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The Running Explained Podcast

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Welcome to Running Explained, where ALL your running questions are answered! For new AND experienced runners, from training to racing, nutrition, recovery, gear, AND MORE, there's always something new to learn about running. Evidence-based answers in a weekly Q&A episode! Submit your running question to
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06: Post-Partum Running, Pelvic Health, & Fit Pregnancy with Dr. Carrie Pagliano, DPT

The Running Explained Podcast

16: "The Rules of Running (& when to break them)" with Alison Staples
This episode was a total blast to record with Run Coach & Under Armour Running Ambassador Alison Staples (@alioop_0_o_runs on Instagram!) We went through some common "rules" of running and discussed if it was an *always* rule or if or when you can "break" that rule!! Some of the "rules" we discussed... Always follow a hard day with an easy day Never increase your miles by more than 10% each week Run most of your miles in your easy effort zone Build your base before adding speed Replace your shoe every 300-500 miles Never run when your pain at rest is 3/10 or greater A 180 cadence is the best cadence Alison Staples is an RRCA-certified running coach,  a global run ambassador for Under Armour Running, the Co-Leader of Baltimore Based Run Club Riot Squad Running, and has been featured in Runner's World and Self Magazines! -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe!  TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 21, 2021
15: Q&A "How to Read a Training Plan"
This week we're talking about TRAINING PLANS! What they are, why they are structured the way they are, differences between different plans, and how to read one! When & why do you need a training plan? Why & how are training plans structured the way they are! The basics of training periodization Race-specific training plans Base-building training plans How to read a training plan -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe!  TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 16, 2021
14: "Mobility & Running" with Kaila Morgante (@Bodkick)
What is mobility and why is it SO important?? My guest this week is Kaila Morgante, aka @Bodkick on Instagram, and we took a dive into mobility this week: what it is, why it's important in running, and how to make sure you're working on it! We covered... Mobility vs. flexibility: which one is more important? What's really happening when something "feels tight"? How strength & mobility are related Common mobility issues in runners & how to address yours Fascia/trigger points/foam rolling/percussion massage "Are my glutes firing?" & the neuromuscular (mind/body) connections of running And more!! Apply to Bodkick's Strength for Runners Pilot Program! Kaila Morgante has been a part of the fitness field pretty much her entire life. She played various sports throughout high school and into college where she then began helping others develop their skills as a coach crew coach. A few years later, she began working as a running coach, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer and over the next 15 years continued to add to her knowledge base with spin, barre, Pilates, kettlebell, and TRX certifications and specializations in mobility and movement, nutrition for sports and exercise, and mental toughness. After her daughter was born, nearly 7 years ago, she started a corporate wellness firm, offering high-impact workplace programs to educate and encourage healthy engagement within companies. She began a running-focused page on Instagram called @BodKick about a year ago, that offers education and motivation for all levels of runners. Kaila is admittedly a geek about fitness and likes to deep dive into how things work. She also truly enjoys supporting people in their journey and firmly believes that with the right how-tos and positive motivation you can achieve anything! -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 13, 2021
13: Q&A "Running Recovery 101"
This week we're talking about RECOVERY and the vital role that it has in your training! What IS recovery and why is it important? Rest days vs. "Active Recovery" days What are the most effective recovery methods & tools? Post-Race Recovery -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 9, 2021
12: "Ready to Run Postpartum" with Julie Leonard, MS & Sarah Highland, MS, OTR/L
