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I Don't Know Jack About Parenting

I Don't Know Jack About Parenting

By Ryan Roy
Parenting done the right way... usually. Well, it's a learning process and Ryan Roy will give it to you straight.
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300 Thank You - Goodbye - FBI Dads Podcast Next
0:55  Final episode 1:10  Next step - FBI Dads: The Podcast 1:15  Thank you to each and every one, even if you only listened to one episode 2:30  I hope it saves even one marriage 3:10  Having a father in the home improves to odds of success for the kids 3:45  I hope the FBI Dads podcast helps give parents tools they need 4:00  Thanks to all the people that have helped make this possible 7:30  FBI Dads, at my kid's school, grew from 6 dads to 155 dads (consistently) 8:05  Now it's morphed to a virtual meeting 8:25  A brief overview of FBI Dads meeting 10:05  There are 3 things a parent should tell their child every single day 12:00  Kids are intuitive, they know what's important 13:00  Magic happens when they have conversations around important things 14:15  "Look what MY dad said about ME!" 15:35  I was told "dads don't want to be involved"... I proved them wrong! 16:20  I find the dads at the kid's sporting events, but they often fall short when it comes to saying "I Love You" 17:40  I know a LOT about being fatherless, and I know having an involved father is MUCH better 18:20  I don't plan on ever stopping my mission to help dads get involved 19:00  See you on FBI Dads: The Podcast
December 11, 2020
299 Creating Leaders
1:25  I've been thinking about this leadership podcast for a while 1:40  If you "lead" your household, you will create leaders 2:03  Let them KNOW they are leaders 3:35  Wait, stop, think... don't just follow, you are a leader 3:10  I've recorded 300 podcasts, I'm a self-motivated leader 3:30  I lead things at school 3:55  I lead my clients to success. 4:10  I bring organizations at school together 4:40  I'm on the board of the Sock-it-to-em sock campaign foundation 5:15  As I'm recording this, I'm pulling up to the car pickup line 6:00  My son wanted to run for class vice-president 6:40  Help them believe early on that they ARE a leader 7:45  I grew up in survival mode, I didn't have the luxury of "frivolous" knowledge 8:50  I was more concerned about meals than leadership 10:20  Let your kids know they are loved unconditionally through words and actions 10:30  Let them know that they are safe 11:00  More is shown through your actions than can possibly be conveyed in words 12:50  "I want both", here's the deal... then back it up 15:05  Leaders follow through on their promises 15:10  I love that YOU, the listener, are working to learn and get better 16:05  This podcast has helped me pay more attention and get better
December 04, 2020
298 Glenn Lundy: Father of 7 plus 1
1:00  Glenn Lundy: 3:00  Intentional activities 4:00  Productivity and fulfillment 4:30  Principles of success in parenting: #1 morning routine 5:05  Download Glenn's free ebook 5:15  Glenn's BIG 5 things to do every morning 5:40  The typical car business routine... is failing them 7:45  The "67 Day Challenge" 8:15  That's how long it takes to have a physiological change 10:10  Structure and morning routines are the bedrock of parenting 11:07  Preparing for the trip vs surprise 14:45  I never know God's plan but I know it's good 15:03  I know I'm not powerful enough to keep my kids on course or knock them off of it 18:30  Even with COVID: you can NOT take a kid off their path 21:20  We've created generations of sheep following others instead of leading 24:00  Don't plant the seeds in your children, water them 25:00  You can either be a consumer or producer. Start producing 26:25  You need to come to an FBI Dads breakfast to understand 27:25  "How do kids spell LOVE?" 29:15  Kids will love those that serve them with what they need 30:10  Just 15 minutes a day with a child can be all they need 31:30  We can argue or we can say yes 33:35  Talk to them as if they understand now 34:45  Go the to find all the ways to get in touch with Glenn 35:50  Glenn's Facebook group has raised over $700k for various causes 41:00  Are you 100% in sync and integrity? If so, your spouse will follow and support
November 27, 2020
297 Parenting Success: The Jewish Phenomenon
0:55  This is MY goal "The respect of my adult children" and no thing or no fling will get in the way 1:15  Examples of HOW that looks along the journey 3:00  We're getting close to the end of this podcast series 3:15  "FBI Dads" podcast is starting 2012 3:45  There is a certain group of people that have a higher level of success 4:00  The Jewish phenomenon 4:45  Education: flexibility, options, knowledge 5:40  The 5 to 6 year jumpstart 6:10  Culturally, Jewish people declare their children to be adults much earlier 7:10  Then expectations are set options are laid out and plans are made 7:45  Professions, schools, grades, money, scholarships become part of the planning 8:45  At 13, they start acting like an adult with intention 9:05  When you're treated like an adult, you start acting like an adult 10:40  No one did it for me, but I want to break the cycle 11:00  I want to be the one to guide and encourage my children 12:10  I don't need to be Jewish to follow the things they do 13:12  You may want to start planning
November 20, 2020
296 Parenting Is A Team Sport
1:03  Children change every day and I have to learn and adjust 1:20  "FBI Dads" podcast is coming in 2021 3:20  Last night me 9 year old had a meltdown about internet service 4:02  Internet "Glitchy" made him a little internet "_itchy" :/ 5:05  Voices escalated back and forth, tensions are rising 7:05  After the baseball game, wind down... and it starts up again 8:00  My challenge as a dad... I love my kids but I also must support my wife 9:40  Certain words can be damaging, it's a tough balance 10:40  I had to explain what happened and smooth things over 12:01  Coaches like to bring up challenges and successes 13:10  Acknowledge to people around you that help you along the road 13:40  Parents should "huddle up" at night and get on the same page
November 13, 2020
295 Watching Your Kids Grow Through Sports
1:00 3-year-old jumping and sticking the landing 1:30  Baseball with the 9-year-old 2:25  Energy is everything, highest energy wins 3:45  One by one they gave him a tap 4:40  Things started going our way and the energy got higher 5:55  I'm NOT a baseball fan, but I am a fan of competition etc. 7:00  Technical advice in the middle of a game? 7:50  Up 9-5 and the closer is brought in 9:05  Momentum going into last night's game 11:05  Then the batting order got switched up 12:10  When you ARE there, be fully present 13:05  This show is my documentation of my journey 13:40  Episode #300 will be the last podcast 14:15  Next is "FBI Dads" podcast (Fathers Being Involved) 15:25  Thank you for being part of my journey so  far
November 06, 2020
294 Halloween COVID Style
1:00  I LOVE Halloween 2:05  Halloween was always big in my home growing up 2:50  COVID style... leaving the candy out? Bagged? 3:12  The value in Halloween IMHO is the interactions 4:10  The value is in the questions, gifts, leaving comfort zone 5:15  Ask, get rewarded, learning to face possbile rejection 6:10  Children are being taught to get the reward without effort 8:40  Go, do nothing, get gifts is not the lesson I want for my kids 9:10  Practice is important! 10:30  Virtual learning vs Face to Face learning 11:00  It's about the experience NOT the result!
October 30, 2020
293 The Litter Rippler Effect
1:25  My fault, I don't like to ask for help 2:10  We cleaned up part of a road near our home 2:30  "Adopt a Road", elderly and needs help 3:10  We asked the city for help 3:45  We did our part, we helped the city 5:10  Neighbors saw us and thanked us on 5:35  But now most everything we need is being taken care of 6:45  People pay attention, a spark can create a fire 9:25  We need leaders to allow followers to do their work
October 23, 2020
292 To Litter Or Not To Litter
0:55  Kids learn from our examples... Do YOU litter? 1:25  Do we pick up litter when we see it? 2:02  My boys, even at young ages, pick up litter in the park 2:25  "Why do others throw trash on the ground?" 3:20  Follow through, lead by example, whatever it is 4:02  A small area by the train tracks by my house 4:25  Beer and booze bottles and cans and lack of respect 4:50  Respect for our bodies and the planet 5:35  Lack of respect, does it lead to other problems? 6:03  Consequences, following rules, incarceration, picking up trash 7:18  "Dad, why do WE have to do it?" 7:30  If we see something wrong and don't do our part, WE are part of the problem 8:40  Look in the mirror and ask what you are modeling to your kids 9:05  What are the long term implications? I think about these things
October 16, 2020
291 Timing The "Birds and Bees" Conversation
1:00  Most of us dread this conversation 1:35  We just got back from a cabin retreat 1:55  On a hayride we heard about pumpkins, birds and bees 2:45  One of the parents had just had "the conversation" 3:30  Do I want a 10 year old telling my son or should I? 4:10  I usually research how to do these things 5:00  The boys are busting each other's chops 6:00  Here's my gut, I'll give him what he needs to know 6:25  First, it comes from a place of love and intimacy  7:25  "You did that to her?!?!" 8:20  Remember, kids have access to the internet 9:02  I'll be the one sharing this because of XXX 9:55  When it comes from a parent first, they will come to us too
October 09, 2020
290 The Social Dilemma
1:10  The Movie: The Social Dilemma  1:30  Devices designed to keep us attached 2:20  He wants toys that he sees online 3:20  Ads pop up, they get data, it holds our attention 3:50  How do they keep me on the screen 4:30  I watched something months ago, but Google is still tracking me 5:55  This is the 'adult brain'... what happens to children? 6:45  They will be enticed to click again and again! 7:35  It was wasting my time so I deleted them 8:35  At what age does my son need a phone? 10:00  In his pocket 24/7, free reign? 10:20  The more we know the harder the decision becomes
