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Mindset Monday

Mindset Monday

By Ryan Bailis
Mindset Monday is all about uncovering how to effectively harness your emotions in order to channel your energy and make better use of your time. Join me for 15 minutes every Monday as we discover something new and apply proven techniques to so that you can confidently get what you want out of life.

I'm especially excited to bring on some of the greatest entrepreneurs, content creators, and thought-leaders under the age of 25. Join me in welcoming Sarrah Hussain, Mo Domah, David Lundy, Nick DeMarchis, Christina Chen, and Jae Lee this season as we explore the power of mindset.
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EP00: Season Teaser

Mindset Monday

EP00: Season Teaser
Well this is new and different, isn't it? I'm very excited to go on this journey with you all. If you stick with me and tune in every Monday for 15 minutes, you'll learn, laugh, and love the content I'll be bringing.    Have something on your mind you wanna talk about? DM me on Instagram or Linkedin and let's chat! Preview what's coming up this season: EP01: Getting What You Want When You Want It EP02: Compounding Confidence EP03: Guest: Sarrah Hussain EP04: Shifting Your Perspective EP05: What is Success? EP06: Guest: Mo Domah EP07: Making Money and Being Happy EP08: Guest: David Lundy EP09: Letting Go and Moving On EP10: Guest: Nick DeMarchis EP11: The Essence of Leadership EP12: Guest: Christina Chen EP13: Being Consistently Creative EP14: Guest: Jae Lee EP15: Never Stop Learning
January 28, 2021