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COBA CanardCast

COBA CanardCast

By Canard Owners and Builders
COBA is the official organization for Canard enthusiasts. Combining the Central States Association (CSA) newsletter with the community, the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA) is represented by it's membership base, website, this Podcast, Newsletters and canard gatherings and events. We are run and managed by a team of canard builders and owners who want to strengthen the Rutan-inspired aircraft community.

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Formation Flying CanardCast May 2022
On this edition of CanardCast, I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing not one, but two great canard drivers and canard instructors! Mr. Jim Springer is not only an amazing canard aviator, but has now organized the first sponsored, Canard Formation Flying Clinic! This clinic was just held a couple of weeks ago. With lot of help from others, I can tell you this formation flying clinic was a sterling success. In addition to Jim, I’m also talking to Sir Ryszard Zadow.  He is President of the nonprofit RAFE. That’s the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience. Ryszard has over 34,000 hours flying with over 23,000 hours multi engine. He has extensive hours flying formation. One of his favorite expressions is, “You brief your flight and fly your brief”. I like that. During this dual interview, we are in a conference room at the airport in Covington, Tennessee. (Which is on the top side of Memphis.) Please forgive me for the audio quality on this one. I’ll go bask and improve it soon, but I want to get this CanardCast published now. Also, please lessen closely to hear an amazing Long EZ fly by during the interview
June 05, 2022
The Bahama Bash 2022
On this addition of CanardCast, we depart from our usual format of interviewing someone for you and instead, just present you with a conversation that took place the large comfortable guest area at the Fernandez Bay Resort on Cat Island with a cool breeze flowing thru and the white sand and surf just steps away.
May 16, 2022
Evan Winick N40TD Brusehaver Cozy Mark IV
Today’s guest is new to the Canard Community. Evan Winick is a cautious IFR pilot who bravely negotiates the legendary New York City Airspace regularly in IMC condition. Since he received his pilot license in 2005 out of Queen City KXLL, Evan flies 150 hours a year on business as well as making several trips to Florida. He hopes to reduce his flight time to 75 hours a year because his 2006 Thomas Brusehaver built Cozy MKVI is about twice as fast as the Piper Arrow he’s been slogging back and fourth with for many years.  Evan and his wife Miriam call Allenstown Pennsylvania home where they raised two children, Tristan and Chelsea. Evan owns a business installing and configuring management systems and controls for industrial buildings. The technical skills required for that work makes him well suited to upgrade the base VFR plans built panel in his Cozy to a beautiful full Garmin based flight deck. Evan is not entirely new to experimental aircraft. He is a past caretaker for N30ZA; a Zenair CH 2000 Zenith. Evan continues to develop his canard piloting skills and gaining confidence in his new canard N40TD based at Queen City in preparation for the new flying season. 
April 04, 2022
Bill James N95BJ Rutan Model 33 VariEze
Bill James’ flies a highly refined example of Burt Rutan’s VariEze. He built the airframe per-plans, and his innovations enhance the efficiency and “operational friendliness” of his high-performance aircraft. He has owned a Cessna 120, a Berkut, and now flies the VariEze N95BJ and an Experimental Category Kolb M3X. Bill grew up near San Antonio, Texas. He flew Marine helicopters, worked cattle with helicopters, did some commercial helicopter and fixed-wing work, and instructed on the Boeing 757 and 767. As a 15-year Northrop Grumman F-35 pilot-systems instructor Bill watched the first nut go on the first bolt on the first F-35, and after retiring watched the first F-35s employ into combat. He holds an ATP Airplane and Helicopter rating, the Wright Brothers 50 Year Master Pilot Award, is a Society of Flight Test Engineers Member, has a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an English degree from Texas A&I University in Kingsville, Tx. Bill and Claudene have 4 children and 17 grandchildren. He saw the 399 lb VariEze N7EZ on Air Progress magazine when he was flying Marine helicopters in Japan. He ordered the plans and immediately began absorbing everything about canards. He started building in 1992 and recounts the severe sacrifice of the build, giving up five years of Laverne and Shirley and The Simpsons. Once airborne he found himself in the middle of the EZ pack. As the internet developed, Bill was drawn into the inner sanctum of comments, emails, forums, private notes and opinions about canard airplanes, and began interacting on how or why canard airplanes did or didn’t do this or that. The notes developed into essays. At one point Bill agreed to write 40 EZ Chronicle stories in 40 weeks, published weekly on the canard site. This prompted responses and questions from near and far and Bill continued to post more essays and stories. One of Bill’s favorite communications came from a pilot on layover in Shanghai. He wrote, “Bill, I’ve had my dinner and a shower and now there’s a glass of wine on my nightstand and two of your stories printed out. Cheers.” Bill’s EZ Chronicles now span five decades of flight, from an apple-crate airplane in a pecan tree to building an airplane that would carry him to the airlines, aerospace -- and into the minds of some truly unique, gifted, and interesting people. Bill has switched gears a little. His stories are now being loaded at A couple of novels are in-work and are previewed there. That first book will be done in about . . .  two weeks.
