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ACROSS THE BIFROST: The Mighty Thor Podcast

ACROSS THE BIFROST: The Mighty Thor Podcast

By Ryan Does
Every week, host Ryan Does explores the world of Marvel’s Mighty Thor. From movies to comics and everything in between we dig into everything the Nine Realms has to offer when it comes to the Thunder God. STAY WORTHY!!!
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Become a Patron! For this week (Love and Thunder week) on the podcast we are joined by Marvel writer, cool mom, and all around awesome human TORUNN GRØNBEKK to talk about her career, creative process, and what it's been like writing Jane Foster's latest chapter in Marvel Comics. If you are heading to the theater to go see "Thor: Love and Thunder" you don't wanna miss this episode. Enjoy!
July 04, 2022
90’s Thor & Cap w/ Will Spottedbear (Captain America #395-396)
In celebration of Steve Roger’s Birthday (July 4th, 1918 … for you trivia geeks) we are doing another Thor & Cap team-up episode. This time around I am joined by stand up comedian and Captain America super fan WILL SPOTTEDBEAR as we head back to the nasty 90’s. This episode features a Thor we have yet to really talk about … Eric Masterson! (Aka Thunderstrike to all you 90’s kids). Enjoy! Become a Patron!
July 02, 2022
NEW COMICS: Thor Gets Gamma Charged! w/ Russell Moran
NEW COMICS are here! Alligator Loki goes to the spa, Thor has become a rampage hulk, and Jane Foster must save Asgard … once more! Ryan and Faz are joined by RUSSELL MORAN (host of the Gamma Charged podcast) to discuss all the awesome pages and panels from this month in Thor comics. Speculation runs rampant as the guys get hyped for all things Thor (and Hulk). STAY WORTHY! Become a Patron!
June 27, 2022
🏳️‍🌈 Queer Stories Matter 🏳️‍⚧️
The world of Thor in Marvel Comics is filled with several fantastic LGBTQ+ characters like Loki, Valkyrie, and Angela! To celebrate those characters (and more importantly) Pride Month as a whole we present a bonus conversation with Mackenzi Lee and Katie Pryde.
June 23, 2022
Who Is Jane Foster’s Best Friend? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 8)
Jane Foster is back to defend New York City from greedy CEOs, a billionaire turned Minotaur, a gun wielding dominatrix, and a smart ass samurai! On this episode of the JASON AARON RETROSPECTIVE Ryan is joined by Katie Pryde, owner of Books with Pictures in Portland, OR. Together they review the storyline “Lords of Midgard” (Mighty Thor #6-12). Enjoy!
June 20, 2022
Revisiting Thor’s First Appearance (Journey into Mystery #83)
Happy Anniversary! It’s been 60 years since Thor thundered onto the pages of Marvel Comics so we’ve just gotta read it again! For this hilarious page-by-page deep dive through Journey into Mystery #83 we welcome friends of the show Matt Howell and Jacob Balcom from the Werewolf by Night Podcast and Michelle from Moonlit Comics. Grab a drink and settle in as we encounter Thor, Mjolnir, and the Stone Men of Saturn once more. Become a Patron!
June 13, 2022
Chat w/ JASON AARON (Anniversary Special)
On this Anniversary Special we chat with Marvel writer and All-Father of Thor comics, JASON AARON! He has written numerous Marvel Comics titles, most famously among them his almost decade long stint writing THOR! He is known for creating Gorr the God Butcher, redefining Jane Foster, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this mighty chat! Become a Patron!
June 06, 2022
Thor vs. Hulk … Let the Battle Begin! (BoW: Parts 1-3, Avengers #56, Alligator Loki #5-6)
NEW COMICS ARE HERE! On this episode we read and review the Thor-related Marvel Comics from May 2022. Ryan, Will, and Faz also share their thoughts on the new LOVE & THUNDER trailer. Wait around until the end for a preview of next week’s Anniversary Special chat with … JASON AARON! The issues covered include Banner of War Alpha #1, Thor #25, Hulk #7, Avengers #56, Alligator Loki #5-6
May 30, 2022
Should You Ever Trust a Loki? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 7)
Jane Foster is Thor, Odin is upset, the elves are at war, and a familiar face returns! On this episode we soar back into our JASON AARON RETROSPECTIVE with the storyline “Thunder in Her Veins” (Mighty Thor #1-5). Not only is Loki returning, so is a good friend of his … Marvel author and all around wonderful human being, MACKENZI LEE! She returns to the show to talk comics, Loki, trousers, and that one Zoe Saldana story. Enjoy!
