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Talking in Zig Zags

Talking in Zig Zags

By Ryan Henry
I have no structure and neither do these stories.
A stream of consciousness hosted by Ryan Henry
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Breathe In...Coming Out (ft. The Coming Out Coaches)

Talking in Zig Zags

I have no clue what's going on
Okay, I swear I'm back for good this time. Sit down to hear about the NCAA news, changes to the show and the world, and most importantly how I'm reacting to all of it. Follow Us! Insta - and @ryanhenry.com_ Twitter - @TIZZpodcast and @ryanhenrydotcom Youtube : @ryanhenry
July 5, 2021
Rough Restart
Yes, it has been a while. Yes, I did light my microphone on fire by accident. Yes, I am back. Let's get back to talking! Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast Youtube : @ryanhenry
July 5, 2021
Time Flies (ft. Jeffrey Ricklin)
After a series of hilarious and eventful instagram DMs, Ryan finally sits down with fellow up & coming podcaster, Jeffrey Ricklin from "Chill Cactus." The two dive deeper into their star signs, challenges with learning disabilities as well as the more serious topic - why is New Jersey so hyped up.  Follow Jeffrey! Insta - @Jeffrey_ricklin & @chill_cactuss Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast Youtube : @ryanhenry
November 2, 2020
Sunday in the Dorm with Ryan
Hi everyone! Ryan in the first person perspective here! This week's episodes sounds a little different from the rest. I thought I would sit down for a few minutes to chat about where I am right now, what I'm doing, and acknowledge how weird solo episodes are for me. Let me know if you like this style and make sure to stay in loop on the socials! Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast Youtube : @ryanhenry
October 26, 2020
Making it Work (ft. Ben Freeberg)
Through the power of Manhattan Comedy School and instagram DM's, Ryan sits down with stand up comedian and TED Talk Speaker Ben Freeberg in an open and hilarious conversation. They talk about their personal writing strategies, how they use the more traumatic moments of their lives to make some killer jokes, and why everyone should do stand up comedy at least once.  Follow Ben! Insta: @benthere_d0nethat TED TALKS :  Get Started - Chaos Isn't An Excuse - Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast Youtube : @ryanhenry 
October 19, 2020
Breathe In...Coming Out (ft. The Coming Out Coaches)
In the deepest and heartfelt Talking In Zig Zags to date, Ryan sits down with Lucie and Vanessa - The Coming Out Coaches. The trio chat up a storm crossing almost every boundary possible, from sexuality to breathing to dealing with chronic illness this episode has something that will embody all viewers one way or another.  The Coming Out Coaches are so generously offering to any individual in the TIZZ audience a 30 min free coaching  session to support you with any topic that makes you feel stuck right now - with absolutely no strings attached for any further engagement. Reach out to Lucie and Vanessa for more information! Website: insta : @thecomingoutcoaches  Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast
October 13, 2020
COVID is Crashing the College Experience (ft. Tinah Ogalo)
Through the power of podcasting tinder and the magic of zoom, Ryan sits down with Tinah Ogalo, host of @inyourtwentys podcast! They provide their gen-z perspectives of how colleges are handing the pandemic and debate the values of friendship.  Check out Tinah! @tinah.ogalo / @inyourtwentys Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast
September 28, 2020
Readings & Religion & Romance, Oh My! (ft. Sydnee Paige)
This week, Ryan sits down with her dear friend Sydnee Paige, an up and coming spiritual counselor who gained influence through her viral tictoks earlier this year, They discuss everything under the moon between their families and goals to breaking down the gender norms in our society. This is an interesting one! Follow Sydnee!! Insta - @sydnee_paige Follow Us! Insta - Twitter - @TIZZpodcast
September 21, 2020
A Godly Call to Comedy (ft. Alex Bowman)
In this week's episode (aka the very first Talking In Zig Zags Interview woot woot) Ryan calls up Alex Bowman, founder/host of Georgetown's "The Hilltop Show" and political cartoonist! The two discuss their comedic coming of ages stories, controversies, and love for late night television. Follow Alex!! Insta - @alexandrabowmanart / @hilltop show Twitter - @scripta_bene / @hilltopshow Follow Us! Insta -  Twitter - @TIZZpodcast
September 14, 2020
The First Episode/ The Second Attempt
So, this a thing now. Let's see how this goes!
September 5, 2020