February 01, 2022
Mark Shinnick Rutan Model 40 Defiant
On the third Saturday of each month, Mojave Spaceport Museum hosts the Plane Crazy Fly-In where we bumped into Rutan Defiant owner Mark Shinnick. In his early 60's Mark retired from a career in Financial management and now provides pediatric medical support as a registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) with a Neonatal/Pediatric Specialty (RRT-NPS). Mark is helping to stop Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) through his involvement in the systems development of a Benign Infant Stimulator,  a novel device to help all infants achieve normal development during their first year.  For over 40 years, Mark has also spent a lot of time around the folks of RAF and Scaled as part of a variety of inspired projects including airframe construction of a Long-Eze and Q200 he built at the, Wings West hanger (now gone West) in Santa Monica. He participated in the WF-1 Global Hilton RoudTheWorld Balloon flight, a Rocket Long Eze project with XCOR and Glass Overcast.  Mark and his young daughter Cara met Izzy and Mark agreed to show Izzy his Defiant and to provide an interview for CanardCast in Rosemond, about 12 miles south of Mojave. 
January 01, 2022
Gary Hertzler the Propulsion Master VariEze N99VE
Gary Hertzler currently lives in Mesa Arizona but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and attended college at the General Motors Institute of Technology earning his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in 1966. Following graduation he had a short stint with McDonnell-Douglas doing design work on the F4 Phantom. While at McDonnell-Douglas he obtained his private pilot’s license. In 1967 the Vietnam war was raging on in Southeast Asia. The U.S. military draft was in effect. Gary was facing the draft or join the US Air Force. He served 4 years in the Air Force as a project officer at Kirtland AFB, in Albuquerque, NM. While in the Air Force he joined the base aero club and obtained his instrument and commercial ratings.  Gary started work for Garrett AiReseach jet engine company immediately following his discharge in 1971. He hired on as a designer in the engine valve group, but quickly moved up to the TFE731 turbofan jet engine project. From there he was promoted to Project Design Manager for two different engine projects, the military TFE1042 jet engine and the CFE738 commercial engine. Gary finished his career as Master Design Manager for the 907 jet engine with the company known then as Honeywell in the year 2000.  Back in 1976 after being shown an article in Popular Mechanics on the Burt Rutan VariEze his interest in building his own airplane was renewed. (He had previously started a Mustang II project that he ultimately sold.)  Following completion of his VariEze in 1980 efficiency became his obsession. This included achieving two non-refueled distance worlds records as well as several wins at the CAFÉ 400 competition. Gary is the present holder of the CAFÉ Challenge award. His record is 169.3 mph achieving 48 Miles Per Gallon while hauling a 400 lb. payload flown in his VariEze, November 99 Victor Echo. Following retirement in 2000, Gary started his own business manufacturing propellers for homebuilt airplanes and has produced nearly 600 propellers primarily for canard aircraft. Besides building and flying his own airplane for the last 41 years he has accumulated over 48 hundred flight hours and has even restored a 1917 Buick touring car and a 1929 Buick coupe. 
December 01, 2021
Ken Swain VariEze N4ZZ and Defiant N16FW
Good day and thank you for listening to the first episode of Season Two! My name is David Williford. Our first guest can only be described as a seasoned command pilot. Ken Swain has more than 30,000 hours flying everything from the biggest C5 Galaxy to the smallest Rutan VariEze. Ken lives in rural North Central Illinois an hour and a half from Chicago, where he supports his second career as a Captain for United operating out of Chicago O'Hare. Ken’s aviation career started with Air Force ROTC at Texas Tech in the Fall of 1970. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree with honors. At the time, the US military was operating under a draft, and his draft number was 30, so it was either go to college or go to Vietnam! The recruiter tested Ken where he scored with top marks and discovered he had the aptitude to be a pilot. His first flying was completed in a Cherokee 140 at a private pilot program in the Texas Panhandle compliments of the military. Ken recalls training at Reese Air Force Base in the Texas panhandle as mostly a battle with the wind. Ken and his wife of 48 years, Nancy have raised twin daughters and for a time he was able to boast the only 4 place VariEze on the planet. Ken served in Desert Storm flying C5’s globally. Other military transport aircraft experience includes the C141 he was assigned out of pilot training. Ken retired 20 years having served 10 years Active Duty and 10 years in the reserves, completing his career in the reserves in May of 1994. He currently owns both a VariEze N4ZZ and a Defiant N16FW and he discusses his latest trip into Rough River in his Defiant with Izzy Briggs at the Rough River airport!