May 23, 2022
Moon Knight Review & Avengers: Age of Khonsu w/ Michelle from Moonlit Comics
On this episode we travel by night and discuss the time THOR (The God of Thunder) went head to head with MOON KNIGHT (The Fist of Khonsu). For this chat we welcome to the show Michelle from Moonlit Comics and discuss “Age of Khonsu” from Avengers by Jason Aaron. We also share our thoughts on Marvel Studios’ MOON KNIGHT on Disney+ so buckle up for a crazy fun chat! STAY WORTHY!
May 17, 2022
Thor and Worthiness w/ Mark D. White (Author of “If They Be Worthy”) From the very beginning Thor has been tied to one overarching theme, worthiness! On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we sit down with Professor Mark D. White and discuss his newest book, “A Philosopher Reads … Marvel Comics’ Thor: If They Be Worthy”. We have a great chat and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much! This book focuses on the Jason Aaron Thor stories and would be great supplemental material for any Thor fan! Become a Patron!
May 09, 2022
Multiverse of Madness Review & Thor: Vikings
SPOILERS ⚠️ Gods! Witches! Wizards! Zombie Vikings! Yeah this bonus episode has it all. Ryan is joined by Brandon Bloxdorf (Apollo City Comics) and Jason Luck to discuss the newest Marvel Studios film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and read the 2003 Marvel MAX series “Thor: Vikings”.
May 08, 2022
THOR #750
NEW COMICS HAVE ARRIVED! This is the big one, buckle up for this long awaited review of the 750th issue of Thor. The Warriors Three assemble once more! Ryan, Will, and Faz chat about the new comics from April 2022 that featured Marvel’s Mightiest hero … THOR! This included: Thor #24 (legacy #750), Avengers #55, and Alligator Loki #3-4.
May 02, 2022
The VERY Brief History of Neal Adams’ Thor
Legendary comics artist and creator rights activist, Neal Adams has passed away at the age of 80. Though known for his time on Batman primarily, we wanted to shed light on a brief point in comics history. When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics and the Mighty Thor, Neal stepped in to pencil issues #180–181 (Sept.-Oct. 1970). On this bonus episode Eric N. Bennett and Ryan look at Neal Adam’s very brief time drawing Thor … it was a wild few issues! Become a Patron!
April 30, 2022
Can Thor Become Worthy Again? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 6)
Thor has been deemed unworthy. Another wields his hammer. How can a god obtain retribution? On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan is joined by our first ever guest, Grant from “BecomingThor”, to read and review Unworthy Thor #1-5 by Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel. This journey takes us into the cosmos and is full of crazy surprises. STAY WORTHY!!! Become a Patron!
April 25, 2022
"THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER" Trailer Reaction!
Become a Patron! It's finally here friends! This week the teaser trailer for Marvel Studios' "THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER" hit the internet to a glorious reception. We needed to talk and rant about this amazing trailer so we are releasing a bonus episode to celebrate this momentous occasion. Ryan is joined by Will Rose and Christopher Fazio for this special chat. 
April 20, 2022
On this week’s episode Ryan and Will Rose are joined by comics artist MARTIN COCCOLO who is drawing Marvel’s upcoming Thor & Hulk crossover event, BANNER OF WAR! Alongside writer Donny Cates, Martin is bringing us a 60th Anniversary spectacular fitting of Thor and Hulk’s long legacies. We talk with Martin about much, much more! Also we preview the mountain of Marvel books coming out in the next few month that spotlight our favorite hero, the Mighty Thor! STAY WORTHY! Become a Patron!
April 18, 2022
Who Holds the Hammer? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 5)
Jane Foster brings the thunder on this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST! In our latest installment of the Jason Aaron Retrospective we welcome JACOB BALCOM from the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT PODCAST. Jacob joins Ryan for a fun chat about Jason Aaron's legacy, Jane Foster's place in Thor history, and so much more!  Become a Patron!
