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Sit down and DON'T shut up

Sit down and DON'T shut up

By Ryan Macpherson
This podcast covers everything, seriously we talk about anything known to man. There is nothing to rude or screwed up for us to chat about. Trust me... you'll like it
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#11 Jason Martell - Shooting shit in the quarantine
First episode that has been done over the phone. Unfortunately quality has to be sacrificed for everyone's safeness. Thank you all for the support from the bottom of my heart. Cheers everyone. 
March 30, 2020
#10 Stephen - Virus, T.P, and Guns
On this episode I talk to a guy that I would say in my opinion is a very informed person. He is very smart and educated on what subject he is discussing. We talk about serious matter but also get into some silly stuff. Its worth a listen, thank you.
March 14, 2020
Contest - $25 Amazon Gift Card
Very short Podcast, outlining how to enter to win the gift card. I'm basically giving the gift card away as an apology. Once again I love you all, and Stay tuned.
March 05, 2020
#9 Connor/Tyler Laird - Chatting and Relaxing
In this episode Connor, Tyler, and I sit down and relax while having a few beer. Just relaxing. I hope audio sounds good as I currently got a new mixer. Still figuring it out so please bear with me. Thank you.
February 23, 2020
#8 Ann-Marie - A Blast from the Past
I talk with long time friend Ann-Marie last name chungus about some stories from our past. Great listen. Thanks everyone.
February 17, 2020
#7 Drew/Jordan - Another Wild Talk
The first bit of this podcast is Drew and I, later followed by Jordan. My god we had fun. A must listen in my opinion. 
February 16, 2020
#6 Short but sweet - Talking about whats coming
Unfortunately do to scheduling issues the episode of the podcast has to be rescheduled. This podcast episode is basically apologizing for the inconvenience at explaining whats up and coming. Please stick with me. My day is now dedicated to delivering good content. Thank you so much, Love Ryan.
February 14, 2020
#5 Drew - Hilarious Interview
I interview Drew Ritcey, we talk and shoot the shit. Some things may offend you but hey... what did you expect don't hold it against me.
February 09, 2020
#4 Drunk & High - Story Time
This new mini series of the Podcast will explore ridiculous stories of times me or others have done the dumbs. 
February 09, 2020
#3 Coronavirus - F off ya dumby
I talk a little about the new scare of 2020. I'd like to start by saying I appreciate the outstanding support I've gotten from everyone. It has been overwhelming and amazing. I would also like to mention the next episode will have zero disorganization, now that this is actually becoming something thats working it will be taken way more serious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cheers dummies.
February 04, 2020
#2 Jordan Jamieson
Half of our conversation, with more coming tomorrow. We got cut our women ffs but no more of that with the following episodes I promise. Stay tuned for more content.  
February 02, 2020
#01 What I have planned
This is the first episode of Sit down and DON'T shut up. I'm talking about what this podcast has to offer. Intro music is credited to Kevin Macleod and that song is big rock. Please check him out.
February 01, 2020