November 03, 2021
Russ Meyerriecks Cozy MKIV N65TM
Russ is a very active and motivated Cozy Mark IV Builder. Based at Kilo Hotel Serria Victor near Huntsville, Alabama, he and his wife Kristy share their home with their two dogs in the shadow of the famous US Army Redstone Arsenal and US Space Camp for the past nine years.  Russ’s early career accomplishments include connections to America’s space program where he participated in both the ThOR Project In Huntsville where Russ helped design technology to map lightning strikes from orbiting satellites and the Reduced Gravity Program at the Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston where he flew in a KC-135 to complete a study of human reaction learning curves in microgravity. Russ is building a Cozy MkIV that is now in the contouring phase. He has hopes of starting flight testing this summer. Among their top goals, Russ and Kristy hope to benefit from the Cozy’s long range and high efficiency with a trip to the Bahamas from Huntsville International-Carl T Jones Field.  UPDATE: Russ has completed his Cozy IV and is now flying!
July 01, 2020
Marc Zeitlin N83MZ Cozy Mark IV 2002
Marc (with a C) was born on the East Coast and now lives in California, not far the birthplace of the Rutan Canard revolution in Tehachapi. Marc operates his hand-built Cozy Mark four, November Eight Three Mike Zulu called Precious Time from a hanger he shares with the legendary Mike Melvill….. Marc shares his home with his beautiful wife and accomplished artist Deanie Zeitlin.   Marc’s interest in aerospace stretches back to the second golden age of aviation in the early 1980’s. Among his early accomplishments include building a Q2 and graduating from MIT with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering.  Marc Zeitlin is a recognized expert the canard community and puts his deep and long experience to use in support of our canard community by hosting a free internet support site called “the Unofficial Cozy Builders Web Site” and, additionally, the COZY aircraft builder mailing list for the benefit of the Cozy and greater canard aircraft community. Marc has worked on a statistically significant portion of the Rutan Canard fleet through his business Burnside Aerospace, keeping our cherished aircraft safer through countless condition inspections. He’s given first canard flight incentive rides to dozens of active builders in Precious Time.  Marc also enjoys inventing ways to escape yard work.
June 01, 2020
Mike Beasley N835MS Rutan Model 61 LongEze Builder
Mike Beasley is a retired Air Force aircraft maintenance officer.  In 2006, after 20 years of service, he traded his uniform for a shirt & tie is currently a civil service acquisitions program manager at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA.   He started his Long EZ project in 2001 while he was stationed in Germany and has since moved the project three times.  He is almost finished with avionics and wiring and is hoping to start flight testing in the next few months.   In October 2019, he took over the Central States Association newsletter from Terry Schubert, who filled this role for 35 years.  We hope you enjoy CanardCast brought to you by the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA). If you have feedback on format, stories or other suggestions, please let us know at the COBA website -->  Contact Us page. ** UPDATE: Since this episode was recorded, Mike completed his Long-EZ aircraft, N835MS. Built from Nov 2001 until Aug 2020, the build took nearly 19 years. First flight was conducted by Dave Adams on 8 Aug 2020 and second flight was on 9 Aug 2020.  This was the third flight of N835MS and was 30 minutes in duration, reaching 6,000 feet. Takeoff, cruise, and landing were uneventful. You can see the first flight here on  Youtube: 
May 01, 2020
Damon Meyer N22AZ Cozy Mark III "Cloudz"
Long time Canard owner Damon Meyer tells us a little about his aviation story in this episode of the Canard Owners and Builders CanardCast. Today, Damon Meyer talks with us about his recent decision to transition from a long career in Information Technology to fly commercial jets. We also learn a little about his very efficient Cozy Mark III N22AZ also nicknamed Cloudz. Finally, Damon shares some details about his World Record flight from Coast to Coast in his Cozy and future plans. We hope you enjoy CanardCast brought to you by the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA). If you have feedback on format, stories or other suggestions, please let us know at the COBA website -->  Contact Us page.
May 01, 2020
Terry Schubert N9TS Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ 1986
Welcome to our very first CanardCast! This episode features the former Central States editor of 30 years and owner of N9TS, the C.1.A world altitude record holding aircraft that he built.  This Audio presentation is published to the public Podcast distribution RSS feeds so you may listen to these using any Podcast listening application you prefer. To learn more about podcasts, simply google search Podcasts.  We hope you enjoy CanardCast brought to you by the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA). If you have feedback on format, stories or other suggestions, please let us know at the COBA website -->  Contact Us page. ABOUT THE PHOTO: Terry said, "That was shot at New Philadelphia, OH (KPHD).  Lead is Terry Lamp in his Long-EZ N977JT, which he sold to Marco.  I'm wing man in Long-EZ N9TS.  It was a fun day."
April 04, 2020