April 12, 2022
Is the World Worth Saving? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 4)
The Last Days of Midgard have come! Thor must face down a mega corporation hell bent on world domination, a band of vengeful trolls, and Old Man Galactus! Ryan is joined again by Hayley and Brian from the SOURCE PAGES PODCAST as we continue our JASON AARON Retrospective. STAY WORTHY! Become a Patron!
April 04, 2022
The Fazgardian Goes to Toronto Comic-Con
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST, Christopher "Fazgardian" Fazio takes us through his experience at this year's Toronto Comic-Con. We talk cosplay, the rise of fandoms into the mainstream, and so much more! STAY WORTHY!!! Become a Patron!
March 31, 2022
LIVE! at Willow Con 2022
ACROSS THE BIFROST goes on the road at WILLOW CON! Student's from Wayne State College's FAN Club picked Ryan's brain about Thor, the Marvel Universe, and his journey in podcasting. STAY WORTHY!!! Become a Patron!
March 28, 2022
“When Meet the Immortals!” (Journey into Mystery #125)
Become a Patron! We’ve come to the final issue of Journey into Mystery and to break down the turning point issue we have assembled a worthy panel of passionate pals. Ryan, Ross, and Eric return to share thoughts and themes from this Herculean issue of Thor in our THROWBACK THOR series.
March 24, 2022
Is Thor Overpowered? w/ Christopher Fazio and Will Rose (Thor #23, Avengers #54, Alligator Loki #1)
NEW COMICS ARE IN! On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST, Ryan is again joined by Will Rose and Christopher Fazio to talk about all things Thor in this months Marvel Comics! They ponder the power level of Thor, his upcoming anniversary issue, and just how cute is alligator Loki? All that and more … STAY WORTHY!!! Become a Patron!
March 21, 2022
Who Can Unite the Nine Realms? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 3)
Malekith the Accursed has escaped Hel to kill … his own people?!?! Can Thor and the newly formed League of Realms stop him before it’s too late? On this episode, Ryan returns to the JASON AARON RETROSPECTIVE with special guests Hayley Hobbs and Brian V. Klein from the SOURCE PAGES podcast. Buckle up! This realm-spanning roller coaster is gonna get wild!
March 14, 2022
“The Grandeur and the Glory!” (Journey into Mystery #124)
Witness the arrival of Hercules, the destruction of the Demon, and the secret of Donald Blake FINALLY comes to light! Join Ryan, Eric Bennett, and new guest Ross Lawhead on this terrific installment of our Throwback Thor series. STAY WORTHY!!!
March 10, 2022
"When Titans Clash!" (Journey into Mystery Annual #1)
Become a Patron! Thor vs. Hercules ... nuff said! On this special "King-Sized" episode of our Throwback Thor series Ryan is joined again by Eric Bennett to reminisce about the first time these two young, brash gods did battle! STAY WORTHY! 
March 07, 2022
BONUS: Chat with Mike Rockwitz!
A while back we did a two part chat with former Marvel editor Mike Rockwitz and today we wanted to release the full conversation for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
March 03, 2022
Thor Goes Super Saiyan! w/ Christopher Fazio and Will Rose (Thor #22 & Avengers #53)
Brand new comics are here and we have assembled a worthy panel of hosts to breakdown everything Thor has been up to lately in Thor #22 and Avengers #53! Will Rose and Thor cosplayer Christopher Fazio stop by to chat and share their tremendous takeaways! STAY WORTHY!
February 28, 2022
Was Gorr Irredeemable? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 2)
Thor must race against time and space to save all the gods past, present, and future! At the center of this search is GORR and his GOD BOMB! Ryan is joined by Curtis Spears and Brandon Bloxdorf once more to continue our Jason Aaron Retrospective with Thor: God of Thunder issues 6-11. STAY WORTHY!
February 21, 2022
"While a Universe Trembles!" (Journey into Mystery #123)
Get bonus episodes right now! Become a Patron! Thor and Odin face off against Loki and his recent pawn, the Absorbing Man! Ryan is joined by Eric Bennett to discuss and dissect the latest entry in our Throwback Thor series. STAY WORTHY!
