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Stop Following Me

Stop Following Me

By Ryan McCausland and Garret Healey
Touring musicians Garret Healey and Ryan McCausland talk about the ups and downs of living life on the road.
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6. Swing Seats, The Circus, Touring "What's a MalletKAT?" with Laura Hamel
On this episode we were so lucky to chat with percussionist Laura Hamel who works on the A CHRISTMAS STORY tour. We talk a little bit about life on the road with another Pasek and Paul show and what it’s like returning to play for multiple seasons. We also learn a little bit about what life is like on the road with the circus, working with MalletKATs, working on a farm, taking advantage of swing seats, spending Thanksgiving on the road, and one back room international bidding war on a rare set of woodblocks. You can watch Laura’s video on “Cheesy Poofs” here: Check out Laura's setup for A Christmas Story here: Follow Laura on instagram @hameldrums and This episode’s PodJam featured Laura on Marimba, Garret on Keys, Synth, and SFX, and Ryan on Drums and Percussion.
March 23, 2021
5. Touring, Subbing, Managing..."What is this?" with Kevin McNaughton
On this episode we spent an afternoon chatting with the incredible Kevin McNaughton. We talk a little bit about touring shows overseas, learning new languages, making the best of some crazy situations, and how important it is to have good relationships with people on the road. Kevin also talks about his experience workshopping the musical Bonnie and Clyde, subbing a show on Broadway for the first time, and Company Managing the Elf Tour.  Recently, Kevin has been working alongside co-facilitator Daniel Kluger at the Local 802’s Electronic Music Committee to develop a resource for musicians working with electronics. For a free consultation, please visit  Follow Kevin on instagram @kpmdrummer The Telephone Jam featured Kevin on Drums, Garret on Keys and Synth, and Ryan on Percussion.
March 3, 2021
4. On the road with Noah Kieserman
This episode was so much fun! We were so lucky to reunite and hang with our buddy Noah Kieserman who tours on the road with us as Connor Murphy with the Dear Evan Hansen tour. We chat about the differences between working as an understudy versus a principal cast member and the unique challenges that come with covering the role of Evan. We also talk about writing music, dealing with anxiety, amazing birthday cakes, performing for your Uber driver, and how we each plan to survive a plane crash. You can find more information about Noah and all the amazing projects he's working on by visiting his website or following him on Instagram @nbkieserman  This episode's jam featured Noah on vocals and keys, Garret on synth, and Ryan on drums.
February 12, 2021
3. Cruising with Mike Finney and Zack Grail
Ever wondered what it would be like to work on a cruise ship? Turns out there’s a whole world of goings on under the surface (literally), and on this episode we were lucky enough to muster up two incredible performers to chat about life at sea. Zack Grail is currently a guitarist and Music Manager with Carnival Cruise Lines and Mike Finney is a Michigan-based vocalist, formerly with Carnival and Holland America. Garret spent the better part of 2016 working with these guys on the Carnival Glory, so take a listen as we reminisce, throw out some cruising life hacks, share our thoughts about boat drill, and much more. Thanks for hanging with us! Follow Zack and Mike on Instagram: @zackgrail and @crush75
January 29, 2021
2. Touring with Matt Brown
On this episode, we were lucky enough to chat with Matt Brown who plays one of the guitar books on the road with us at Dear Evan Hansen. Matt has been on the road with a number of shows including Beautiful:The Carole King Musical, Dirty Dancing, and Flashdance. We chat about some of our favorite places that we've visited on the road and answer some questions about how housing works on a Broadway tour. You can find more information about Matt at his website and follow him on instagram @mattbmusic92
January 9, 2021
1. Getting Started
On our first episode, we exchang stories of how we got started playing musicals, working on cruise ships, and going out on tour with a Broadway show. 
December 8, 2020