October 02, 2020
289 Get 100% Effort From Your Kids?
1:02  2 games into the baseball season 1:20  As long as he gives 100% effort, the skills will come 1:40  1st goal of every game: have fun, give effort 2:20  Unfortunately, we're results based too often 3:00  It translates into the classroom 3:55  If your 100% effort is "C" work? I applaud you 4:30  Back to baseball practice last night... 5:10  The game ball went to the player who gave 100% effort EVERY game 5:30  Then I gave him the details of how he gave the effort 7:10  Don't talk about winning and losing 2:20  Don't talk about grades 2:30  Talk about effort 8:00  Don't focus on the results... focus on the process! 8:35  I'm not supposed to say or think this: you are my favorite 9:50  As a dad, I'm worried every day that I'm not doing this right 10:05  Outside confirmation makes me proud to be his father
September 25, 2020
288 Getting Your Kids To Do The Right Thing
1:00  Because of fear? Not taught? 1:18  Kids mimic our behavior 1:45  What's the right thing? 2:05  I saw a gentleman walking with a cart full of beer 2:50  5 people "stuck like Chuck" 3:50  I don't know, we can't control other people 4:05  I found a wallet though 5:30  With the unrest, and with my looks, I was concerned 7:05  My wallet was lost once, all I ask is to pay if forward 7:55  There is a LOT of good that doesn't make it to the news 9:10  The only thing it took out of my life is 30 minutes 9:20  But it ADDED this list of things TO my life 10:00  The ripple effect starts here 11:05  The Rewind and Wife's perspective 11:45  "Why would you do that?" 12:10  Just so you know!  12:42  Here's the challenge  13:05  Yeah but, but, there are always "buts"  14:10  Motherly instincts of protection 15:05  It may not make sense to everybody but it does to me
September 18, 2020
287 Jeremy Roadruck Interview
1:05  Jeremy Roadruck - Author: Your Best Child Ever 3:00  The one thing that really grabbed me... child trafficking 3:25  #SaveOurChildren 4:04  80-90% of kids are traumatized, are victims of people they know 4:40  People in places of incredible power are abusing kids 5:10  "You can trust me" is spoken by the abusers and the parents 7:20  Parents, listen to your gut 7:55  I took action and it caused a family uproar 9:40  Trust your intuition 9:55  Wearing down the defenses 12:30  Things that make you go "hmmmm"  13:30  You and your child are more important than someone else's feelings 14:00  That bell has been rung 15:50  The quality of your life is directly related to this 18:00  FEAR: Face Everything And Rise 20:05  Get really good at asking questions 21:05  Have a flow of information 21:50  Don't come from judgment and/or fear 23:30  Pre-framing with adults 24:30  I have no problem with my stance 25:25  Theft comes from inside most of the time 26:00  The continuum of good and bad and the 90% of us 28:30  Parents are almost always the problem, not the child 29:30  Under stress we do what we've experienced unless we've been taught 31:00  It's not what I wanted to do, but it's what I was forced into 32:40  I can't be a bully with my students because they'll quit 33:40  The secret to being invited back wherever you go 34:05  The secret script to getting your kids to clean up after themselves 38:00  If you buy one copy it won't change my life, but it WILL change yours 39:30  My book is a framework to hang other tools on 40:25  Pick something that works for you that you can continue 40:55  We are energy junkies, know it and use it with your kids 43:40  The 12-Week program from Jeremy 50:00  Contact Jeremy at
September 11, 2020
286 Virtual School - First 2 Weeks
0:55  Some of you may hate me for this 1:15  My wife is consumed with it... it's new to everyone 1:40  I personally refuse to engage and I'm avoiding it 2:35  My update from the first 2 weeks... day by day 3:25  Independent learning day 4:35  By the end of the week, it seemed they had the technology under control 5:10  Kindergartners in front of a computer screen? Really? 6:55  I was expected to go to school, pay attention and do well 8:00  I know a LOT of teachers that feel they can't connect the way they'd like to 9:00  As technology fails, we'll find ways to work around it 9:45  Overall my son is less stressed than we are behind the scenes 11:02  My conclusions so far 12:14  All of us are stressed, stress makes us emotional, emotions take our IQ lower
September 04, 2020
285 Above The Chatter With Bruce Pulver
0:55  Bruce Pulver: Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter 1:45  I listen to how people talk to themselves 2:25  The words we say to ourselves matter 3:05  We were about 30 minutes from the hospital 4:05  She lived another 22 years, the other record was 72 hours 5:00  My father was the "word guy" 6:02  My father's words and my mother's positivity came together 7:30  Be in a place of gratitude, it's incompatible with negativity 9:30  GIFTS: God Installed Features To Share 11:45  My family started with 3 important words: Yes I Can 12:40  You Expect Success In Challenging Activities Now 14:00  Listening without action is worthless 15:00  The "Power Of Yet" 17:20  Kick the Can'ts... don't use words that end in "n't"  21:25  Sometimes you just hit a wall 22:08  "Here's what I CAN do" 25:50  Daughters develop self confidence through their fathers 29:00  Bruce's word shops 31:18
August 28, 2020
284 Remote Learning With Liliana Herrera
0:55  Virtual Learning with Guest Liliana Hererra  1:25  A LOT of parents are finding themselves in new roles now  2:22    First, let's deal with the mindset  2:55    Now, instead of just parents, we're also teachers  3:25 Come from a place of calmness, it will all be okay  3:45  From my coaching practice, I teach that the strongest energy wins  4:10    Your kids are watching, they will imitate you  5:05    I'm a single mom and want to be a part of their world  5:45    Recognize we're not teachers, but we do know about school  6:15    Your kids have no classmates now unless they have siblings  6:25    Network with other parents to get together with whomever has specific expertise  8:00  Necessity is the mother of invention, now we have learning "pods"  8:45  Learning "styles"  9:20  The schools are on a learning curve too, they've never done this either  10:08    It's an opportunity to get a customized learning  1 1:10    Observe what your child gravitates to  13:00  My son and I wrote a book one Saturday afternoon  14:04    My son loves reading up on technology  16:40    They may get a little more "comfy" at home, but it's okay if they are still focused  17:45    I had to learn to monitor and adjust for his style 22:30  Dedicated learning space  24:02    See what works, try different places and environments  26:10    Commitment and consistency come with time  29:14  Be realistic as a parent, be patient, get them moving  31:20    This is one of the best times as a parent, to spend time with your kids  34:40  Show your kids your "best self"   Get in touch with Liliana:
August 21, 2020
283 I Don't Know Jack About Virtual Learning
1:00  No one really seems to know about "virtual school" 1:15  I'm grateful that there is a community trying to figure this out 2:30  There are a lot of questions and doubt 4:35  I guess this entire podcast is about patience 5:00  Show some grace and understand we are all doing the best we can 5:50  You all get 3 questions! 6:45  The first two weeks is just orientation and getting practice 8:05  Special needs, special questions 9:15  I wish you luck and I pray for wisdom and guidance 9:50  Stay calm so your kids will too
August 14, 2020
282 Children Are Born With Only 2 Fears
1:08  The only 2 fears babies are born with 1:45  But as parents, what are YOU fearful of? 2:00  My wife is afraid of bugs, so my kids are too 3:15  Hurricane, winds, thunder and frightened kids 4:08  Do you know you're safe in daddy's arms? 4:25  It's all about how you share what's happening to the kids 6:10  The fear of the bugs were shared by my wife and her sisters 7:50  Is fear based in the past, present or future? 9:05  Work on overcoming your own fears and don't pass them along
August 07, 2020
Dads Are A Little Dumb
When most guys find out they're going to be a dad, they imagine the kid at five years old already... they don't think about all that goes into getting them to five years old!
August 06, 2020
281 Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Child
0:50  I read an article today with the same title... 1:40  He gives the problem but NOT the solution 2:30  1- Sarcasm is not a good idea + my alternative 5:12  2- If you do that again, I'm going to turn this car around + my example 7:30  3- I love how you think about yourself all the time + my way of looking at it 9:45  4- Don't touch yourself there, it's dirty + I don't agree with that at all 12:27  5- What is wrong with you? + the implication
July 31, 2020
280 How To Make Really Good Parenting Decisions
1:15  "When emotions are high, intelligence is low" 2:00  You've lived a really dull life? 3:30  You can't satisfy 100,000 parents 4:00  There are a lot of things going on now that raise emotions 5:15  Find the most grounded people in your life 5:30  You need to find something to trust 6:45  Push through fear 7:25  Fear is the killer of dreams 9:30  Is he strong enough to say "that's not right for me!" 11:30  Have the guts to listen to your own gut
July 17, 2020
279 Do I Send My Kids Back To School
1:00  When should we send the kids back to school 1:30  Our school gave us a few options 2:18  Then they hit us with a curve ball! 3:00  There are parents out there that have had MAJOR challenges 4:30  Meals for kids... how do they even pick it up? 6:15  A big part of us just wants them to go back to make things easier on us 7:05  Outgoing extroverted kids really need interaction 8:25  None of us are qualified to teach kids 8:50  I want to leave math, Spanish, history etc up to the teachers to teach 10:20  What do we do? Brainstorm with other parents 11:00  We have a plan we've devised, but you need to find your own 11:40  I just hope, looking back, we're happy with our decisions 12:50  In a world where we're used to having others tell us what to do, this can be difficult 14:10  We already have parents involved and getting the school ready 15:40  I'm asking and empowering you to talk, discuss and find a plan that works for you
July 10, 2020
News and TV are Destroying Your Children
1:00  Last week was about five things to say to your kids every day 1:40  This guess what... TV disruptes everything you're saying 3:15  Our kids have to be confused between what they've been taught and what they see on TV 4:00  The best advice is, don't watch the news 6:20  The mainstream media is destroying what we're trying to teach our kids 8:40  Listen to the words you say, listen to the news in "your" time 9:25  My mom knew she had flaws, but she didn't want to pass them on to her kids 11:10  At her core, she knew she was wrong 11:35  Kids do as WE do, not what we say
July 03, 2020
277 Five Things You Should Say To Your Kids Every Day
0:50  Welcome back after Father's day 1:35  We don't always realize how powerful our words are 2:25  I believe there are a lot of lessons by becoming a 'producer' versus a 'consumer' 3:10  Researching and coding vs just playing 4:50  1: 3 words that many dads have trouble saying "I Love You" 6:25  2: "What are your plans for the day?" 7:10  3: "I am so grateful to be your dad" 7:50  4:  "Have a great time at school and don't forget who you are" 10:28  5:  Words of encouragement and affirmation - The power of "yet", I trust you, I believe in you
June 26, 2020
276 Father's Day Series (4 of 4) Happy Father's Day - Be The Dad You Wish You Had
0:50  Happy Father's Day!!! 1:10  Review of the last 3 episodes in the series 2:02  What works for ME to be a great dad... the 40 lessons from my book 2:40  Get a free copy of my book at 3:25  Guys, I wrote this book for you!!! It's short and simple! 3:55  On Facebook, look up "first time fathers" group 4:35  In chapter 8, "create a schedule" 7:50  Our job is to comfort them and take care of their needs 9:15  "Tell them 'I Love You'"... Lesson #34 11:10  If you don't exercise your parenting muscles, you will grow weak 12:40  Let me end on this thought...
June 19, 2020
275 Father's Day Series (3 of 4) I'm Never Going To Be Like My Father!
1:50  Go back and listen to episodes 273 and 274 if you haven't already 2:35  What are the strongest memories of your Dad? 2:55  Whatever you remember MOST, is likely the type of dad you had 3:55  I had the absent father, because I was abandoned at 5 years old 4:30  I'm a life coach so I've seen it AND I've experienced 5:00  What are the happiest moments you remember with your Dad? 6:00  Write down the memories that you have... 6:15  What are the negative memories you have of your Dad? 8:15  Whatever it is that you wished of your father, be that for your child 8:55  Don't say what you're "NOT" going to do 9:20  What's the biggest fear you have with raising your child? 10:45  I have a mantra, or goal... I wish to have the respect of my adult children and no "thing" or no "fling" will come between that 12:00  There are only two things that kids really need: to feel safe and feel loved 12:40  Write down 5 things that YOU believe a good father should do or be (feel free to reference last week's podcast) 13:40  Name 3 things you hope to accomplish as a father (and here are my 3) 14:50  Name three things that you do NOT want to repeat from what your dad did 15:35  Tell your kids these three things EVERY day 16:10  I'm sure my 8 year old "gets" it now 17:25  What's your biggest insecurity about being a father? 17:50  Write down 2 to 10 positive male role models you had growing up 18:55  What's your relationship with your mother like? 20:05  All of these things add up to being the dad you wish you had 20:25  You cannot be in a place of gratitude and angry about the way you were raised at the same time 21:40  Break the cycle. This is your chance.
June 12, 2020
274 Father's Day Series (2 of 4) The 7 Traits Of A Good Dad
1:10  First identify the type of dad you are or that you had 1:55  I challenge dads to look at the 8 types of dads and become a "Good" dad 2:20  Don't tell kids what "not" to do, tell them what "to do" 3:10  Tell yourself, like you would tell your kids, what you DO want to do 3:55  Just because you set the goal of "not being like your dad" doesn't give you proper direction 4:40  The 7 traits of a good father 5:01  Trait 1: Patience 6:14  Trait 2: Morality 9:25  Trait 3: Open-Minded 11:47  Trait 4: Loving 15:15  Trait 5: Loyalty 17:20  Trait 6: Honesty 18:01  Trait 7: Leads by example
June 05, 2020
273 Father's Day Series (1 of 4) The 8 Types Of Fathers
0:55  This is part 1 of a 4 part series as Father's Day is nearing 1:15  It's good to know where we come from 1:35  It can help us change our poor habits 2:00  "God Distorted" by John Bishop and the 8 types of Dads 3:15  This is all about becoming a better dad and getting help 4:15  Dad type #1: The Absent Father 4:35  Dad type #2: The Passive Father 5:43  Dad type #3: The Demanding Father 7:05  Dad type #4: The Enabling Father 8:45  Dad type #5: The Controlling Father 9:45  Dad type #6: The Abusive Father 10:50  Dad type #7: The Accuser Father 11:50  Dad type #8: The Good Father
May 29, 2020
272 Take A Look In The Mirror
0:55  What do you see when you look in the mirror 1:25  From my son... "It this pandemic thing coming to an end?" 2:45  Many of us have become homeschoolers, cooks, and other things 4:10  Question from a friend... What are you learning most about yourself during this pandemic? 5:15  My life hasn't changed much because of my lifestyle before 5:45  How have you changed? 6:45  We've been playing a lot more games together 7:30  Here is your homework... 9:20  Look in the mirror and ask if you've been self-reflective enough