February 17, 2022
Behold! The Warriors Three! w/ Chris Eberle and Ian Levenstein
On this Valentines Day episode we focus on the love of friendship by spotlighting … THE WARRIORS THREE! Ryan is joined by Chris Eberle and Ian Levenstein from Comic Geek Speak to read and reminisce about the Warriors Three limited series from 2010. This is surely the most dashing, grim, and voluminous episode yet! STAY WORTHY! Become a Patron!
February 14, 2022
"Where Mortals Fear to Tread!" (Journey into Mystery #122)
Dinosaurs! Aliens! and a LIVING SNOW MAN!!! On this wild, wacky installment of our Throwback Thor series Ryan digs into the continuation of Thor's latest battle with the Absorbing Man and Loki. PLUS! Jane's mysterious captor is REVEALED!!!
February 10, 2022
Who is Gorr the God Butcher? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 1)
Throughout his 60 year history Thor has faced off against many fierce foes, but none as ruthless as … GORR THE GOD BUTCHER! On this episode we begin our Jason Aaron retrospective in preparation for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, “Thor: Love & Thunder”. Ryan is joined by friends and fellow podcast hosts Curtis Spears (Smark Foundation, Throwin Dice) and Brandon Bloxdorf (Apollo City Comics, Sutro Sidetalk) to discuss issues #1-5 of Jason Aaron’s “Thor: God of Thunder”. STAY WORTHY!!!
February 07, 2022
“The Power! The Passion! The Pride!” (Journey into Mystery #121)
The Absorbing Man is back and bigger than ever! Ryan digs into the latest fight between the God of Thunder and the world’s most absorbent criminal!
February 03, 2022
Who is the God of Hammers? w/ Will Rose (Thor #20-21 & Avengers #51-52)
NEW COMICS ARE HERE! Thor fights against an unlikely foe! A classic villain returns! Also, Will is kind of obsessed with time traveling cyborg assassins! Join the conversation as we talk about the January issues of Thor and Avengers. STAY WORTHY!
January 31, 2022
“With My Hammer in Hand!” (Journey into Mystery #120)
Throwback THORsday returns! Ryan continues our series by talking about the new hip Avengers, Kirby collages, and housekeeping. PLUS delivering some Patreon news!
January 27, 2022
Original Sin: Thor & Loki - The Tenth Realm w/ Stephen Backhouse
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we present the second half of our chat with Stephen Backhouse. Together the guys breakdown the Original Sin side story, Thor & Loki - The Tenth Realm. Thor and Loki pursue the truth about there long lost sister?!?! Who is Angela? What is the Tenth Realm? Stick around and find out. STAY WORTHY!
January 24, 2022
Original Sin w/ Stephen Backhouse
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST host Ryan is joined by friend Stephen Backhouse to talk about the 2014 Marvel crossover event, ORIGINAL SIN. Thor's part to play in this story is significant and the guys break it down as best as they can. Enjoy this fantastic chat! STAY WORTHY!
January 17, 2022
Thor (2011) - Part 2
Loki schemes. Odin sleeps. Thor wins! All the makings of an Asgardian classic. On this episode we conclude our two part movie commentary of Thor’s first theatrical film and talk some resolution for the show in 2022. Hop aboard the rainbow bridge with us and enjoy the show!
January 09, 2022
Thor (2011) - Part 1
Host Ryan is joined by Kim to do our first MIGHTY MOVIE commentary for … THOR (2011). Fire up the film and enjoy part one of this worthy watch party!
January 02, 2022
Thor: Goddess of Thunder w/ Will Rose and Josh Noel
This episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST is the last episode of the year and it features one of Ryan's favorite THORies ... Jane Foster's Thor! Your humble host is joined by, not one, but TWO special guest. Will Rose and Josh Noel from the Systematic Geekology podcast stop by to chat about the Goddess of Thunder! SHE IS WORTHY!
December 26, 2021
Thor: Prey w/ Myq Kaplan
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST host Ryan is joined by his favorite stand-up comedian and fellow comic book reader, MYQ KAPLAN! They talk about the “PREY” storyline from the current volume of Thor . It’s a fun, free flowing, and surprisingly philosophical chat through our latest THORyline 😜 STAY WORTHY!
