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Bring It 2 The Table

Bring It 2 The Table

By Hustle & Flow No Dope
We talk about everything and everything, there are no filters and no standards. Bring it 2 the table!!!
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Ufc fightnight Overeem vs Sakai
We cover all the fights on the card and I include my experience watching alli star overeem fight
September 7, 2020
UFC Ultimate Ultimate 95 catchweight Dec 16 1995
UFC Classic fight Dec 16 1995
September 5, 2020
Longtime rivals will have a much overdue matchup, Tyron Woodley will take on Colby Covington September 19th , 2020. Who will come out the winner?
August 23, 2020
50 facts about oatmeal
Giving 50 facts about oatmeal and why it is one of my favorite foods and how it has helped me in my life
July 1, 2020
Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban.
Covering important details of this book through a summary with in depth coverage after reading it
February 14, 2020
Goblet of fire
Summary and review of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
February 4, 2020
Harry Potter order of the Phoenix
Summary of the order of the Phoenix Harry Potter Book comparing how some of these issues relate to real political issues as well
January 29, 2020
The rise of Conor Mcgregor
We talk about the rise of Connor Mcgregor and what is next for him in his career
January 6, 2020
69 snitching
69 is a rat. Is he the only one? Is this a generational thing? I think not. We look at 69 snitching and compare it to other famous crime figures and hip hop associates who have cooperated with authorities in the past. What went wrong in tr3way and how this could have been prevented.
September 23, 2019
Health benefits of kale the good and the bad
We break down the positives and negatives of kale
April 30, 2019
Fighting gastrointestinal diseases through diet
I talk about certain gastrointestinal diseases and how to fight them through dieting and how different foods react to our bodies and why.
April 9, 2019
R.I.P to Nipsey Hussle.
R.I.P to Nipsey Hussle a rapper, actor, businessman, entrepreneur, family man & father who was murdered outside of his own business in Crenshaw California. This interview does not go exclusively into Nipsey Hussles career at all but is a very generalized segment about the good and bad of the hip hop community, what needs to improve in the hip hop community, and the tragedies of black leaders in America being murdered.
April 1, 2019
6ix9ine Situation and where we are culturally in hip hop.
We go over the rise and fall of 6ix9ine & his career and his impact on the hip hop community & where we are and the direction I want hip hop to go into as a whole
March 6, 2019
Life is a game
A little rant about being proud of your blessings in life and not being ashamed of them and how to overcome your disadvantages. Also advice on how to choose the right people in your life and how set reasonable goals. I talk fast and it’s not completely organized one idea bounces to the other and I talk pretty fast with little breaks. I hope this podcast reaches somebody or puts somebody in a better state of mind
October 21, 2018
MGK Eminem Rap Beef
Breaking downtown the differences in MGK and Eminem Artists and the diss tracks and the beef they have with each other. A very honest look at both of the artists and where they are in there careers in this point in time
September 17, 2018
UFC weight class MMA discussion
We cover all the divisions of the ufc ultimate fighting championships.
May 6, 2018
Kanye West great convo
May 2, 2018
Kanye West thoughts
May 2, 2018
Great conversation
Living down south is cheaper real friends vs fake friends
May 1, 2018
Music talk in general
April 30, 2018
We talked about everything
Overcoming health issues, life in the Bronx 69
April 30, 2018
Dublin Ireland Music scene
Music publisher from Dublin describes the music scene working with future and various artists
April 29, 2018
Hip hop artist convo New Orleans
Hip hop talk of today’s artists and A little talk about life in New Orleans
April 29, 2018
Hip hop r and B
April 29, 2018
Music of today
April 29, 2018
Bill Cosby sex scandal
We start off talking about the sex scandal then we go into sexual harassment and relationships
April 29, 2018
Aspiring Long Beach Rapper
Chopping it up with a young aspiring artist from Long Beach and he lets me sample some of his music
April 29, 2018
Rap conversation
April 29, 2018