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Runway Of Life

Runway Of Life

By Philerzy Productions
Runway Of Life is a lifestyle Podcast which will discuss everything from career, relationships, food, fashion, sports, night life, and even politics. The host Ashanti Cook, Dayo Lila and Carly Diamond Stone are three friends live in Los Angeles and work in the entertainment and fashion industries.
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Body Shamming, Struggles and Dysmorphia
Dayo, Carly and Ashanti are back for a second season!  On this fall return episode they kick it off with sharing a little of their summer in this covid season before discussing this episodes topic " Body Shamming, Struggles and Dysmorphia .  Society puts so much pressure on women and men to have the perfect bodies and with the onset of social media the perfect you has become an obsession for majority of society, not just celebrities.  Carly discloses having dysmorphia disorder to Dayo and Ashanti. All three discuss how being actors and models in the entertainment industry is not kind and how the industry promotes the perfect you and the damage it does especially  to our youth.
October 27, 2020
Does Money Make A Man More Attractive?
Welcome back to the Runway Of Life (Podcast)  episode topic "Does Money Make A Man More Attractive? There are many reasons why women fall for what society would consider an unattractive man. Some women have the ability to see his tenacity to become great or his has status, which makes him sexy. On the other side do men care if an attractive woman has a job? Let get into the discussion!
July 11, 2020
Protest - Unrest - Injustice Part 2 ( Racism In Entertainment)
Part 2 of Protest, Unrest and Injustice, Dayo, Ashanti and Carly discuss discrimination in the entertainment industry.  Hollywood saying you are too dark or not black enough with your dialect and reinforcing what white people have created as stereo typical black male or film on the screens big and small.
June 12, 2020
Protest- Unrest - Injustice Part 1 (Black Lives Matter)
In Part 1 we discuss the events over the last 10 days, driving while black, police discrimination towards Black People, the protest, life being black in America, the social ills of our country,  blacks discriminated on ALL levels, white privilege, having to be 3 times as great if your black and cause for protest.
June 12, 2020
Gender, Should It Exist?
Welcome to the Runway Of Life podcast, today co-host Cook, Dayo and Carly discuss Gender, Should It Exist?  How do you relate to a person who does not want to use the pronoun's he, she, him or her to identify themselves?   Should a parent that has a child who is born intersex  decide which sex for the child at birth?   The host discuss an array of topics surrounding Gender and each having  strong belief make for a great conversation.  Before the topic of discussion begins the host share a little more insight about who they are.  Ashanti talks about working with the late Kobe Bryant , Carly discusses working with superstar Nick Jonas and Dayo describes how it was to see her face on a billboard in New York's Time Square for the first time! 
April 30, 2020
Life In Quarantine
Runway Of Life a new Podcast! The hosts Dayo Lila, model actor, Carly Diamond Stone, model actor and Ashanti Cook, actor ex pro basketball player, discuss life in quarantine and living through this pandemic!  How Do You Date With Social Distancing and After Covid? No Work! To Social Media To Not Social Media? What's Up With The Toilet Paper? Don't Cough No Date! What To Do With All Of This Time and more.....
April 11, 2020