December 19, 2021
NO WAY HOME SPECIAL: Thor & Spidey Team-Up!
SPOILERS AHEAD ⚠️ It’s finally here! On this immediate reaction bonus episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST host Ryan talks about Thor and Spidey’s heroic history in the pages of Marvel Team-Up and Ryan shares his thoughts on NO WAY HOME right after he left the theater! That was one hell of a run on sentence true believers. STAY WORTHY!
December 17, 2021
The Day of the Destroyer! w/ Eric Bennett (Journey into Mystery #118-119)
Jump aboard the rainbow bridge and enjoy this latest episode of ACROSS THE BIFROT. Host Ryan Does is joined by fellow Thor super fan Eric N. Bennett to discuss the first appearance of the dreaded DESTROYER! Ryan also informs the listeners about our new PATREON PAGE, how you can get more content, and support the show! STAY WORTHY!
December 12, 2021
Thunder and Lies w/ Douglas Wolk (Author of "All of the Marvels")
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan is joined the author of "All of the Marvels", Douglas Wolk. They talk about Thor, Loki, and the chapter of his book devoted to them ... "Thunder and Lies". STAY WORTHY!!! Publisher Solicitation: “The first-ever full reckoning with Marvel Comics’ interconnected, half-million-page story, a revelatory guide to the “epic of epics”—and to the past sixty years of American culture—from a beloved authority on the subject who read all 27,000+ Marvel superhero comics and lived to tell the tale! Douglas stops by to
December 05, 2021
The Trial of the Gods! w/ Curtis Spears (Journey into Mystery #116-#117)
THROWBACK THORSDAY returns in grand fashion on this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST! The "Trial of the Gods" between honorable Thor and his brother, the mischievous Loki, is here and host Ryan Does talks all about it with CURTIS SPEARS. No matter where you are in the Nine Realms we know you will enjoy this episode. STAY WORTHY!!!
December 02, 2021
Tales of Asgard w/ Chris Eberle (Part 3)
All aboard for this latest episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST! Grab your magical hammer, some golden apples, and set sail for adventure with host Ryan and our mighty guest, CHRIS EBERLE. They will regale you with tales of Thor, Loki, Odin, and (finally) the Warriors Three! STAY WORTHY!!!
November 28, 2021
Gobble! Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Wherever you are in the Ten Realms we hope you have a fantastic feasting day. On this bonus episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we highlight Thor humorous and harrowing history with Earth’s Mightiest Marksman, HAWKEYE! We talk about his new Disney+ show and recall his role in this year’s Thor Annual. STAY WORTHY!!!
November 24, 2021
Thor: The Devourer King w/ Apollo City Comics (Part 3)
The Black Winter and Galactus clash! Thor is caught in the middle! The epic conclusion to this mini-series is here at last! On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan and the terrific team from Apollo City Comics (Brandon and Brandon) breakdown the mighty finale of Cates & Klein’s DEVOURER KING!!! STAY WORTHY!
November 21, 2021
Thor vs. The Absorbing Man w/ Marvel by the Month (Journey into Mystery #113-#115)
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan and the team from MARVEL BY THE MONTH tackle the first appearance of games Thor villain, Crush Kreel … the ABSORBING MAN! Jump aboard the rainbow bridge and we know you will enjoy this cheery chat. STAY WORTHY!!!
November 18, 2021
Thor, The Black Knight, and The Eternals!
On this BONUS episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan shares his thoughts on the Thor’s history with the Eternals and Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. Also, he shares his thoughts on the recent Eternals movie!
November 14, 2021
Thor: The Devourer King w/ Apollo City Comics (Part 2)
The search is on! The unlikely pairing of Thor and Galactus struggle to get along, the Black Winter emerges, and Beta Ray Bill shows up! This week on ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan is joined again by Brandon Bloxdorf and Brandon Moncada from Apollo City Comics as we continue to pontificate about a recent classic Thor story … THE DEVOURER KING! Nic Klein’s artwork takes center stage and the fellas set the table for a feast of fabulous comic book goodness!
