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Sacred Lab Podcast

Sacred Lab Podcast

By Ryan Dickinson
Apprenticing to wiser folk in the name of the Good, the True and the Beautiful.
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Gerry Gillespie ( Author of The Waste Between Our Ears)

Sacred Lab Podcast

Gerry Gillespie ( Author of The Waste Between Our Ears)

Sacred Lab Podcast

Robyn Francis (Djanbung Gardens)
Show notes with links and key concepts: Interview begins, post ramble, at 7.38 Australasian Permaculture Convergence Third ethic: Fair share/limits to population and growth Permaculture Designer's Manual Ecological footprint - Australia using 3x planet's capacity Energy Audit  Bitcoin energy usage Djanbung Gardens Antarctic Beech Forest west of Wauchope anti-logging protests The importance of more political involvement from Permaculture Aquarius Festival 15km radius of Nimbin there are 40 plus Intentional Communities 'Visions of Nimbin' as part of raising $118 thousand to buy the school as a community Rainbow power company Jarlanbah Community - a 55 acre village, the first multiple occupancy community title in NSW, designed in part by Robyn Billen Cliffs - Strata title for establishing a body corporate which distributes freehold title to occupants, took three years to be granted. Chrystal Waters - Similar occupancy title to Billen Cliffs Dry compost toilets Lee Davidson, Southern Cross Uni Ray Flanagan Food Connect Brisbane Queensland Floods Community resilience Forgotten Arts Fare - 7th of August August PDC at Djanbung Gardens - August 14th to 28th Djanbung Gardens on Facebook
August 07, 2021
Gerry Gillespie ( Author of The Waste Between Our Ears)
Show notes with links and key concepts: The Waste Between Our Ears from Paper Chain and Acres Magazine City to Soil Focus on engagement and education. Queanbeyan, the location for the first City to Soil program. "We need this stuff really clean because it's going into the soil to grow food to feed your children." Recycling program success is measured by contamination levels. The initial program in Queanbeyan had a contamination level of less than half a percent. With four councils involved, Goulburn, Canberra, Armidale and Queanbeyan, the levels were at .2%. City to Soil research lead to the yellow lidded recycling bins. With a paper survey about the program, the response rate was 55%! Soft drinks bottles are the same material as bicycle helmets. Non-hodgkin Lymphoma related to Glyphosate - (unrelated but interesting) Maurice Blackman legal case $2B increase in Agricultural value over next decade at the same time as $800m of land degradation due to salinity in the Murray Darling Basin alone. 455 million hectares under Agricultural practices in Australia. 70% of this has less than 1% organic matter, which increases water retention and microbial activity. Minton Farmer growing 5 different grains, that support each other microbially. Uses an expensive seed mill to sort them. No poisons used. Fleabane can be bailed and composted, with an inoculant, to become biostimulant. Weed control has to do with time of removal and how it is disposed of. Scotch Thistle has a high protein content, higher than grains. Often treated as weed but cattle can be trained to eat it. William Albrecht Weeds in City to Soil compost have 0 viable seeds due to heat in compost and the time of their removal/collection. NSW Environment Trust Sir Albert Howard, author of An Agricultural Testament. Maye Bruce - Quick Return Method of composting, developed during WWII. Student of Rudolf Steiner. Had a dream that the essence of everything was in the flower. 6 week turn around for Compost. Journey to Forever - Quick Return Method Compost from City to Soil in Armidale is sold for cost recovery. Nutrisoil Research on Estuarine systems by CSIRO International Biochar Initiative Inoculate your charcoal/Biochar before using it in your garden. Turning cyclone debris into biochar for filtering water and growing vegetables quickly. Gerry's site
May 04, 2021
Interview with Hayley Dickinson (Eat For Baby)
Eat For Baby, Dr. Hayley's nutrition and wellness company focussing on healthy pregnancy, is now taking Pre-orders for their wellness bites - Lemme Feel Well Bites I am going to provide a bunch of references here (Thanks to Dr. Hayley Dickinson for providing all of the resources): Women’s involvement in clinical trials: historical perspective and future implications Development of a PubMed Based Search Tool for Identifying Sex and Gender Specific Health Literature Drug Safety: Most Drugs Withdrawn in Recent Years Had Greater Health Risks for Women Putting gender on the agenda Twenty years and still counting: including women as participants and studying sex and gender in biomedical research Improving the Use and Safety of Medications in Women Through Sex/Gender and Race/Ethnicity Analysis: Introduction Reducing the Risk of Medication Errors in Women Male/Female Differences in Pharmacology: Safety Issues with QT-Prolonging Drugs Gender Equity in Research Clinical Trials in Women's Health Research Part I: The Drug Discovery and Development Process From Bench to Bedside: Role of Gender-Based Therapeutics in the Clinical Care of Women Biological Rhythms, Medication Safety, and Women’s Health The Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health: Impact of Science on Regulatory Policy: An Update Participation of Women and Sex Analyses in Late-Phase Clinical Trials of New Molecular Entity Drugs and Biologics Approved by the FDA in 2007–2009 Sex and Racial Differences in Pharmacological Response: Effect of Route of Administration and Drug Delivery System on Pharmacokinetics Sex and Racial Differences in Pharmacological Response: Where Is the Evidence? Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics If you want to get in contact with Hayley, go to her Linkedin.
October 03, 2020
Cameron Semmens And Local Poetry
I sit down with the very inviting and distinguished Poet, Cameron Semmens. We filled the tank on this one, so no poem or local music.
April 08, 2018