May 22, 2020
271 What Do You GET To Do During This Pandemic?
1:05  I'm thinking about those who have suffered a loss 1:50  How am I going to handle all of the changes 2:15  What are the positives? What can we do as parents? 3:25  What do you "GET" to do? 5:00  What advantage do you have now that you didn't have before! 6:00  You get to choose gratitude instead of lack 7:05  There is a happy balance with all of the changes and opportunities 8:10  I have seen a lot of things over these weeks that I wouldn't change 10:02  From a 13-year-old... "I learned I have a LOT to live for" 10:50  What are you waiting to get back to? 11:00  Some are so impatient to get to the next phase that they aren't present today
May 15, 2020
270 Mother's Day Interview With My Son
1:00  Mother's Day... it can be a thankless job 1:25  Today is a little different I have my son on the Podcast with me 2:00  Tell us a little about your mom, Cristian! 2:40  Why is your mom a superhero? 3:00  Tacos, pizzas and hamburgers 3:45  What is she really good about doing when you go shopping? 4:40  Suggestions on what to do for Mother's Day (listen for details) 7:00  Ryan thanks his guest and takes over 7:20  Cristian takes a great deal of pride in his parents and what they do 9:00  We are modeling how to appreciate moms and wives and parents 10:00  Presents, time, letters... Lots of ways to show appreciation 11:45  One year I just didn't have time to write my mom... she noticed! 12:40  I am still my mom's "baby" even though I'm 44 years old 13:10  I presented a lot of challenges to my mom and I cherish her 13:40  There are a lot of resources out there to help you become better
May 08, 2020
269 Are You Going Stir Crazy?
0:53  I live in the GREAT state of Georgia... and we're starting to open back up 1:20  When you lead, when you are the first, you will be critisized  2:15  Unemployment checks to millions 3:15  Many people measure success by how they contribute 4:15  We can't continue living in a state of fear 4:35  This is a life podcast right now 5:32  With responsibility (parenting?) comes judgement 7:10  Monday morning quarterbacks second guessing everything 8:15  The greatest depression in our history 9:01  Lack of freedom? Unconstitutional? 9:48  I applaud leaders that lead
May 01, 2020
268 You Have Commitment Issues
1:15  I'm growing the "rona" beard 1:45  I taught myself how to shave because I didn't have a dad to teach me 2:50  The 'rona is making me do things I haven't done before 3:30  At least by Christmas, if all else fails, I should have a Santa beard 4:05  I had to learn how to grow a beard? Oils? Tools? 6:15  During these downtimes, we have a chance to learn new things 6:35  Cooking, assembling furniture, finances will ALL be easier for MY kids 9:15  My mom learned typing on a typewriter! But she made me learn the skill 10:45  I KNOW you know SOMETHING!!! 11:00  Teach is to your children... in a POSITIVE way!
April 24, 2020
267 Justin Timberlake Sucks As A Parent?
1:02  I'm talking about this because of an article I read 1:40  Parents are frustrated with his comments 2:10  He's really busy, but he's probably not the "hands on" dad 3:10  He believes he's doing his part by going to Montana 4:12  He also gave up much of his childhood to entertainment 5:03  He probably hasn't experience being a full time parent 5:35  "this isn't easy dad!" 6:12  I actually applaude him for staying put and not hyping himself up 7:11  I get it... but a lot of people apparently don't 8:03  I literally talked to someone who bought lunch, sat down outside, and a cop sent him home 9:18  All of us parents are going through something, don't put Justin on a pedestal 10:01  I sympathize with all parents trying to do their best 11:03  If everyone just did what the Timberlakes did, this would be over quicker
April 17, 2020
266 The Craziness Of A Pandemic
1:03  Schools are out and in lockdown 1:30  We've run through on some essentials: milk, eggs, bread etc. 2:45  People aren't talking while social distancing 3:20  We are told to stay away, not stop interacting 4:15  Connect with someone, check in with people, ask a question and listen 7:45  Let the people on the front lines of this pandemic let them know you care 8:40  During these challenging times is when people tend to pull together 9:15  "Dad, you know everybody... why do so many people want to talk to you?? 10:30  A friend growing up had a really rough time. He was broken, like I was 11:40  Reach out to someone in isolation right now and show them they can reach out too
April 10, 2020
265 Newfound Gratitude For Teachers
1:02  Educating your own child will help you have gratitude for their teachers 1:30  Streaming options for school interactions 2:15  However, teachers are relying on parents to do their job 2:50  Not only are the teachers educating the students, they're having to educate the parents too! 4:00  A well respected teacher expressed a negative opinion in the wrong way 4:50  Personally, I wish there was less homework 5:10  As a life coach, my clients need me more than ever! 6:20  Other people's lives have changed in other ways, easier, harder, more, less... 6:50  Something has changed for ALL of us 7:40  Show your teacher you appreciate them, send a letter or a card... but do something 8:45  Express your thankfulness 9:15  When people thank me, it makes me want to do more for them
April 03, 2020
Weathering The Pandemic Storm
0:50  Weathering the storm 1:10  Kids take on the energy of the parents 1:30  We have all weathered storms 2:15  Storms come and they go 3:30  People are not prepared and are panicking 4:00  When you see the storm coming, get prepared 5:40  Heed the warnings to wash hands, stay home 6:45  Kids are more affected by panic than YOU are! 7:40  Are you putting others at risk due to your behaviour? 8:40  But what can I do? Stay Home! 9:20  Listen to the experts and do what they say
March 30, 2020
263 Parenting In A Pandemic
1:10  100% straight from the heart 1:40  The opportunities as a parent 2:40  Even though I'm thankful for the teachers, they don't have this advantage 4:10  It's just a 1/2 day, but this seems longer 5:05  Kids crave certainty and schedules 5:50  ... so we created the same schedule at home to keep him in his routine 7:00  We also fixed the Bball nets and picked up some trash 8:10  I've been through hurricane aftermath, it helps me understand and deal with this 8:40  We also made it fun, and turned it into a math lesson 10:02  I actually thanked Covid 19 for the extra time with my boys 10:20  They will be gone around age 18... will they ever come home? 10:30  Most of the time we will spend with our kids will be before they leave  12:25  We had all we could handle today, don't worry about tomorrow 13:50  We have been gifted with at least two weeks with our kids 14:45  What's unimportant in the grand scheme is getting homework done 16:10  It's time to slow down and enjoy our kids
March 20, 2020
262 Document Your Parenting Journey
1:05  How do you come up with so many ideas? 1:40  What works for me is documenting the process of parenting 1:55  Many of our challenges as adults started with things that happened in childhood 3:05  I guess I need to start posting this stuff on Instagram 3:55  I'd rather talk about it, but a picture is worth 1000 words 5:00  Got TONS of video at Rock and Jump 6:00  Got LOTS of pictures of the first baseball game of the season 7:18  It just doesn't stop... parenting happens continuously 7:55  There's a lot of moving parts in this thing called parenting 8:55  #1 was a piece of cake... #2 is like handling 20 kids 10:06  Document your journey, it's SO easy now to do 11:05  There's too much happening every day to not capture some of it 12:30  Yes, I did all of this and more with you... I have proof!
March 13, 2020
261 You Are A NOOB!
1:00  NOOB Caused someone to get a bloody mouth today 1:25  It seems to be the equivalent of a 'jerk' 2:01  Two came off the bus in tears 2:20  There's blood on his teeth 3:50  My son called him a noob 5:15  They're boys, they're going to figure it out 6:20  Acknowledge something is wrong 7:05  What exactly are you sorry for? 7:25  Do you accept the apology? 7:40  ... but the body language was off 10:10  What I did was reestablish consequences 10:55  Usually he chooses worse punishments than I would 11:35  THAT, my friends, is called parenting 12:15  The sooner you implement this strategy, the sooner they become responsible for their own actions and parenting becomes a LOT easier
March 06, 2020
260 What Can I Learn From Your Family
1:05  "Why don't you post your family on social media?"  2:06  "Oh... I'm NEVER doing that!!!"  3:10  Buying a cabin, doing the research  4:45  They like doing puzzles  6:25  They don't know they are learning and growing  7:00  Another friend has grown children helping with a BIG project  9:05  After these examples, what can you learn from others?  9:50  I talk, listen, create boundaries  10:50  We set new expectations and boundaries  11:10  Both families show up from a place of love and respect  12:25  I'm pulling out a notepad and taking notes!!!
March 05, 2020
259 American Idol Makes Me Cry
1:03  Every year it sucks me in 1:20  Didn't look the part... 1:50  My older son started his second season of baseball 2:40  The stories are amazing 3:02  If you're a parent, you envision your own kids 4:32  Yesterday was the first day of practice 5:35  I got lost in the moment playing with my son 6:50  Only 5 showed up, and there was a LOT of hustle 7:45  He was very encouraging though 8:40  I was glued to these young kids growing 9:40  Being THAT present, brings tears to my eyes 10:02  Be as present as possible as often as possible
February 21, 2020
258 Listening To Your Partner
0:55  It goes for men AND women 2:12  We donate our time and energies in a lot of areas 2:28  If feels like we're ships passing  2:50  There are a LOT of scheduled activities most nights 4:35  Not a lot of downtime... 5:03  I hear loud and clear that my wife needs more attention 6:00  The relationship MUST stay strong 8:00  Let's have our kids what us set a good example of how to relate
February 14, 2020
257 Interviewed by: Motherhood Simplified -With A Dad
This week Ryan was interviewed by Krista Lockwood, AKA Motherhood Simplified. She and her audience wanted a Dad's perspective... and Ryan was happy to oblige! 
February 07, 2020
256 Kobe Bryant The Storyteller
1:05  I'm not a big basketball fan 1:50  I have an appreciation for his talents 2:20  Interview: Kobe and Lewis Howes 3:05  What do I do next if my career ends? 3:39  "Stories move the world" 4:35  My kids light up when I tell stories 5:28  A joke is nothing more than telling a story with humor 7:30  Read to your kids, because it's telling stories 8:15  Through repetition I become the character when I read  9:00  I thank my children for teaching me to enjoy reading 10:05  Like Kobe, I've become a better storyteller 11:05  After watching Kobe videos, I've become a fan of his ability to tackle something new 11:40  Impact your children through reading stories to them
January 31, 2020
2020 Parenting Goals
1:00  Living with intentionality 1:20  Goals and kids with amazingness 1:58  Respectful, disciplined children 2:20  My ultimate goal: to have the respect of my adult children 3:00  No thing and no fling will ever get in the way of that 3:10  No material goods, additions or momentary lapses in judgement 5:10  A contract to self for parenting 5:40  What do you want to accomplish as a parent 7:15  18 and 12 a decade from now 8:25  As the year winds down and the new year is beginning, make some parenting goals
December 27, 2019
254 I Feel Like I'm Doing It All Wrong
1:05  Hopefully much of the Christmas chaos is behind you 2:05  I created a life where I could be involved with my children 3:02  My focused time with my kids is not where I want it to be 4:00  There must be a reason for it 5:20  I don't keep my time just to myself and family 6:05  As I'm saying this out loud... 7:30  He enjoys it even though he falls a thousand times 8:25  Sustaining happiness 9:25  I'm bringing some of my own junk into it 10:20  Tomorrow is the last of the daily podcasts
December 26, 2019
253 Merry Christmas!
1:00  It's been a wonderful year! 1:20  The craziness is behind you 1:40  It can be a lonely emotional time 2:05  It's a time to reflect on what's important  2:35  Pick up the phone, even if you don't want to 3:05  From my family to yours: Merry Christmas
December 25, 2019
252 Kids Get Frustrated When You Don't Listen
0:55  My 2-year-old is learning English 1:30  Santa was shocked! 2:10  His words aren't perfect... yet 3:15  The Lucky Charms have been lingering for a while 4:00  He gets PISSED! 4:35  Do you get made? Do you pay attention? 5:50  He started pushing me... 6:25  He felt heard 6:50  Listen to them and acknowledge them when they listen to you
December 24, 2019
251 Half Empty Or Half Full?
1:15  I get a LOT of negative feedback 1:35  Facebook is a bad thing for parent's feedback 1:55  Where are YOU when decisions are being made? 2:35  Whether or not you agree with the rules is beside the point 3:20  Sucking the energy from the people who are doing good things 3:50  That's their junk not yours 4:35  I appreciate YOU!
December 23, 2019
250 Celebrate More Criticize Less
1:05  Episode #250... that was my goal for the year! 1:50  For me, setting the goal and getting help, it's a HUGE win!!! 2:10  Even if no one else listened, it will help how I parent my own children 2:30  Plus it will be documented for my children 3:05  The format will change from daily to weekly, AND bring in more experts 3:35  So how will I celebrate? 4:30  What are YOUR parenting successes? 5:12  Be careful to not be so critical that you don't recognize your accomplishments 7:15  D's are NOT acceptable 7:40  Kids want attention and will get it any way they can 8:10  Thank you for all these reasons 9:10  Mom, I want to thank YOU for all of these reasons 9:45  Look... I'm not different 10:05  We will do better so you will KNOW better 11:30  Celebrate more, criticize less
December 20, 2019
249 Your Support System
1:02  My support system as a child were my siblings 2:05  I know my entire neighborhood 2:15  We share taking care of each other's kids 3:05  Step up and help each other 3:25  Your life will get easier 4:05  I've got your back!!!