November 14, 2021
Thor: The Devourer King w/ Apollo City Comics (Part 1)
Thor is King … Galactus is in trouble … and the Black Winter is coming! This week on ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan is joined by Brandon Bloxdorf and Brandon Moncada from Apollo City Comics to breakdown a great story from 2020 … THE DEVOURER KING! They have a fun conversation about their mutual love of Donny Cates, his fresh take on Thor, and so much more!
November 07, 2021
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Thor vs. Dracula w/ Eric Fisher (Thor #332-#333)
Don’t miss this spooky showdown on our Halloween special episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST!!! October 31st is here and we celebrate the only way we know how … reading Thor comics! Ryan is joined by his good friend, comic book lover, and Halloween aficionado Eric Fisher to talk about issues 332 & 333 of the Mighty Thor aka the time Thor came face to face with … DRACULA!
October 31, 2021
Tales of Asgard w/ Chris Eberle (Part 2)
THE ORIGIN OF LOKI! THOR IS BANISHED! and BALDER MUST DIE! Jump aboard the rainbow bridge and travel with us to Asgard, the realm eternal, on this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST! Chris Eberle is back to educate us further and we have lots of fun along the way as we cover Tales of Asgard (Volume 2). STAY WORTHY!!!
October 24, 2021
Thor vs. Hulk w/ Jared Sapp (Journey into Mystery #111-#112)
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we conclude Thor’s latest battle with Hyde and Cobra; PLUS! We go behind the scenes with the Thunder God as he tells the tale of the first time he fought the INCREDIBLE HULK!!! Don’t miss this titanic episode featuring Jared Sapp as our guest co-host. STAY WORTHY!!!
October 18, 2021
When Magneto Strikes! w/ Jared Sapp (Journey into Mystery #108-#110)
Marvel’s guest stars galore! This episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST features Doctor Strange (The Master of the Mystic Arts), the sinister Magneto (Master of Magnetism), and many more villainous foes. We are joined by guest Jared Sapp to break down these three mighty issues of Journey into Mystery featuring the Mightiest Marvel hero … Thor! STAY WORTHY!!!
October 14, 2021
When the Grey Gargoyle Strikes! w/ Eric Fisher (Journey into Mystery #105-#107)
Thor is in love! Hyde and Cobra unite! The Grey Gargoyle debuts! On this edition of ACROSS THE BIFROST we venture back into the Silver Age and continue our throwback series with special returning guest Eric Fisher. Join us as we discuss Journey into Mystery issues #105-#107. STAY WORTHY!!!
October 03, 2021
Our Journey so far … (Journey into Mystery #83-#104)
22 issues in under 30 minutes, catch up quick … It’s time to recap our journey so far! On ACROSS THE BIFROST we are a few years into the Mighty Thor’s existence in the Silver Age. Join host Ryan Does as he reviews our adventure thus far and looks ahead to what is to come! STAY WORTHY!!!
September 26, 2021
The Enchantress and the Executioner! w/ Dan Baquero (Journey into Mystery #103-#104)
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we are joined by Dan Baquero to read the first appearances of Amora the Enchantress and the Executioner! STAY WORTHY!!!
September 24, 2021
Tales of Asgard w/ Chris Eberle (Part 1)
Gods! Giants! Dwarves! and MORE! On this episode join host Ryan Does and guest Chris Eberle as they adventure through the Tales of Asgard. We are sure you will enjoy these stories from myths, legends, and world of the MIGHTY THOR! Stay Worthy!
September 19, 2021
On this episode of the show we bring you a brand new TOP 5 LIST! Who will land at the top spot when we cover Thor’s mightiest friends and his greatest allies! We also conclude our fantastic conversation with former Marvel editor Mike Rockwitz. He talk about the creators he worked with on The Mighty Thor and what he’s been up to since his days at Marvel. STAY WORTHY!
September 13, 2021
THOR: LOVE & THUNDER! (The Cast), PLUS former MARVEL editor MIKE ROCKWITZ stops by (Part 1)
Finally … it’s time to talk about the next MCU Thor film - LOVE & THUNDER! On this episode we talk Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and the whole star studded roster. But wait, there’s more … Former Marvel editor Mike Rockwitz (1985-1995) stops by and talks with Ryan about his comics origin story, working with legendary creators, and his work on THE MIGHTY THOR!!!