Thousands of runners get pregnant and give birth every year... but information about being a postpartum runner isn't nearly as readily available as it should be! Julie Leonard (@strongbodystrongmama) and Sarah Highland (@pelvicfloorandmore) are cutting through that dearth of information with their evidence-based "Ready to Run Postpartum" 10-week program specifically designed for postpartum runners to take the right steps, safely, toward strengthening their bodies and being able to return to running after giving birth! LISTENERS OF THIS EPISODE GET 20% OFF "READY TO RUN POSTPARTUM" WITH CODE RunningExplained20  In this episode, we talk about... Sarah & Julie's experiences as pregnant & postpartum runners/athletes "It's not normal to pee when you laugh" & other postpartum issues What's most important for postpartum runners to work on? The "Ready to Run Postpartum" program & how it works! -- JULIE LEONARD is a mom of 3 small children, a wife, and the founder of Strong Body Strong Mama. Julie is a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo. She was a competitive swimmer at the national level for over 15 years including in college and the Canadian Olympic trials. Julie coaches expecting and new moms in her in-home studio in Columbus, OH as well as working with moms from all over the world virtually. SARAH HIGHLAND is the owner of Pelvic Floor + More. She is an occupational therapist with 12+ years of experience and additional training to work as a pelvic floor therapist and prenatal/postpartum corrective exercise specialist. She provides home-based pelvic floor therapy to the Columbus, Ohio area. Most importantly, she is a mom to two very active littles! Running has always played a huge part in her life, and she is passionate about sharing this joy of movement by helping birthing people return to running safely! -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 6, 2021
11: Q&A "Dealing With Comparison, Guilt, & Mental Fatigue"
How we FEEL about running is one of the most important things... so what do we do when things "feel" not so great? In this episode I discuss... -How do I stop comparing myself to other runners? -Dealing with guilt when you miss a run -What to do when a run doesn't go how you planned -Dealing with mental fatigue (wanting to stop) and mental 'burnout' on long runs -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
April 2, 2021
10: Running & Weight Loss with Steph Hnatiuk, RD (Steph The Runner's Dietitian)
My guest this week is Steph Hnatiuk, aka @steph.the.runners.dietitian on Instagram, and we're talking about RUNNING and WEIGHT LOSS! But if you're looking for answers on how many calories to eat, or what specifically your meals should be made of in order to lose weight, you won't find those answers in this episode. In this hour-long discussion, we talk about... The relationship we have with food Why does running make you so hungry? Why weight loss is so challenging, and why diet culture is damaging to athletes seeking performance goals HOW weight loss and calorie deficits can safely fit into your running Our weight loss expectations vs. weight loss reality Mythbusting what can and what won't help you in your weight loss goals (intermittent fasting, supplements, specific diets, meal timing) -- Steph Hnatiuk is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of Stephanie Hnatiuk Performance Nutrition. She helps runners of all levels achieve their personal best performance using her 3-step strategy- the Fuel Train Recover method. You can find her on Instagram @steph.the.runners.dietitian, or at -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
March 30, 2021
09: Q&A "Heart Rate Zones, HR Measurement, & Easy Running"
In this themed episode, we discuss all things heart rate, and how easy running fits into the picture! ❤️ What's the difference between an HR strap and the heart rate sensor on your watch? ⁠ ⁠ ❤️ Heart rate zones - how to measure?⁠ ⁠ ❤️ Easy effort zone - why it matters, what it does⁠ ⁠ ❤️ "Low HR training" vs. being mindful of heart rate⁠ ⁠ ❤️ How heart rate is a TOOL for you to use⁠ ⁠ ❤️ Why all of this is just a guide!⁠ --  If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe!  TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
March 26, 2021
08: Injury Prevention & Returning from Injury with Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe, Host of "The Run Smarter Podcast"
Ever gotten injured? Statistically, yes you have! I sat down with Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe, Host of The Run Smarter Podcast to talk about how we should approach running injuries, how to reduce our injury risk, and what returning to running while dealing with an injury looks like! When can you address an injury while continuing to run vs. needing to take time off? Red flags for when injuries are serious How "time off" impacts fitness Why pure rest is not the best way to address injuries How to reduce injury risk What does returning to running after injury look like? Is it ever the shoes' fault? Find Brodie Sharpe on Instagram Link to The Run Smarter Podcast Link to The Breakthrough Running Clinic Brodie Sharpe has a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice and owns an online clinic treating runners. He is also the host of the Run Smarter Podcast where he teaches runners to make smarter training decisions to reduce the risk of injury, overcome current injuries and increase running performance.
