastVideo: How to Create 100 Distinctly Different Voices
August 3, 2021
UNCHAINED 1: Dave of How It's Played
We talk with Dave of the YouTube channel How It's Played! Incidentally, the channel just reached over 10K subscribers!Originally released exclusively on Patreon as a bonus episode, we reached the funding goal to release it on the RSS Feed! Enjoy this look at what kind of content you can expect on Patreon, and bask in Dave's wisdom!SHOW SHOUT OUT TO: Dan, Alex, Cody, Ian, Jennifer, Omen Podcast, Ryan, Antonio, Austin, Deadly D8, Dennis, Emmelyn, Mando, J, Josh, and Willy!
July 20, 2021
Session 1 - The Quick and Dirty Guide to Playing Pathfinder
Need to learn how to play Pathfinder in under an hour? This episode of Rise of the Rulelords covers character creation and almost all the rules of Chapter 9: Playing the Game!Music by Dragens Music and Tabletop Audio. Effects from Epidemic Sounds.Show Shout out: Dan Coleman, Alex, Omen Podcast, Antonio, Deadly D8, Dennis, Emmelyn, Mando, Josh, and Willy!Endorsements!PathbuilderWanderer's GuideOmenHijinksThe Botanical BestiaryDiscover the Native Land you're living on!
July 5, 2021
Session 0 - Intro to Pathfinder 2E + Resources
Is Pathfinder 2E the right game for you? In this session, we go over the history of 2E's development, the top 5 reasons to play, and resources to learn more!Show Shout out: Alex, Dennis, and Mando! Thank you for your Patreon support!Music by Dragens Music and Tabletop Audio. Effects from Epidemic Sounds. Other music from the podcast by Kevin MacLeod, Wontolla, and other creative commons licenses.Check out our endorsements!PF2.ToolsPathfinder 2E SubredditHow It's PlayedCollective ArcanaNoNat1'sDeadly D8Sir VertigoVenture-CaptainsTower of TimesQueue TimesKnow Direction PodcastDice Don't DieTrailblazer Academy
June 21, 2021
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June 13, 2021