December 19, 2019
248 It's The Cold Season
1:00  It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon... 1:45  If I get a phone call, it's more than minor 2:00  Fortunately, I can adjust my schedule 2:40  He's automatically done for the next day too 3:25  He needs comforting, and he's dripping all over the place 4:25  He missed 12 days in one year 4:55  Three weeks of chill 6:00  What is your support system?
December 18, 2019
247 Don't Wait For Your Child To Be Sick
0:55  I'm on my way to pick up a sick child 1:30  The number one reason they don't show up 2:10  If you have no choice... you can make time 3:02  We don't have to wait until your kid is sick 3:25  It needs to be done Every Single Day 4:40  Get prepared 6:05  It takes longer to describe it than do it 7:02  I longed for my mom to show up... but she never did
December 17, 2019
246 Sleepless Nights
1:00  Recording this one REALLY early 1:25  This parenting thing is interesting 1:50  Moms tend to worry more about everything 2:35  What worries ME is when they start driving 3:00  These sleepless nights I'm talking about 4:10  I fell asleep at 9 o'clock! 5:02  Now I'm getting up at 2 AM... because that's my new schedule 6:30  Reach out to me and tell me what you want to discuss
December 16, 2019
245 How To Connect With A 2 Year Old
1:00  Create routines and traditions 1:10  "Blue Car" 1:45  They can play with it, but not take it home 2:30  Blue car, or kick the ball? 3:00  30 minutes of kicking the ball and having a conversation 3:45  He doesn't know what he's doing... but it's legos! 4:28  "Sit down daddy!" 5:40  In the early days of parenthood, I traveled 4 days a week 6:40  It's not the presents, it's not the trips... it's time!
December 13, 2019
244 Pour Into Others This Holiday Season
1:00  Marco Polo app for video texting 2:00  Share if you are having challenges 2:30  Piano and Christmas carols 3:01  Lighting up when thinking about childhood 3:50  It's about honoring those around you and letting them know you loved them 5:25  Loving each other 6:00  If you want to go the extra mile, tell them WHY you love them 7:40  Pour into others the way you would want them to pour into you
December 12, 2019
243 Pick Up The Trash
1:20  We are fortunate to have people around us to help 2:02  Less than an hour to get it all done up front 2:20  Picking up the trash with the 2 and 8 year old! 3:10  Do the railroad tracks attract trash? 3:45  "Dad, why are we doing this?" 4:05  We can talk about the problems, or we can take action 5:05  Let's not even leave trash in the car, let's dispose of it properly and quickly 6:10  We had all kinds of conversation while being productive
December 11, 2019
242 The Elf On The Shelf
1:05  The magical elf 1:40  The elf reports back to Santa 2:50  The elf didn't move!!! 4:00  I suggest this is the month you must be on your best behavior 4:40  The elf helps to extent the belief in Santa 5:20  I look forward to the day we have "the discussion"
December 10, 2019
241 Missed Opportunities
0:55  Back from maturnity leave 1:45  Movie got scary! 2:40  How are you doing as a mom? 3:00  My husband REALLY stepped up! 3:30  I know I was that same dad... 4:40  Change diapers 5:30  Where's that guy that sits in the corner? 6:30  That baby laid on my chest 6 hours a day! 7:05  I don't want to miss any opportunities 8:00  Every chance to interact with your child is an opportunity
December 09, 2019
240 Let's Talk Potty Training
1:15  A new two year old... may be a little early 2:05  They need to SEE how to do things 3:25  We just introduced it to him when we thought the time was right 3:55  Hey dude, come watch this! 4:40  M&M's and Cheerios! 6:05  2 M&M's for #2! 8:15  Communication and expectations 9:20  It was like a fire hose going off! 10:00 Time, dedication, patience!
December 06, 2019
239 You Should Believe In Santa Claus
1:10  Not appropriate for kids under 10 1:45  He's in "that" stage 2:00  The magic will begin all over again next year 2:40  As kids, we believe that anything and everything is possible 3:30  We were up front, so I watched the adults 5:05  The reason YOU should believe in Santa 5:40  I want to be a T REX!!! 6:35  I think you misunderstand life!
December 05, 2019
238 The Secret To Good Manners
1:05  Have good manners yourself 1:15  Always 1:45  Holding sneezes? 2:20  Here's a 'mild' one 3:00  Bless you... from the 2 year old 3:35  It comes from consistency 5:00  Bye, bye Peter 5:25  Be the example 
December 04, 2019
237 The Power Of A Hug
1:00  The innocence of a child and the power of a huge 3:00  The younger one LOVES the hugs 4:30  I'm glad my kids are social 4:50  What if he goes up to a stranger? 5:30  Are you okay with this? 5:50  You can't help but smile and laugh 6:50  He took a liking to Peter 7:25  That just made our entire trip
December 03, 2019
236 The Best Things In Life Are Free
1:05  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving 1:30  40 of my family were in Cedar Key Florida 2:20  The best things in life, like getting the family together, are free 2:50  The HUGE oak tree! 3:20  Every singe leaf dropped in my yard while I was gone 4:00  Boy energy landing into the leaf pile 5:15  I can't wait to look back at these pictures many years from now 6:20  Life is too short to see lemons instead of opportunities
December 02, 2019
235 The Turkey Hangover
1:00  Traveling, family, festivities and football 1:30  Turkey hangover and overwhelm 1:50  Family issues 3:00  Relationships 4:05  Wherever you are in your journey... 4:35  A dream becomes a goal when you write it down 5:10  Work towards the things you desire 6:00  Get clarity on what you want for the new year
November 29, 2019
234 Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Thanksgiving
November 28, 2019
233 No Electronics!
5:50  Telling your kids "no electronics!" 1:20  A no electronics holiday 2:03  You are going to hit some major pushback 2:45  Do things so you don't NEED electronics instead 3:45  Tell kids what they CAN do! 4:20  Make a game out of it 5:20  Acknowledge the behaviors you desire 6:12  Replace one activity with another
November 27, 2019
232 Thanksgiving, Comedians, Stories
0:50  It's the week of Thanksgiving 1:10  You're working on a gathering 2:15  All families have challenges 2:40  What are you thankful for? 3:08  A client shared a story from a comedian 4:55  If you see your parents twice a year... 5:45  Connection vs electronics and screens 7:45  As children, we always had playing cards 8:25  He was hurt pretty badly 10:02 "I should have known better, you lied to me!" 11:05  What are you going to do that your kids will emulate and duplicate?
November 26, 2019
231 To Cut Or Not - Circumcision
1:25  All of the me defending against circumcision haven't be circumcised 2:05  Clean or not clean? 2:30  Why put him through the pain? 3:02  If it's okay, could I ask you this question? 4:05  Every father wants his son to be like him 5:20  Stop debating
November 25, 2019
Kicked Out Of Daycare
1:05  The first child vs the second child 1:44  The second child is a bully 2:40  7 write-ups in 4 days 3:25  Why don't we wait and talk to the school 4:05  The cover all the good stuff, then... 5:10  Concerns are documented 6:05  Yours is the last family we would kick out 6:55  Allow the process to play out 7:55  We've been good to them and they've been good to us
November 22, 2019
The Dreaded Carpool Line
1:02  15 Cars back and she isn't paying attention 1:25  Doors open and now they all have to tie their shoes 1:50  One way in and one way out 2:25  "This new traffic pattern is stupid!" 2:50  Another option is to ride the bus 3:10  Be the first one there (or try to be) 4:40  3 months later parents are still complaining 5:40  If you're an A__hole, your kids probably will be too 6:50  Travel life at a constant speed. 7:10  Fast is slow, slow is fast 7:55  Get Ready 9:10  Have a plan, fix yourself... it's easier than expecting everyone else to
November 21, 2019
Masses Move Individuals
1:03  An example from my FBI Dads 1:50  A story from a counselor  2:40  She knows the routine 4:10  Fast forward a week later 4:50  Masses create reasons, in spite of problems 5:20  The dad came in instead of dropping off 5:40  "That's my DAD!" 6:20  Dad and mom came to lunch, even though they were apart 7:15  I will do what I can
November 20, 2019
Message From A 1st Grade Teacher
1:08  I'll read it and let you marinate on it 2:05  I can see kindness and manners 2:40  I can see how you speak by how they speak to others 3:40  Love your little ones, it's all they need
November 19, 2019
Do You Fear The Worst
0:55  The 3rd year of life 1:20  This class bully 1:50  My wife's biggest fear! 3:02  This isn't unusual for a 2 year old 4:25  Horrible nightmares 5:45  He was getting the lessons but need reinforcement 7:05  Choose carefully, it might just come true
November 18, 2019
The Death Of A Dad
1:02  FBI - Fathers Being Involved 1:25  We had a huge turnout - 170 dads! 2:00  Did you hear what happened to the 4th grader in back? 2:50  What are you going to do about it? 3:20  Fast forward a month later... 4:00  Without hesitation, I made a beeline for the child 5:10  I only have one question for you young man 6:05  I gathered myself and went back on stage, but I saw he went from tears to smiles 7:05  First, thank you... he has agreed to have breakfast with us every other event
November 15, 2019
Gracefully Broken
0:50  I'm not the biggest fan of social media 1:35  She is still here with us, due to God's grace 2:00  "Gracefully broken" 2:10  The two kids in line... 2:55  I had to break it to fix it 3:25  Some are intent to 'be', others need to be broken first in order to glow 4:50  This podcast exists because I was broken first 6:00  Can you teach others because of your experience?