September 06, 2021
“What If... the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?" (“What If?” Episode 3) // Thor #16 Review
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we delve into the third episode of Marvel’s “What If?” and answer the question … WHO KILLED THOR?! Plus we review the NEWEST issue of Thor from Marvel Comics. STAY WORTHY!!!
August 30, 2021
Ron Frenz Interview - Part 2
On this episode long time Thor illustrator Ron Frenz takes us inside the creative process and talks about Tom DeFalco, Thunderstrike, Celestials, Heroes Union, and much more! Follow us on Instagram (@mightythorpodcast) Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to the show wherever you find us! STAY WORTHY!
August 23, 2021
Return to the Future! (Journey into Mystery #101-#102)
Avengers Assemble! … kinda. On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST Ryan is joined by good friend and comic book lover Eric Fisher to talk Journey into Mystery issues 101-102. These issues features the return of an old villain, the schemes of Loki (obviously), and the Earth’s Mightiest cameo!
August 05, 2021
Ron Frenz Interview - Part 1
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we are joined by a truly WORTHY guest … former Thor artist Ron Frenz! We talk with him about growing up in Pittsburgh, his love of drawing, the early years at Marvel, and what led up to working on Thor (hint hint … Star Wars and Spider-Man).
August 02, 2021
Hyde and Seek (Journey into Mystery #99-#100)
What is it like to have all the power in the world, but not have love? Thor learns that lesson in this week’s THROWBACK THORSDAY series. On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we look at issues 99 and 100 of Journey into Mystery. Featuring the first appearance of villain Mr. Hyde and we find out is Jane is worthy of immortality?
July 29, 2021
Lava Hurts and the Cobra Strikes (Journey into Mystery #97-#98)
On this episode of “ACROSS THE BIFROST” we dive back into our Throwback Thorsday series with issues 97-98 of Journey into Mystery. In these issues the Mighty Thor faces off against molten men from the underground and a slithery serpent fiend! Follow us on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost)
July 22, 2021
On this episode of ACROSS THE BIFROST we continue our Loki-themed spectacular with Part 2 of our chat with Marvel writer Mackenzi Lee. She takes us behind the scenes of her book “Loki: Where Mischief Lies”, tells some awesome stories (including the time she met one of the Guardians of the Galaxy), and we talk her newest project from Marvel press. Host Ryan Does also welcome one of his best friends onto the show to talk all about the finale of Loki on Disney+. Enjoy this jam packed episode!
July 19, 2021
Double Trouble and Wizards Gone Wild! (Journey into Mystery 95-96)
After a week away, THROWBACK THORSDAY has returned! Host Ryan Does dives back into Journey into Mystery reading issues #95 and #96. Listen to Thor encounter a duel hammer-wielding evil doppelgänger and a resurrect magical menace from King Arthur’s court … kinda sorta. Rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast; then follow the show on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost). Have a great day and STAY WORTHY!
July 15, 2021
On this episode Ryan is joined by Marvel author Mackenzi Lee to talk about her book “Loki: Where Mischief Lies”. In part 1, we talk her writing origin story, what it’s like writing for Marvel, and the process of writing Loki. Also, Ryan reviews “Journey into Mystery”, episode 5 of the Loki Disney+ show … it was NUTS!
July 12, 2021
The Black Widow movie is finally here, so let’s talk about the time Natasha lifted Mjolnir and became the Goddess of Thunder!
July 11, 2021
The Hero and the Hammer! (w/ Rick Verbanas), Loki Episode 4
Thor! Mjolnir! Captain America?!?! On this episode of “Across the Bifrost” host Ryan Does is joined by Rick Verbanas, Cap super fan and co-host of the Captain America Comic Book Fans podcast! They breakdown The Mighty Thor #390 (the first time Steve Rogers wielded Thor’s hammer), Thor and Cap’s friendship, and the coolest moment in the entire MCU! Also, Ryan is joined by another guest to review our most eventful episode of Loki yet!
July 05, 2021
Lights, Camera, Thor! (Journey into Mystery #92-#94)
On this THROWBACK THORSDAY episode of "Across the Bifrost" Loki schemes, the Red Scare continues, and Thor makes his film debut … sorta!Host Ryan Does and a special (returning) guest read and review issues 92-94 of Journey into Mystery.
