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Inside Wellbeing

Inside Wellbeing

By Saba Bando
Hi! I'm Saba Bando, certified coach. Join me as I offer a perspective on questions sent in by listeners on their challenges, offer support towards creating what they want in their lives, and recognize the mental and emotional wellbeing that is inside all of us. Through decades of study of several modalities including personal development, Eastern philosophy, spirituality and psychology, I point them in the direction of new possibilities they may have been unaware of.
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I was doing ok but now I’m not...
Join me as I offer my perspective on this question: I was doing ok during the first weeks of the stay at home order but now feeling lonely and scared. I meditate, try to stay positive and want to trust I’ll be ok. But I’m still feeling this way. What should I say to myself to get rid of this feeling? How can we learn to be happy with the future so unknown because of covid? Send messages to Tara Brach’s website:
April 19, 2020
Expectations during “stay at home”
Hi! I’m Saba Bando, life and business coach. Today I discuss a letter sent in from Stacy about managing expectations during the Covid-19 “stay at home” orders and finding ease in new situations. Contact me with a situation you would like a perspective on:
April 05, 2020