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Sable International UK Citizenship Podcast

Sable International UK Citizenship Podcast

By Sable International Citizenship
Sable International presents a new way to learn about the weird and wonderful routes to UK citizenship. Every episode examines an aspect of UK citizenship, from current news and events to citizenship routes for different nationalities and common mistakes made in the application process.

Join UK nationality expert, Mishal Patel as he deep dives into the nuances of British citizenship.

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EU Settlement Scheme – What now?

Sable International UK Citizenship Podcast

Proposed changes to UK nationality law
The UK government’s New Plan for Immigration Policy Statement is making its way through parliament. Mishal Patel, UK citizenship expert, outlines some of the ways the new legislation could impact those previously denied UK citizenship. Take the online British nationality assessment:  Find the episode transcript and show notes:
October 11, 2021
EU Settlement Scheme – What now?
Registered UK immigration adviser, Alexandra Varga, answers your questions about the EU Settlement scheme, including how to prove your right to work if your application is still pending, allowances being made for late applications and how to bring family to the UK under the scheme. Find the transcript and show notes here: Home Office link to check your status: Home Office link for employers to check your settlement status:
September 2, 2021
Complex UK nationality cases with Philip Gamble
We’re joined by Philip Gamble to discuss some of the complexities of UK nationality law, including what happens if a child is incorrectly given a British passport and how to claim UK citizenship if your grandfather was a British spy. Take the online British nationality assessment:  Find the episode transcript and show notes:
July 28, 2021
Claiming UK citizenship: Opportunities for Americans
When and how can Americans with family ties to Britain be eligible for UK citizenship? We dive into this topic with immigration expert, Mishal. He looks at and answers questions about the British citizenship routes that would not require relocation to the UK, but still give Americans a British passport. He also updates us on the most uncommon ways Americans have claimed UK citizenship and the ways you can check your UK citizenship opportunities. Take the online British nationality assessment:  Find the episode transcript and show notes:  Episode Breakdown Citizenship by descent: 01:17 Registration as a British citizen - through your mother: 06:39 Registration as a British citizen - as an “illegitimate” child: 12:27 Automatic citizenship vs citizenship by registration: 16:05 Registration as a British citizen - child under 18: 17:07 British citizenship through adoption: 22:58 Marriage to a British citizen: 25:23 Right of Abode: 29:31 The most unusual US British citizenship claims: 32:22 How to check your family tree for UK citizenship opportunities: 39:51
July 2, 2021
The EU Settlement Scheme: Everything you need to know from a UK immigration expert
Today we focus on the EU Settlement Scheme with our UK migration expert, Mishal. He answers the most common misconceptions about settled and pre-settled status as well as the new family member permits.  Remember, time is running out to apply to the scheme, with the deadline of the 30th of June 2021 fast approaching.      Transcript and show notes: Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme here: Contact Mishal and his team:
June 17, 2021
How Mishal gained his UK citizenship (A unique story)
In our first episode, Mishal Patel describes his journey from being born stateless to becoming a British citizen through colonial ties. This personal experience led him to his current career as a dedicated immigration expert, who works with the world's leaders in British nationality. This incredible story of hope and dedication is the start to our series on British nationality.  Do you have ties to British nationality? Take our free online British nationality assessment. Find a full transcript, episode show notes and related links on our blog. 
June 4, 2021