November 14, 2019
The Secret To Great Parenting
1:00  A sports analogy... 1:40  Their coach has a plan without emotion 2:45  It doesn't matter what the situation is 4:00  The best parents have a plan too and remove the emotion 5:00  It doesn't matter how it makes US feel 6:10  They show up every day based on the plan 7:20  It's not the kid's fault, it's your fault 8:15  Have a plan, communicate the plan, execute the plan
November 13, 2019
When Emotions Are High Intelligence Is Low
0:55  Kids can be manipulators 1:40  It's okay to want things and it's okay to cry 2:30  We aren't allowed to give away donuts to random kids 3:15  If a parent or guardian says 'okay' then all is good 3:55  I got negative feedback on Facebook 5:15  Maybe nobody should get a donut? 5:45  What about having a conversation! 6:15  Can we find a positive male role model? 7:30  The feedback, in spite of ALL the good... 8:30  Do your decisions come from emotions? 8:50  "When emotions are high, intelligence is low"
November 12, 2019
The Weatherman Is Always Wrong
1:00  Most of us wouldn't have a job if we did it at that level 2:15  You made a commitment and we're going to keep it 3:00  There were a LOT of moving parts, but it's supposed to rain 3:35  Camping in the cold rain is not a priority 4:20  But this is why I was grateful 4:55  Instead of all the activities, we were able to do other things 6:17  Weatherman? Thank you for being wrong
November 11, 2019
With Growth Comes Growing Pains
1:00  You may not remember when it happened to you 1:40  Growing of all types, causes pain 2:25  Why I'm talking about this... 6 dads to 170 in 2 years 3:40  When people don't understand the vision, negative people surface 5:10  "Moms aren't dads" 5:35  Dads back out and let moms take over if there's an out 6:50  I spend a lot of time learning and growing 8:02  Applied knowledge is power
November 08, 2019
Rediscovering My Love For Sports
1:30  Watching my son get interested, learn, grow etc. is getting to me 3:30  I love his hustle... that's about all he has right now 4:05  Just do your best, try your hardest and you'll get better 5:01  I'm starting to love baseball through my son 5:20  In order to be accepted, you must accept 6:18  They are winners because they're having fun 7:55  He couldn't get the ball down 8:45  Coach, pull me out...  9:10  We're going to lose or win with you 9:40  I see the same thing happening with my son on his team
November 07, 2019
Hand Foot Mouth Disease
1:12  My two year old came home with hand, foot, mouth disease 2:00  It's everywhere, but adults rarely get affected by it 2:55  Full, pussed pimple looking sores 3:15  ... and I got it too :( 4:10  Clean, clean, clean 4:40  I hate to say it, but you need to stay away for awhile
November 06, 2019
Hand Me Downs
1:45  Recycled toys and hand me downs 2:10  Greater attachment brings greater trama 3:20  Our biggest problem is picking a boy's name! 4:10  These clothes are fine... except for picture day :) 5:10  Sort clothes according to diaper sizes 6:05  There's no good reason to spend money on clothes for kids when they don't care
November 05, 2019
Simple Things Entertain Kids
1:05  They are home sick... soooo 1:30  Fresh air and just push it around 2:40  This is how simple it can be, popsicles  3:10  Dad... Drive  (pretending to drive) 3:50  Kids don't need a lot, they just want to be like us 5:10  Dad, I love you and thank you for letting me do all these things 6:15  You might just find yourself enjoying their company
November 04, 2019
Grandfathers Being Involved
1:03  Sharing a success story 1:20  From just reading to interactive program PLUS reading to the classes 2:15  I was reaching out to dads, but a grandfather reached out to me 3:02  I've been waiting for you... 3:35  I just want you to know that I feel blessed that my grandbaby has an organization like this 4:10  It's not just a donut, we get engagement 4:30  He drives 500 miles one way, but he comes to every event (about 8 so far) 6:20  It's important for fathers to be involved, but I'll encourage the moms to allow her child to have a male role model
November 01, 2019
Be Flexible Like Gumby
1:20  My schedule and then changes... 1:55  Hand, foot and mouth 2:25  Make arrangements to come pick him up 3:20  The goal was to get a lot of other things done 4:40  I know I need to take this moment by moment 6:30  Working from home is not all it's cracked up to be 7:10  Schedules and structure are necessary 7:55  If you "get" to go pick up your child when sick, remember, it's a privilege
October 31, 2019
Allow Kids To Do Things In Their Own Time
1:00  Allow your kids to do things in their own time 1:45  I rode a bike at 5, but my son can't at 8 3:10  I didn't have time to help him ride his bike? 3:30  But he was ready so I reworked my schedule 4:35  Dad, my butt's kinda hurting 5:00  He fell and wanted to go 1 more time! 5:50  I'm proud of you and it was fun watching you 6:30  The time was right, because he needed to be able to ride with his friends
October 30, 2019
Fathers Being Involved - FBI Dads
1:02  My excitement and my story 1:30  I lacked having parental involvement at my school 2:15  She was the only mom not at the meaning last night 3:40  Why was I not important enough for my mom to not show up? 4:20  I'm building FBI Dads so it can expand to other schools 5:15  Wow! There's a dads group for us? 6:20  What can I do? 7:50  It was so much fun reading to the 4th grader 8:35  Several told me that dads just don't want to get involved
October 29, 2019
Report Card Results
1:00  My immediate thoughts after the teacher conference 1:35  Dynamic, listens, takes criticism, works hard 2:10  Work ethic, gets along with EVERYbody 2:55  This is how he behaves when I release him to the world 3:10  The 40 lessons are the reason why he's adapting so well 4:00  I jokingly said... 5:08  He just needs a little extra work in certain areas 5:45  Every single day he shows up and does his best
October 28, 2019
Every Kid Should Get A Trophy
0:55  Shouldn't every kid get a trophy 1:15  It's all about the "feelings" 2:50  Bill Parcells had it right 3:30  90% of people stay in their comfort zone 5:00  Coddling and trophies 5:50  Struggling because they got a trophy 6:40  That's what a 2 year old does if you allow it 7:20  You get a donut because you EARNED a donut 8:30  Don't tell me you want to play in the infield if you don't want to work for it 10:45  No one deserves a trophy until they've earned it
October 25, 2019
Every Kid Should Get A Trophy
0:55  Shouldn't every kid get a trophy 1:15  It's all about the "feelings" 2:50  Bill Parcells had it right 3:30  90% of people stay in their comfort zone 5:00  Coddling and trophies 5:50  Struggling because they got a trophy 6:40  That's what a 2 year old does if you allow it 7:20  You get a donut because you EARNED a donut 8:30  Don't tell me you want to play in the infield if you don't want to work for it 10:45  No one deserves a trophy until they've earned it
October 25, 2019
Why I Look Forward To Report Card Day
0:50  My third grader 1:30  Up until now, report card day has always been a pleasant experience 2:20  Things that are worthwhile take time 3:10  Math video games 4:45  I trust him because he knows there are consequences 5:45  Rules of the school day 6:45  Because of his training, we look forward to report card day 7:45  Good marks, but always room to improve 8:20  "Thank you teachers" for being a part of our team 10:20  If you can talk and laugh with their teacher, you're doing something right
October 24, 2019
College Costs: 10X in 50 Years
1:25  Background information about my college 2:55  LSU has a lazy river on campus... paid for by students 3:25  It becomes a "cash cow" 3:55  Anything to draw enrollment 4:20  Infrastructure necessary to education is falling about while perks are state of the art 5:45  School will teach you to refine the skills you already have 7:00  Most professions do not require college, just OJT 8:05  Is your chosen college really an amusement park?
October 23, 2019
You Should Talk To Your Kids
1:10  Stage 3 throat cancer 1:35  I frequently share lessons from the podcast 2:10  I thanked his teachers for all they do 3:00  I told you he could 3:35  I talk to them at MY level NOT his 4:40  Tell me what happened on General Hospital 5:25  I read to him books that I'M reading 6:04  Talk about anything, just have conversations 7:30  He would feel the consequences 8:10  Why can't you do that? 8:33  My two year old came home with two more slips 9:02  I tell him what TO do not what NOT to do
October 22, 2019
No Gratitude? Then You Get Nothing!
1:03  These are MY beliefs 2:50  It happens at 6 o'clock in the morning 3:08  "Daddy Do" 3:50  Then I closed the container 4:05  But then he had a temper tantrum 4:40  If you don't have gratitude for what you have, you will get NOTHING 6:20  At school a child was having a tantrum 6:45  Then the mom had a tantrum 7:20  What is the lesson being learned? 8:15  If you kids aren't in gratitude try giving them nothing 8:55  Why are YOU allowing it?
October 21, 2019
Where Did Daddy Go?
1:05  My 2 year old asked where I was, "where did daddy go" 2:02  He just asked a legitimate question 2:50  I was just trying to make it easier 3:15  It was three nights in a row without his father 4:30  He shouldn't have to ask where his daddy is 5:42  That's MY lesson for ME
October 18, 2019
The Power Of The Handwritten Note
5:00  It think it's fascinating that parents teach it but don't do it 1:45  Productive not busy 2:40  The art of writing notes has been lost 3:30  If you teach something you think is important, don't you think you should do it too? 4:50  He's in virtual tears... 5:08  I tell him these things almost every week, but there is power in the written word 5:55  You are the chosen leader, lead your family 6:20  It would have been another text amongst many 7:33  When was the last time YOU wrote grandmother a letter? 8:15  It put me in tears too 8:40  Make someone feel special in a world where we're made to feel inferior
October 17, 2019
Do Your Kids Listen To Adults?
1:35  Last night a Boy Scouts... the Pokeman card again 2:55  There's a big puddle and kids are jumping in it 3:20  I asked you NOT to do that! 3:40  Did you hear me? Yes... and he did it again anyway 4:30  He turned his back on me... then back-talked me 5:30  We don't need his father to be mad, he probably doesn't even respect his father 7:30  I can use your name if you tell me what it is 7:50  Challenges... 9:23  Not every other family has the same values we do
October 16, 2019
Beware Bad Parenting Advice
1:20  He's been doing it for over 30 years 1:50  Obedient children are happy and so are the parents? 2:25  "Obedience To Authority" a book from college 3:05  No explanation? That's not going to fly with me 4:25  Obedience is not the measuring stick 4:50  My take, he's not a man of growth, he's just old school 5:25  It's more attitude than discipline 6:05  Teachers with the best class behavior give very clear expectation... and don't explain yourself 7:40  "Because I Said So!!" and say it looking down on them! 9:40  If my kid isn't listening to me, it's probably because I haven't poured into him 11:03  I'm going upstairs because we have boundaries 12:25  What's with him and the Spanish homework 13:28  Thank you for asking her... reenforcing the positive 14:45  He did everything in his power to keep the agreement 16:12  "Eye Level" builds trust and respect 18:15  Give options 18:40  My kids to the right things through free will, not "because I told you so", that's called good parenting
October 15, 2019
Recycled Toys
1:05  She kept everything we had that's reusable 1:50  If we have another boy, we'll need these 2:00  It's cool to see the older boy play with his old toys with his younger brother 3:20  This is just kudos to my wife... 3:45  After this, THEN they get donated 4:30  It was a favorite then, but now it has new meaning 6:20  I'm allowing him to be himself 6:55  Keep them if you might need them or if they're special
October 14, 2019
Be Consistent
1:10  Four years worth of work in 10 months! 1:40  Consistency and showing up 1:50  Anything you have in life, whether you want it or not, is due to your consistency in that area 2:55  If you want something different you have to behave differently 4:01  It's also documenting my process for my boys 4:25  Are you showing up in a way that your children look up to 5:20  I'm conscience of what I do every day with my children and think about what could be a podcast 6:40  Go back and listen to prior episodes or get my book 7:25  From conception to 8 years old, I have a lot of experience
October 11, 2019
How To Love
1:02  People don't know how to be loved 1:20  Beat, ignored, absent, etc.  2:25  Some people actually got an "I Love You" 2:52  Yes, you're broken too 4:05  I don't know that I'm giving the kind of love they need 5:40  What was lacking when you grew up? Should you do that for your kids? 6:20  What happened to you that you wish never happened? Don't perpetuate that! 7:40  Do better, be better... you ARE better
October 10, 2019
Your Words Are Killing Your Kids
1:02  It takes about 20 positive statments to negate 1 negative 1:37  Affects of positivity last a lifetime 2:25  25 kids, plus the stresses of life...  3:15  "Why don't you know this yet?" 3:50  I met my father only once, and I long for the day he calls me 4:25  He hasn't been around my whole life, and I get emotional thinking about his acceptance 5:25  I witnessed him looking around to see who was listening 5:50  I was feeling his pain 6:40  Empower him with words and wisdom... I'm here to help and guide you 7:39  When homework etc. is a challenge, record how you speak to your children 9:10  If you make yourself a better parent, you will have better kids
October 09, 2019
Parenting Is Simple, But Not Always Easy To Do
1:05  "It can't be that easy" 2:05  Podcasting is simple, but not easy to do 2:25  Parenting is simple too, but not always easy to do 2:40  Do simple things like create structure and stick to it 3:30  There are no exceptions, everybody has a different way they want to be loved 4:40  I don't need to "should" on anybody 5:10  Figure out what works for you and your kids 5:50  My son doesn't care what I do with others 7:01  You just need to show up for them 7:30  "Be The Dad You Wish You Had" is in a prison with a waiting list to read it 9:50  If you can't show up for the people you created... someone else will
October 08, 2019
You Learn Something New Every Day
1:00  He was having a rough morning... 2:01  No, No, Bye bye toys! 3:20  Gas stations, colors, letters etc. 3:50  I'm GOOD 4:15  Lives get simpler with diversion instead of confronting 4:28  My mom always said you're going to learn something new every, single, day 5:15  I do the same thing today 6:55  Learn something new every day and teach it to someone else
October 07, 2019
Love Thy Neighbor
1:30  We are fortunate to have these new neighbors 2:10  Praying for good neighbors 2:50  I didn't know any better... 3:25  The house is good, but YOU are gold 4:00  It's a good offer, but you have value too 5:10  We've done so many things together 6:25  The foster parent route... I don't know what I'm doing 7:10  From social, physical and emotional challenges, to thriving 8:20  Even though I hate to see them go, I want the best for them 9:02  Thank you for your actions... in so many ways 9:50  You and your family will always, always be in my family's prayers
October 04, 2019
#1 Versus #2
1:01  Polar opposites 1:14  First child statistically is the "parent pleaser" 1:35  Second child is the rebel or free spirited one 2:50  Understandings and expectations are important 3:50  Comparisons 4:45  Even us being the same parents, we're different 6 years later 5:25  Show a little grace, and allow #2 to be 
October 03, 2019
Your Kids Don't Listen
0:52  Differences between 8 yo and 2 yo 1:15  You just don't give them credit 1:45  I've been bragging a lot 2:20  Speak as if they know already... 3:10  Let's go on "6" 4:10  Opportunities to listen and teach 4:40  Off topic: marital advice 5:45  Listen: what do you hear?
