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Sacred Sister Podcast

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Join us as we normalize the magic and sacralize the mundane!

A bit about the Creatresses of this Sisterhood concept:

Britt Lynn is a self-study entrepreneur as the creatress of Rise Aligned, a spirituality and wellness lifestyle blog.
To connect deeper you can find her at
IG- @brittlynnrising

Hanna is a certified astrologer and Inner Peace Coach. She supports people in living in sync with the cosmic and natural cycles of life to experience harmony and reach their highest potential with grace.
Contact for a free consultation
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More places to listen

*GLITCH FIX* 1.3 How Do We Connect To The 5 Elements?
Hello and welcome to the Sacred Sister Podcast, where we Normalize The Magic And Sacralize The Mundane! Join us today as we dive deep (hehe, water, see?) into the relationships we have with the 5 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. As always, we begin with a guided meditation to ground down and open this conversation. We journey through the 5 elements, naming common phrases we use often that stem from our innate connectedness with the elements and what they represent both externally and internally! We had so much fun recording this episode and hope you find it insightful and entertaining as well!
May 31, 2019
*GLITCH FIX* 1.2 What are Masculine and Feminine Energies?
Join us as we open communication on masculine and feminine energies. Today we’ll explore: Why are they important to be aware of? What are they, what do they look like? What does excessive masculine/feminine look like? How may we begin to heal them? What is toxic masculinity and toxic femininity? What is divine masculinity or divine femininity? Call To Action - Each episode we give prompts on how to personally dive deeper with the information covered in this episode! Feminine (Yin) Masculine (Yang) Reflective/Internal/Being Active/External\Doing Dark Light Cold Hot Wet Dry Intuition/Emotions Intellect/Thoughts Unity Individuality Slow Fast Deep/Down/Fall High/Up/Rise Soft Hard Spirituality Science Night Day Moon Sun Curvy/Flowy Straight/Focused Pulling/Receiving Pushing/Giving Past Future Subconscious Conscious Goddess God Inclusive Exclusive Source Force Negative Positive Chaos Order Energy Matter Wave Particle Polarity Duality
May 31, 2019
1.6 What Are Cosmic Cycles?
Hello and welcome to Sacred Sister Podcast! Join us as we Normalize The Magic And Sacralize The Mundane. Today we’re talking about Cosmic Cycles. In particular, we’re opening up about: Moon phases — what they are, what their energies are like, how we can manifest and live with the moon. Solar Return — Receiving new missions on our birthday. Saturn Return — Getting more aligned with your path. Retrogrades — Common misconceptions (particularly about Mercury Retrograde seasons) and how to use this time productively and efficiently. Thank you for joining us! If you are resonating with this, please share this podcast and consider leaving a rating or review!
May 29, 2019
1.5 What Is Astrology?
Hello And Welcome To The Sacred Sister Podcast! Come And Join Us As We Normalize The Magic And Sacralize The Mundane. Today we’ll dive into the ancient self-knowledge system of astrology and all the limitless potential for growth that it provides to those willing to look deep into their subtle realms. Think of this as more of a discussion on astrology than an ‘Astrology 101’ workshop! We’ll address these 5 common misconceptions about astrology: • Astrology is entertainment but has no basis in reality • You are your horoscope • Astrology is like religion and has not been scientifically proven to be correct • Astrology is evil • I can get everything I need for free online We love seeing your ratings and reviews of this podcast! Leave us a review for a chance to have it highlighted on the next episode of Sacred Sister!
May 15, 2019
1.4 What Is A Spiritual Practice?
Welcome to Sacred Sister Podcast where we Normalize The Magic And Sacralize The Mundane. Come and join us today as we dive into the topic of spiritual practice. Here are some things we’ll touch on today: Spiritual practice can aide in longer periods of deeper presence, shift your thoughts, change your life! What is a spiritual practice? What does it look like and why is it important to have one? What do our current spiritual practices look like and how have they evolved? How much is ‘enough? Tune in til the end for the ACTION GUIDE: how to take the next step in developing your own spiritual practice!
May 1, 2019
1.1 What Is A Spiritual Person?
Join us as we explore what it means to be a spiritual person, the misconceptions surrounding spirituality and our own spiritual journeys. Misconceptions: If you're spiritual you're always happy. 18:16 If you're spiritual you can manifest anything in no time. 23:55 If you're spiritual you're not taking action. 26:00 If you're spiritual you can't enjoy money. 27:17 Only special people have psychic abilities. 33:00 If you're spiritual you're religious. 37:00 If you're spiritual you don't experience challenges. 44:00 There are only specific spiritual teachers you should learn from. 52:00 If you're spiritual you have to practice yoga. 55:51
March 20, 2019
Hello and welcome to the Sacred Sister Podcast! We are Britt Lynn and Hanna and we want to introduce ourselves to you today. Come join us as we Normalize The Magic and Sacralize The Mundane! Today, we’ll spent time introducing this new Sisterhood Podcast Concept to the airwaves! Please join us on Spring Equinox, March 20, for our first episode, diving deep and exploring ‘What Is A Spiritual Person?’, where we’ll address a fundamental approach and well as common misconceptions on this topic. Britt Lynn is the founder of Rise Aligned, a Spirituality and Wellness lifestyle blog. She is a yoga instructor, specialized in prenatal yoga, singer/songwriter in a down-tempo house duo called Retrograders and self-study student and teacher. From nature wisdom to ancient systems, Britt Lynn is all about making sense of life. Normalizing to ‘woo’ and curating a conscious life of wellness that’s fun, deep and feels good! To connect deeper, you can find her at👇🏽 IG @brittlynnrising FB Group Britt Lynn Yoga Hanna is a certified astrologer and Inner Peace Coach. She supports people in living in sync with the cosmic and natural cycles of life to experience harmony and reach their highest potential with grace. If you’re interested in working together, contact for a free consultation.👇🏽 IG FB Group- In Sync With Life
March 13, 2019
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