March 23, 2021
07: Q&A "Preparing for Marathon Training"
The questions this week are loosely structured around a central theme: how do you prepare to train for a marathon? -When does "time on feet" become too much? Is there a point where the time needed to complete all the miles in your plan becomes too much? -What's the best way to prepare to do a marathon training plan? -How do you deal with being bored on long runs? -Can you do your speedwork on a bike and get the same benefits? GET THE BOOKS:  Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
March 19, 2021
06: Post-Partum Running, Pelvic Health, & Fit Pregnancy with Dr. Carrie Pagliano, DPT
My guest this week is Dr. Carrie Pagliano, DPT, a board-certified pelvic floor and post-partum expert helping women get and stay active both before & after pregnancy! We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including... What IS a pelvic floor and why it's important for all runners to be aware of their pelvic health (not just pregnant or postpartum women!) Being active during pregnancy - what's the guideline, and what's "normal"? Is Diastasis Recti preventable? The Post-Partum timeline: how to return to running after baby Dr. Pagliano's free "Return to Run" screening tool Signs of pelvic floor weakness? Why there's no such thing as "normal" when it comes to your pregnancy and post-partum experience! You can find Carrie on Instagram @carriepagliano, and at her website If you're in the DC area, you can even make an appointment in person! Get it: The Return to Run Checklist ABOUT DR. CARRIE PAGLIANO Dr. Carrie J. Pagliano has been a dynamic leader in the areas of women’s/pelvic health for over 20 years. Dr. Pagliano received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 1999 and Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2007. Dr. Pagliano is a double Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedics and Women’s Health. Dr. Pagliano served for 7 years on the Executive Board of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, a component of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), completing her term as Past President in 2021. She is an adjunct professor at Marymount University in Arlington, VA  Lynchburg University.  She also served as Instructor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine.  She is an appointed Advisory Board member to the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network: National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National, Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Dr. Pagliano speaks internationally in the areas of postpartum return to sport and integrative models of practice in pelvic physical therapy. She is a national media spokesperson for the APTA.  Dr. Pagliano is the founder of Carrie Pagliano Physical Therapy, LLC in Arlington, Virginia & The Real Moms’ Guide to Postpartum Digital course series for moms & postpartum professionals.  When she’s not kid wrangling or bringing pelvic health to the world, Carrie is an avid runner, yogi & crossfitter. -- Thanks for listening! If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
March 16, 2021
05: Weekly Q&A (March 12, 2021)
If you're interested in discourses on how lactate threshold training is related to your marathon pace, or how to get REALLY race-specific for the race you're training for (including the elevation profile of the course) this episode is for you!  This week's questions are... Picking the best recovery bath: ice baths or Epsom salt baths? Which is better for marathon training: tempo runs or long intervals? Figuring out pacing when running hills Starting easy runs too fast & dying at the end - help! Why do I scrape the inside of my calf with my opposite foot as I run? IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT, YOU SHOULD: "Let Your Mind Run" by Deena Kastor, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Athens 2004 -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE:
March 12, 2021
04: Running & Training with Tucker Grose, 2:49 Marathoner & Run Coach
In my first "Run Coach Chat" I talked with Tucker Grose from Training With Tucker (find him at @trainingwithtucker on Instagram!) about a wiiiiide range of training topics, including... -Why the marathon should NOT be the first distance you tackle -Common mistakes many runners make -Why qualifying for the Boston Marathon is so challenging (but what might help you get there) -Planning your training cycles and setting short- & long-term goals -Who can benefit from working with a running coach -Tucker's current training for a 100-mile ultramarathon! Follow Tucker on Instagram @trainingwithtucker! Tucker Grose lives and trains in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong runner, Tucker is currently training for his first 100-miler in June. He has been developing athletes for the past 10 years and specializes in helping endurance athletes who are moving up in distance or are seeking to improve from a performance plateau. He is a 7x marathoner, Boston Qualifier (2:49 PR), 7x ultramarathoner, and holds the Course Record for the Lost Cat 50k. -- If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE: ⁠
March 9, 2021
03: Weekly Q&A (March 5, 2021)
This week I answered some really excellent and complex questions on the podcast!⁠ ⁠ Running & cortisol; is running every day bad for my cortisol and my adrenal health?⁠ What's the best run/distance to jump back in after finishing half marathon? ⁠ What are some of the best ways to build your base back up after taking some time off?⁠ Protecting and taking care of your knees, especially if you're very tall⁠ How can I curb "runner's stomach"?⁠ I've heard about the importance of the big toe in running. What's that about?⁠ Arm carriage! High like East Africans, low like Asians - does it matter?⁠ If you like the show, please remember to rate & subscribe! TRAINING PLANS NOW AVAILABLE: ⁠
March 5, 2021
02: Running Nutrition with Cortney Berling, MPH, RD
Performance Dietician Cortney Berling, RD, (@eatwell.runbetter) joins the show as the inaugural guest on the Running Explained Podcast! Cortney is a former D1 runner, a running coach, and a Registered Dietician! In this episode, we talk about...  Common running nutrition mistakes  Running & weight loss  Anxiety around fueling correctly  Underfueling & RED-S  Pre-, during, and post-run fueling  "Fat-adaptation" & performance Find Cortney on Instagram @eatwell.runbetter! Cortney is the owner of Eat Well, Perform Better LLC --- BOOKS WE MENTION Roar by Dr. Stacy Sims Finding Your Sweet Spot: How to Avoid RED-S by Rebecca McConville MS RD
March 2, 2021
01: Running Explained Q&A (February 26, 2021)
The inaugural "this is actually being recorded as a podcast" episode! Today we talk about... -What's the difference between a neutral & a stability shoe? -My easy HR is always high but my RHR is pretty low. Should I ignore? -How can I notice if I have an unhealthy addiction to running or exercise? -Any advice for my first race or race day etiquette I should know? -How can intervals be leveraged to build aerobic capacity as well as speed? -Foot care & blisters?
February 26, 2021