October 02, 2019
Parenting Is A Team Sport
1:05  It seems like we're a wrestling tag-team 2:00  We need to get flu shots (etc) 2:40  Calling, sending gifts and cards 3:25  The grandmother's only job is to spoil them 4:25  We have amazing neighbors too 5:15  We don't have family near us 5:45  We are there for each other, it's a team sport
October 01, 2019
I'm A Dad, And I Got Mom-Shamed
1:20  I'm involved in everything my kids do 1:50  It's like having several "second" jobs 2:20  People at the school know who I am 3:25  It that moment, I got the look of disgust, eye-roll and head shake 3:50  It's not my job to do things that I'm not good at 5:35  What's your problem? Why does it bother you? 6:05  What is it that women do to other women? 6:58  It can be difficult if we care about the opinions of others 7:25  Why are we judging others instead of pouring our energy into our kids
September 30, 2019
ABC's and 123's
1:03  How much more information the 2-year-old can repeat 2:10  Practicing and repetition 2:30  The older one didn't do this until closer to 3! 2:45  Is he smarter? Or are we parenting differently? 3:40  Videos made by "people", not companies trying to sell something 4:15  I would say the alphabet to him since birth 5:10  If it's educational, it's good for them 6:10  Encourage the fundamental building blocks of learning
September 27, 2019
Are Your Kids Polar Opposites?
1:10  I didn't know if I wanted a second child 1:30  We are BLESSED when it comes to the first child 2:10  It's funny to watch the two personalities 2:20  They both attended the same preschool starting at the same ages 3:02  They look alike, but they DON'T act alike!!! 3:45  The reports for the second child are piling up! 4:40  Whatcha got in your hand? 5:25  At least he picks good company :) 6:15  So far, he's two for two 6:45  How can two kids from the same parents be so different? 7:30  There's only so much dedicated time in a day 8:30 Embrace who they are
September 26, 2019
Bubble Gum
1:25  It's called bubble gum 1:40  He thinks it's cool and wants to blow bubbles 2:20  The art of the bubble gum bubble 2:50  I had nothing other to do... 3:15  I had time to learn to whistle too 3:30  It was that time to learn lots of different things 4:45  Where did you think brownies came from? 5:00  Don't brownies grow on trees? 5:35  Practice rotting his teeth? 6:05  Don't ignore the small things... 7:05  Popping popcorn on the stovetop
September 25, 2019
Enjoy The Firsts
0:51  First Hit!!! 2:14  It was one of the most fulfilling things EVER as a dad! 2:35  There will be a LOT of firsts 3:10  Most dads picture having a boy and doing what they're passionate about WITH them 4:20  It's part of the game 4:50  He'll listen to YOU because you're his father! 5:40  He was frustrated because he was on a losing team
September 24, 2019
What Are Your Fall Traditions
1:02  I have lists of podcasts to record, some come in the moment 1:50  It's still sunny, but the leaves are starting to fall 2:25  Not much of this "fall" weather stuff in South Florida 3:10  Starting Football season :) 3:50  Crispness, not Christmas 5:00  I can't wait to run and jump into the leaves 6:25  Do you want to color? 7:05  Thanksgiving and the thankful season 8:07  There is some beautiful change happening now 8:35  Turkey season... ONLY this time of year do we cook it 9:30  Create life-long memories via traditions this season
September 23, 2019
Birthday Partly Planning
1:10  It's comical to me 1:43  There's no one birthday I had that stands out to me 2:10  It was a huge, expensive ordeal 3:00  They are VASTLY different parties 4:25  Sure, we can bake a GIANT cookie! 5:20  He wants a sleepover, but 5 kids over is a LOT! 6:30  It's a bunch of boys, they've got it figured out 7:25  None of this is rocket science 9:35  Don't you want to go to brunch? 10:15  No, just let me watch football ALL DAY LONG! 10:30  Don't assume anyone else wants what you want
September 20, 2019
Wetting The Bed
1:20  Let me put some energy and effort into that 2:45  He felt the urge, did the deed and got the reward 3:40  I would go pick him up every night 4:40  I think you can do this and make it through the night 5:30  My concern... 6:40  Before we start the next movie, everyone go use the bathroom 7:30  The twin was soaking wet... 8:35  I didn't pee my bed! 9:55  I doesn't matter which one did it 10:15  Kids make mistakes, it's how we respond to it that matters
September 19, 2019
Riding A Bike
1:11  My child vs the child with fear 1:48  "You should know how to do this already" 3:25  Learn to ride a bike or miss the outing 4:25  I don't want to break a bone 4:50  I believe in you and I trust you 5:30  He believes in himself now... 6:10  He learned to bail and jump off 6:32  How about 1 more try? 7:20  Daddy is SO proud of you! 7:55  I was ready to say yes when HE was ready to say yes 9:12  I'm proud of myself for watching for the cues
September 18, 2019
I LOVE Baseball
1:03  He could have done BOTH if he wanted to 1:28  He thought it would be easy 3:08  So he gets 3 swings... 4:30  He told me NOT to touch the bases! 4:55  He's not the best player on the team... by FAR 5:55  He bats against their version of a closer 7:02  He didn't understand he struck out 7:15  Baseball is BORING!!! 8:01  He wants nothing to do with this 8:50  He doesn't want to work at something he's bad at 9:10  So he decided to do something outside of baseball
September 17, 2019
Sharing Your Passions
1:12  My ultimate goal... 1:31  What is YOUR passion? 1:50  Don't EXPECT them to share 2:45  He knows football better than 97% of adults 3:30  But the little one in taking over 5:20  I think everything "football" is awesome! 7:20  Music or Monster cars, doesn't matter... share it with ZERO expectations
September 16, 2019
EP180 How Charitable Work Impacts Your Kids
1:30  I'm mimicking what my mom did, that's what kids do 2:10  Sock-it-to'em sock campaign 4:05  I'm working with them to spread the word and collect socks 5:20  She gave me her time and I give my time to my children... 6:05  The long term effect on our kids 7:00  We respect those areas of need 7:10  Talk is not nearly as effective as actions 7:46  "Your episode really changed how I parent" 8:34  What better gift can we give our kids
September 13, 2019
Parenting: Are You Results Or Effort Based?
1:05  I like action sports like Football and Volleyball 2:10  Baseball just isn't on my radar 3:10  He puts forth his best effort 3:45  They have to put forth the effort, results come later 5:10  Who is it not enough for... him or you? 6:00  He gave HIS best effort so I praise him for that 6:25  Encouragement is the best way to get the effort 6:55  Results will follow 8:15  The first year I played organized sports, we lost every game 8:40  At 11 to 5, we went to the playoffs 9:20  I gave my best effort on a losing team, late we won the championship
September 12, 2019
I Hate Extracurricular Activities
1:50  Every single night there's something... 2:20  There's NO downtime... 2:50  But it's okay because it's all productive for the kids 3:35  At swim practice with the little one, it's a major bonding exercise  4:50  He doesn't like the camaraderie  6:05  I didn't have these opportunities growing up 7:00  I would much rather them be interacting with other people 8:15  I've watched them grow SO much
September 11, 2019
Time-OUT vs Time-IN
1:02  Super Nanny... 1 minute timeout per year of age 1:35  Timeouts have their place 2:20  Divert his attention and don't give the bad activity any energy 3:15  My wife's frustration... 4:20  Bring your children into your world 5:03  Instead of a time-out... let's do a time-IN 6:10  "I got exactly what I wanted" 6:35  It'll get her going, so he does it 7:25  CONNECT instead of DIS-connect
September 10, 2019
If You Don't Find Time For Your Kids, Somebody Else Will
1:02  We all have "those" feelings in life 1:40  Time can get lost as we're so busy 2:00  I was wearing my podcast T-shirt 2:30  ... somebody else will... 3:03  I was in a position to make some bad choices 3:40  Somebody found time for my brothers... not the good guys 5:03  Scouts "buddy" system... it's a shame that's where we are now 5:40  Trust mom and dad 100% 5:40  If you don't build that 100% trust, someone else will 7:05  A human being needs to be touched 23 times per day in order to feel loved 7:30  If you aren't touching your children physically, emotionally... someone will 8:55  I want YOU to connect with your children, NOT someone else!
September 09, 2019
Traditions Week - Summary
1:00  Traditions can be daily, weekly, yearly... whatever 1:20  They build a bond of love and trust 1:58  Routine and consistency so our kids feel loved and safe 2:58  I don't want my life to be spent on work and TV etc. 3:30  Do you have time for this? 3:50  You will spent to time being proactive (positive) or reactive (negative) 4:20  A child will find a way to get his daily dose of attention 5:00  Teenagers KNOW how to get in trouble and get attention 5:45  It was OUR version of "daddy talk time" back then that kept me centered 7:15  This brings me the most joy 8:20  Is this a good or a bad decision 9:40  I've made thousands of bad choices... but millions of good ones
September 06, 2019
Traditions Week: Yearly Traditions
0:50  Annual traditions are the ones most people think of 1:35  College buddies and meeting with an adult beverage 2:10  Upstate New York to my Uncle's cabin 3:20  Shelby passed away... 5:00  Thanksgiving in New York, Florida Keys and other places 5:30  Christmas tree on Black Friday 8:10  He got thrown out of his routine and didn't appreciate it! 8:45  Be consistent in whatever you do
September 05, 2019
Traditions Week: Monthly Traditions
1:20  Certain things happen in certain months 1:50  6 presentations per year at the school 3:02  I'm fine if front of crowds and cameras, but I want my kids to be okay with it too 4:05  Once a month we serve the homeless  5:39  We've been busy, how has it been affecting you? 6:12  He comes up with silly things, then we do them... 7:30  We have our traditions and stick to them... it helps kids to know what's coming up next
September 04, 2019
Traditions Week: Weekly Traditions
1:05  Weekly traditions/routines 1:20  Feeling loved and safe, then thriving can begin 2:10  Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days 3:55  Every Friday is Pizza and Movie night 5:00  Look for the deal and stream the movie! 5:25  "Can you research this for me?" 6:00  I'm really not a movie person, it's just to spend time with my son 6:40  I just appreciate that you hang out with me
September 03, 2019
Traditions Week: Daily Traditions
1:05  Daily Traditions... for the week 2:12  These things have just been ingrained in them 2:30  They will thrive on these things 3:05  If they feel loved, they can thrive in that environment 4:00  The big boy bed without rails allowed me to start lying with him 4:30  Now it's "daddy is proud of you because..." 5 things 5:05  What have you done today that would have made me proud 5:45  How long does it take to get to Mars? 6:45  Communicate change if you can't stick to the routine 7:45  Homework schedules 8:40  We don't waiver from it much
September 02, 2019
Teachable Moments
0:55  I was taught by one of the best teachers I will ever know 1:45  I like to pour into people because of the standard my mom set 2:35  Chef Nick... 3:55  Move forward, make a change 4:14  Be consistent and show up every day 4:45  Continue to be inspired 5:10  I watched her shift her life after a 1 hour call 6:12  I let her know I care... and it's not about dollars 8:15  Share your knowledge with others, you don't know how you may impact them
August 30, 2019
How Involved Is TOO Involved?
1:20  At some point the kids need and identity away from me 3:35  I created a boundary today... 3:45  I said "NO" (and he was shocked) 4:55  He's a pushover and you're not 5:35  This is my opportunity to step back and let someone else take the lead 6:25  I am not going to commit to taking the lead for scouts 7:25  "Charge the ball!!" 8:20  I appreciate this man who poured into my child! 9:25  My response is "Thank you"... but not in this case
August 29, 2019
3rd Grade Expectations (Rant Warning!)
2:02  Unlike my mom, I have the ability to create structure at home 3:05  Assessment test? I really don't care the results 3:54  Fortunately, his best efforts are pretty good 5:02  This is NOT going to define them at 8 years old 5:28  It's this simple... 5:50  It means NOTHING about who they are or how successful they will be 6:05  Instead, they're missing out on the BEST part of their lives 7:25  Why? Because you stressed them out at 8 when they should have been having FUN! 8:20  Mom... you're failing her! 9:35  That's it? Yes, that's all I expect from you! 10:10  People give to many shifts about what others think 10:50  What about your college GPA?
August 28, 2019
Your Kids Are Always Right... Seriously!
0:50  There is not right or wrong, there just IS 1:10  We are always right from our own experience 1:20  Parents just have more perspective 2:05  The problems come when us parents know too much 3:15  We all have irrational fears, so understand those of your kids 5:00  Challenges of life and perspective is listeniong to others from their perspective 6:45  We want to be heard and understood 7:45  Your 18 year old is NOT going to be afraid of the boogey man 7:55  What they WILL remember is this...
