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Sabila Siddiqui

Sabila Siddiqui

By Sabila Siddiqui
This multifaceted podcast covers striking cord of poetries, thrilling movie and book reviews, gut wrenching experiences being ranted off and possibly even the social and mental health advocacy!
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Morphed Pain
Spoken Word Poetry
May 01, 2020
Modest Fashion — She Got It Covered Interview.
Modesty is a beautiful covering, that doesn’t necessarily only encompass your outward appearance or attire but rather is a characteristic trait that is there. It is a display of self respect that requires constant introspection and modern fashion is a way to reinterpret community and ethnic norms in relation to contemporary life. We need to keep in mind at this point of time, with this current age and society is that even though the fashion standards are being changed to reveal more, we still can feel empowered in our clothing, in their own values and beliefs through modest fashion.
March 09, 2020
In this Skin I Am Half War & Half Peace
There are days when we fluctuate between the polarities of feelings towards ourselves. When we begin to despise our skin inch by inch as our soul rejects and fights – as though our skin is foreign and unfit. There are days when our love for others and ourselves is depleted, leaving us wrung like a hollow vessel and parched like a desert. Often how we internally fluctuate reflects on the perception of our external environment. How we scrutinize ourselves internally is how we begin to view other people. What we often start despising ourselves about, view as to what people despise about us. When we lack love towards ourselves, we become numb to the love around us and close our doors to the point of isolation. We begin to fear rejection by others whilst we are experiencing rejection within ourselves. We spend time shaming, blaming and degrading ourselves creating an environment of isolation. A form of self-loathing that keeps us from not only receiving our own love but the love offered from others. Truth is, it’s easier to make healthier choices for ourselves when we’re feeling good about ourselves. It’s easier to navigate positively through challenges when we feel supported. It’s easier to battle off negative thoughts when we aren’t low on battery. So often we allow ourselves to be the victim of our thoughts during those days. We lay there defenseless and bare to be ravaged on. For our thoughts to infect and multiply darkening with the passing seconds. But it is through intervening; moving into our hearts and embracing our vulnerabilities that we embody love and thus experience it round us. It is when we work towards self-acceptance and embed gratitude into our hearts; we draw in connections that mirror our inner love. Overtime with efforts and consistency, our view of ourselves changes along with our relationships. You will find yourself feeling secure and having your body’s language and tone of voice changed. Your entire energy field expands when you feel empowered and embody confidence. The world we live on is a world of duality and polarity within and out. Thus, we must learn to accept both ends of the spectrum and recognize that it is all a part of being whole. So here’s to find the patience during the rough, debilitating phases. Here’s to nurture ourselves with kindness till our voice softens. Here is to keeping ourselves intact; to manifest the ability to be self-aware and embody compassion and acceptance. Here’s to create energy of gratitude and acceptance towards ourselves and others – because change begins within ourselves.
December 01, 2019
Spoken Word Poetry
September 05, 2019