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The Chronicles of Rylie Glen

The Chronicles of Rylie Glen

By Mike Arroyo
Mike A. Arroyo brings to life stories from our past long forgotten, forged from the struggles with evil. Rylie Glen, an island of six cities, each with their own ruler, must determine what it means to be Noble. This fast-moving, heart-pounding high-sea, and enchanting land adventure is the first in the series of the Chronicles of Rylie Glen. Heed the mystic from the North, the Chronicler, who warns Eva Marie. “Tonight, a choice must be made. You might as well be the one to make it!”
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Does a fantasy tale mean we have to surrender our experience?
Learn about the context of time in the Chronicles of Rylie Glen: NOBILity.
August 11, 2020
Welcome to the World of Rylie Glen
This is an introduction to the world of Rylie Glen and the book series the Chronicles of Rylie Glen. Come discover this new world, why I started writing the books, and why it is important for today.
June 20, 2020