August 27, 2019
The 80/20 Rule Of Podcasting
1:00  In business, 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers 2:50  The dads in the scouts are the same ones in your dads group 3:30  The way I see the 80/20 rule: 80% of what you get out of your child comes from the 20% that you put into them 4:30  Those 15-20 minutes each night that we talk with zero distractions, his helping to formulate who he is 6:45  It's not something that I waver from very often
August 26, 2019
Learning From Trains
1:00  I'm sad I didn't put the train in my book 2:55  They love to watch the local train go backy 3:20  Got them both in the wagon... then the train came 4:20  I remember how much fun it was when my older son was younger 5:10  To see it up close in mesmerizing 5:45  Lesson number 41? Next time? 7:10  I GET to go to the park with my kids, I don't HAVE to go 7:55  How long does it take to go to Mars? 8:00  Great question, let's figure it out
August 23, 2019
Why You Must Be Mean To Your Kids
1:00  2 Instances of when I've been called mean 1:50  MY son... at bus time ignores the younger neighbor 2:20  I can guide him but not control him 3:25  He just waiting for the bus 3:30  Can you let him be him? 5:25  Next morning I'm mean again... 6:03  You're a mini-version of your dad 6:40  You father asked me to take care of you 7:20  They've got a LOT of rules at school 8:15  Boundaries Mean
August 22, 2019
Safely Riding A Bike
0:50  8 in two weeks and can't ride a bike! 1:40  The boy just didn't want to fall again 2:10  Life is failure first, then success 3:35  He was ready to try again! 4:20  I didn't know how to teach him, so I googled it... 5:00  Get the balance first, then take the next step 5:40  Does he really need a helmet? I didn't have one 6:10  It safest when they feel they're ready 7:15  Am I behind because he can't ride? 8:00  If someone tries to force ME to do something 8:35  Take the cues from your kid
August 21, 2019
1:00  I grew up in survival mode... no extras like scouting 1:30  We went out and did our own thing 2:35  We had our own version of the boy scouts 3:25  Three of my older sons friends are joining 4:10  "I signed him up and YOU'RE getting involved" 5:10  Our local aquarium has a special arrangement with scouts 6:20  Grow together with your little boy or girl
August 20, 2019
How Should We Treat Special Needs Children?
1:00  I don't have a special needs child... however 1:40  No monitor on the bus 1:55  ... so the shoes went out the window 2:15  Every ounce of me wanted to do this... 3:10  It just makes sense to me he's craving attention 3:45  Was it a good decision or not? Why? 4:15  In the process though, he became a rock star! 5:00  Good attention for good behavior 5:15  "you can't talk to special needs kids" 5:45  This is what I don't understand 6:20  There's a major ripple affect with other people 7:10  Most challenges can be met with good communication
August 19, 2019
What Are You Failing To Teach Your Kids
1:15  He had a flat tire right in front of school 2:10  Nobody taught this man what to do 2:45  Never take a wheel off without jacking up the car 4:35  You may be late, but drive slowly 5:35  What's for dinner? 6:55  Did it ever occur to you that... 7:35  He hasn't been taught, we just assume 8:30  You don't turn 4 or 5 and just KNOW your alphabet because you're old enough to know 10:30  You wonder why they're irresponsible when you've never taught them to be responsible
August 16, 2019
Be The Village You Desire
1:02  What does this week look like for you? 1:25  I didn't realize it was the first week of school 2:00  There is a LOT of attention to detail with new clients 2:35  I had a lot of other commitments, my neighbor stepped in 2:55  People came out of the woodwork helping me out 3:25  Drop and go? If yes, okay! 4:20  The boss, the owner said sure, for him you can get off early 5:05  Sometimes you pay someone to watch your one kid to affect hundreds of others 6:15  IF you don't have a village... find a village or create a village 6:55  Be the village you desire
August 15, 2019
Your Kids Eat What You Eat
1:00  Be can be very sensitive... what do you mean by that 1:35  I eat pizza every Friday, but can't stomack fast food pizza 2:10  I hired a baby sitter, just for a few hours 2:55  The shelves are pretty bare 4:20  No quick grab and go foods in our house  5:35  Water? or Juice? 6:30  Fresh produce? We buy whatever the season holds 7:15  Do your kids a favor and teach them good habits 7:55  That's what mom did, that's what I know 8:15  Don't do it for you, do it for your kids (it's easier) 8:50  My 2 year old mimics my 8 year old 9:00  My 8 year old mimics me
August 14, 2019
Would You Be Willing To Quit Your Addictions For Your Kids
1:07  There is zero judgement... I have my stuff 1:25  I don't care who you are, you're going to laugh at my addiction 2:00  I can binge on my addiction for 12 hours at a time 3:12  Alcohol, porn, shopping... we all have something 3:35  The question is, does it affect our children 5:30  Do you want YOUR son to emulate what you're doing? 6:10  Are you willing to do difficult things to be a role model for your kids? 6:45  "I want to be just like Mom (or Dad)" 7:10  If it's going to hurt your children, are you willing to change
August 13, 2019
The Power Of The Word "YET"
1:10  PTA, Teachers and getting to know everyone 1:35  Exuding friendliness 2:00  "The Power Of The Word 'YET'" 2:35  Put "yet" and the end of a limiting belief 2:50  I can't do xxxxx YET 4:05  The more I learn the more I share 5:25  This thing we call "life" I haven't figured out "yet"
August 12, 2019
If You Don't Have 15 You Need To Find 30
1:05  If you don't have 15, you better find 30 1:40  The MOST successful people on the planet do THIS 2:44  Finding the time to meditate is alot like parenting 3:48  Hey, you wanna grab some books? 5:00  Are you excited for the new day? 6:05  They may help cook dinner 7:04  This is what matters to me and where I find purpose 7:30  The more you love them the more love they can give to the world 8:30  Spending 15-30 minutes per day... daddy talk time 8:50  5 THINGS I'm proud of you for
August 09, 2019
How To Prevent Your Child From Peeing Their Pants
0:55  This thoughts of the first day at kindergarten 1:20  He was rushing to the bathroom after school 2:15  10 Hours without going potty!!! 3:07  Will you promise daddy you'll ask if you need to go? 4:05  We take a LOT of things for granted 4:50  I got it covered dad! 6:08  I eased him in with easier questions first 8:15  Don't make the same mistake I did!
August 08, 2019
Constant Contact Is The Key To Parental Success
1:10  Consistent Contact works in business, why not parenting? 2:45  Hugs, kisses, daily routines, pizza night, etc. 3:45  Pouring into him... consistently 4:10  Where do you show up consistently and they can depend on it? 4:45  The families that NEED super nanny, are constantly yelling at each other 5:20  They don't get enough of this one key thing 5:40  They will mimic everything that you do 6:05  Every time my kids have a challenge, I do THIS
August 07, 2019
Your Kid Loves Video Games Because...
1:12  Why do kids like watching other people play video games? 1:35  We enjoy things we enjoy 2:25  I took an interest in my son's interest... so I watched too 3:00  ZebraGamer 3:40  He got rewarded for all the things he did right 5:00  They keep getting rewarded and recognized 5:20  ... vs having to do homework and chores 6:05  What if YOU reinforced the good things they do and not just the games? 7:10  I caught him reading to his brother 7:40  Acknowedge the things they do right 8:10  Why don't we do the things the games do?
August 06, 2019
Why Isn't My Child Speaking Yet?
1:12  I get a LOT of questions from other parents 1:45  How do you get him to do that? 2:00  And please tell my son too! 2:35  Another father asked me... 3:20  I talk a LOT and I talk to my kids a LOT 4:05  His demeanor and his son's are alike 4:40  It's a matter of practice... and asking them to practice 5:25  "look at the mess" :) 6:20  I encourage their natural tendencies AND things I want them to do 7:05  My job is to empower them!
August 05, 2019
Do You Hear Your Own Excuses?
Either you will find a way or you will find an excuse
August 02, 2019
M&M's Are Miracle Workers
Reward the behavior you desire!
August 01, 2019
Are You Effing Exhausted?
What can you do for just 1 hour this week to care for yourself?
July 31, 2019
How Do You Respond To Your Children's Mistakes?
You're going to be human for a LONG time, so own up to your mistakes then cleaning them up will be easier
July 30, 2019
Can You Hug Your Children Too Much?
What I learned from a book and the Super Nanny about emotional intelligence and teaching kids about emotions
July 29, 2019
Real Talk With A Single Dad - Landon Prater
Landon Prater talks about his challenges having 5 children with three women and working hard to maintain relationships with each one of them
July 26, 2019
I Don't Think You Know How To Think
In order to be productive, we must learn critical thinking
July 25, 2019
You Aren’t Preparing Your Kids For Adulthood!
 Are you empowering your kids to make decisions early and often... and coaching them through them? 
July 24, 2019
Your Kids Suck Because YOU Suck!
If your kids suck it's because you suck... your kids are a reflection of you
July 23, 2019
Parents To Avoid - The PTA
It's your duty as a parent to be as involved as possible for YOU
July 22, 2019
Sexting vs Sallying
"Well they're just kids"... or teenagers, or young adults
July 19, 2019
Tell Your Kids What TO DO
We don't understand the damage we're doing to our children
July 18, 2019
Your Kids Are Addicted To Gaming - Expert Interview with Tom Andre
Tom Andre and Ryan Roy discuss how to deal with gaming addictions
July 17, 2019
Your Relationship With Your Parents
Unsolicited advice... mostly from our parents
July 16, 2019
Non-Parents Just Don't Get It!
The awkwardness of nothingness
July 15, 2019
The Wheels On The Bus
Appreciate where they are
July 11, 2019
Mom-Dad-Kid Shaming
Surround yourself, and allow your kids to be around people that lift us up
July 10, 2019
When Should Kids Pay For Necessities?
Parents need to look at the big picture, not just the moment
July 09, 2019
Super Nanny
Your kid's behavior is a reflection of you
July 08, 2019
My Kid Hates The Water
We're not leaving because you're crying, we're leaving because it's time to go
July 05, 2019
You Aren't Connecting With Your Kids
As you bring joy to yourself, your child will want to join
July 05, 2019
Holiday Traditions - Happy 4th Of July!
We all have traditions, so let's talk about combining yours with your spouse's and creating new ones too
July 04, 2019
Sleepless Nights
From my favorite coach, Jimmy Johnson: "fatigue will make a coward out of any man"... Or Parent!
July 03, 2019
Let's Talk Autism
Make it fun, try different things, find a connection
July 02, 2019
Are You Being Financially Responsible?
The struggle between easy money and working for it
July 01, 2019
Saying "I'm Sorry" Is Not Enough
There is a process for a sincere apology vs a curt "I'm sorry"
June 28, 2019
Don't Ever Answer Your Kids' Questions
Stop answering questions, teach them to think and give them resources to help find answers
June 27, 2019
My Kids Don't Eat Anything
It's not a perfect system, but it's a step in the right direction
June 26, 2019
The Joke Is On You
It's always funny, but it's not always appropriate
June 25, 2019
No! Because It's Raining Outside
It all starts in early childhood. Stop putting limiting beliefs on your children.
June 24, 2019
You Can't Tell Your Kids Jack!
Actually, you can't tell anyone jack... but in this podcast I give you the way to handle it that works!
June 21, 2019
Can You Laugh At Yourself?
Colorful language, storytelling and the art of delivery... It doesn't matter as long as they're happy!
June 20, 2019
You Talk Negatively To Your Kids
 Stay positive by surrounding yourself with positive people. Focus on what you want, not what you don't want. 
June 19, 2019
Parenting Teamwork
Get yourself and your child on a schedule early. They'll sleep better and you'll function better too. Read the book "12 Hours Of Sleep In 12 Weeks"
June 18, 2019
Parenting is about unconditional love
June 17, 2019
Father's Day Doesn't Mean Jack
I didn't grow up with a dad. Now that I have two boys, every day is father's day to me
June 14, 2019
Repeat After Me
Clapping, High Fives and Great Jobs
June 13, 2019
You "GET" To Comfort Your Children
They won't always be so small and need you so intimately. Appreciate what you have. It's a privilege. 
June 12, 2019
The Summer Lemonade Stand
Enjoying the process and reaping the rewards
June 11, 2019
Two Different Parenting Styles Under One Roof
We're just trying to get through this in one piece as one family unit
June 10, 2019
Your Kids Don't Listen To You
When listening becomes fun, they will do it when it's important
June 07, 2019
WTF - You Get Zero Credit
 When there is no success, people don't want to look in the mirror... they want to blame someone else
June 06, 2019
Preparing Your Kids For College
College costs are rising exponentially, but opportunities in the job market aren't. Here is my advice to make your mark in the world 
June 05, 2019
School Bus Tales
Moms will think this is the worst advice ever... Dads will understand
June 04, 2019
Economics Week At School
People don't have money problems, they have creativity problems
June 03, 2019
First Day Of Summer
Do you really forget everything if you go on vacation?