July 01, 2021
Get ready for a lot of Loki on this episode of “Across the Bifrost”. Ryan and returning guest, Dan the Articulator, breakdown Loki: Agent of Asgard #1-#5 for our very first BOOK CLUB selection. Then later on Ryan is joined by another guest to review episode 3 of Loki on Disney+. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE 5 STARS, and REVIEW on iTunes!  Follow us on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost) and Twitter (@acrossbifrost)
June 28, 2021
Thor vs. The Mob, Space Men, and Evil Magicians! (Journey into Mystery #89-#91)
Travel back to 1963 on this THROWBACK THORSDAY edition of "Across the Bifrost". Host Ryan Does tackles three more issues of Journey into Mystery (#89-#91). See Thor combat organized crime, shapeshifting aliens, and his brother Loki's latest scheme! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE 5 STARS, and REVIEW on Itunes! 
June 24, 2021
"Across the Bifrost" shines the spotlight on everyone's favorite hard-drinking, Dragonfang wielding, warrior bad ass ... VALKYRIE! We talk with Rebecca De Leon (@quikcosplay) about her love of cosplay, Tessa Thompson, representation in the MCU, and the future of Valkyrie! Also, Ryan is joined by good friend and fellow comic book enthusiast, Eric Fisher, to break down episode 2 of Marvel's Loki, "The Variant". Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE 5 STARS, and REVIEW on iTunes!  Follow us on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost) and Twitter (@acrossbifrost)
June 21, 2021
BONUS EPISODE!!! Celebrate Father's Day with "Across the Bifrost" as we put the spotlight on the All-Father himself, ODIN! The King of Asgard gets the royal treatment with two fatherly segments ... TOP 5: Odin Moments in the MCU ... a truly WORTHY countdown! READ-A-LONG: "Odin Battles Ymir, King of the Ice Giants!" (From the pages of Journey into Mystery #98) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE 5 STARS, and REVIEW on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost) and Twitter (@acrossbifrost)
June 20, 2021
Time Travel, Sharks, and Sugary Shenanigans! (Journey into Mystery #86-#88)
THROWBACK THORSDAY returns! Jump aboard the Rainbow bridge with host Ryan Does and a special guest as "Across the Bifrost" reads through issues #86-#88 of Journey into Mystery. You are sure to laugh and learn during this wacky, wild look at Marvel's Mightiest hero! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE 5 STARS, and REVIEW on Itunes!
June 17, 2021
On this episode we chat with Dan (@thearticulator) about Thor action figures, photography, Jason Aaron, and how much Iron Man should not want to mess with the God of Thunder! We breakdown "Glorious Purpose", the first episode of Loki on Disney Plus with Zoe Conley (@zozo_mzing). Infinity Stone paper weights? Is the TVA overpowered? Who are the space lizards? Ryan and Zoe nerd out on all of it! INSTAGRAM: @acrossthebifrost TWITTER: @acrossbifrost
June 14, 2021
Thor the Mighty and the Stone Men from Saturn! (Journey into Mystery #83-#85)
On this THROWBACK THORSDAY episode of "Across the Bifrost" we dig into the origins of Thor! Starting all the way back at his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #83 (1962) we begin our own JOURNEY through the history of Marvel's mightiest hero!
June 13, 2021
Thor Cosplay (w/ Becoming Thor), Loki Preview
On this weeks episode we talk with a Chicago-based Thor cosplayer about his journey of transformation, love for “cause” play, and becoming more like Thor! Stick around until the end when Ryan is joined by a second special guest to preview “Loki”, the Disney+ blockbuster of the summer! Follow us on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost) and Twitter (@acrossbifrost).
June 13, 2021
My Journey into Mystery!
On this prelude, your host Ryan Does shares where his love of Thor began, why the character matters so much to him, and what you can expect from “Across the Bifrost” as we explore the world of Marvel’s Mighty Thor! Follow the show on Instagram (@acrossthebifrost) and on Twitter (@acrossbifrost). Always remember ... STAY WORTHY!
June 04, 2021