May 31, 2019
Summer Vacation Plans
Keep the kids moving... a fun filled summer of learning
May 30, 2019
Consequences For Actions
Learn to do it now, or you will suffer greatly in the long term
May 29, 2019
Say Thank You Through Your Action
The $5 gift that lights up her world
May 28, 2019
This Is A Difficult Conversation
 The quality of your life is determined by the number of difficult conversations you're willing to have
May 27, 2019
What Is Your Perspective
 There are a LOT of ways to look at any given situation. What is your choice? Something understanding and uplifting, or gloom and doom? Your choice is reflecting in your child's life. Choose wisely.
May 24, 2019
You Will Thank Me Later
 Building the foundation for a happy productive adult-to-be is not easy or quick... but it's worth doing. Your children will thank you later.
May 23, 2019
The Importance Of Three Little Words
 Say it often... "I Love You". Back it up with your actions. Stop spending money, start spending time.
May 22, 2019
Transitioning Into Kindergarten
 Make the transition to a new school easier for your child. Get involved in the school if possible, know your way around, set expectations for your child and prepare them to succeed on day 1.
May 21, 2019
I Am Proud Of You Because
 I believe in you, I love you, I am proud of you because... these are all things we need to say regularly and frequently to our children. Today, I'm going to discuss "I am proud of you because". Watch your children's faces light up when you say exactly WHY you are proud of them.
May 20, 2019
The Ripple Effect
 We don't know the long term ramifications of our daily actions. Good actions will produce long term good outcomes, and bad actions will produce bad. Stay in high integrity and do your best every day and the world will become a better place because of it. Do your part and trust.
May 17, 2019
No Excuses!
 I don't allow my clients to get away with it, nor do I let my kids or their friends. It takes a little extra time, but it's worth it to get direct answers about situations.
May 16, 2019
Repeat After Me
Trust is a two way street. Of course you want to raise children that you can trust, but you must act in a way that your child can trust YOU too. Children may not hear what you say, but they certainly watch what you do!
May 15, 2019
How Busy Can Your Kids Possibly Be
 Are your kids TOO busy? Do they (and you) have time to think, reflect and be present? Maybe it's time for everyone to unplug and experience the simple things. There is nothing better than the sound of a kid laughing
May 14, 2019
Happy Mothers Day
We think of our parents in unique ways. Some of us see them as superheroes and others see them as villains. They are just people doing the best that they know how. We, as adults, have the ability to make our own choices. Choose to forgive, love and celebrate.
May 13, 2019
7 Strategies To Build Trust With Your Children (2 of2)
 Trust is a two way street. Of course you want to raise children that you can trust, but you must act in a way that your child can trust YOU too. Children may not hear what you say, but they certainly watch what you do!
May 10, 2019
7 Strategies To Build Trust With Your Children (1 of 2)
 Trust is a two way street. Of course you want to raise children that you can trust, but you must act in a way that your child can trust YOU too. Children may not hear what you say, but they certainly watch what you do!
May 09, 2019
Are You Teaching Your Kids To Be Resourceful
 Buying things isn't always the answer. Sometimes we have to be clever to get the things we want. Are you teaching your kids there is more than one way to get things done and be successful?
May 08, 2019
Deal With Problems IMMEDIATELY
 When you are involved with your kids and the community, it's much easier to know what's going on... and you can jump in and take appropriate action when needed.
May 07, 2019
You Have No Patience!
 When you day gets off to a rough start, do you react or do you respond. When all else fails perhaps it time to be grateful.
May 06, 2019
10 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Believe In Themselves
 Self Esteem is extremely important. Self esteem means having confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you. Here are 10 ways you can help your child build their confidence.
May 02, 2019
6 Ways Parents Destroy Their Kids Without Trying
 It's always good to be self aware and learn and attempt to be a better person and a better parent. Here are 6 ways you may be hurting your kids that you haven't thought of. It takes effort to be a good parent.
May 01, 2019
4 Ideas In Parenting That No One Is Talking About
 I read a great article by Gary Vaynerchuk about parenting. I found that we have a lot in common about raising kids. In this episode, I discuss 4 things that Gary V stresses.
April 30, 2019
Bully Prevention
 Believe it or not, preventing bullying starts at home. What you do at home can prevent your child from becoming a bully or from being bullied.
April 29, 2019
Death Questions From My Son
 The innocence and resilience of childhood, plus the amazing questions about death and funeral services. It's good to be honest, open and aware of your child's needs. 
April 26, 2019
Let’s Talk About Death – The Dos and Don’ts (2 of 2)
 I needed information, so I Googled what I needed. I suggest you do the same, but here is what I found and how it played out in our lives (2 of 2) 
April 25, 2019
Let’s Talk About Death – The Dos and Don’ts (1 of 2)
 I needed information, so I Googled what I needed. I suggest you do the same, but here is what I found and how it played out in our lives (1 of 2) 
April 24, 2019
18 Month Milestones... NOOO!!!
 Milestone of hitting 18 months old and thankful for Facebook and the reminders of my first one at this age.
April 23, 2019
Helicopter Parents... STOP!!!
 Every ounce of me makes me want to tell him to stop. But my job as a parent is to prepare him for life... and that includes letting him make his own mistakes.
April 22, 2019
Your Are The Key Ingredient To Your Children’s Success
 It's all about the stories, the memories made, being involved... and seeking approval. We are all motivated and driven by our relationships with our parents. 
April 19, 2019
Death Is A Part Of Life
 My son's best friend lost his mom. It brought up a lot of questions about how to help our son deal with life and death. Sometimes too much experience on our part makes it hard to understand how to respond.
April 18, 2019
It Takes A Village To Raise Children
 The tragic death in our community has helped me to realize that we all need to do our part to not only take care of our own children, but to do simple but impactful things to raise others up too.
April 17, 2019
I Hate School But I Love To Learn
 School vs. Learning. Allowing the school to dictate whether or not your child enjoys learning vs. getting involved with the learning experience. 
April 16, 2019
Living With A Mini Rocky Balboa
 What do you do when you want your kid to protect himself, but you don't want him to fight? What if you're thrilled that his self-esteem is high and he won't be a victim, but you don't want to set a precedent?
April 15, 2019
Your Perfectionism Is Killing Your Kids
 Do you want it perfect now, or do you want help later? Do you want a relationship with your kids and build creativity, or do you want to make your kids feel 'less than'?
April 12, 2019
You Don't Pay Attention To Your Kids
 We all have things we're interested in, and we like to share those interests with the people we care about. Take extra time and attention to show the ones you care about that you share their interests.
April 11, 2019
Why Your Kids Might Leave You Alone In A Nursing Home
 Pour into your kids now. It's not sacrificing, it is a good parents way of life. If your kids can't talk to you when they're young, why expect them to later?
April 10, 2019
Do Your Leave Your Kids With Just Anyone?
 Of course there will be times when you need to trust other people to watch your kids. What are your boundaries? There is no definitive answer, but you should always look to protect your children against the unknowns if possible.
April 09, 2019
You Should Never Coach Your Kids
 Someone will be coaching your kids. You can be the coach, support the coach, coach from the sidelines or whatever you choose to do. But be the leader that you are and always continue to support and encourage your children.
April 08, 2019
Krista Lockwood The Declutter Queen
Ryan interviews the Experts... MOMS! Today he talks to Krista Lockwood and her method to declutter so parent have less stress and more time to spend with the kids
April 05, 2019
You Don't Appreciate Your Spouse
 Honor your spouse with gratitude. We all want love and we all want to be appreciated. Now is a good time to start doing that for YOUR spouse. You just might be surprised how it is returned.
April 04, 2019
Parents Don’t Need Sleep
 Last week I got virtually NO sleep. Kids can be challenging, so I recommend the book '12 Hours In 12 Weeks'. I think I figured out what's keeping my 17 month old awake!
April 03, 2019
Tell Your Kids To Stop Throwing The Ball
 Throwing the ball is what my younger son loves to do. I don't tell him 'no', but I do give him a target. Encourage your kids. Encouragement leads to success, wherever that may be.
April 02, 2019
It Sucks Being A Single Parent
 I admire all the "non-traditional" parents out there. The single parent sacrifices a LOT for the kids. They don't have as many options when things go crazy or need a break. I appreciate my mom more every day for what she went through.
April 01, 2019
Part 5 of 5 – The Week Without The Wife
 A week in the life of a family man with the wife gone... Day 5... Combining Thursday and Friday... I'm golden, I'm almost there... Lessons in the Rocky movies... Stronger together though each of us is capable
March 29, 2019
Part 4 of 5 – The Week Without The Wife
 A week in the life of a family man with the wife gone... Day 4... International phone calls... Too many moving parts... Dad's melt down... Back to Rocky and the project... Do parents ever sleep?
March 28, 2019
Part 3 of 5 – The Week Without The Wife
 A week in the life of a family man with the wife gone... Day 3... The routine is starting... the reason for this series... smacked in the mouth... the melt-down
March 27, 2019
Part 2 of 5 – The Week Without The Wife
 A week in the life of a family man with the wife gone... Day 2... My normal responsibilities done change... Hikes, friends, forts... Cabin fever... The Rocky series... The project is due... the coming meltdown
March 26, 2019
Part 1 of 5 The Week Without The Wife
 A week in the life of a family man with the wife gone... Day 1... sending the wife off and getting started the next day with 100% of the responsibility instead of 50%. Lot's of one on one time.
March 25, 2019
Parents- This Is Why You Should Love Video Games
Video games... I don't love them, never have. But now it seems like I need to disconnect the video games before the video games further disconnect this family. It's challenging.
March 22, 2019
Are Your Kids Afraid Of The Dark?
 Fears are normal. I didn't have a fear of the dark, but my seven-year-old is having issues. No judgment, just communicate. Being a "safe place". We are designed to need each other.
March 21, 2019
Would You Buy Weapons For Your Kids
 Encouraging the entrepreneurial child. Think about what others what and how you can serve them... and who actually pulls out the money. Moms don't want to buy weapons for their kids!
March 20, 2019
Booger or Burger?
 The tools I'm using to encourage my boys to learn to speak. Repeat after me... Mimicking... Give the right information not negative reinforcement.
March 19, 2019
You Don't Have Any Imagination
 Kids have a great imagination. Encourage it. Don't stifle it. Don't put your limitations on them. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean your child doesn't.
March 18, 2019
Parents - Forget About Self Care - Focus On The Kids
 Focus on the kids first... not a great plan. In fact, it's the opposite of what you should be doing. You are an individual first, then part of a couple THEN you are a parent.
March 15, 2019
Let Your Small Kids Use Big Tools
Harness the joy and pride of trusting your children (once they are ready) to handle big tools and responsibility.
March 14, 2019
Stop Doing Your Kids Homework
 Help your children with their homework. Empower them to learn and have fun... but don't cheat them or create long term problems for yourself by doing it FOR them.
March 13, 2019
Let's Talk About The Birds And The Bees
 Talking about the birds and the bees (the sex talk) with your young children who may be just starting to explore their bodies.
March 12, 2019
Road Trips With The Kids Suck!
Do you dread taking a road trip with young kids? It doesn't have to suck like you think it's going to. Ryan gives a step by step example of how to do it right.
March 11, 2019
Latch Key Kids
 At what age is it okay to leave your kids home alone? At what age, in your state, is it LEGAL to leave you child alone? Do you know your child well enough to trust him/her?
March 08, 2019
You're Never Going To Change
 There is only one person you can change, but it isn't easy... that's you. So stop expecting to change others. Accept it. If they weren't good parents, don't expect them to be good grandparents.  
March 07, 2019
You Don't Get It
 You don't get it... but if you DID get it, life would be easier. It's about re-framing how you look at life. One way life can be hard, the other way life is a gift.  
March 06, 2019
What If Your Child Has A Temperature Of 103?
 How are parents different in dealing with stressful situation? Does one handle illness better than physical dangers? We all parent differently, but it's time we attempt to step outside our comfort zones but stay calm for the betterment of our children.  
March 05, 2019
Growing Pains Of Parenthood
 Growing Pains of Parenthood... for the parents. Things change as we have more kids and as they get older. We must be aware, understand the current situation and adapt.  
March 04, 2019